After what was probably the best win of the season on Friday afternoon, the Reds will try to make it four straight wins against the Chicago Cubs (29-20) this afternoon. First pitch from Wrigley Field is set for 2:20 ET.

Starting Pitchers

Tyler Mahle 51.1 3.51 3.46 3.27 26.00% 5.30%
Yu Darvish 48.0 5.06 5.11 4.2 28.60% 16.60%

After a rough April, Tyler Mahle has rebounded well in May. In four starts this month, he has a 2.31 ERA and a 3.00 FIP, with 28 strikeouts and only four walks. The difference from April to May might be in the frequency of pitches that he’s throwing. This month, Mahle has thrown less of the four-seamer and more curve balls and split finger pitches. It’s showing in his strikeout totals too, as he’s already surpassed the 26 strikeouts he had in April and May isn’t quite over yet.

Javier Baez and Kyle Schwarber have had the most success off Mahle in limited at-bats.

It’s not been a good season for Yu Darvish, yet in his outing against the Reds in Cincinnati last week, he was dominant, striking out 11 in 5.1 innings. He has given up a lot of runs this season, but he hasn’t lost his ability to strikeout batters.

His K% is almost 30%. In 48.0 innings, he has 62 strikeouts (though the Reds contributed to this numbers in a big way last week). He’s always been a strikeout pitcher, racking up more than 200 strikeouts in a season three different times. Darvish’s real problem in 2019 has been control, or lack thereof. He’s already walked 36 batters, and it’s only a little more than a quarter of the way through the season. He’s well on his way to breaking his career record of 89 walks set during his rookie season with the Texas Rangers.


1. Nick Senzel (CF)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
4. Jesse Winker (LF)
5. Yasiel Puig (RF)
6. Derek Dietrich (2B)
7. Jose Iglesias (SS)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Tyler Mahle (P)
1. Kyle Schwarber (LF)
2. Kris Bryant (3B)
3. Anthony Rizzo (1B)
4. Javier Baez (SS)
5. Jason Heyward (RF)
6. Victor Caratini (C)
7. Albert Almora Jr. (CF)
8. Addison Russell (2B)
9. Yu Darvish (P)

Derek Dietrich is 3-for-6 with a home run off Darvish. The only other players who have more than four at-bats against him are Eugenio Suarez and Joey Votto, who are a combined 3-for-17 against him.

News and Notes

-I remember this game. I think I watched until the bitter end because as a college student with no early classes, I could stay up all hours of the night and sleep in the next day.

Tweet of the Day (Well, Yesterday)

Final Thoughts

Please enjoy these photos of Eugenio Suarez celebrating his home run yesterday. They are wonderful.

84 Responses

  1. Shchi Cossack

    The Reds and Cubbies both appear focused on the NLCD race in the last week of May! This season gets VERY!!! interesting if Mahle out duels Darvish today.

  2. Shchi Cossack

    Yesterday’s game was hard on the Reds bullpen, but the only reliever probably not available today would be Garrett after 26 pitches in 1.1 innings. Peralta and Bowman are probably at the bottom of the availability list after 21 & 18 pitches in 1.1 innings, respectively. Mahle really needs a deep outing today.

    • WVRedlegs

      Wind blowing out today. Mahle is going to have issues today, as will Darvish. Going to be a big bullpen day. Get those bullpen arms loose early today. They have an off day next Thursday. They can rest then. Reds seem to have the better bullpen.

      • Pete

        Wind blowing out? Reds can make this a statement game by beating the Cubs decisively.

    • WVRedlegs

      And let me add, it will be a Turner Ward day today too. Lift plus launch angle plus wind blowing out. This could be a day he needs to really have them coached up.

  3. matt hendley

    It was good to See Bowman pitch yesterday, a solid waiver pickup with 3 years of control remaining. Mahle needs the start that Disco didn’t get. The reds need to continue to take it to the Cubs. Get a win and another series win against the NLC.

  4. Seat101

    Wenker needs his uniform adjusted. He’s walking on his cuffs.

  5. Pete

    Looked like comfortable AB’s for the Reds, hope they can capitalize.

  6. matt hendley

    Nice hit by tucker, comments about the wind validated. 2-0 for the reds, time for a reds pitcher to get a homer this season (heres hoping)

    • Seat101

      And someone needs to end this grand slam drought.

  7. TyGuy88

    Maybe Tucker is climbing out of that tough start. Hitting better of late.

  8. CI3J

    Mahle is dealing today. Seems like all his stuff is working.

  9. Reddawg12

    I wonder how good Puig would be if he ever tried to do anything at the plate other than pull a home run to left field. Zero plate discipline.

  10. Indy Red Man

    I don’t know what to think of Puig? He can hit a mistake a mile like yesterday, but it seems like pitchers carve him most of the time? He needs to pick it up! Its great that he’s active in the community and loves the Reds, but we need back of the baseball card stats please!

    Puig this year 10 walks – 48 Ks
    Puig 2017 64 walks- 100 Ks

  11. Indy Red Man

    Line that #&#$$()$%&* ball off Rizzo’s knee please!!! That drives me crazy the way he stands 40 feet from the hitter!!

  12. matt hendley

    All of a sudden it is Senzel that is starting to have trouble at the plate . Hopefully this is temperary.

  13. Hanawi

    Ugh. 0-2 and left one right in the wheelhouse for Russell. Have to give it to guys when they make the mistake pitch hurt.

  14. Pete

    Top of the 5th the bats need to get busy with the meat of the order coming up. It’s going to take quite a few runs to win this game.

  15. RedAlert

    Mahle and Disco – Gopher ball Kings

    Mahle especially has very poor command of his pitches too much of the time

  16. Indy Red Man

    Horrible 0-2 pitch to Russell. Have to keep in low to the righties with this wind? They just need 1 of these games. Win the series. How many times do they win the first game and then can’t close the deal in the series? Mahle isn’t long for today it seems? Limit the damage!

  17. matt hendley

    Mahles lost his control. Prob not going to make it into the 5th , Already into the 3rd time through.
    Reds announce Gray, Castillo doubleheader. Tuesday TBD
    WOod has started throwing again,
    Rizzo has effectivly ended mahles day.
    Bats will have to force a comeback, or it will be a rubber match.

  18. RedAlert

    Pitches from behind constantly

    Awful just awful

  19. Hanawi

    Probably have to thank Maddon for giving up an out this inning with a guy that has already homered.

  20. Pete

    Three runs isn’t a major lift today. Did yesterday make a difference? Let’s see….

  21. Steelerfan

    Sigh that needed to be a double…

    • matt hendley

      Made it to second, and home anyway

  22. Hanawi

    Another multi-hit game for Joey. Hope this is the start of a return to normal for him.

  23. Pete

    Terrible AB for Winker, great one for Puig. That ball is still flying through the air!

  24. matt hendley

    Puig with the ball that wanted out of the staduim. winker and Puig may need to switch spots. The difference between one behind, tied and ahead was that DP. Good to see the reds rebounding. Reds need to finish off darvish and get into that bullpen

  25. matt hendley

    Unbeleiveable that Mahle was allowed to go back out. Bullpen must be in trouble.

  26. RedAlert

    Mahle clueless – maybe a trip back to AAA will help him clear his head

    • PhP

      1 bad start and you want to send him down to triple A? Jeez, take a look at his stats coming into today.

  27. Seat101

    If Jose glacis continues to hit like that can we afford him ? And was he limping when he was running down first one in his at bat in the sixth?

    Is Winker pressing?

    • matt hendley

      The answer to all Can we afford him’s is yes. the reds can afford currently 2.5 More Joey votto’s ( contract) before we hit the Luxury tax line, which is the only reasonable limit of expense for the team.
      Regardless yes we can afford Jose Igleasias, Scooter Gennett, and Derich Detrich.

      • Seat101

        Good point, all. I’m not as sanguine about his hitting as others are but I was wrong about Scooter’s hitting upgrade. So maybe I’m no judge of players who step up their game.

        Sign him mid season and hope his hitting continues or wait till the end of the season and he could be much more expensive. Then you have to figure out whom To keep and whom to trade among the other middle infielders. I’m guessing you wouldn’t be sad to see Peraza go… just a guess.

      • matt hendley

        Still some trade value but yes. Suarez nearly ties game up. mistake by maddon as well. Lets hope the Reds take advantage

  28. matt hendley

    Nic Senzel with the late come through, Darvish waivering, will JV get a three hit game at this at bat?

  29. Hanawi

    Maddon is going to let Darvish hit, huh? Must have absolute zero faith in his bullpen.

  30. Indy Red Man

    Lorenzen with 1 hr allowed in 27.1 this year. 6 hrs in 81 ip last year. Plus he can add a bat to the lineup. Why do you want HR derby with Disco (Mahle too) when Lorenzen wants to start? Get the most of your best players like Tampa or a organization like the Reds has no shot.

    • matt hendley

      Tuesdays starter is currently TBD and the reds will not have the benefit of a 26th man. Perfect day to give him a whirl

  31. Indy Red Man

    DD? No stand and pose? Ye of little faith….thought he might need to run:)

    • matt hendley

      was also disapointed at the lack of a pose. They did mention that the ball did not have alot of rise so it is possible that he was under the impression that it would have still been in play.

      They just announced Peraza PH For Lorenezen. I thought the idea of a Pinch hitter was to get a better batter to the plate. Maybe i am wrong?

      • Indy Red Man

        Game tomorrow and DH on Monday. Prob best not to burn Lorenzen out

  32. Hanawi

    Boom!! DD with the bomb. No idea why Darvish is still in the game.

  33. Indy Red Man

    6 runs and 12 hits in the 8th. Starter still in the game.

    Welcome to 1974 kids:)

  34. RedAlert

    Terrinle AB Tucker – at least 2 of those pitches were sitting on a tee for him to hit !!! What the crap is he looking for !

  35. Indy Red Man

    This team is close but yet so far. If they can somehow hold them to 1 then you never know, but its rough when you score 11, 9, etc and still lose games.

  36. Broseph

    Wandy Peralta starring in ”Making a living off inherited runners”. coming to a ERA blockbuster near you

  37. RedAlert

    Send Mahle down and get Simms up – and Disco shouldn’t be far behind

    Guy needs to learn how to command the strike zone – has good stuff but ZERO command; let him figure not out at Louisville

  38. Indy Red Man

    Chatwood? Wild Thing? I like it!!! We have a shot here!!!

  39. Jack

    The problem with running a half dozen relievers out every game, besides wearing them out, is that eventually you run out the guy who is having an off day and loses the game for you.

  40. Pete

    Votto is on fire. Let’s win this thing!!

  41. Seat101

    I ask is that Winker not in hit into a triple play

  42. Pete

    Go with the pitch Jesse. Don’t rollover on this!

  43. Pete

    Hang your head Winker, your DP killed the rally – great work.


    • Jack

      How is it dumb? Was that decision he made? Oh I’ll just ground into a double play.

      • Pete

        2-0 pitch show some discretion. Maybe I missed it was that in his wheelhouse? Naw, down at his shoelaces.

      • matt hendley

        indeed, 2-0 you pick a spot and only swing if it is there. Now i could be wrong but i am pretty sure that WInkers spot was not off the plate inside and low. Not against a Walk machine like chatwood.

    • Broseph

      If he could bunt. That might have been the one time to do it to avoid the DP and doubt the Cubs we’re playing for the bunt. But I don’t think he can bunt and if he hits a double, tie game

  44. Indy Red Man

    Jeez? Joey and Wink both swinging on 2-0 vs the wildest pitcher in mlb? I know Jesse wanted to drive one with the wind blowing out, but he got jammed a little on that one? Look for something out over the plate and take anything else? This team. Every game is tough. The division is just too good. Minnesota can do what they’re doing because that division is horrible and they get plenty of laughers. Houston too.

    • matt hendley

      Joeys was dead red. winkers not so much. You are right about the twins .

  45. matt hendley

    Jesse Winker cost the Reds that game. 2 Separate game-changing double plays. LHP starting for the Cubs tomorrow so basically a guarantee at this point that Peraza is starting in LF. SOOOOOOOO glad that we sent Ervin back down…..for some reason. Joey V has turned the corner, Puig as well. Reds obviously have to win that rubber game. Roark needs a better start then he had last time against the Cubs.

    • Jack

      Cubs scored 8 runs, I don’t think Winker deserves sole blame.

      • matt hendley

        From the hitting side he does.

      • Pete

        Jack, Jesse has a roll to play on this team – he needs to do it. He is not the only one making bad decisions but that one was really bad.

    • Pete

      Winker has become a home run hitter, worse thing that could happen to him and the team. Very disappointing. He is a line drive hitter and enough of those will go over the wall to show some power stats. We could use a .300 hitter in the middle of the lineup. Jesse is that someone.

      • Indy Red Man

        +1. Thats what I was about to type. Young guys see the ball fly over the fence sometimes and suddenly they’re Barry Bonds! I think thats what it is. He did sting that ball in the 1st inning to left. Thats his game

    • Indy Red Man

      Mahle got outpitched by Darvish too. Horrible meatball 0-2 to Russell? He had such good stuff against LA, but burned today vs 2 righties in Almora & Russell. Disappointing. They fix Gray somewhat and spring 2 leaks somewhere else?

      • Pete

        .Pitchers have bad games and sometimes you have to win high scoring games. Winker with a 3-0 count with men on first and second would have been optimal. I weakly hit ball was not the answer. Mahle is fulfilling his role, JW is not – it’s on Jesse today. Would they have won? Who knows but he basically insured they wouldn’t. Just dumb baseball and the team has to stop it or we can’t compete.

      • Old-school

        The reds lost 8-6. Blaming a hitter for the loss is not rooted in reality. Double plays happen. If Winker hits the ball 5 feet left or 5 feet right… It’s a hit. But the name of the game is blame someone….anyone….

        Might be time to check out reds content plus.

      • Pete

        Don’t know if you noticed but near gale-force winds were blowing straight out today. The wasn’t going to a 3-2 or 4-3 game. There is a reason Winker is hitting .224 and it isn’t lack of talent.

  46. Hanawi

    Not sure if teams have figured Winker out or if his approach has changed, but he was an on-base machine all through the minors and last year as well. Barely above .300 right now.

  47. Indy Red Man

    SF down 10-1 after 5. Lost 18-2 yesterday. I think when we look back at this season, the loss with the 8 run lead vs SF and the other loss in that series with Castillo on the mound and a 4-0 lead after the first 4 Reds hitters. 5-0 lead w/Castillo vs Yelich-less Milw and lost that one too? You can’t lose those kind of games. I predict 79-83 and miss .500 because of those 3 games