My dears, entering today’s date at the top of the post was a solemn exercise. We are blessed that the bloody military operation which took place 75 years ago today, victorious at such great cost, was a successful one. How many of us and our parents wouldn’t be here today were it not for those 18-25 year olds who jumped out of the airplanes, waded from the landing crafts, or kept the supplies running? And here is their granddaughter, typing about baseball beneath increasingly clearing skies as the occasional robin sifts through the clover outside my office window. At the moment my nephews are gathered without fear for Mass at their clean and well-stocked school.

Not so long ago, and not at all because I deserved either, I was offered a choice between a tour of Versailles or a trip to Normandy and Omaha Beach  One promised ordered flowers and gilt mirrors and some of the best beauty fashioned by human hands. The other, however, was mandatory. If you are ever blessed with an opportunity to visit France, get out of Paris. (The ones accompanying this reflection were taken just before the age of decent cell photos, but they are an accurate reflection of what I saw, and humanity in all its shadows and inability to fully comprehend the magnitude of what happened there were the order of the day.)

If you’re looking for a vintage way to mark the anniversary, WMKV is broadcasting twelve hours of coverage as it happened at 89.3 FM for those of you who are in Cincinnati and streaming online for those of you who are not.

Now I warned everybody yesterday not to start with me, and so they didn’t. Although we’re still waiting on a date for the rematch, this could mean good news for the Redlegs later in the season as we face down a division rival in the mighty struggle to avoid last place.

Starting Pitchers

Anthony DeSclafani 4.97 1.34 54.1 55 2 3
Dakota Hudson 3.94 1.58 59.1 42 4 3


The rainout doesn’t affect the pitching rotation since the game never started. Since I last offered my expert evaluation of Mr. DeSclafani’s body of work, I have acquired Advil and some cake frosting, and have upgraded my assessment from “we’re going to lose” to “maybe we’ll lose.”


Yesterday, based on careful study of Dakota Hudson’s stats, I announced that judging by the name, is either a pole dance instructor or the latest baby name trend out of Hyde Park. Bill Hedges The Reader supported my judgment by commenting that “judging by the pole dancer instructor reference – we should get plenty of singles tonight.” I awarded him one (1) gif of people applauding.


I don’t want to type about the bullpen because Dietrich is starting and that means the chances of seeing some of his awesomeness against St. Louis, in St. Louis, are greatly increased. The other day he posted a video of the visitor’s clubhouse, sharing goat in a Tupperware dish with Joey Votto. Dietrich included an emoji of a goat BECAUSE HE WAS EATING GOAT WITH THE GOAT WHO ELSE GETS TO DO THAT??!!?!?!

PUIG, that’s who. Puig is also in the video with the goat and the GOAT. You guys, 99.99% of the time, social media is a life-draining garbage canal which offers zero human uplift. The other .01% is Deitrich, Joey Votto, and Yasiel Puig eating a goat.

Starting Lineups


  1. Nick Senzel (R) CF
  2. Joey Votto (L) 1B
  3. Eugenio Suárez (R) 3B
  4. Derek Dietrich (L) 2B
  5. Jesse Winker (L) LF
  6. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
  7. Jose Iglesias (R) SS
  8. Tucker Barnhart (S) C
  9. Anthony DeSclafani (R) P


  1. Matt Carpenter (L) 3B
  2. Paul DeJong (R) SS
  3. Paul Goldschmidt (R) 1B
  4. Marcel Ozuna (R) LF
  5. Dexter Fowler (S) RF
  6. Kolten Wong (L) 2B
  7. Matt Wieters (S) C
  8. Harrison Bader (R) CF
  9. Dakota Hudson (R) P

News and Notes

-For no particular reason, here is a very awesome picture of Opening Day at Crosley Field in 1941.

Right. In. Their. FACES.

112 Responses

  1. matthew hendley

    So will this game happen from a weather standpoint?

  2. Pablo

    Well said regarding D-day and thank you for the photos. Would definitely like to make that trip some day.

    • Keith

      I had the chance to go 10+ years ago. Looking down on those beaches and realizing what those men went through, I was struck with awe at the bravery and courage required. We are truly blessed, due to the sacrifices of others.

      • Mary Beth Ellis

        Indeed. The pictures and films give you some idea but it’s nothing like standing there.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Thank you. I truly recommend it. The trip fell in my lap and it was a tremendous gift in many ways.

  3. Joey

    Congrats! Today is my birthday so what better way to celebrate than with a Reds win!

  4. WVRedlegs

    Fantastic reference about the 75th anniversary of D-Day. My dad was a B-17 pilot in WWII. I asked my dad once what his greatest accomplishment was in WWII, and he said it was that he got all his men back home in one piece with nary a scratch. Then I saw the photo of his plane from his 13th mission on the tarmac when they made it back home. Over the English Channel with a full fuel load and an overstocked bomb bay, the inside right engine blew up, mangled the right wing and put holes all down the rear fuselage. They dumped all their bombs into the Channel and most of their fuel and limped back to their airfield. It was a wonder that the wing didn’t fall off in flight and they made it back to their base. Many, too many, never made it back home.
    I have my flags flying on the front porch today to honor all those great men and women of WWII and especially D-Day.
    Mmmm. Goat, the other, other white meat.
    After the rainout it is a 2 game series. No splits for today. Take the 2 game sweep and off to Philly it is.

    • Michael Smith


      Your father described pretty much what I have heard from every friend and family member who has served in combat. In the end it is about the guy or gal next to you and getting the job done and getting everyone home. Its a camaraderie I think is almost impossible to replicate.

    • RojoBenjy

      WW II Army Airforce are/were heroes to the last man and woman. Hands down. No questions asked.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Such men saved the world. I’m so grateful and glad you shared his story, as this is how these men are best thanked.

      Flags flying high are another ideal celebration.

      • WVRedlegs

        My dad would have enjoyed your writing. He probably would have told you that you have good taste in men, a pilot.

      • Mary Beth Ellis

        Now that is a true compliment. Many thanks for it.

  5. Jim Walker

    This morning I a read a an article about Ernie Pyle’s coverage of Normandy and how that was a signature moment which changed how he wrote about the war he saw. It also included excerpts of his final uncompleted piece which was found on his person after he was KIA on an island near Okinawa covering the Pacific theater.

    Are there the people today who write like he did? If so where can I read them?

    • Wayne nabors

      Read article this morning also jim.it was an excellent read

      • Jim Walker

        Somewhere in the past, I had read or heard on a TV presentation that Pyle had a premonition that he would not return from the Pacific. After reading the excerpts of his Normandy work and final piece today I’m wondering if maybe he had just seen so much that he was ready to go and accepted that come what may would.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      That sounds fascinating. A true journalist.

  6. Matt WI

    Disco did a very nice job recovering from the mistake of not checking the runner at second and slamming the door there in the 2nd. Let’s get the man some runs.

  7. Roger Garrett

    Reds just can’t hit.Joey down on 3 pitches and never touches the ball and Suarez is jumping at every pitch.Still much better then in the past as a team and it appears they are just so close to busting out an going on a long winning streak so their remains hope.

  8. Matt WI

    Runner advances two bases on a SF bunt. Seems like something the Cards would pull off against the Reds.

    • docmike

      How does that even happen? Was there no one covering third?

    • docmike

      How does that even happen? Was there no one covering third?

  9. Roger Garrett

    Yep because we are sleep walking through this game.Reds just don’t know how to win and are satisfied with a win then a loss etc etc.

  10. Old-school

    The reds offense in 2019 is poor. Some of these OBP numbers are really bad.

    As a team the Reds are comfortably in the bottom half of the NL in runs scored, OBP,OPS. Only the marlins, Giants , and Padres keep them from being the most inept offense in the league.

    In 2017/2018, the reds were comfortably in the top half of the NL in runs/ OBP /OPS. In 2017 top 4 in OBP.

    That has to change. The focus has to be on plate discipline and quality at bats.

    Marcella Ozuna turns 29 in November and a FA. He might be the power righty productive bat the Reds need to add to Senzel and Suarez.

  11. Roger Garrett

    Cards are just taking off and running wild.Disco/Tucker or somebody needs to go in find a mirror and ask what in the world is going on.Bell needs to go up and down the bench right now and see if he can find anybody awake.Good grief how little league.

    • Wayne nabors

      Apparently suarez asleep to roger

  12. Mark

    The Cards are just embarrassing the Reds on the base paths today.

  13. Old-school

    Exact same situation fir both teams starting 5 th inning . Same score..same lineup. Which team scores third time through?

    Disco has been Homer prone. Shirt leash if runners get on.

  14. Roger Garrett

    Guess I just expect guys to show up mentally every day because physically they do wear down.Some teams police themselves and its the captain of the team and the other vets that do it.If that is happening its not working right now because too often this team does the same things they have done in the past so maybe my expectations are way too high.

  15. Mark Lang

    Card hit ball to 3rd, slight miscue, but because of hustle, they beat out the throw – just the last batter for reds, hits a grounder to deep short… he baubles the ball, and because of no hustle – play at first still not even close. Just embarrassing.

    • matthew hendley

      who was the offending red. only watching on gameday and just started watching in 5th

  16. Roger Garrett

    Nothing Matt.Our top of the lineup goes down on 6 pitches.Disco couldn’t even get a drink or go to the bathroom. No way we win so I won’t go through the agony of watching this little league performance.

    • Seat101

      I said a bad word when I saw that we let Disco sit just long enough to wipe his brow.

    • Old-school

      Disco with 96 pitches thru 5~ 19 pitches per inning.
      Hudson with 68 thru 5~ 13/14 an inning.
      Reds have too many at bats that end in outs after 1-3 pitches. They aren’t pressuring pitchers, working deep counts or getting on base. Reds getting themselves out swinging early and often.

  17. docmike

    Gameday shows that Winker just swung at a ball in the dirt on a 2-0 count. Is that actually what happened? If so, that is terrible plate discipline.

  18. docmike

    Reds only 4 hits on 18 balls in play (only 2 strikeouts)
    Cards 6 hits on 13 balls in play (7 strikeouts)

    Sounds like the Reds are just hitting them right at people.

  19. docmike

    Short but effective outing for Disco today. Had 7 K’s in 5 innings and only 1 (intentional) walk. Some bad luck involved as Cards had 6 hits on 13 balls in play. Still, you’ll take 5 innings of 1-run ball from your 5th starter every time.

  20. matthew hendley

    considering his last few outings, cant argue with Discos results from a numbers standpoint. (especially when that is all I can look at right now). Reds need to pick it up in the batting number standpoint

  21. WVRedlegs

    DeSclafani had 96 pitches in 5.0 IP. Not very efficient again. No surprise Garrett started the 6th. DeSclafani had 4 ground outs and 2 fly out.
    DeSclafani only has about a few more starts before the Reds have to evaluate which starter does not start anymore when Wood comes off of the IL.
    The shopping of DeSclafani, Puig and others should already be under way. But with this Reds front office, they will wait until July 30 to make personnel decisions and then try to make a trade on July 31. Then we will hear the all to common Reds locution of, “We tried , but we just couldn’t find the right match up with another team.”
    Why David Bell cannot find any more playing time for Vanmeter is a big mystery. Senzel with a great AB. Down in the count 1-2, he works a BB. And now Miller in to face Votto with runners on 1st and 2nd. Time for Joey to deliver.

    • WVRedlegs

      Man, Votto didn’t take the bat off of his shoulder. 3 called strikes in 4 pitches. Up to Suarez now with another pitching change.

    • Curt

      “Why David Bell cannot find any more playing time for Vanmeter is a big mystery”

      Why? Simple, Fear! Fear that he’ll fail. That he’ll go 0-4 on what could have been the breakout day for someone already underachieving. Or fear that he’ll succeed, then they’d have to do something about it, might hurt somebody’s feelings, might be unpopular, might cost them money. So they stick with default and sit paralyzed on the fence, one foot in the past, one in the future. For years now, same story. No true rebuild, more duct tape and false hope. FO does show signs of changing this culture, fairly quick hook on Schebler and Kemp and giving Senzel the keys to the kingdom but that’s about it in the bold move dept.

      Why are the Dodgers winning? More than anything else, they are fearless. They actually “believe” they’re going to win every game. They bring somebody up, there’s a PLAN and they play them. A pitcher not getting it done, he’s gone with very little exception.
      We can only hope that the new FO is moving in the bold and fearless direction or many of us will be dead before we ever see another WS. For now we can only imagine how the Reds would be doing with Senzel, VanMeter, O’Grady and ? in the line-up everyday. It will remain a mystery. Maybe the team wakes up, maybe they don’t. We shall see.

      Of course this is just my opinion and I apologize for sounding like Tony Robbins and having no data to back it up. The data don’t lie but baseball is and always has been a psychological game.
      Ps. Thanks for the springboard WV, I always enjoy your perspective.

  22. Wayne nabors

    There’s the answer to the question the other day,votto doesn’t swing bat once again,just stands there and does his favorite statue of liberty impersonation

  23. Jim t

    Our 25mil. Man just took 3 right down the middle with runners on first and second in a tie game in the 7 th inning. Biggest head case in major leagues.

  24. Old-school

    Reds need their best pitcher in the 7/8 the innings. That’s Iglesias in theory.. This is an important game. All hands on deck.

      • matthew hendley

        and it turned out to be lorenzen, and depending on which type of him shows up is a really good or really bad choice.

      • matthew hendley

        bad lorenzen it is, a split it is

  25. WVRedlegs

    The youngsters got on base in Vanmeter and Senzel. The highly paid veterans could not even muster a much needed RBI. Terrible.

    • Jim t

      He didn’t even SWING. And it’s not the first time he has had a at bat like that.

  26. WVRedlegs

    Lorenzen in to pitch and immediately gives up a single to a rookie. At least he K’d Carpenter.

  27. C Holbert

    I know everyone keeps saying how bad Peraza and Winker have been this year, and they have definitely under-performed. I have to say that Votto has been the biggest disappointment so far this season, on a offensively challenged team. He did not even lift the bat off his shoulder, except to do that stupid practice swing, whatever that is, with two on and the game perhaps on the line. He did not even attempt to foul pitches off, and he used to do that constantly.

    • Jim t

      The worst thing is I really don’t think it is anything physical. I think it is all in his head. I mean who looks at three straight pitches down the middle in a tie game. This isn’t the first time it’s happened.

      • Hanawi

        Those weren’t down the middle. The 2nd pitch wasn’t even a strike. 4th was borderline. Needed to foul that one off but was probably looking for the slider.

      • matthew hendley

        I cant see many things but I am seeing where the pitches end up. Not one of them was ‘down the middle’

      • Jim t

        I watched every pitch. Not one was questionable. All were strikes. Again not the first time he has taken 3 without swinging. You don’t have to be a student of the game to see something is wrong. Look at his career strike out numbers. He is fannng at a alarming rate compared to his norm. You want to give him a pass have at it. He is playing terrible and it is effecting the whole team.

      • Hanawi

        Well then I’m glad you’re not a home plate umpire.

      • matthew hendley

        you watched every pitch, so did the computer. Actually multiple computers. Guess who I am believing more.

      • Jim t

        He took 3 straight strikes. You know how I know the umpire called him out. Votto also walked back to the dugout without saying a word.

      • matthew hendley

        no one is argueing that he took strikes, your exact words were, (copying and pasting) I mean who looks at three straight pitches down the middle in a tie game, that was the part we are taking exception too. There were not straight down the middle.

      • Curt

        Like my little league coach told me.. “you know how you know if it’s a strike or not? Listen to the umpire, get your bat off your shoulder and hit something!

  28. WVRedlegs

    Uh-oh. Lorenzen with another gopher ball. This game is over now. 3-1 Cards.

  29. Jim t

    Would really love for JIm Day to ask Votto what he was thinking of during that at bat

    • Hanawi

      Probably thinking about Miller’s slider

  30. matthew hendley

    bullpen usage still a problem for bell, instead of rewarding a producing reliever in a tie game he moves and places a pitcher with a history of being shaky into a late tie game situation. I have a better feel for his relievers then he does.

  31. Wayne nabors

    I miss managers like lasorda,he would have told him when he came back to dugout if I’d known you wasn’t going to swing I would have sent someone else up there

  32. WVRedlegs

    What is David Bell thinking putting in Lorenzen in a 1-1 game? Lorenzen now has given up 3 HR’s in his last 5 outings. Lorenzen has given up at least 1 run in 5 of his last 8 outings.
    Nothing like (not) going with your hot hand for Bell. This matchup stuff has got to end. Bell is just mega-terrible with his bullpen usage. And his defensive shifts have got to go.
    Of all the new managers hired this off-season David Bell is the worst of the bunch.

    • matthew hendley

      was this baider 2 bases on a bunt thing cause of a shift?

  33. Jim t

    If he don’t turn it around I play DD at first and Scooter at 2nd when he returns. Give him a chance to clear his head.

    • Hanawi

      He’s been on base 20 straight games before this one. Is that not turning it around?

      • Jim t

        Brother look at his numbers. K’s are way up, power is non exsistent. He is being counted on to deliver. He has done very little of that now going back to last season.

      • Hanawi

        Power is gone. That I would agree with. But only two guys in the whole lineup are better at not making outs.

    • matthew hendley

      hahaaha, had three multi hit games in the last 7, an on base streak the last 20 or so, he is not sitting, and its a dumb idea to suggest so after one at bat.

  34. matthew hendley

    Nick with a hit and a walk, Suarez with a hit, DD with a walk, Jesse with a hit and a walk, Puig with a hit, iggy with a walk, look at all those walks, one would think a little plate discipline would get you a walk. Expecially when getting pitched to the weaker portion of your zone.

  35. Curt

    Checking in from west coast. What’s happ…..oh, you don’t say, VanSenzel hung out to dry by yips Votto and our best hitter Suarez. I’m on the right channel.

  36. VaRedsFan

    Lorenzen now has given up runs in 5 of his last 8. People need to stop mentioning him when they talk “Reds good bullpen”

    • matthew hendley

      he isn’t horrible, but he was definantly not the right person for the job there. He has his uses but tie games in the 8th aren’t them

  37. matthew hendley

    Who are the three pitchers for philly this weekend?

    • VaRedsFan

      Efflin coming off the DL tomorrow to face us.

      • matthew hendley

        maybe he is still injured and hiding it lol

    • WVRedlegs

      Efflin and Pivetta are 2 of their good young starters. I was all on trying to trade for Pivetta this past winter. He got off to a bad start, but has righted his ship lately.
      I don’t know who this Nola guy is though pitching on Sunday. (lol).

  38. Hanawi

    Reds are what they are – a roughly .500 team. Have one 3 game winning streak but no other streaks longer than 2 games either way since mid-April.

  39. VaRedsFan

    Now’s the time someone will chime in about the upcoming favorable schedule….blah blah….need to win…blah blah

    • Hanawi

      There are no favorable schedules in the NL this year.

      • matthew hendley

        on the bright side Seattle may not have a team left by the time they face us.

      • WVRedlegs

        Yeah, but they don’t play Seattle until Sept. 10.

  40. RedsMonk65

    This team — and I love the Reds — drives me nuts. Just when you begin to see signs that they MAY be primed to break out and string some wins together, they barely show up. Poor effort. Overall, a vastly underachieving club thus far — which is frustrating because they should be so much better than they are. I didn’t believe that last year or the year before. But this year, they have the talent to compete–to win more than they have. They are just not executing consistently. I would give anything for a THREE-game winning streak right now, let alone a 5-game or 10 game. Lollygaggers!

  41. Roger Garrett

    Just checked back in for one last bit of agony.Little league offense can’t beat a major league offense.Now its 13 times scoring one run or less in a little over 50 games so far this year.Bell has his hands full trying to find a leader on the field that can light a fire under some of these guys.Game could have went to midnight and they still would have lost because they can’t score.Eventually the Cards would have scored against somebody so for my money losing in the 7th saved the bullpen.Team went through the motions on offense and defense from the first pitch in a very important game to the fans but not for the team obviously.Joey didn’t even compete in any at bat today and his at bat against Miller was just awful with the game on the line he doesn’t even swing.Van Meter got a hit and Senzel worked a walk right before his at bat.Wonder what that tells the young guys?

  42. Mary Beth Ellis

    Don’t tell your spouse which event meant more to you.

  43. FreeHouse

    Lorenzen is a good pitcher don’t get me wrong but he might be the most overrated player this team has. It’s rare to see him get 3 outs in a row.

  44. Wayne nabors

    Post game show hammered votto at bat,and rightly so,but that’s what’s gonna separate him from the real future hall of gamers,you’ve got to make things happen and he doesnt

  45. TR

    Five hits in a game the Reds needed to win and their leader takes three strikes in the 7th with the game tied and two runners on. With three-eights of the season in and if no one steps up to lead the offense, the Reds are facing another last place finish. On to Philly.

    • scotly50

      He has always done that. Trying to go deep into an at-bat looking to walk, (first), or, (second), swing at a “get-over pitch” deep in the count. Votto needs to be hitting just behind Puig in sixth. He is not a top four hitter in a winning line-up. He is to slow, or senseless on the bases to be a lead-off, and strikes out too much for the two.

  46. Jreis

    Don’t know about everyone else but I am ready to see the AAA guys that are really raking up here like Ervin and O Grady.

    This current team has had its moments but at best is a .500 team. I am kind of ready for the rebuild to resume. I have lost interest in this team and probably won’t follow them much anymore unless the young guys play. And I think I speak for a lot of fans.

    • Pete

      Let’s give them until the end of the month and if they haven’t imptroved we can cut bait on Puig and Duke, and maybe limit Votto, Winker, Peraza, Barnhart’s exposure.

  47. Old-school

    The reds have lost too many games scoring 0/1/2 runs. Lots of blame to go around but the offense is very poor. Imo, Bell relies on too many day to day matchups , such that the offense has no rhythm or identity day to day. The poor team OBP is where it starts.

    • Pete Blowers

      It would be drastic but a singular move that would make a strong statement is to get a new hitting instructor. Give him another couple of weeks and we don’t see improvement from the usual suspects, tell Ward we appreciate his efforts but it’s time to move on.

      I’m dead serious, I’ve never seen so many guys offensive skills crater as a group.

      • RojoBenjy

        Another string statement would be to move JDV to the 7 spot in the lineup.

        Time to wake up.