The Reds were hoping to finish off a winning week against the two best teams in the National League, but they had to settle for a 3-3 homestand. The Reds batters could not figure out Hyun-Jin Ryu, as he lowered his ERA to 1.52 after seven shutout innings against the Reds. Tanner Roark gave the Reds five solid innings, but the Reds bullpen had a rare poor performance, allowing six earned runs over four innings.

Final R H E
Los Angels Dodgers (31-17) 8 6 1
Cincinnati Reds (21-26) 3 9 1
W: Ryu (6-1) L: Roark (3-3)
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Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the most important play of the game was Wandy Peralta allowing a 2-run home run to Cody Bellinger with 2 outs in the 7th inning, giving the Dodgers a 4-0 lead. That play decreased the Reds chances of winning by 13.3% (from 19.9% to 6.6%).


Tanner Roark pitched prety well: 5.0 IP, 2 H, 0 HR, 2 ER, 3 BB, 7 K, 2.11 FIP. The seven strikeouts tied a season high for Roark.

Derek Dietrich hit his 11th home run of the season. It has an EV of 103.7 and went 410 feet.

Jose Peraza hit his 4th home run of the season. It was GABP special, as it only had a .270 xBA.

Nick Senzel had two base hits. Both hits were beating the shift.

Phillip Ervin had a pinch-hit single against Ryu in his first PA since being recalled. Ervin entered play with a .785 career OPS vs LHP. He should play everyday he is up against LHP.

Yasiel Puig made one of the best catches that you’ll ever see a RF make.  He unfortunately had to leave the game in the 8th. Hopefully it was just precautionary.


Jose Peraza had a costly error in the third inning. Peraza had a rocket hit right at him that should have been an inning ending double play. The ball ate Peraza up and ending up allowing a run to score. The Reds chances of winning dropped from 32.1% to 23.2% as the result of the play.

Zach Duke came into face 3 LHB and walked 2 of them. Duke had been pitching better entering this series (he has 6 consecutive scoreless appearances), but he now has a 6.63 FIP on the season.

Wandy Peralta gave up a 2-run bomb to Cody Bellinger. He threw a fastball right down the middle of the plate to the NL MVP front-runner.

Robert Stephenson was back to his old ways as he walked 3 batters in an inning. He did strike out 3 batters, but not before he allowed 3 ER.

Not so random thoughts………

Joey Votto got called out for a foul tip in his first plate appearance of the game. The ball clearly did not hit Votto’s bat and he was very upset. Votto argued for quite a while with home plate umpire Dan Bellino. He showed good restraint by not ejecting Votto, but that was probably because he realized what an egregious call he made. It has certainly felt like early this year that Votto has had a lot of calls behind home plate go against him. It is probably more magnified by his early season slump, but it is not helping.

Yasiel Puig had two balls hit with an exit velocity of 100+ MPH that resulted in 3 outs. The lineout had an expected batting average (xBA) of .460 and the double play had xBA of .280.

You can’t be too upset about a 3-3 homestand against the two best teams in the NL. The Reds however are getting to the point of the season where moral victories won’t mean much after the hole they’ve dug themselves. There is still a lot of season left and the Reds have certainly looked better of late (they are 20-18 after the 1-8 start). They do need to get a run going soon if they want this season to mean anything.

Up Next:

Reds at Brewers
Tuesday, 7:40 PM
TV: FOX Sports Ohio
Sonny Gray (4.30 ERA/3.26 FIP) vs Gio Gonzalez (1.69 ERA/3.01 FIP)

68 Responses

  1. Klugo

    When does Vottos slump narrative change from “early season slump” to “season long slump”?

    • Curt

      Is it a slump or some weird case of batting “yips”? o-v-e-r-t-h-i-n-k-i-n-g. Either way, it’s hard to watch and we’re stuck with it. Wish it didn’t have to be in the 2-hole though.

      • Pete

        Matt, one of the biggest problems I see is Votto hasn’t even had a good streak of 3 or 4 games. He looks over matched. Could he be ailing?

        Maybe not a season-long slump, certainly, but a nearly everyday slump. Same with Puig. They are dragging the team down given where the hit in the order – it’s hard to establish any kind of rallies or consistent offense. Peraza is not part in any solution but he really isn’t the problem. Barnhart has hit horribly as well but he bats ninth. All teams rely on their 1 thru 5 hitters to get the job done.

      • matthew hendley

        His defense hasn’t suffered so I tend to shy away from injury. He has been on base at least once per game for the last week, which is an improvement. I think he just needs to make that adjustment. Maybe he is being too fine with his selection.
        Shame on anyone who expected anything else from Puig though, he is a very slow starter, and April and May are his worst months by far. His EV is consistently up and e is taking more pitches during the at bats. Assuming he wasn’t injured long term today, he should be breaking out really soon.
        The issue with peraza is that he is taking at bats from literally someone/anyone else. That’s all he is doing at this point.
        DB also commented on why CC is not starting over TB and the answer was the only logical one left. Game calling, evidently the Pitchers love tucker. Obviously we don’t get to see the Behind the scenes on that one so, gonna have to roll with it. Pitching is doing real well though so I suppose there is some truth to it.

      • Pete

        Matt, checked out Nick Kirby’s twitter feed and someone asked him when would he write about dropping Votto down in the order. Nick’s response was “if he is still struggling in 2020”. I’ll be honest with you, I can’t get here from there. This should be about the Reds as a team not any single individual player.

        I respect Nick’s opinions but this one has me scratching my head – like to see him explain his reasoning. Joey was booed today and I’m sure he has been before but I can’t recall it.

  2. Roger Garrett

    Had another chance to get to 3 under and failed.Hopefully they make it and soon.Garbage time runs given up and scored mean very little.Not sure about Bob Steve and if he is actually hurting or not.I would have to look but he seems to go longer between appearances then the rest of the pen.I am with you on the moral victories time to take that next step.Game is a different one if we could have taken advantage of our chances earlier.Heard a stat that kind of tells the story so far in that the Reds haven’t rallied to win or tie a game after being down by 3 runs all year.

    • Steven Ross

      The issue with Peraza is that he is taking at bats from literally someone/anyone else.

      Peraza taking at bats from other players? He led the Reds in hits last year with 182 and batted .288. Hello?

      • matthew hendley

        Last year? Last Year? We are talking about this year. THat argument may have worked week 2 of the season. We are 50 odd games in now. Last year was an outlier. He is bat at the plate, his defense isn’t any better. SMH.

  3. RedsFan11

    Any word when Scooter is coming back? I think he could really help shift this lineup to where people should actually be hitting. That said too many people aren’t hitting… if Votto could get it together a little just a little


    • Pete

      For right now, I’d swap Votto and Iglesias. They need the best four hitters hitting 1 through 4: Senzel, Iglesias, Suarez, Winker.

      • Curt

        I’ve said this a few times, Jose to 2, Votto and Puig 5 and 6. Though I’m not sure it much matters at this point. Quite the quandary.

  4. Pete

    Votto is now hitting .208 with an OPS of .633
    Puig is batting .206 and an OPS of .611

    This is 2 of the first 4 hitters in the line up. We are nearly 2 months into the season. It’s a problem and could curtail any hopes of the Reds having a decent season. The team is going to have to deal with it and soon.

    • daytonnati

      I was curious to see how Joey’s hero, Ted Williams, did at age 35. He finished with a .345 batting average, .513 OBP, 1.148 OPS. He struck out 32 times all season and walked 136. He had 29 home runs and 89 RBIs.

      • daytonnati

        If Joey chokes up on the bat any further, he is eventually going to have to turn it around.

  5. Sliotar

    Votto entering today …. wRC+81 and WAR of -0.2.

    Reds batting him higher than he should be, because of the name and contract…not performance.
    Same mistake Angels have made batting Pujols right behind/close behind Trout.

    Just like it has played a part in Trout having zero playoff wins…one wonders how Senzel would benefit with a true threat….Suarez or perhaps Winker….right behind him.

    • CP

      Yes, I’m sure the “true threat” Winker with that stellar 95 wRC+ and -0.1 WAR really would make a difference to Nick Senzel. If Votto has one good game, he jumps ahead of Winker’s wRC+, which shows how early we are in the season still.

  6. matthew hendley

    Bad Pitcher management by Bell again. Taking Roark out early was a poor choice. Putting duke in was a worse choice. Peralta also not the brightest choice against Bellinger. Hitting obviously could have been better, but yet again 5 AB stolen from real players by having Peraza in the lineup. Yea he homered, with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th when it didn’t matter. Completely flubbed a GBDP. Deitirich gets his 500 hit though so there is that. Hope that what ever is wrong with puig will be ok in 2 days. If not then Ervin better get the start.
    Last years reds got a 7 game winning streak if memory serves. Could use that starting tommrow

    • Rich H

      The Reds cannot be continuously having bad pitcher management, and also one of the statistically best pitching staffs in baseball.

  7. Sliotar

    Returning from a niece’s soccer tournament this weekend, 2 things stood out from the radio broadcast…

    1) Chants of “Cody, Cody” came through loud and clear as Bellinger faced Stephenson.

    2) Thrall in the 9th inning, “The Reds accomplished their goal of going .500 at home this week vs. the best teams in the NL.”

    What a sad indictment of this ownership group and how many people, IMO…. Thrall, Nick Kirby up above, Chad Dotson, numerous others, have become reduced to being apologists for year after year of poor upper management.

    Thrall doesn’t even have Marty’s job yet officially, does he? Toeing the party line already.

    The Reds can’t be one of the best teams in the NL without regularly beating the best teams. The others aren’t sure wins, certainly not for Cincinnati.

    And even if the Reds somehow make the playoffs, they have to likely beat the Dodgers and/or Cubs to make the World Series.

    My grandfather, who taught me to love the Reds and baseball, would roll over in his grave if he heard how accepting many have become of being a MLB also-ran.

    • Big Ed

      In fairness, it had started to rain just before the 9th, and the Reds were way out of it, so a good portion of the home fans (many with kids) had taken off.

    • Chris Holbert

      Maybe they were chanting for Cody Reed, oh, wait, he is down again, and we get the Duke, and it is not John Wayne..

  8. Shchi Cossack

    We’re back to the same refrain again. Chris noted (again) during the game that no one ever knows what to expect from a reliever coming out of the bullpen. There are certainly times to bring in a reliever but excessive over management of the bullpen and excessive substitutions are just asking for trouble. Couple that with bring in bad relief pitchers rather than good relief pitchers just doubles down on the trouble.

    Roark made it thru the lineup twice, plus a few hitters, and had thrown 87 pitches. Removing him after 5 innings seems very logical and justified, but coming into this game…

    Duke v. LH Hitters this season:
    6.86 FIP; 4.68 xFIP; 19.5% K; 2.89 HR/9

    Lorenzen v. LH hitters this season:
    2.21 FIP; 3.61 xFIP; 28.1% K; 0.00 HR/9

    Peralta v. LH hitters this season:
    4.15 FIP; 4.16 xFIP; 21.95 K; 1.17 HR/9

    DB intended to utilize Lorenzen to cover the 6th & 7th innings, but also opted to utilize Duke and Peralta to face LH hitters simply because they were LH pitchers, ignoring the fact that Lorenzen was better than both Duke and Peralta when facing LH hitters. Good pitching trumps bad pitching every time, every situation.

    The result was 2-BB, 1-HR & 3-R in 0.2 innings and a 5-0 ballgame after 7 innings rather than a 2-0 ballgame after 7 innings.

    Lorenzen bailed out Duke with 2 runners on base and 1 out with a strike out and fly out. DB pulled Lorenzen with 2 outs (both strike outs) and a runner on 1B, only to have Peralta give a 2-run HR on a gopher ball to the first batter he faced.

    Without DB’s over management and mismanagement of the bullpen, the Reds would have likely entered the 8th inning down 2-0 with Ryu out of the game. Of course Peralta, who shouldn’t have been in the game at all, gave up another HR in the 8th inning.

    • Big Ed


      These are analytics-driven decisions, either, but instead just Bell overthinking lefty-righty matchups.

      Lorenzen is miscast as a reliever right now. He has multiple very effective pitches, and to me he oughta be the next man up as a starter. Disco better not look back, because somebody is gaining on him.

      • Big Ed

        Are “not” analytics-driven decision.

    • RojoBenjy

      Wow, Shchi. Those comparisons make it even more mystifying as to why he pulled Lorenzen to have Wandy face Duke. It blows up the apologetic for David Bell & other managers that always goes like, “Have any of you stopped to think that the Reds have more and better information that the fans do when making these decisions?”

      At least today, the answer to that is, “Apparently not.”

      I would have seen some reason in pulling Roark for a PH if the first runner of the inning had gotten on. But once there was one out, not sure it was the best thing. Any stats on that?

    • Steven Ross

      Duke is on a short leash. John Fay said they were even talking about it in the Press Box on why he’s still here and not Reed full time. I’d be surprised if he’s still here by June 1st.

      • JB WV

        I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get waived today. He has nothing to offer anymore.

      • CP

        Nick, I understand what you are saying and I think it is fair, it just wasn’t was Cossack stated originally. The truth lies somewhere between career and short term numbers, and Lorenzen’s development and approach is certainly a factor vs. Wandy and Duke’s current approach, while taking into account Bellinger’s struggles v LHP. My sole issue was Cossack essentially making an eye test argument in the guise of analytics.

    • Broseph

      Well said Cossack. I posted quick WOBA stats in the game thread after the homerun. The big number is the HR. Zero against lefties. Albeit small sample, 32 batters, but the guy has given up one HR in 96 batters.

      Bell claims to be stats minded, but then he follows the bullpen bible of lefty vs lefty.

      It’s not rocket science. If your pitcher is good and dealing, keep them in. Matchups are vastly overrated. It comes down to skill. If handedness matchups were so great, why is Iglesias allowed to face lefties. Why not swap lefty and righty as needed?

      I have a novel idea. Mandate that your starter pitch 5 innings regardless of outcome, then carry 12 bullpen pieces of 6 lefties and 6 righties (incase the opposing team has lefty, righty alternating down the lineup) to face a single batter every night. Matchup galore with no overworked bullpen!

    • Rich H

      In all fairness, Bellinger has an OPS .200 points lower against lefties over this season and the last. We should look at both sides when you’re talking about matchups. Peralta also typically faces better left-handed hitters than Michael Lorenzen typically does. Most importantly, though, I don’t particularly understand why many of us armchair managers here (not necessarily you, Cossack) consistently talk about David Bell’s mismanagement of the pitching when this staff is statistically one of the best in baseball.

    • CP

      This is such lazy analysis. How big are those sample sizes even? What are their career numbers? Should DB base his decisions on random 30 AB sample sizes?

      • RojoBenjy

        I suppose it all comes down on W. Peralta, who located his first pitch to Cody “Triple Crown” Bellinger over the meat of home plate.

      • Nick

        It’s insufficient to say “small sample size” and not look at other factors. If Lorenzen’s numbers against left handers are different this year than in the past (I believe they are), then we should be asking whether he has developed a new skill that might help him get left handers out.

        Lorenzen said he worked on his changeup and curve over the offseason, looking for a put away pitch. Both pitchers are performing way above career norms, though he rarely threw the changeup until this season.

        Left handers are especially struggling with the changeup, missing about 55% of the time when they swing. The changeup is the pitch Lorenzen has used second most against left handers (trailing only the cutter). Overall, the xOBA against the changeup is .158. The xOBA against the curve is .135.

        There is good chance Lorenzen’s skill set has changed in a way that allows him to get left handers out more regularly. In the game yesterday, I much prefer Lorenzen to Peralta in part because Lorenzen’s improvements and in part because I don’t trust Peralta. I would have been fine if Garrett came in if he was available.

      • CP

        I didn’t make the SSS sample argument (which would have been perfectly fine here because it is reasonable). I asked a question based on his comment, which you’ll note that didn’t make a well reasoned argument that Lorenzen’s game has improved versus lefties but rather just threw out some garbage data as justification.

        It’s fair to ask based on what? A 30 AB sample is completely meaningless. Is there a person alive that thinks FIP and xFIP were created to be used in such a manner? Heck, the reason xFIP was created was that FIP did not do a good job of explaining why some pitchers have poor luck in giving up HRs over “small” sample sizes. Those samples are often significantly larger than the ones Cossack cited.

      • Nick Carrington

        I completely agree on xFIP and small samples. I guess I’m pushing back against merely looking at career numbers (your question) when Lorenzen is attacking hitters so differently this year.

        He’s had a change in skill set that has been overwhelmingly positive so far (I know it’s a small sample) according to Whiff% and K%. That should be considered at least.

      • CP

        Nick, I understand what you are saying and I think it is fair, it just wasn’t was Cossack stated originally. The truth lies somewhere between career and short term numbers, and Lorenzen’s development and approach is certainly a factor vs. Wandy and Duke’s current approach, while taking into account Bellinger’s struggles v LHP. My sole issue was Cossack essentially making an eye test argument in the guise of analytics.

      • Old-school

        Doesn’t it depend upon who the lefty pitcher is and who the lefty hitter is ? Isn’t it lazy to assume all lefty pitchers against all lefty hitters is the same advantage?

        Zach Duke or Wandy Peralta against Cody Bellinger is not the same as Josh Hader vs Scott Schebler.

  9. Daytonian

    I don’t get it. Why even have Duke pitch? Under the new rule this year, can’t we just say “walk” and shorten the game for the fans at the ballpark?

  10. Optimist

    This was a pretty fair homestand. 4-2 is good, but considering the competition a split here was fair. Seems we have enough of a sample size to think this is a .500 team.

    Duke seems to be the only player left who is untradeable , but maybe he can be dumped in a package with one of the FAs to be.

    The big tasks ahead are making the in season trades to recoup some prospects and deciding who to keep resign ASAP.

    Still, this is clearly better than the past few years.

    • matthew hendley

      True that it is better then last year. And about the in season trade. JI should be kept. DD as well, If a good enough trade isn’t found for puig, slap the QO on him and hope he walks. Resign scooter. Hand H get traded. Duke…. traded if not released. I think I am forgetting one or two. Oh well, going to watch the dragons.

  11. Roger Garrett

    One thing we all must keep in mind as we head toward the trade deadline is the fact this team as it stands right now is not as good as any of the other teams in our division.We also must realize standing pat and hoping everybody gets better is just fools gold and we must consider moving players.Problem is would any other team want any of our players.Right now I doubt it beyond Winker,Senzel and Suarez but we have arms that could bring us some help position player wise.Right Castillo and Gray as starters are safe but the rest aren’t.Unless Siri,Trammel and India are here next year or unless we hit the free agent market heavy for some bats next year we need to get busy and see what others might be willing to give us for everybody else except the 5 keepers I mentioned.I haven’t been a Bell basher and won’t be but if he is overmanaging then its because he is trying to keep the game close.This team hasn’t came back from 3 runs or more down to tie or win a game all year.I would not have replaced Lorenzen at any time with Peralta and the game was over after he gave up the homer to put them up 4-0 but do you think we would have scored anyway.We face their closer down 2-0 in the ninth and not some mop up guy laying cookies in belt high down the middle.

  12. Old-school

    Cubs and Brewers next up. No rest for the weary. RG nails it though.. how many times has this team had an opportunity to get 3 under or 2 under and instead falls back to 5/6 under. True reds fans want them to win and this season is becoming about lost opportunities… Much improved… Better pitching … Entertaining and more fun. But can’t get over the hump to winning baseball over .500.

  13. jreis

    before this week I thought once we get our future stars up here from the minors we would really be able to compete but I got to tell you after watching the dodgers and cubs this week I have my doubts. they are true “super teams” that really don’t have many weaknesses.

    I don’t know what the long term solution is but it is not going to be enough to just develop talent through the draft. I was encouraged by the attendance numbers this week. I hope if we can approach the top 10 in attendance that may give ownership the confidence they need to get the players to be a “super team” as well.

    • Indy Red Man

      Now that the Reds have Senzel up… Winker, Garrett, and Mahle. Thats about it from the minors for a while? Trammell has just been so-so at AA. India has been decent, but not great at Daytona (Single A). I don’t see any pitching anywhere? VanMeter is only 24 and might be a good hitter pretty soon, but they’re overloaded with LH 2nd baseman? Hate to say it, but with Hunter Greene’s career being iffy, the Reds have to be in the ranked in the bottom 10 of all the farm systems. Am I missing some difference makers somewhere? They’ve drafted catchers, but its still Barnhart every year? Maybe they trade Scooter and stock up again?

      • Big Ed

        I don’t get the narrative that Taylor Trammell is a bust, or just so-so. He’s a year younger and a level ahead of India. He has a OBP of .386. The jump from High-A to AA is considered the biggest, and Trammell is young for that level.

        All 29 other teams would love to have Trammell.

    • Rich H

      Not sure how going .500 against the two best teams in the NL hurts your opinion of this team. Especially when both of those teams are poster children for developing internal talent.

      • Lwblogger2

        100% true. People are missing that for the most part, good teams play about .500 ball against other good teams across the league. They generally beat up on the teams that they should beat up on. Those teams end up with losing records. The Reds have been one of those teams for a while. They may be one of those teams again. It’s only just past the quarter mark of the season. 3-3 against 2 very good teams and then another split against Milwaukee is a sign of strength. With some breaks this team could be over .500.

        The team still has issues but they aren’t as horrible as so many around here want to make it seem they are. It’s getting tiresome.

  14. Dave

    Is there any chance we drop, or at least limit, the win probability stat? I like the site and don’t mean to gripe, but it’s a waste and it’s featured in every game. When you’re down, you’re almost always behind in win probability (bases loaded, early, down 1, middle of the lineup, maybe not). When you’re down 5 in the 8th and 9th, you’re under 1%. We don’t need the data to confirm those obvious situations.

    In fact, you’re at 99% likely to win up 3 with a clean ninth and 95% with a single run lead and a clean start to the ninth. That, while skewed by closers often being very good pitchers, is why a closer is still so overrated. That’s a useful application of win probability, as is a change in score/base settings, such as how close you might be when a double leaves you down one with men on second and third, late. It’s also useful in comparing how your odds vary with different players in, such as when pinch hitting or bringing in a LOOGY.

    Otherwise, it’s just a silly green line that confirms what we already pretty much knew. I’d love it if the site didn’t mention a big hit to break the game open (say a seventh inning three run homer changing the odds by 25%) being tossed out like it’s some kind of analytical revelation; it adds little to nothing to the understanding of the game and no one in the analytics community (including the teams) uses the data like that. Just a thought/some feedback – thanks!

  15. Reddawg12

    I feel like as long as Votto is struggling and ineffective, nothing else is really going to matter and the team is going to be inconsistent. He is supposed to be the thumper in the lineup that no one wants to pitch to, but he’s mostly an automatic out these days. It significantly weakens the entire lineup and he is showing no signs of coming around at the plate. I had not been concerned, but now that we’re almost two full months into the season, it seems apparent some kind of decline is happening. Pretty discouraging for the rest of this season and the next 4 after that.

  16. jim t

    Votto is a complete head case at this time. I really think they should sit him a couple of games to see if he can get his head straight. I really don’t think it is physical with him as much as mental. I watched him a couple of weeks ago take 3 strikes and be called out with a guy on 3rd and less then 2 outs. He has to be up there to drive in that run. Right now his approach stinks. I really can’t watch him for another 3 1/2 years.

    • TR

      For me that half-swing warmup is an indicator that something is not right with Votto.

      • CP

        He’s been doing that for years. You can go out on Youtube and find videos of him doing from 2016.

      • Dave

        He’s lining up his contact point. It should be like taking an ax to a tree (not rolling the wrists over) with elbow close to the body. Red Williams, A The Science of Hitting. Votto is just working on guiding that swing plane.

    • RojoBenjy

      jim t- agreed it has to be mental.

      It was for a different reason (the death of his father), but years ago, Dusty gave him some extra time off to get his mind right.

      But would #19 even accept it if the manager approaches him with the idea of a “sabbatical “ of sorts? Anyone’s guess.

      • greenmtred

        It might be mental, but it doesn’t have to be. He’s a year older. He may well have lost a little bat speed, a little reaction time. If that’s the case, he could certainly learn how to compensate, given who he is, but it wouldn’t be easy.

    • Roger Garrett

      Joey has been the face of the team.Everything you say is true but he marches to his own drum beat.Pitchers are challenging him more then ever before and so far they are beating him and badly.He is missing pitches he used to hammer and is late on average velocity.His way of hitting is I will not swing at a ball and I will take some strikes just to get that one pitch to drive and if I don’t I will foul a few off until they walk me.We are just watching what appears to be a rapid decline of a true Hall of Famer.The fly balls that used to go out to left are just lazy outs and his ability he once had to handle 96/97 is just not there.He will have to make adjustments and he will be given all the time he needs.

  17. Don

    seeing three games in a row live in the stadium (Thurs, Fri,Sat). Jose Iglesias and Senzel are the only batter not swinging for the fences the majority of the time. Votto is obviously thinking to much and stuck between making the analytic measurements for launch angle happy and actually getting hits.

    The entire team is hitting like they get a report card every day (and thinking about what that report card says daily) with data that shows them every metric for swing angle (perfect launch angle if the ball actually hits the bat as the ball passes the batter), exit velocity and every other metric image-able and is the “process” being followed.

    Players are thinking to much and not being athletes and seeing/reacting. Great athletes cannot think, they must see and instinctively react. To many numbers, to much analysis and not enough just react and play the game.

    • BigRedMike

      The analytical approach to hitting does not seem to impact the Yankees, Astros, Dodgers, etc.

      Maybe the Reds do not have good hitters

      I agree that Senzel has very good AB’s. Votto is struggling and hitting the aging curve.

  18. RojoBenjy

    One more situation about this game that I’d be interested in hearing everyone’s impression of.

    It seemed like the energy was right at the beginning of the game when Senzel got in base right away, especially after the Dodgers had gone 1-2-3 just before.

    Then to absolutely inexcusable phantom foul tip strike three took the bat out of Joey’s hands. I felt the balloon deflated right then and there.

    Was that all in my imagination? Non one need be gentle if you think i’m over analyzing.

  19. Pete

    Could be. My concern is we have good hitter than bad hitter than good hitter than bad hitter than good hitter than good hitter. Until Joey and Puig really get going I would like to see them back fifth and six at minimum. Put the most productive bats at the top of the lineup. Both those guys are killing potential rallies and God knows we need them.

    When Joey and Puig get straightened out then adjust the lineup accordingly. This doesn’t have to be a permanent move but I think short term it is in the best interest of the team.

  20. gusnwally

    Well, at least we have front row Amy for a few games

  21. Bill J

    JV has reminded me the last 2 – 3 years of a book I read many years ago called “The Boy Who Batted 1000. It was about that kept fouling of pitches till he got a walk, then in his last at bat hit a homerun.

    • greenmtred

      I remember that book. I probably read it 60 years ago after hauling it home from the library in my bike’s basket. Thanks for reminding me!

  22. Eric the Red

    So…if you feel Ervin should get every start vs LHP, does that mean you think Winker should sit? Personally, I think this team needs to remember that we’re not expecting to win the WS this year and therefore development is important. If Winker/Senzel/Suarez are the offensive core of the Next Great Reds Team, then they should play pretty much everyday regardless of matchup. (Of course, Winker needs to get back to his game, which is not “swing for the fences.”)

    If you meant Ervin should start over Puig, I’m cool with that.