The Cincinnati Reds have been missing two key players all season that they planned on having. Second baseman Scooter Gennett injured his groin near the end of spring training and has not played since March. Alex Wood, the left-handed starting pitcher acquired from the Los Angeles Dodgers in December was injured much earlier in the spring. His back issues popped back up several times as he attempted to work his way back. This week there was some good news on the status of both.

Scooter Gennett, who has been traveling with the team and taking ground balls and some light batting practice before games, will head to Goodyear this week to start getting some in-game action. What’s important here, is that this doesn’t begin his rehab clock, which would be 20 days. In a very short period of time between the weekend after the draft (which was this week) and the start of short-season rookie leagues beginning (Friday kicks off the Billings Mustangs season), the Reds will have the newly drafted and signed played join the players who have been in Goodyear for extended spring training as they get ready to join one of three rookie teams. That time spent in Goodyear may be short lived, with Bobby Nightengale of The Cincinnati Enquirer reporting that it may only last 3 days. After that he would officially go on a rehab assignment.

Where Scooter Gennett begins his rehab assignment hasn’t been stated yet. Given the schedules of the teams, though, it would appear that Louisville is the most likely bet. Both Dayton and Chattanooga have their All-Star breaks after next weekend. The Reds haven’t sent guys to Daytona on rehab too frequently.

Alex Wood is also getting closer

On the Reds pre-game show it was announced that left-handed pitcher Alex Wood was feeling great and that he will throw a bullpen session Saturday. This won’t be the first time that he’s thrown as he’s tried coming back from the back issues that kept him out most of spring training. He had to be shut down completely after throwing earlier this year because his back didn’t recover as they had hoped the following day.

Alex Blandino goes deep twice for Louisville

While Alex Wood and Scooter Gennett are awaiting their chance to go on their rehab assignments, infielder Alex Blandino began his rehab assignment earlier this week. The 26-year-old has reached base in all four games he’s played in. Defensively he’s started two games at second base, one a shortstop, and one at third base. On Thursday night the infielder hit two home runs – both of them over 425 feet.

Position players get 20 days of rehab. For Alex Blandino that means he will be able to play through June 22nd before Cincinnati will have to activate him. He has two options remaining, so it’s possible that when he rehab assignment is over that he’s activated and optioned to the minor leagues. With the Reds using a short bench, this is a likely possibility as he has less position flexibility than guys like Jose Peraza, Kyle Farmer, and Josh VanMeter (who may not be around much longer, either, as Scooter Gennett is going to need a spot on the roster soon, too).

9 Responses

  1. MFG

    Please send Peraza down, he sucks! Please platoon Tucker and Curt, just throw Tucker a breaking ball in the dirt and he will swing.

  2. Rich H

    Matt, your commenting style is the perfect comp for the first month and a half of Jose Peraza’s 2019 season. Taking way too many hacks, often out of the zone. More discipline and selectivity will cut down on weak contact, and there needs to be a lot more walking.

    Peraza is 25, was an MLB average starting shortstop for a full season at age 24, and has a wRC+ over a hundred for the last month. Farmer is 28, JVM has a month and a half of AAA production, where everyone is crushing the ball. Peraza is so much more part of a future of this team, amd it’s not at all close.

    • Rich H

      So somehow a full season is less important than the 2 1/2 months of this season? And the only important part of this season is the first 1 1/2 months, not the last month? Talk about a narrative, you’re twisting into a pretzel trying to come up with something. Absolute joke.

    • Rich H

      Look at Fangraphs shortstop rankings last year, Matt. That’s a FULL SEASON as a LEAGUE AVERAGE STARTING SHORTSTOP. Offensively and defensively. You either can’t read, or cant understand the math that makes the 13th best offensive and 17th best defensive shortstop makes someone league average. For a full season.

      You want to say that talking about periods where Peraza has done well is cherry picking, and then turn around and base your entire opinion on the periods he did not do well. ABSOLUTE. JOKE.

  3. Michael Smith

    Jason brought up a good point about Peraza on the podcast. Over the last month he has a 117 wrc+ and double walks to strikeouts. Maybe people could say get off the mans back. He is 25, coming off a good year for a shortstop. He had a horrific April, and a good May into June.

    • Brian S Jolley

      One additional thing to consider is that on your list of players only Winker and Votto are expected to be here after next season and neither are middle infielders. Peraza is only 25 and under team control for a bit. He should some real progress last year. I am not disagreeing with you, but merely adding another aspect to the situation that I think is significant.

  4. Michael Smith

    Last 28 days for Pereza he has a 797 ops, 108 ops+ with a how is he only hitting 209 babip. Once again why do we want to toss him away at 25? I know it is a smaller sample size but jeez guys. Also he has more walks than k’s since may 1st.

  5. Brian S Jolley

    I wish they could put all of their pretty good middle infielders into a machine and pop out two great ones.