Final R H E
Pittsburgh Pirates (27-27) 7 15 0
Cincinnati Reds (26-30)
2 7 0
W: Brault (2-1) L:  DeSclafani (2-3)
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The Pirates continue to be cowards who act like children and throw baseballs at people. But they also won the baseball game on Wednesday afternoon to split the series with the Reds.

The Offense

There wasn’t a lot going well for the Reds offense on the day. They threatened in the bottom of the 6th inning, but came up empty. They would get a run in the 8th inning on a Derek Dietrich RBI single. In the 9th inning they would get a home run off of the bat of Nick Senzel, his 4th of the season, to make it 7-2. But that’s all they would get. Dietrich went 2-4. Senzel went 2-5. Yasiel Puig drew two walks while going 0-2.

The Pitching

Things were going well for Anthony DeSclafani through 5 innings. The Pirates hadn’t scored, and hadn’t done too much threatening, either. The 6th inning wasn’t quite as easy. Bryan Reynolds led off the inning with a single, and an out later Josh Bell singled to put runners on the corners. Melky Cabrera flew out to shallow center field. But after falling behind Colin Moran 1-0, an 89 MPH change up was hit 356 feet and just cleared the left-field wall to put the Pirates up 3-0 and end the day for the Reds right-handed pitcher.

Michael Lorenzen came on to record the final out of the 6th inning and keep it a 3-0 game. He didn’t keep it a 3-0 game in the 7th. Lorenzen allowed 4 runs, including a 3-run homer that made it a 7-0 game. Matt Bowman and Raisel Iglesias both struck out 2 batters in a shutout inning of work over the final 2 frames.

Postgame interview with David Bell

Notes Worth Noting

Eugenio Suarez was hit in the hand by a pitch by the Pirates. He left the game after going to the mound to say something to the pitcher, then walking to first base. Raise your hand if you are shocked that Pittsburgh threw a baseball at someone. *looks around* I notice that no hands are raised. Update: Suarez had X-rays and they were negative on his hand. He’s expected to be fine.
David Bell came out to talk with the umpires after Suarez was hit by a pitch. After about 5 minutes things began to get heated and he was eventually ejected from the game. This was the 4th time he was ejected from a game.

Anthony DeSclafani has now allowed 38 home runs in 169.1 innings pitched dating back to the start of the 2018 season. The home run ball has just absolutely killed him.

The game was delayed 2 hours and 13 minutes – starting at 2:48pm.

Nick Senzel’s 4th homer of the year went 422 feet. It pushed his line on the year to .271/.345/.458.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Washington Nationals at Cincinnati Reds

Friday May 31st, 7:10pm

TBA vs Tyler Mahle (1-5, 4.15 ERA)

53 Responses

  1. DK in Erie PA

    Typical Clint Hurdle. Nothing more cowardly than throwing a baseball at someone. If MLB wanted this to stop they would suspend Hurdle for 20 games, but they won’t. Gutless or ignorant umpires don’t have the fortitude to toss anyone. It’s a joke

    • Mike

      The Reds have hit more Pirates since 2012 — 79 vs. 67. Facts are facts. Quit whining.

  2. lost11found

    Hurdle is a bit of a dork but not a dummy. He waited for the multi-run lead then had his guy drill someone.

    Hopefully they can get rolling soon. Treading water gets old and eventually you sink.

  3. Aaron B.

    The beamings should not be tolerated in this day and age, the athletes make too much injury to risk losing them to injury. If this was intentional, then it was designed to hurt Saurez our best hitter on the season, not send a message because Suarez has done nothing wrong other than play good baseball, what could the message sent be other than stay out of our way next time. I just don’t get it. Retalliation isn’t the answer but what is? At least in hockey you have designated goons that square off to settle things. If Suarez has to miss another month because of a fractured hand like last year it is a real shame. What was the conversation like when he went to the mound, was it a heated exchange, did the pitcher apologize and say it was an accident or what? Bell obviously thought it was intentional if he got thrown out arguing about it with the umpires.

  4. Old-school

    David bell with a fiery press conference. Things just got escalated , but also with the NL and umpires. He called both out publicly. Suarez XR negative

    This is a big issue and David Bell is taking the lead in calling out the true problem….Joe Torre. He needs removed.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Both Bell and Suarez referenced protecting themselves, whatever means necessary. Suarez even mentioned he doesn’t like it when guys are thrown at but then seemed resigned to say, but it’s part of the game. I really truly wish it wasn’t. But they’re absolutely right, baseball and the umpires aren’t doing a thing about it. Not one single thing to deter people like Hurdle. They let Hurdle and his team of goons get away with whatever they wants. Someone is going to have to take it into their own hands. My only wish is that it would have happened today, because it’s not going to have the same impact in July.

      • PhP

        That’s the shame in all this, we obviously will retaliate now and if they charge the mound on us our guys will be the ones getting the heaviest suspensions. But it needs to be done in my eyes. Throw at Bell every time one of ours gets hit and I would hope Hurdle would knock his nonsense off.

      • Scott C

        I was disappointed when Iglesias came in they weren’t going to have him get suspended. I understand he needed some work. On the same note bring in another more dispensable guys and then bring in Rasiel when he gets tossed for hitting bell.

    • Aaron B.

      Yea just saw that. He said the players have the right to protect themselves “whatever it takes” and he will back them up. If the league doesn’t step in it sounds like a beam war is on. I also watched the exchange with Suarez and Holmes and Holmes pretty much stared him down daring him to brawl. I compare that with when our guy beamed Bellinger in LA, Castillo was very apologetic and made sure they knew it was an accident. These guys don’t even pretend, they just glare at you like you have it coming. We are literally a last place team and they won’t allow us to win a single game or show off for the fans when you get a great home run. How is this acceptable? The Pirates under Hurdle are hands-down the dirtiest team in the league, this guy Holmes with his glare, man if he ever comes up to bat he would be a juicy target lol. Not condoning it, but it looks like Bell just told his boys the gloves are off… Of course that just increases the risk of injury because you know they will retaliate the retalliations, there is just no reasonable way to deal with them, its frustrating as a fan when your best guy misses a month of the season and no one ourside of our town cares at all. Do the Pirates pull these stunts with the major market teams or just us so they keep us below them in the standings… I can’t see how this would play out in Chicago.

      • RojoBenjy

        if they really mean all this “gotta protect each other” talk. If players want to protect themselves, they need to drop the gloves and raise the fists like men, not throw proverbial rocks at each other.

        If they really mean all this “gotta protect each other” talk, Puig (or any other Red) should have been out on the mound the instant it happened.

        Reds fans are red right now. Sense of justice is violated. Sorry about the ranting.

  5. matt hendley

    Not talking about the HBP. Disco 5+ innings not horrible not great. Batting was somewhat suspect. Some players produced respectable days, others not so much. Was not a fan of the lineup. A split, however, is much better than the last time the Pirates were in town. The reds have gone from a losing team to a 500 team in teh span of 2 months, I do feel a breakout is comming.

  6. Old-school

    David Bell is 100% correct. This has to stop and Clint Hurdle gets a free pass because Joe Torre allows him.

    The answer isnt hit Josh Bell. I actually like to watch that kid hit. The answer is a grassroots movement to Target Joe Torre and MLB as Neanderthals and out of touch with the modern world for enabling head hunting. It’s 2019. Baseball fans aren’t going to tolerate it.

    Bring signs to the stadium. Flood social media. Demand MLB fire Joe Torre. Reds fans show up this weekend with signs to fire Joe Torre.


  7. WVRedlegs

    I don’t like the idea of throwing at hitters. But there come times when you have to take a stand. The Pirates are in the 8th inning of a get out of town game and won’t play the Reds until the very end of July. Hurdle knows the Reds are chasing down the Pirates in the standings. They were just one game behind them. So then the Reds best hitter gets hit in the hand by another fastball just like last year when the Pirates hit him. The circumstances surrounding this incident are very suspect on the Pirates.
    Not to respond in the 9th inning in some form was very passive and gutless. This is the very type of situation that called for a response. This signals that David Bell is content to let the Pirates walk all over him and the Reds. It has been a long festering situation with the Pirates. It is time to take a stand and draw a line in the sand with the Pirates. But with a weak, cowardly manager like Bell the Pirates will continue to walk all over the Reds, injure Reds players, and continue to look at the Reds in their rear view mirror. Bell wanted to cry like a baby to the umpires and they tired quickly of his whining. Forget the umpires Bell and take things into your own hands. Man up for once.
    In a big game like this Bell had his team come out as flat as a 2 x 4. This has happened numerous occasions this year. That is on the manager.
    David Bell should be managing a T-ball team somewhere.
    An embarrassing loss today. And if Suarez has to go to the IL again it will be doubly embarrassing. That will be a second time the Pirates pitchers have put him on the IL without any response.
    When it comes to the Pirates and Clint Hurdle come July, forget this political correctness and turning the other cheek. Time to take a stand with the Pirates and Hurdle. It will be infuriating if Suarez goes to the IL.

    • Aaron B.

      The players could have brawled. You can’t expect a manager to call for a bean ball that is crazy. If Hurdle does that than he is nuts… more likely he just let’s his players do whatever they want so they organize it themselves… the catcher is probably the one calling for high and in and the pitcher just let’s it fly with a 7-0 lead. Anyhow he sent the message now, do what you gotta do. You can’t look to your manager for orders like that, it’s just a crazy concept I really don’t think Hurdle calls those pitches he just doesn’t care and encourages it. This is the old Don Drysdale chin music stuff they did this back when, but with a 7-0 lead vs a guy whose hand you already broke once before? There has to be a reckoning. The Reds GM must contact MLB and ask them to investigate. If they get crickets the players will do what they gotta do. I’d start with that Holmes character, but again I think it is the catcher.

    • RojoBenjy

      The coward is Hurdle. Ordering the physical assault of another human being because your feelings are hurt is an act of insipid cowardice.

      If they really want to settle it, both managers need to get in the ring.

      Proxy wars suck.

      • Matt WI

        Exactly Rojo… by not retaliating, the Reds can take the moral high ground into the media… which they did. Hurdle comes off as the bad guy and he continues to earn his bad rep.

    • greenmtred

      Bell got thrown out of the game for arguing with the umps about it. Throwing at the other Bell misses the point: He didn’t hit Suarez, did he? If you were going to retaliate, retaliate against Hurdle. The problem is that trying to hurt people is stupid, ineffective and endless, and will–and does–result in people getting hurt, usually people who weren’t responsible for the original outrage. Old-School has a good idea, and I’d also reference somebody else’s point in the Game Thread that pressing charges would be an appropriate deterrent.

  8. Big Ed

    Iglesias should have drilled Reynolds with the first pitch. Throwing at guys for celebrating is BS; when they hit your guy on a purposefully high and inside pitch, then you fight fire with fire as soon as you can.

    Fewer guys will be hurt over the course of the season, if they handle it this way. Rolling over and taking it would just encourages other teams to pound the Reds inside, knowing that the Reds will turn the other cheek. And lose.

    The Reds still owe the Nationals for Madson’s hitting Votto last year.

  9. Cincyborn2012

    It really feels like the pitching, especially the bullpen, is starting to regress. Hopefully that’s not the case.

    • VottoMatic127

      Pitching can’t stay perfect all year. Hitting needs to pickup the slack. Does Disco throw this fourth best pitch for a 3-run HR if he has the lead? No, he would be pitching to contact.

  10. Tom

    There is one solution to dealing will bullies – sock them in the nose. That’s all they respond to.

    • VaRedsFan

      That’s what Mr. Brady taught Peter to do.

    • RojoBenjy

      I’m cool with that, except in this situation the bully hides behind a baseball on a playing field.

      If MLB isn’t going to clamp down on bean balls, then they should at least let the batter charge the mound and get his pound of flesh.

      Otherwise it has to stop.


  11. VaRedsFan

    We’ve seen this before from Lorenzen. Looks brilliant for a stretch, then falls off the planet. Has given up runs in 4 of his last 5 outings.

    • RojoBenjy

      Yeah, that’s always disappointing. Not sure what to make if it. He works really hard. Does word get around the league and he isn’t adjusting?

  12. Daytonnati

    No discussion of Senzel bunting with runners on 2nd and 3rd with two outs and the game still within reach?

    • RojoBenjy

      That would be the discussion, except most of us have been united by a common enemy. The stain on human decency called the Pittsburgh Pirates. They are like their head-hunting cousins the Stealers.

    • Curt

      Can’t remember what the score was at that point but I didn’t hate the play. Trick plays are fine every now and again. Nobody was expecting it and he nearly pulled it off, had it been hit just a tad harder. The run scores and he’s safe at first. At least we know he can bunt now (add another skill to his tools) and it’s a future option. just my two cents.

      • VaRedsFan

        Casali was at 3rd, and wasn’t running.

      • VaRedsFan

        The score was 0-0….Disco had just bunted.

      • Curt

        @VaRedsFan: oh, ok, could’ve sworn on replay that man (Casali) on 3rd was halfway home at contact. That it was a squeeze play of sorts. O well thx

    • TR

      Very strange with a good hitter like Senzel at bat with runners in scoring position and two outs.

    • Big Ed

      I agree that the decision to bunt was a boner. If Billy Hamilton was the runner, then maybe it was a good decision, but not with Curt (NonUsain) Casali on third.

      Senzel needed a 2-run single, not an iffy bunt single. I will chalk it up to youthful exuberance, and I doubt he ever bunts again in any similar situation.

  13. Mark Tokarski

    Tommy Lasorda gave us the formula for winning, “play even with the big guys, beat up on the little guys.” Tom Brenneman was talking today about winning one, losing one. The problem has been the Reds’s schedule and division, playing one big guy after another. They did play Miami and swept them. Maybe they will make hay with the Nationals. But there are few breaks. They are playing teams of comparable calibre, and playing a little over 500 since that 8-game losing streak. This is a good team. There are a few others too, Dodgers, Pirates, Brewers, Cardinals, Cubs … 500 is better than in years past. Competition is fierce. That is the problem.

    • Mason Red

      That comes from playing in a tough division. Eventually the Reds have to beat the teams ahead of them in the division if they are going to compete. They are within striking distance including the WC. We saw this last year around this point of the season and we know the end result. If they can’t compete within the division then it will be another last place finish.

  14. Curt

    The problem with retaliation of course are the inevitable suspensions. If Iggy does it then and there we lose him and any number of others in the fight that follows. Holmes who started it probably gets off scott free.

    The umps need to step up in these situations, learn to read them and take swift action ASAP.
    Had Holmes made any attempt at all to apologize or show some regret straightaways, the whole thing blows over. Instead he does the exact opposite, he glares defiantly at Suarez (and the cameras) almost begging for him to do something. This is a deliberate act of aggression to anyone watching, the actions of a man looking for a fight, and he should have been tossed immediately. Holmes attitude is what drew Saurez to him. Instead the umps stand around clueless until Bell finally starts yelling and so they eject him, the wrong person.
    Hard to prove he meant to hit him, (probably) but obvious he was ok with starting a fight afterward. …two cents.

    • WVRedlegs

      As far as I know, the umps Didn’t even issue a warning to Holmes after Suarez got hit.
      The Reds themselves have to stop this open season the Pirates have on Refs batters. They cannot rely on the umpires, the NL office or the Commissioners office to put a stop to it.

      • VottoMattic127

        Concur WVRedlegs. As much as I love DD’s flare. Its time to reign him in…If you aren’t going to stoop to their level my throwing at them, use your head and not get thrown at. It starts with DD here…

      • Matt WI

        I’m sorry, but isn’t winning games more important? You of all people on this blog, WV, have railed and railed about the Reds losing and all the ways they screw up. Is it really worth not having Suarez, Dietrich, or Raisel not able to play for three to five games and drop a game when they could have been serious help? Or do they get a win in the column for “macho pride points” for throwing at someone? Alert us when the Pirates win the pennant because they are so “tough.”

        Seems like getting caught up faux-honor points is the exact opposite need of a franchise that is needing to win every game it can.

    • greenmtred

      Suarez’s version of this is an interesting read. It seems to differ from our assumptions.

  15. Eric

    If the next Reds batter that gets HBP turns around and goes lights-out on the catcher instead of charging the mound, they might start thinking twice about it.

  16. Eli J

    Was hitting Suarez intentional?

    -The Pirates were mad about Dietrich’s dominance in general, and slow HR trot during Game 2 Monday 5/27 in particular.
    -Archer threw behind Dietrich to retaliate earlier in the year.
    -The Pirates waited until they were up 7-0 to retaliate with a first pitch fastball.

    -The Pirates hit Suarez, not Dietrich.
    -The Pirates waited for a full inning after going up 7-0 to hit a batter.
    -According to Suarez, Holmes and Diaz both claimed it was unintentional.

    I can’t stand the Pirates, and would like to conclude that they were in the wrong here. But I’m struggling to conclude that the above is definitive. In light of this ambiguity, I wonder if Bell’s “protect yourself at all costs” comments postgame were an unnecessary escalation.

    • Big Ed

      Yeah, sure, the Pirates’ denial that it was intentional should be the final word. Why doubt them?

      • greenmtred

        Why doubt them? Because we don’t know. We assume, based on what we expected and what we saw as spectators. This crap is just a dangerous distraction. At best, it gets our players suspended. At worst, it gets players–ours included–seriously injured. It’s folly to think that Hurdle would stop having his pitchers throw at our guys because we throw at his guys. We’ve thrown at his guys, and he still does it, even though we’ve hit more of them than they’ve hit of us. The best retaliation is to win the game.

    • Matt WI

      Didn’t you know that everybody in Shawshank is innocent? 😉

  17. Eric

    The Pirates hit Suarez, not Dietrich.

    Um, yeah…they also hit Suarez, not Peraza! Sorry, Jose, but your .197/.261/.322 doesn’t exactly make you what Clint Hurdle would call a “high-value target.” They went after Suarez and his .281/.358/.558 instead.

    They did this on purpose, E.

  18. Still a Red

    Well…according to Suarez, he asked Holmes did he do it on purpose. Suarez said Holmes said No. Catcher Diaz tells him it wasn’t on purpose. OK, so who’s going to believe them right? Except everyone here is saying Holmes didn’t apologize or say anything…just glared. So, according to Suarez, that’s wrong. Second, Holmes says first pitch, and it got away. That’s totally plausible…Castillo has hit many a batter, unintentionally.

    Now of course, there is bad blood with the Pirates (and because they hurt Suarez last year too), so that is coloring everyone’s opinion about intent. And, according to the Cowboy, you don’t throw at who you’re pissed at (Dietrich), you throw at a teammate, and why not the best. Throw at the Dietrich, and it just inspires him, cause collateral damage and Dietrich tones it down. So there is a plausible rationale for intent.

    Calling DB a ‘wussy’ is absurd. To retaliate against Bell the next inning would have been way too obvious, and it would have been just the Reds to get in trouble. If you’re going to retaliate, you wait and pick your moment. It might make fans feel macho, but retaliation is a slippery slope, leading to serious injury and penalty. Boy it sure sounds like DB is calling for some kind of retaliation, though. And the league is going to keep a close eye on him.

    Hopefully, Suarez is OK and continues undisturbed. The best thing the Reds can do is hit lots of HRs off the Pirates and stand there and watch admire them as the fly out and pass them in the standings.

  19. Old-school

    Jared Hughes pitched for the pirates under Hurdle from 2011-16. He supports Bell and confirmed the Pirates is intentionally throw at hitters. The interview is up at the Athletic.

    If Hughes says it was intentional , he would know.

    • Matt WI

      Nice info. All we have to ask is this: Can anyone name one other team the Reds play against in which you readily assume there may be bean-ball issues with on a regular basis? This has been true for years with the Pirates and the Pirates only. Some weird belief in that if they can’t win games, at least people will fear them? Whatever. Let us all know when you beat the Cubs and Brewers out, Clint Hurdle.