When the Cincinnati Reds signed Zach Duke to a contract this spring, it signaled that he was going to be their lefty out of the bullpen. Or so that’s what we thought. The Reds also kept Amir Garrett in their bullpen, as well as Wandy Peralta – giving them three lefty options to go to.

Amir Garrett has been absolute nails this season. He’s dominated all year. His ERA sits at 1.33 and he’s struck out 21 batters in 20.1 innings. Oh, and he’s also allowed just one home run in his 25 appearances. The other two? We can’t say the same thing for them.

Zach Duke has a 6.32 ERA on the season. And while his ERA is 1.17 in May over 7.2 innings, he hasn’t inspired any confidence given that he’s walked 5 batters and struck out 5 batters in that span. For the year he’s walked more hitters than he’s struck out. And he currently finds himself on the 10-day injured list.

Wandy Peralta has a 5.94 ERA this season. He was quite good in April allowing 1 run in 8.1 innings. But May has seen him allow 4 home runs and post a 12.27 ERA on the month. He’s had three bad games during the month, but those games have been big. He allowed 4 runs in a 1-run loss to the Giants on May 3rd. Earlier today he allowed 4 more earned runs. That came in a 2-run loss to Milwaukee.

Cody Reed has been up with the Reds twice this year. He made one appearance in each trip up and was immediately sent back to Triple-A. In 4.1 innings with the Reds this season he’s allowed 1 run and struck out 7 batters. In his 18.2 innings in Triple-A this year he’s posted a 2.89 ERA with 24 strikeouts. He’s allowed 1 home run there, when everyone – including George Washington’s grandmother – is hitting home runs by the dozen.

If the Reds are going to make a bullpen addition, then they need to look at Cody Reed. And they need to do it now. What he’s doing this season is a bit of a unicorn combination. He’s missing tons of bats. Between his two stops this season he’s struck out 34% of the batters he’s faced. And he’s also generating an elite rate of ground balls, too. His 72% ground ball rate this season would rank 3rd best in baseball. Only two pitchers in Major League Baseball have a rate over 67%.

18 Responses

  1. Eric

    I say send Peralta and VanMeter down tomorrow and bring up Jackson Stephens and Cody Reed and never look back.

    • RedAlert

      Totally Agree with Reed – Jackson Stephens has been brutal for 2 plus years now and has no business in big leagues . Don’t care what he has done this year in minors – he has had past opportunities last few years and has stunk it up in big leagues !

    • Northern Ky Reds

      Jackson Stevens is not mlb ready. Has nothing good to offer. He’s just a typical reds minor leaguer. Decent fastball but can locate it.

  2. KYpodman

    If he cannot get left handed hitters out, like today, then he should go!

    • Michael Kelsch

      I do seem to remember some Reds media person opining that Reed’s time needed to be played with too. Wish I could cite the article as well. Basic same baloney, as Senzel, just less dramatic.

      • Doug Gray

        Reed already had over a full year of service time entering this season. To manipulate his service time would take a whole lot of keeping him down for the next few years.

  3. Joey

    Cody Reed has looked impressive but what’s most impressive is George Washington’s grandmother hitting home runs. She would have been born in like the 1600’s. Why isn’t anyone else talking about this?

    • Doug Gray

      They are scared of Zombie Washington, which is understandable. But I’ve learned that she’s slow and I can outrun her.

    • TR

      Are we sure that the extended family of George Washington’s grandmother were and are Reds fans?

    • citizen54

      Kind of curious where she would rank on Doug’s list of prospects assuming she still has eligibility.

  4. Roger Garrett

    Its really just silly for the Reds to have Duke and Peralta on the big league roster.The data says it and the eye test confirms it.Reed needs to be here and now because well the data says he is better and the eye test confirms it.Not sure why the Reds kept either one of them so lets move on.Its these little things like keeping players like this that I look at to see if all you hear about wanting to win is actually true.I understand the last 2 guys in a major league pen are usually just mop up guys.They usually are at a minimum cost and aren’t used in any high leverage situations unless its necessary and you don’t have anybody else that’s better.Reed is better and I would say others at Louisville are better so lets bring em up.

  5. CFD3000

    Agree Doug. Cody Reed has a higher floor and a higher ceiling than both Duke and Peralta. This is an easy call. I had hoped he would be groomed to start in case of injury or ineffectiveness but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards, at least for now. But he’s clearly a better option right now, and clearly offers a lot more in the long run. Free Cody Reed!

  6. lost11found

    Duke going on the IL would allow for his callup within 10 day or did I miss a matching move?

  7. jbonireland

    Here are my corresponding moves when Reed can be called up. 1)Reed up Peralta to the minors. 2) Sign Johnny Venters (DFA by Braves) release Zach Duke. I just think Venters would be better then Duke although he is pitching better recently. An outfielder to minors to put Venters on 25 man roster.

  8. burtgummer

    Romano is borderline awful if he ever returns to to the majors I pray it’s with another team

  9. King Chuck IV

    Cody Reed is a Yo Yo. The F/O knows what we don’t know. He thinks he is to good for mop up situations and thinks he should be a starter. Get tough skin Cody because you’re not a starter and you can’t really break the pen line up of Hernandez, Hughes, Stevenson, Garrett, Iggy and the rest are mop up pitchers and that takes a certain mentality and that’s why there is Duke. The Reds need to promote Jackson to mop up duties he can handle it mentally. Trade Cody Reed now while you can get a low level minor leaguer. That’s my take. I’ve been wrong before