The Short Version: Reds ride a strong start by Luis Castillo and a well-rounded offensive attack to a victory in the first game of an eight-game road trip. Against the Cardinals, which is always fun.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (28-32) 4 10 0
St. Louis Cardinals (30-29) 1 6 2
W: Castillo (6-1) L: Cabrera (0-2) S: Iglesias (12)
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The Good
–Luis Castillo pitched six strong innings to notch his sixth victory of the season. One run allowed — thanks to a leadoff homer — on two hits and four walks, eight strikeouts…that’ll do, Luis. That’ll do.

–Jose Peraza was 2 for 3 with a double, a walk, two runs batted in and one run scored. Peraza has not looked good at the plate so far this year, so that was nice to see. He also made a really nice sliding catch in left field. Peraza has not looked good in the outfield so far this year, so that was nice to see.

–David Hernandez allowed a hit, but struck out the side in a scoreless eighth inning.

–Yasiel Puig hammered his 11th homer of the season. Jose Iglesias singled, walked, and scored a run.

–Every player in the starting eight collected at least one hit. Which is always a good thing.

–His first inning single marked twenty consecutive games on base for Joey Votto, who was 2 for 5 on the night. It’s the 22nd consecutive game against St. Louis that he’s reached base. The 20-game streak is Votto’s longest of the season; it also ties Nick Senzel for the longest by a Reds batter this season.

–Raisel Iglesias, in his new role as “closer who comes in when the Reds are leading by three runs in the ninth inning” picked up his twelfth save. Honestly, he looked pretty dominant in the process, but it wasn’t exactly a high-leverage situation.

The Bad
–In the third and fourth innings, Eugenio Suarez, Puig, and Curt Casali all hit balls very, very hard and all were loud outs. At least two of them would have been home runs back at venerable ol’ Great American Ball Park.

–Scary moment in the eighth, when Puig collided with the wall as he chased a foul fly ball that settled into the seats. He remained in the game after being checked out by all of Cincinnati’s top men and appears to be okay.

The Recap
–One hour, twenty minute rain delay before first pitch. First weather delay of the season on the road. Central time, rain delay…yep, that’s what happens when it’s my day to write the recap. But I couldn’t be happier, given the result.

–In the third inning, Votto tagged up and advanced from first to second on a fly ball to right-center field. Heads-up baserunning.

–Reds finally got on the scoreboard in the top of the fourth. Jose Iglesias led off with a single and Kyle Farmer followed up with a single one out later. Jose Peraza doubled in Iglesias, and the game was tied at 1-1.

Then, after Castillo grounded into a fielder’s choice, Nick Senzel doubled down the left field line to give the Reds a 2-1 lead.

–One inning later, Puig extended that lead when he murdered a solo homer to dead center. Later, with two outs, Curt Casali blooped a single to right-center. Farmer reached on a St. Louis error, then Peraza drove in another run with a first pitch single giving the Reds a 4-1 lead.

–The Runnin’ Redlegs can go ahead and wrap up a victory in this series in St. Louis with a win tomorrow night. Help us, Anthony DeSclafani, you’re our only hope.

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37 Responses

  1. SFRedsFan

    Good win tonight. The pitching staff continues to delight us with great performances. Joey heating up. Peraza had a nice night. 4 games under. 1/2 game behind Pirates. Please Redlegs….string together 5-6 wins and make a move up into 3rd place in the central and 2-3 games out of WC. This team is so fun to cheat for, but would love them to pull above 500 this week.

  2. Wayne nabors

    always a good nite when i see reds win at busch,card fans were awfully quiet, which is how i like when im there

    • renbutler

      So quiet that they weren’t vocally self-proclaiming that they are the best fans in baseball?


  3. Reddawg12

    Great recap! I miss when it was always written in this format.

    Let’s get a series win tomorrow.

  4. Scott Gennett

    Very important victory in the first game of this 8-game trip, and most important against the Cards. Good to see the offensive picking it up but Puig, not sure how much more DB will keep him hitting fourth with his .642 OPS. Tough decisions coming up if they want to keep a WC spot eyesight and trade line approaching, as six contract-year players remain in the roster (Puig, Gennett, Wood, Roark, Hernandez & Hughes). I’d say Wood and Gennett, coming from IL, are going nowhere; Roark, Hernandez & Hughes shall remain and lastly Puig is the only one that could be traded, but with those poor numbers it’s very unlikely to happen.

    • WVRedlegs

      Add in Jose Iglesias and Zach Duke to your list of one year players. But hopefully extension talks are taking place with J-Iggy. So, that is 2 starting pitchers, 3 relievers, 2 INF, and 1 OF on expiring contracts. 8 holes to fill by July 31 and/or over the winter. Some holes can be filled in by internal candidates, some cannot.
      1. Alex Wood– let become a free agent. No QO offered.
      2. Tanner Roark– let become a free agent. No QO offered. (2020 possibilities).
      3. Jose Iglesias– extension talks should be taking place.
      4. Scooter Gennett– let become a free agent. No QO offered.
      5. Yasiel Puig– let become a free agent. No QO offered.
      6. David Hernandez– let become a free agent. No QO offered. (2020 possibilities).
      7. Jared Hughes– let become a free agent. No QO offered. No option picked up.
      8. Zach Duke– let become a free agent. No QO offered.
      With the exception of Jose Iglesias, the other 7 should all be July 31 trade possibilities. No Qualifying Offers should be extended this winter. Wood, Roark, Gennett, and Puig all make near $10MM this season and an $18MM QO might get accepted. Too risky, even though all four maybe could get multi year contracts this winter.

      • matt hendley

        I think you will have full agreement of everyone here about not giving QO to anyone on that list. However, some of these individuals should be offered those Multi year contracts from the reds. Obviously not QO level.

  5. Rich H

    I’m happy Peraza had a really good game. His season has been disappointing this far, but I think most of the offense has been pretty disappointing. It’s been altogether too easy for many to forget he was a league average starting shortstop at 24 years old last year, which most teams and fanbases would be really happy with. Beat them birds!

    • Steven Ross

      He also led the Reds in hits last year which everyone seems to forget.

    • matt hendley

      No one forgot, but last year means nothing if he didn’t move it into this year. And despite last night, he did not. one game is good, but he needs sustained success if he is to be considered the future over other people that are outproducing him.

      • Rich H

        Matthew, I can tell you that the previous year and a half of production probably means more than the first two months of this year. The fact that he has a higher career OPS at 25 than Jose Iglesias does at 29 probably does as well. I’m not saying he should be starting over Iglesias, certainly not at the moment, but he is currently the best starting shortstop in the organization controlled through the next few seasons, and nobody else is really close. Until that changes, he is the future at shortstop, and should be getting regular playing time.

      • matt hendley

        except he is a 2B…. no wait….. a left fielder. With the exception of 2Nd half of last season there is nothing that says he should be in the Majors, let alone anything else. If Jose walks there is nothing else. OPS absolutly does not touch defense either, Peraza is not even in Iglesias shadow there.
        Your attempting to turn a hot streak into a narritive.

      • Rich H

        I’m talking about a full season where, FACTUALLY, STATISTICALLY, he was an MLB average starting shortstop. Preceded by a solid half season. That’s not a narrative, that’s reality. What you are saying ignores these facts. That’s pushing a narrative.

  6. CI3J

    The Reds REALLY need to go on a run for these next 10 games. Except for the Phillies, all 10 games are against basically .500 teams. If the Reds are as good as their run differential seems to say they are, these are teams they need to beat. That means they should go no worse than 6-4, but 7-3 would be more ideal as it would finally get them back to .500 on the season.

    Then of course, after these 10 games, they play 14 against the Astros, Cubs, and Brewers, with two shorts series against the Indians and Angels mixed in. They need to go at least .500 over that stretch, or they could get buried for good and cement their status as sellers.

    This next month will tell the tale of the whole season. We’ll see if this team is, in fact ready to compete, or if they’ve just been lucky to hang around as long as they have.

    • Old-school

      Lance mccalister had a blog up that basically said it’s time for the Reds to make their move. He likened it tom oving day in golf up the leaderboard. Realistic Reds goals are to have a winning record and pass the Cards and Pirates in the standing. This series , the NL central and the month of June need to be winning times to push the this rebuild forward. Big game tonight to get June rolling.

      • Jeff Gangloff

        I’ve seen enough from the Reds this year to be happy about this team going forward. They may not win the division or even make the playoffs, but they are now a good team that’s only going to get better for years to come. I’m going to have a post on it tomorrow.

    • Matt WI

      Yes… 7-3, however it happens, should be the ideal goal for this stretch, 6-4 the expectation. Good call.

    • VaRedsFAn

      Every time someone looks ahead on the calendar and sees sub .500 teams that the Reds should feast on, it turns into a .500 or worse type of stretch.

      We all know they need to string a bunch of wins together…you do it by playing good baseball, regardless of the opponent.

      How about the win today, then they can take care of tomorrow win it gets here.
      It may be cliche’, but 1 game at a time is in full effect.

  7. Jreis

    I know we are facing a righty tomorrow but I would like to see Peraza get another start. Try to really Get him going. Maybe sit Iglesias or Puig

  8. da bear

    Nice win, Castillo continues to pitch as one of the top 5 starters in the National League. Hopefully Mahle shows progress remainder of season and develops into a solid second starter. With Sonny and Disco looking very solid and strong most of the time, this team can exhibit excellent pitching the next couple seasons – a real window of opportunity for rings.

    Continued value signings will be key – Iglesias and Dietrich this year’s prime examples.

    Not overpaying for inflated Great American Ball Park offensive statistics will also be key on the management front. As great a story as Scooter was the past couple years, the Reds will have to make a business decision along the lines of Billy Hamilton after last season.

    For the remainder of this season, best to develop the offensive players that will be key for the next two, three years. That means playing Winker more often, giving Ervin opportunities, same for van Meter. On the pitching front, bring up Sims and Reed.

    • VaRedsFan

      Disco looking solid??? Not quite. Sims has 1 foot in the door, but I don’t know if he can squeeze in it before Wood returns. Sims coming to the rotation, means either Disco or Mahle are failing miserably (Reds losses). Reed is injured.

    • Roger Garrett

      Your last paragraph should have been but never has been what this team will do.Still don’t know what to do with so many people and wont’ know any more after this year.A silly and basic fundamental flaw in any rebuild.Holding on to players past their prime and never giving others a legit chance.You mentioned some and there are so many more that have been in the organization for 3 or 4 years.Never have established if they are starters or releivers or bench players or starters.Front office never has gone all the way in because 70 wins is better then 65 and they measure success that way.As fans we want to compete for the playoffs and a possible trip to the world series.In their defense they have made some moves that could be perceived that they are beginning to get it but only time will tell and it will take just that time.The 2019 team is much better but it may not win any more games but I think its realistic to say they could win 72-77.

  9. Klugo

    If this team could just manage to get to .500 by the time Gennett and Wood get healthy… unfortunately there isn’t an “easy” series on the schedule until late August. Theyre gonna have to do it the hard way: earn it.

  10. TR

    The winning of series is the key for the Reds to move up in the standings. A series win in St. Louis would be huge. Peraza is a free-swinger who comes to the plate ready to hit. Maybe he’s the key to stir up the Red’s offense to go along with the greatly improved pitching.

  11. Mark Donahue

    Any thoughts on Castillo’s AB with the bases loaded with one out. Swinging at pitch one and then GIDP on pitch two. Why not the ‘stop sign’?

  12. matt hendley

    A solid win by the Reds, a productive day from an otherwise unproductive Peraza. REds should go out tonight and win the series.

  13. Matt WI

    Good ol’ Jay Bruce had himself a night last night for his new team: Grand Slam and a 2R HR. He’s as good once as he ever was.

    • Lwblogger2

      He gets rolling and he can play. Still one of my favorite all time Reds. It was right for the Reds to trade him though.

  14. Roger Garrett

    Peraza had a great game and just like year and the year before I am good if he plays every day.Only problem is for me he is taking time away from Winker who should be given that same opportunity of playing every day.His numbers in the minors and last year were really good.Peraza lost his job at second and short because others were better and still has over 1700 at bats.Winker is now in a platoon after less then 700 at bats.Headline on the Reds site says speedster leads Reds.The Reds are just in love with speed guys,see Billy,that they will give them every chance regardless how they hit or for how long.

    • VaRedsFan

      .175/.282/.254 in 132 plate appearances vs. lefties for Winker
      Yes, it is a small sample….but we might have to come to the conclusion that Winker is (and has earned) his platoon label.

      There is still time for him as he matures. But the Reds can’t let him practice vs. lefties in real games at this point. They are trying to win games.

      • Lwblogger2

        Curious as to his MiLB platoon split. Not finding them on a quick search on my phone. Most LH hitters show a rather significant platoon split but Winker’s MLB line is worse than most. Not sure I’d be ready to deem him a platoon player in so fee PA against LHP unless he showed very significant split in the minors too.

  15. WVRedlegs

    If Reds manager David Bell is as inclined to analytics as we are led to believe, how on Earth is Bell still starting Yasiel Puig vs. RH starting pitchers? The analytics say Puig is dead weight in the lineup vs. RHP.
    Puig overall is hitting .210/.257/.386/.643, brutal no matter how you slice it. But Puig vs. RHP is hitting .201/.243/.358/.601. Puig vs. LHP is hitting .235/.298/.471/.769. It is hard to believe but Puig is .050 points below Billy Hamilton in OBP. Puig is right about even with Hamilton in OPS. That is how poor Puig has been in 2019.
    If David Bell is going to follow his analytics, Yasiel Puig should NOT be starting vs. most, if not all RHP. And unfortunately, RHP account for over 80% of the NL starting pitchers. The Reds should be very actively shopping Puig and trade him ASAP, but there just doesn’t look like there is a place for him to land. Maybe Colorado or Boston or the Cubs or Nats.

    • RedsFan11

      Need to give Ervin a consistent chance. He would get the same numbers as Puig at worst while still being an unproven commodity.

    • PhP

      Probably because he has a career 124 wRC+ in around 3k PA, compared with 200ish this year. Yes, everyone knows he’s severely struggling so far, but don’t act like he’s Billy Hamilton. Let’s see how June plays out.

      I do agree that Ervin should be up, and if Bell insists on platooning Winker (which I dont agree with) that Ervin should be the primary beneficiary. Also, it’s a waste having Vanmeter sit the bench and not getting consistent abs in Louisville.

    • Lwblogger2

      Small sample. Puig over his career (much larger sample) actually has hit RHP better than LHP.