The Texas Rangers are making a very rare appearance at Great American Ball Park for an interleague three-game weekend series beginning tonight at 7:10 p.m. Eastern time.

The Rangers are 36-32 overall, 9.5 games behind Houston and in second place in the AL West. The 30-36 Reds, of course, slipped into fourth place in the NL Central thanks to a seven-game losing streak by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Texas slugger Joey Gallo’s 17 home runs and 1.074 OPS will miss this series due to injury. But the Rangers, like the Reds, have gotten outstanding production from players they signed this spring as non-roster free agents. Former Giant Hunter Pence has 14 homers and a .926 OPS. Infielder Logan Forsythe is hitting .274 with a .811 OPS. The Rangers are eighth in team OPS in the majors, compared to Cincinnati’s 23rd. On the other side of the coin, the Rangers are 23rd in team ERA, compared to the Reds’ fourth overall ranking.

It is an interesting three-game matchup of strength vs. strength (Reds pitching vs. Rangers hitting), and weakness vs. weakness (Reds hitting vs. Rangers pitching).

Starting Pitchers

Jesse Chavez 37.1 3.62 4.45 20.9% 9.2%
Tyler Mahle 66.1 4.21 3.58 25% 5.1%

This is only Mahle’s fourth start in a home game this year, compared to nine starts away from Great American Ball Park. In his three home starts, Mahle is 2-0 with a 2.25 Earned Run Average. He’s defeated the Dodgers and Nationals and had a no-decision against the Marlins. It will be interesting to see if the trend of home-turf success continues.

Chavez has been mostly a reliever this season. Only three of his previous 32 appearances this year have been starts. His numbers this year are not far off from his career numbers. The Rangers’ starting pitcher for tonight’s game was listed as TBA until this morning, so it’s possible Chavez might be used as an “opener” in what might be a bullpen game for the team from Arlington.


Following a day off Thursday, all bullpen inhabitants should be ready if and when called upon today.

Starting Lineups

Rangers Reds
LF Shin-Soo Choo CF Nick Senzel
CF Delino DeShields 1B Joey Votto
SS Elvis Andrus 3B Eugenio Suarez
RF Nomar Mazara 2B Derek Dietrich
3B Asdrubel Cabrera RF Yasiel Puig
2B Rougned Odor SS Jose Iglesias
1B Ronald Guzman LF Jose Peraza
C Tim Federowicz C Curt Casali
P Jesse Chavez P Tyler Mahle

Curt Casali gets a rare start against a righthander tonight, and Jesse Winker is seated against one.

Neither Pence nor Forsythe is starting tonight for Texas. In Pence’s case, it’s probably because there is no DH in a National League park. Old friend Shin-Soo Choo is batting leadoff for the visitors, a batting order spot he occupied with much success for the Reds in 2013. And yes, Delino DeShields is the son of Reds first base coach Delino DeShields. Tim Federowicz spent the last month or so of 2018 with the Reds after a stint in Class AAA Louisville.

Additional insights into the statistical history of the players in today’s game is available all season long at

News and Notes

The Reds have allowed the fewest runs (244) in the National League, and second fewest in Major League Baseball. Only the Tampa Bay Rays have allowed fewer (225) …

Before the game, the Reds announced that Alex Blandino was reinstated from the injured list and optioned to Class AAA Louisville …

U.S. Army’s 244th birthday observed …

In case you missed it

Something many of us will never forget …

32 Responses

  1. Aaron B.

    I believe we can pass the Cardinals and make some noise. The offense has been historically bad but with Scooter’s return and now Casali maybe cracking the lineup and Votto’s resurgence I think the worst is behind them.

  2. Centerfield

    4th place! Heady stuff….when was the last time Bell batted the pitcher 8th. Seems like he has given up on that “strategy.” I like Peraza, but not in LF. I would rather see DD in left and Jose at 2B, if we have to play them both. What’s the over/under on HRs tonight? 6?

    • Richard

      He bats the pitcher 8th when Votto bats 1st. Now that Votto is comfortably the no. 2, no more pitcher 8th.

  3. Roger Garret

    Just wrong for Winker not to play if he is healthy.Its wrong for him to set against a lefty but it’s really wrong to set against a righty.Its not about Peraza at all but who would you rather have on your team?Just send WInker down and let him play every day and let him prove again he belongs in the majors.I have to wonder what Bell and others are seeing when they look at WInker.

    • Aaron B.

      The lineup was late coming in, maybe he was a late scratch.. or maybe he needs a rest or who knows, but he is a starter vs righties we know that much.. it would be nice to get him some ABs vs lefties, but maybe save that for garbage time until he proves himself capable, he is struggling as it is with the platoon that favors him.

  4. Big Ed

    Bad inning. Non-play by Iglesias; passed ball; score on dinky grounder; run scored on high school play; bad walk by Mahle to run up his pitch count.

    This is why this team is maddening. Terrible first inning puts the game on edge after a half inning.

  5. Roger Garret

    Very impressive after a day off.No words to describe but asleep comes to mind.

  6. George

    Let’s see, game started @7;05 it is now 7:52, 47 mins. for 6 outs.
    Based on the posting last night about attendance and pace of play this is the part of the game MLB and owners need to be looking at.

  7. Roger Garret

    Another Cy Young performance.Guess we have to just admit this team can’t hit anybody.

    • Big Ed

      I wonder what would happen if they faced Homer Bailey. Might cause a time warp.

      • Roger Garret

        Maybe Homer’s 3rd no hitter!

      • Mark Lang

        Ah, the old “impenetrable shield” vs the “spear that can pierce anything,” conundrum.

  8. John Ring

    I agree with Roger— Winker should be playing in leftfield, not Peraza. Good to see Casali get a start. Keep him in there and let him go. With Joey out of his slump, Puig needs to step up and get on a tear. They would be a hell of a 1-2 punch.

  9. Big Ed

    The Reds are playing like they are hung over.

  10. Roger Garret

    Bell trying to keep the score close because our offense is of the little league variety.I hope one day we get out of this team slump but it’s beginning to look like this is going to be who we are this year.Have to wonder just how long we go until others get their chance

  11. Indy Red Man

    Wandy and Peraza….3 good months will buy you 3-4 years with this organization and production is optional!

  12. RedAlert

    Back at Great American and play like crap – it’s unbelievable . Groundhog Day —- nothing EVER changes—- same crap different year. SELL, SELL , SELL …..

  13. Cincyborn2012

    Agreed. It’s absolute nonsense to have Peraza starting in LF when Phillip Ervin is raking down in AAA.

  14. Indy Red Man

    Well one thing this homestand will do is to take care of this stupid statement…”Yeah they’re last, but look at their run differential” Houston is coming to town….they’ll take care of that for the Reds!

  15. Big Ed

    David Bell didn’t put Wandy Peralta on the roster, but he’s put him in 28 games.

    I walked out to do some things outside as soon as he put Peralta in. I missed what I knew was coming.

    They wouldn’t need 13 pitchers, if they didn’t use Peralta so often.

  16. Roger Garret

    We all know Peralta doesn’t belong on a major league roster and if he is it’s only to do mop up duty which we have Duke for that role.Yes he is a big problem but really did anybody think we were going to win this game?There are many other guys that continue to play and play every day and be given chance after chance over and over again just like Peralta. Reds are going no where with this roster and changes need to be made.Guys are hitting and pitching better in the minors but nobody is in danger of being replaced or having their playing time reduced and they know it and so do we.

  17. BigRedMike

    Reds have given these two 450 plate appearances and been rewarded with a wRC+ of 60

    In addition, the Reds gave a starting spot to Schebler to start the season.

  18. Jack

    Mahle belongs in the pen, he is so pitch inefficient he’ll never go more than 5 anyway

  19. BigRedMike

    The question might be, are the Reds actually rebuilding?

    The middle infield is two players near 30 that were signed late in the spring to minor league deals. Votto is on the decline. Suarez is a solid/great player.

    Obviously Senzel is a young position player. The OF is a bad RF that will not be on the team next year in Puig and for some reason Peraza in LF. There are no young players on the bench and little talent ready to come up. Maybe Trammell?

    It is getting difficult to understand what the plan might be.

  20. Don

    Entire team is sleep walking through tonight’s game. They look totally unprepared with how to approach hitting these pitchers.

    Hitting coach for Rangers was Ward’s assistance coach last year with Dodgers and the Rangers approach to hitting is the exact opposite of the Reds. Reds swing for fences early and often and the Rangers work the count over and over again, wearing out the pitcher.

    Guess the Rangers hitting coach learned what not to do from Ward.

    • Roger Garret

      10 strikeouts in 7 innings against 4 scrub pitchers is and has been the problem all year long.TIme to call up Ervin and others and play Van Meter at second until Scooter returns.Set Puig,Tucker and DIetrich and send Peraza to the minors along with Peralta and Duke and lets stop this silly stuff.

  21. Mark Lang

    This is more like one of last year’s games. This year’s Reds have usually been in the game for the full 9 and lose by 1 or 2. Got to expect on of these every now and then… of course, usually not against some fill in starter… but, still.

  22. Don

    team is 3-7 in June after tonight with 14 games left.
    2 more Rangers, 3 Astros, 4 Brewers, 2 Angels, 3 Cubs.
    anyone see better than 2-12 or 3-11 for the next 14?

    • BigRedMike

      Even if they go 7-7 that would leave the Reds 7 games under .500 with 81 games to go

  23. Curt

    What, you thought the DD that the Marlins let go wouldn’t eventually show up? He can’t hit lefties!! God forbid you give VanMeter his at bat in the 9th.