[My first recap since May 3 when the Reds blew that 8-0 lead against the Giants on Nick Senzel’s debut. Seriously, Doug, it wasn’t my fault.]

Reds 2 – Nationals 5 | Game 58 of 162

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Run Prevention

Tanner Roark threw six innings allowing four runs by his former team. All four runs scored on two homers. Roark struck out 6 and walked only one. His ERA is 3.47 and xFIP is 4.48. In most cases, a pitcher’s ERA heads toward his xFIP faster than the reverse. 

Michael Lorenzen, who hit 99 mph on the radar gun a couple times, and Amir Garrett covered the seventh and eighth innings. Matt Bowman gave up his first run of the year in the ninth. 

Jose Iglesias made an outstanding defensive play on a grounder against Yan Gomes in the seventh inning. 

Run Production

Tanner Roark (kind of unusual to start this section with a pitcher’s name) drilled the first home run of his career 380 feet to left-center to score the Reds second run. His safety squeeze bunt two innings earlier had scored the team’s first one. 

Here’s the safety squeeze. Perfect bunt by Roark, great execution by the runner, Jose Iglesias.

The Reds had 8 hits and 4 walks but couldn’t get them sequenced. Eugenio Suarez and Derek Dietrich each had a couple hits. Tucker Barnhart had a hit and walk. 

The Nationals bullpen is on pace to be one of the worst in the history of baseball, yet they managed five shutout innings today. 

Josh VanMeter pinch hit and once again looked overmatched at the plate. I understand the temptation to call him up given how hot he was at AAA, but it seems past time to get Phillip Ervin up to the majors. He could play LF against LHP instead of Jose Peraza. He’s a better hitter and fielder in that position than Peraza. 

Playing Time

John Fay had an interesting idea for how the Reds could find playing time for both Derek Dietrich and Scooter Gennett when the latter returns to the lineup in a few weeks. 

The Reds have nothing at stake in Puig. He’ll be a free agent at the end of the season. It wouldn’t be a stunner to see the Reds shop him at the trade deadline. In fact, it would be surprising if they don’t. 

What’s Next?

The Reds (27-31) and Nationals (25-30) take the field again tomorrow afternoon at 1:10 PM ET. The starting pitching matchup features Sonny Gray and Max Scherzer (26, RHP). Between them, Gray and Scherzer have won three Cy Young Awards. 

9 Responses

  1. Brian

    Scherzer has won three. That’s the joke

  2. Rick in Va

    I think Max has 3 Cy Youngs, so if Sonny has none that equals a joint total of 3.

  3. Reddawg12

    Honestly, this has been a pretty disappointing home stand. In order to finish with a winning record, the Reds will need to beat Scherzer today which is a pretty tall order. I thought two series against the Pirates and Nationals at home might be a chance to really gain some ground after the 6-5 stretch against the Cubs, Dodgers, and Brewers (and Cubs again). The Reds have shown tremendous improvement this season, they just don’t have the consistency yet.

    If they can ever make a real run and put together a winning streak of 7 or 8 games, things are going to get very interesting. But it remains to be seen if they can.

  4. Mason Red

    So with the Reds in contention you would trade Puig? For more prospects I presume? Yes the Phillies are all in to win. Why can’t the Reds be all in too without always looking for that pot of gold at the end of the endless rebuild rainbow?

    • MFG

      Agree, I am tired of the Reds always being “sellers”. Ride this season out and if some players walk after this season, they walk. It is almost like a probationary period for some players. If you like what you see , pay up to keep them in Cincy. Peraza is not very good and should only see the field as a pinch runner. Ervin should be called up, VanMeter sent down because he needs at bats. I like Farmer from the right side more than I like Peraza. GO REDS!

  5. scotly50

    The Reds as a team continue to not do the little things a winning organization demands of its players. To day, it cost the Reds two runs. The first Votto knocked in a single to center and did not hustle to first and was not able to take second on the throw to the plate. Then. Barnhardt was not running on contact, with two outs on a ground ball to first and was unable to take home when he realized the ball had gotten by the first baseman.

  6. Sam

    Inconsistent hitting hitting on this team is been the story all year long. The team batting average is UNACCEPTABLE

  7. MFG

    Totally agree with you, VanMeter has yet to look over-matched and the Reds should not have called him up just to ride the bench. He and Farmer off the bench never look over-matched.

  8. Steven Ross

    According to my Fangraphs, the Reds chances of winning decreased in the first inning when Jessie Winker into yet another double play thereby ending a huge opportunity to put up a crooked number.