The Reds are hitting the road today to take on the Milwaukee Brewers. Fortunately for the Reds it’s without Christian Yelich in the lineup for the Brewers, as his back is acting up once again.

Starting Pitchers

Sonny Gray 4.30 1.18 44.0 48 0 4
Gio Gonzalez 1.69 1.08 21.1 15 2 0

This is a match up, that on paper, should be a good one. Sonny Gray is still looking to pick up that first win of the season, but he’s pitched well enough to have a few. Gio Gonzalez hasn’t pitched a ton this season, but when he’s been on the mound he’s been successful. The Reds are stacking the lineup with right-handers, and Joseph Daniel Votto.

Starting Lineup

Cincinnati Reds

  1. Nick Senzel – CF
  2. Joey Votto – 1B
  3. Eugenio Suarez – 3B
  4. Phillip Ervin – RF
  5. Jose Iglesias – SS
  6. Kyle Farmer – 2B
  7. Curt Casali – C
  8. Jose Peraza – LF
  9. Sonny Gray – P

Milwaukee Brewers

  1. Lorenzo Cain – CF
  2. Mike Moustakas – 3B
  3. Ryan Braun – LF
  4. Yasmani Grandal – C
  5. Eric Thames – 1B
  6. Keston Hiura – 2B
  7. Ben Gamel – RF
  8. Orlando Arcia – SS
  9. Gio Gonzalez – LHP

News and Notes

Josh VanMeter was promoted from Triple-A prior to the game. Zach Duke was placed on the injured list with a strained calf.

Statcast introduced a new stat today.

95 Responses

  1. matthew hendley

    The Good, yelich out, duke to IL.

    is this the end of the extra man in the Bullpen? With Duke going to the IL, Reed could be recalled without having to wait the 10 days. Is this a legit injury or an effort to get Duke some rehab time in the minors?

  2. Eric the Red

    I don’t like turning Winker into a platoon player. If he’s going to be part of our offensive foundation he’s going to face LH pitching, in the late innings if not at the start. He’s got to learn to be effective.

    • Indy Red Man

      I agree, but I think Ervin feels pretty comfortable against LHP. Peraza? We’ll see? Lefties have done whatever they want against the Reds, but maybe they’ll wake up? I think moving Ervin and Farmer up in the lineup is a good thing. As bad as Puig has struggled…I might hit Farmer 4th vs lefties. Not sure about Ervin there, but we’ll find out. Bell is really all over the place with his lineups. I hope something comes together?

      • matthew hendley

        Ervin should not be sent down in the near future, he needs a significant look at the MLB level. That hit was on, and it was with some force.

    • Curt

      Agree. I always see platooning as a compromise not a solution.

  3. Scooter

    If Winker is to ever become a solid contributing everyday OF, he needs to be in the starting lineup until he proves he’s not an everyday player. To this point, I do not believe he’s had the opportunity to find out. Bell continually trying to reinvent the wheel is getting old!!

  4. Old-school

    Nick Senzel is a foundational player who needs to play every day and is a reason to buy reds tickets. Love watching this kid bat leadoff and play every day. Go reds.

    • daytonnati

      Okay, everybody who is glad we have him for an extra year, raise your hand 🙂

      • matthew hendley

        look at that everyone’s hand is up

  5. Slicc50

    Terrible at-bat by Joey Votto. Tough to watch him right now. He cant drive anyone in to save his life!

    • matthew hendley

      he did get straight eaten up in that at bat.

    • VaRedsFan

      Just the routine ground ball to 2nd…or the flyout to LF….his most popular 2 batted ball results…. would have worked.

  6. matthew hendley

    Excellent work by reds lineup so far, reds have 3/4 of a team cycle in an inning going.

  7. VaRedsFan

    Senzel and Ervin….3 bags and 2 bags. Throw in WP and a walk, and the good guys lead 2-0.

  8. Old-school

    Sonny Gray retires Eric Thames.

    A new year indeed for Reds starting pitching..

  9. VaRedsFan

    Nice job by Gray wiggling off the hook after the leadoff double

  10. Indy Red Man

    Gray? He has good stuff, but he’s a small guy and goes 3-1 and 3-2 on too many people? He’s always about done by the 5th inning.

    • VaRedsFan

      Yes… the pitch count is not his friend. Maybe he should study how Roy Oswalt did it

  11. Curt

    I didn’t realize Braun is the same age as Votto. He’s been crushing. Maybe age has little to do with Votto’s batting yips?

    • Indy Red Man

      Its Votto’s knees. If you don’t have your legs then you just slap it like Peraza. Its hard to watch:( Plus he’s rolling over on everything too? Instead of his normal liner to left-center. Those have been rare….maybe 4 or 5 all year?

      I wonder what would happen if Bell dropped him to 6th or started sitting him vs lefties?

      • Curt

        I wonder as well. Start with moving him out of 2 hole, yep.

  12. Old-school

    Reds are winning and Sonny Gray getting his first W.

  13. Seat101

    I’d hate to see what these comments would be like if we were losing three to nothing after the first innng.

    Not one comment about that great at bat and that great bit of hittin’ that Iglesias styled in the first.

    Even if you only like the team when they win you ought to admit this qualifies as a good game.

    Nah, let’s pick on Joey instead. Orwhinge how Sonny Gray is not going to make it through the fifth inning.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’ll bet Santa Claus has stealth technology In use over some of your houses

    • Indy Red Man

      What don’t you watch the 3gy94yu45tdsmn game instead of whining about us.

      Its just a thought! I’m glad they’re winning, but I’m going to call it how I see it. Does Bill Belechik look happy to you? If they win 100 then I want 101! You can have your 7th place participation trophy bs

      • matthew hendley

        I’m sorry, the universal translator must be broken, is ‘3gy94yu45tdsmn’ German?

      • Seat101

        The Reds are winning. And you don’t sound very happy.

        I am sorry you’re so sensitive to my criticism. From now on I’m not talking to you when I talk about the posters who are always down in the mouth no matter what’s going on on the Diamond.

        By the by, there’s no need to swear.

    • Indy Red Man

      Iggy the SS has been awesome! Not the guy you want batting 5th, but if he was forced back down to 8th or 9th then the offense would be looking up!

      Joey’s D has been better this year. I’ll say that again.

    • Indy Red Man

      No problem. I apologize. I’m fine. I started off praising the lineup with Ervin & Farmer. I mentioned Gray needs to lower his pitch count. Pretty obvious. Joey looks terrible. Obvious. If you think this was heavy criticism tonite then I need to introduce you to my ex-wife:) An hour with her and little Orphan Annie would decide the sun isn’t coming out tomorrow.

      • Seat101

        Spit take.

        I have to be honest though. Not so much you but there are some other posters (one of them should have the nickname “First!”) who are down on everyone including people in the sound truck or in one case, a beer vendor. And frankly when one posts as much as they do they tend to repeat themselves.

        Did I mention that they tend to repeat themselves? They say nothing new but they do tend to repeat themselves.

        Anyway that was a very funny line and I’m going to steal it.

        And Indianapolis is my favorite in land city now edging out Chicago

      • matthew hendley

        hey, if your gonna talk crap about me, go ahead and be a grown up about it and use my name. If you can figure out how to spell it right.

  14. Chris Holbert

    another quality AB from JV…

  15. VaRedsFan

    Brewer broadcast… not much of a view of Amy anymore 🙁

  16. VaRedsFan

    All set up for the triple play…

  17. Indy Red Man

    0-2 to a walk and not a fastball to be seen? I like Gray’s stuff. Atleast his issues seem to be mental and that can be turned around.

  18. VaRedsFan

    Braun with TOOTBLAN….HUGE one!!

  19. matthew hendley

    Sonny to braun: ‘here let me put you on’
    Braun to Sonny: ‘here let me take my self off’

  20. Slicc50

    Come on Sonny G! Can’t give this offense free bases! Thanks for the gift Braun! Nice play Joey!

  21. Curt

    May have caught a break. Kinda looks like Suarez missed the tag. We’ll take it.

    • VaRedsFan

      Indeed….I don’t think anyone would have been upset if Suarez just dove onto Braun.

    • Curt

      Yep, for all the plate woes, the glove-work has been great.

  22. Seat101

    Did Thom just say “Three straight gay dames in Chicago.”?

  23. Roger Garrett

    Thank you Ryan Braun.Memo to the Reds offense.Gio is awful and has been for a couple of years now.Get some hits and put this game away.

    • Slicc50

      Yes….I would love to see them put 3-4 more runs on the board…..Don’t want to see a repeat of the San Fran losses!

  24. Indy Red Man

    Gray’s era down to 3.94. I see him as a guy with maybe 160 ip with a 3.60 era. More like a 3rd starter on a good staff. Nothing wrong with that. Oakland has 3x the foul space of anywhere else plus the ball doesn’t carry there. I think that park made him look better then he really is earlier in his career. I like him watching him pitch! He might end up a little better then 3.60? Mahle’s last game was great too! Its encouraging if they can start scoring some runs? They can’t have Joey & Puig hitting .210 though?

  25. VaRedsFan

    wow…1 hop and Senzel is called out of the baseline??

  26. Old-school

    This just in… Reds shutting out Brewers in Miller Park.

    Go reds. Go Sonny Gray. Get your first Reds W.

  27. CincyBorn23

    I don’t think I’ve ever written a negative word about Joey Votto on here. But I’m really getting tired of watching him make easy out after easy out. Either he needs to figure it out, or DB needs to move him down in the order until he does. An automatic out hitting second every game makes it hard for the offense to find any consistency.

  28. Indy Red Man

    Joey was hitting .167 with a .485 ops vs lefties coming into tonite….and he’s 0-3. Its time Bell to give him a breather vs lefties for a while. Farmer, DD, and JVM can all play 1st.

  29. Roger Garrett

    I feel sorry for Joey right now because he really is embarrassing himself at the plate.He doesn’t have a clue.

    • greenmtred

      He probably does have a clue, but hasn’t figured out how to compensate for decreased bat speed. Maybe.

  30. Indy Red Man

    90 mph from Gray with some screwball action on it! I like it, but don’t know what that pitch is? Must be a cutter that he would throw to righties? Sort of like Sam LeCure used to throw. Got him off the barrel and more towards the end of the bat

  31. redsfan06

    Living in Wisconsin, I haven’t seen the Reds on TV since Senzel’s 1st game. Votto is none too impressive right now. Maybe the others posting comments about dropping him down in the line up are right. At least until he shows he is coming around.

  32. Curt

    Man, if Sonny Gray could just tighten up his command, I can see the potential. He’s got excellent stuff. Really hope he can get his first win today.

  33. Roger Garrett

    Offense remains awful.I could get these guys out.Done for this game.Go Reds.

  34. Indy Red Man

    Somebody said last week that Joey would retire if he continues to hit like this. I said Pujols was horrible and kept playing. He’s still bad, but not as bad as he was a few years ago. The more I think about though….whoever said it might be right. Joey is a different kind of guy in an interesting way. I can’t see him hanging around with a .640 ops and choking up halfway up the bat. Its not like next year is the end of his contract.

    • daytonnati

      If Joey retired after this year, he would be leaving $120 million, guaranteed, on the table. That would be an ESPN “30 for 30” for sure.

      • matthew hendley

        undoubtedly they would work out a payout of some sort.

  35. Old-school

    Sonny Gray pitched a gem on the road against a good Brewers team. Reds need to finish this win.

  36. matthew hendley

    Nice outing by sonny Gray. In line for his first win, a QS, and 2/3rds of the way to the Shutout. Lock it down.

  37. VaRedsFan

    6 solid innings by Gray. The pen will need to cover the last 9 outs. The offense needs to tack on here.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      That was his best game of the year. He usually has one bad inning, but avoided that tonight.

  38. Slicc50

    Good game Sonny. should get your first w of the season tonight!

  39. Wayne nabors

    ive already seen this movie where reds score in 1st then their starters no hits them rest of way,didnt like it the 1st time and ain’t liking it now

    • Curt

      True dat…hoping for a different ending this time

    • Seat101

      You see this is where I don’t get it. I’m watching a good game. Yeah there’s been some baserunning errors. And yes a couple batters getting walks after the pitcher goes 0 and 2. And of course the Reds are not scoring nine runs every inning. That they are winning end up pitching once again is looking really really really really really good

      I am enjoying this game. I’m sorry you were not and I don’t understand why

      • greenmtred

        I mostly agree, Seat, but I do share the frustration of having relatively high expectations and being disappointed by the bad hitting so far. Hitting, after all, was what the Reds were supposed to do this year.

  40. Jeff Morris

    Great outing by Sonny G. Glad Bell left him in for 6 innings, instead of pulling him after the 5th. Reds realizing finally…that you need good pitching in the MLB. You are not going to win with pitchers like Marquis, Ohlendorf, Gregg, Adelman, Ondrusek and some others that they have had. Reds relievers need to be lights out….this game is not over, Brewers can really hit!

    • Indy Red Man

      Yeah but they’re the Angels East. Its Yelich and everyone else. They should beat the Brewers with Yelich out

    • ToBeDetermined


      Ondrusek, was pretty good with the Reds for a few years before his performances went south. Whereas the others you mention had their heyday years before and were basically retiring once the Reds cut them

  41. Old-school

    Hernandez solid again… Wow…. Iglesias likely gets his chance to be what he wants to be and finish this for Gray. Go Reds. Beat the Brewers.

  42. Indy Red Man

    I doubt too many teams have won after getting no-hit for the last 8 innings…lol. We may see it?

    • Pete

      A 49.6-mph dribbler but in the box score it looks like a 105-mph liner to the outfield. It’s something and JV will take it.

    • VaRedsFan

      I think that is his 3rd check swing hit in the last week

  43. Old-school

    Moustakis is a very good hitter.
    Garrett strikes out on 3 pitches.

  44. Old-school

    Amir Garrett may be an All Star.
    Ryan Braun goes down.

  45. Old-school

    Amir Garrett disposes of Reds killer Thames… As did Sonny Gray ..
    2019 progress.
    Reds going to win.

  46. Tom Mitsoff

    Milwaukee telecasters speaking high praise of Garrett. “He’s figuring it out.” And also of the Cincinnati pitching in general.

    • Pete

      Every out on a changer up. His 4-seamer topped out at 93 mph.

  47. matthew hendley

    Sonny Gray wins, great job all around. Hard to find a true negative on this.
    Hope that Yelich’s back does not recover by tomorrow afternoon.

    • coachgates

      Careful what you wish for nut I wouldn’t mind seeing Yelich smirk at Castillo after he strikes out on a wicked change and heads back to the dugout