Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (29-36) 1 7 0
Cleveland Indians (34-32)
2 6 0
W: Hand (3-2) L: Iglesias (1-6)
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The offense failed to show up for both teams. Or maybe the pitching really showed up for both teams. Likely the latter than the former given the two starting pitchers. Either way, offense was at a premium on Tuesday night and in a game that featured just 3 runs, the Indians had the majority of them.

The Offense

Nick Senzel’s RBI double in the top of the 5th inning was the only hit that produced a run for the Reds on the night. Yasiel Puig went 2-4. Jose Iglesias went 1-2, with 2 walks, and he scored the only run for the Reds on the day. Tucker Barnhart singled and walked in 4 trips to the plate. Kyle Farmer added a pinch-hit single. That’s about it. Tough go of it for the Reds offense once again in June.

The Pitching

The pitching was very good on the night. Unfortunately it just wasn’t good enough to overcome one run allowed in the first 9 innings of the game. Luis Castillo struck out 6 batters and walked just 2 to go along with 4 hits over the first 6 innings of the game. His ERA dropped to 2.20 on the season. Michael Lorenzen followed and kept the game tied up at 1-1 with a perfect inning of relief. And then David Hernandez took over for both the 8th and 9th innings. They were perfect and included 5 strikeouts. Now to the unfortunate part: Raisel Iglesias struggled, giving up 2 hits and walking 2 batters – though 1 was intentional to load the bases with 1 out – and that ultimately led to the winning run in the bottom of the 10th inning on a walk-off single by Oscar Mercado.

Notes Worth Noting

The game on Wednesday will be the Free Game of the Day on MLBtv if you are out of market. So for those of you who may not get to watch many games, this could be your chance.

Raisel Iglesias drops to 1-6. And while won-loss records aren’t exactly the best way to judge a pitcher, when a reliever has 6 losses on June 11th, that hurts your soul.

Robert Stephenson threw a shutout inning with a walk and 2 strikeouts in his rehab appearance with the Louisville Bats on Tuesday night.

The Reds signed 1st round pick Nick Lodolo. He inked a signing bonus worth just over $5.4M.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Cleveland Indians

Wednesday June 12th, 1:10pm ET

Anthony DeSclafani (4.70 ERA) vs Zach Plesac (1-1, 1.86 ERA)

33 Responses

  1. FreeHouse

    Reds need to start selling the players who have real value. I would put Hernandez, Garrett, Jose Iglesias, Dietrech and Iggy in the trade block. I doubt anyone would give anything other than a pack of gum.

    • Mason Red

      Yes let’s break it down,tear it apart and start over because as we know there isn’t a better franchise in MLB than the Reds at making trades especially before the trading deadline…(eye roll)….

  2. Scott Gennett

    Another game, another one-run loss and another over-managed case. Peraza hitting for Vanmeter? Is Peraza now a RH hitter threat? Lorenzen pitching only one inning in a 1-1 game with DH? Bases loaded with one out and Puig in 3B with Senzel hitting against a tough pitcher with +100 pitches, what happened with the squeeze play? This team is going nowhere with DB at helm.

    • PhP

      Bases loaded and 1 out and you want him to have Senzel bunt? Senzel who doubled to the wall in his previous AB. I’m not thrilled with Bell thinking Peraza is an actual hitter either but sometimes these complaints are ridiculous. Just because Senzel grounded into a double play doesn’t mean letting him swing away was the wrong move.

      • PhP

        If Senzel hits a grand slam the game also doesn’t go into extras. We can both play in hypotheticals.

        I’m not even saying that it would have been the wrong call to try a safety squeeze out, but to say that was the call that was supposed to be made in that situation and to blame Bell for not making it is just complaining with hindsight being 20/20. If Senzel tries to bunt and it’s not successful you guys would be complaining about Bell for that too.

  3. FreeHouse

    Embarrassing that FC Cincinnati scores more and has a better offensive threat than this sorry team. Reds were somewhat watchable through May. The worst is yet to come. Other than Castillo and Senzel, Reds should start shopping everyone!

    • Joe McManus

      Come on brother. Own Goal is tied for the team lead in goals for FCC. Don’t be ridiculous.

  4. Reddawg12

    I never expected anything more than a .500 season or maybe a little better in 2019, but I am growing concerned about this team’s future. The significant regression of Winker, Peraza, and Barnhart, plus the apparent decline of Votto (although I’m still holding out hope that he turns it around) makes me feel like there will be a lot of holes to fill going forward. There really isn’t anyone in the minors to step in (maybe Trammell, but he’s struggled at the plate this season and also has his issues in the OF). And it’s not like the Reds are ever big players in the free agent market.

    I think the pitching staff is a major bright spot and will probably continue to improve the longer DJ is around. But I just don’t see how the offense is going to get any better, this season or beyond.

  5. B-town fan

    I know the offense is the major bugaboo in all these one run losses this year, but I am getting tired of seeing Raisel Iglesias in high leverage situations throwing the ball right down the middle of the plate especially on 0-2 and 1-2 counts. He has done that in several games over the last month or so. He simply isn’t executing pitches, that is not the stuff of a top flight closer, or your supposed top bullpen arm.

  6. JayTheRed

    Just some of my thoughts watching this 2 – 6 June so far.

    I am beginning to wonder if maybe we have over valued our potential hitting based on past performances. I know it’s a big part of how we feel someone will perform in the future but most of the players we had last year are just not performing to those expectations for almost 3 months now.

    If the team is truly not having roles anymore then how come one of our best pitchers is not closing out games. Garnet has been pretty lights out and yet he is not closing out any games. I also want to say Iggy is a pretty good pitcher but he is not in the top 5 in NL Closers, never has been. He does need to stop piking it down the middle of the plate.

    Tonight was a rare case when I felt like the starting pitcher didn’t have much left. watching him pitch it seem like he ran into a lot of problems in the 6th. For once I was happy Bell pulled the starter when he did.

  7. Slicc50

    Man…..this offense. Had to go to bed before this one ended. This offense is just…..I can’t even think of a word. I don’t understand how some of these guys have regressed so badly at the plate. Peraza had a darn good season last year. What happened to him? Barnhart used to be a decent hitter. Now an automatic out. Winker really started to break out before his injury last year. Where is that guy? Think of where the Reds would be without all of Derek Dietrich’s big hits earlier in the season. Now he is coming back to earth. I just don’t see an end to these struggles. One month in? It’s early. Guys are just struggling. 3 months in? It’s not early anymore! I guess the offense just is what it is. Too bad, the pitching is there! Only help I can see is Scooter on the horizon. I don’t think that is going to be enough. Someone needs to go, they need to get Phil Ervin up here ASAP! Casali needs to start much more often! Start showing guys, if you can’t get the job done…….someone else will! The hitting coach needs to be fired TODAY! I am never one to put the blame on one guy, but come on! These guys look terrible at the plate! How can darn near a whole team regress this badly offensively?

    This is the first and only warning for cursing. Don’t do it again or your posting privileges will be revoked.

  8. Steven Ross

    I watched the entire game. Pitching was brilliant until Iggy. Hernandez was amazing but sometimes you have to give credit to the other teams pitchers. Bauer and Hand were dealin’. I just look at our record of 29 & 36. We’re 3 & 7 in our last 10. Just getting to .500 would be a tall order in itself.

  9. Cincyborn2012

    I just don’t understand why Phillip Ervin is still in AAA. The offense is so putrid and they desperately need another right handed bat. Why is VanMeter being given so much more of an opportunity? Because he hit well at AAA for a month and a half? Ervin has done that too. I know I’ve heard Chris Welsh talk several times about how much he likes VanMeter and his approach, but the reality is he has done very little to contribute when he’s had a chance to play.

    It’s almost beginning to seem like Ervin has done something to really put himself in the doghouse with the organization. He had a great spring, contributed when he was briefly called up earlier in the season, and is currently hitting well at AAA. And he’s right handed! What other explanation is there for him still being in the minor leagues?

    • Still a Red

      I thought some time ago that Ervin was in the doghouse. When he first came up, a few seasons ago now, I remember he kinda had a scowl on his face that made me think it might not fit in the clubhouse. ??

  10. TR

    Another loss with one or two runs scored combined with real good pitching until the end. The long rebuild plus trades has resulted in improved pitching. Now the Reds need an offensive rebuild to move up in the NLC. Obviously Puig is not the offensive leader many thought he would be although he does get it done on defense. The Reds have the makings of a good team but not with this offense. The FO has to get moving.

    • TR

      We can’t complain about the pitching which is a nice change since the days when Cueto was a Red. But something has to change with the offense whether that means another hitting coach, trades, or players up from the minors. For me, the only untouchables on the offense are Senzel, Suarez and Votto. We don’t want to put too much initial pressure on Scooter, but maybe he can jolt the offense.

  11. lost11found

    I wonder if the offense is suffering from analysis paralysis in the form of too much analytics. Think of the iocaine powder scene from Princess Bride.

    Barnhardt was quoted early in the year about not knowing there was so much data to be seen and processed. Perhaps Ward and the coaches are not doing a good job of distilling the info down to useful chunks. Slumps are slumps, but the extended nature of what we’ve seen to this point in the season from multiple players point to another explanation. They didn’t all turn into pumpkins overnight.

    • Still a Red

      Could be…altho I haven’t seen much written or said about just what or how Ward works with the guys. Hard to see how he supposedly helped Puig in LA but can’t seem to help him here.

  12. PhP

    How did Bell blow the game last night? Scoring 1 run is why they lost. It seems like you’re complaining just to complain.

    • David

      Yeah, that Bell. Turrible, just turrible!

      Really, the Reds’ problems are a lot deeper than just David Bell, or Yasiel Puig not hitting. This is the result of not having much talent in the minors after all these last place finishes. The Reds have flunked at player personnel.
      What is left of the traded of Todd Frazier, Aroldis Chapman, Jay Bruce and Johnny Cueto?
      Well, Peraza and Schebler are what is left for the Frazier Trade, and Cody Reed is really all that is left from the Cueto Trade.

      The Reds simply don’t have enough talent on the roster or in their system to compete. Period. You could put the greatest manager in charge at this point, and a lot of the results would be the same.

      Bob Castelini and his management have largely put the Reds in this frankly deep, deep hole, and they aren’t getting out of it anytime soon.

      • Cincyborn2012

        Unfortunately, this is exactly how I feel the more I watch this season. They have some gaping holes on the roster and no one coming through the pipeline the fill them. If the Reds were ever players in free agency, there would at least be some hope. But we know that won’t happen.

        I’m feeling pretty discouraged about the direction of this franchise after finally having some hope during the offseason. At least the pitching staff has been solid!

  13. Big Dog

    Iggy has to go. The hitting coach needs evaluated. If this traditional, as of the last few years, June swoon continues, there WILL BE A FIRE SALE

  14. C Holbert

    If Peraza is hitting for JVMR, then why is Casali, a much bigger threat, not hitting for Barnhart?

    • David

      He was the last catcher. If they use him, there is no one to replace him if he is injured.

      That’s how major league managers have always thought.

  15. David

    And made a great throw from right field to save a run.

    Puig is not the whole problem. Changing him will not change that much about the team. And change him with….who?

  16. C Holbert

    Despite his recent “resurgence”, I still see Votto as under 15 HRs and under 50 RBIs for the year, and close to 150 Ks. That is not going to get it done for a run producing position on this, or any, team. I am not even complaining about the salary. I understand the nature is to pay for past performance, but at some point come on, the Reds need offense.

  17. Roger Garret

    Reds just can’t hit and until they do or if they do it’s not going to matter No reason at all why Ervin and others in the minors aren’t given chances in the big leagues or if they aren’t good just get rid of them Recycling the same guys year after year and not giving them a legit chance is silly.Last time I checked Ervin had better numbers then any of our outfielders and a couple of other guys at Louisville were really hittting.Last night was the 15 game of scoring one run or less.A beer league lineup would be be more entertaining

  18. George M

    My concern is Jesse Winker. He looked hopeless trying to hit Bauers curveball and has struggled with off-speed pitches all year. If he does have a game plan going up to bat it seems to be to walk.He does not look at all like a confident hitter rightnow.

    • da bear

      In his defense slightly on a full count Winker took ball 4 on a pitch inside by at least the width of a ball but the umpire rung him up. He needs to play everyday and work through this mini slump, the way Luis Castillo on the pitching front worked thru a difficult first half last year and blossomed the last two months of 2018….resulting in what we’ve seen this year. Thank you Mario Soto for teaching Castillo your change up.

  19. BlacklickRay

    Reds have scored 2 runs or less in 21 of 65 games. And with a 8-21 record in day games they need to make some changes. The F.O. is acting like they are afraid of being a last place team or something.

    • Lwblogger2

      Can’t have no “day-walkers” on this team!

  20. Lwblogger2

    In all fairness, he had 5 of those losses before he complained about his role. His 6th loss, was also a case in which a closer doesn’t traditionally get used. The game was tied, on the road, in the 10th. At home that would be by the old book but not on the road.

    The discouraging thing is that Iglesias, for whatever reason, just isn’t effective when used more fluidly in a less-traditional closer’s role.