The Cincinnati Reds (18-22) will go for a road series sweep of the San Francisco Giants (16-23) today at 4:05 PM. The Reds are now 32-21 against the Giants since 2013. The Reds haven’t had a road sweep since May 2018.

Starting Pitchers

This afternoon starting pitching matchup features the only two starting pitchers on each team that didn’t pitch in the four game series last weekend in Cincinnati. It also features two of the best command pitchers in baseball. Madison Bumgarner is 6th in the MLB in BB/9 at 1.85 and Tyler Mahle is 16th at 1.85.

Mahle is off to a tremendous start to May. He has a 1.64 ERA through 2 starts with 15 K and 1 BB. He has only faced the Giants once in his career, last May in San Francisco: 3.1 IP, 7 H, 4 ER, 1 HR, 1 BB, 2 K.

Bumgarner is also off to a good start to May, as he has a 3.00 ERA with 16 K and 3 BB in 2 starts. Bumgarner is in the middle of serious trade rumors and his no-trade list was leaked yesterday (the Reds aren’t on it). Bumgarner has a career 4.21 ERA with 49 K and 9 BB in 7 starts against the Reds. That doesn’t count when the Reds beat him around in the 2012 NLDS either.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

  1. Nick Senzel – CF
  2. Joey Votto – 1B
  3. Eugenio Suarez – 3B
  4. Yasiel Puig – RF
  5. Jose Iglesias – SS
  6. Kyle Farmer – 2B
  7. Curt Casali – C
  8. Tyler Mahle – SP
  9. Jose Peraza – LF

San Francisco Giants

  1. Joe Panik – 2B
  2. Steven Duggar – RF
  3. Evan Longoria – 3B
  4. Pablo Sandoval – 1B
  5. Mac Williamson – LF
  6. Brandon Crawford – SS
  7. Kevin Pillar – CF
  8. Erik Kratz – C
  9. Madison Bumgarner – SP


The Reds have crawled back in contention as they are now just 4.0 games out of the second wild card spot. The Reds have a run differential of +31, which is remarkably 70 runs better than the team they are sitting directly behind in the NL Central. It would be nice to see the Reds pick up a sweep today before they play 12 of their next 18 games against NL Central teams. Go Reds!

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  1. PhP

    My thoughts have been mostly positive about Bell so far this year, but I absolutely HATE Peraza in Lf ahead of Winker. I get he struggles against lefties, but he can never learn to hit them from the bench. It just makes the overall lineup so much worse when Peraza is in anywhere but SS.

    • PhP

      Also, it he wants another righty in the outfield, I’d rather have Ervin up than Vanmeter (since he seems he’s behind Farmer on the depth chart and he’s not playing enough to make a difference).

  2. Steven Ross

    Iglesias batting 5th is not where I’d slot him but Bell didn’t call and ask my opinion. However, if he did, I’d also tell him it’s time to start Casali over Tucker everyday now. It seems rather obvious.

  3. matthew hendley

    Missed in all the recaps is with the win yesterday the reds have taken the Season Series against the Giants. Understand playing Peraza in LF Vs LHP, don’t like it though. Agree that Winker should at least get the chance to improve against LHP. Just shows a lack of options from the Bench for RHBOF. Unfortunately the Giants did not trade Madison Bumgarner overnight so we will see. Reds will have to drag out his pitch count and try to get him out the game early. Lets make it 4 in a row.

  4. FreeHouse

    Let’s give Mahle some run support guys! I still don’t know how Duke has a roster spot. Reds need Cody Reed in the pen more than they need Duke.

  5. Pete

    Iglesias is less than optimal as a #5 hitter. His EV of 83.5 is in the bottom 4% of the league. Not exactly the prototype to follow the cleanup hitter. He also has benefited from some luck BAIP of .317 versus a xBA of .260. However, he’s is a bit of an anomaly as he always outperforms his batting average projections and by large margins (+20 points). I’m thinking this is due to a 7-degree launch angle. Doesn’t pop-up, that is, hits line drives but soft.

    Like this guy a lot but as a number 8 or 9 hitter in a strong lineup. Heck, let’s sweep the Giants anyway.

    • Roger Garrett

      Your next to last sentence tells it all and when that happens we will start competing at a very high level.As we set today this is the only thing that is holding us back.Pitching and defense are in the top 5.

  6. Roger Garrett

    This is a very very important game from where I set.A 4-2 road trip is good and gets rid of the stink of being no hit by a below average starting pitcher.Bumgarner is what he is and we need our best lineup against him.Right now that does not include Peraza and Farmer over Winker and Dietrich.Yes I know its the righty thing vs the lefty thrower but we need this game bad and I mean bad.We need to be 3 under after today and enjoy the plane ride home vs 5 under and wonder if we ever will take the next step.Just hope our head is in the game rather then on the plane.

    • Old-school

      Reds have done a good job bouncing back multiple times when it looked like they were headed to 10 under and a lost season before Memorial Day even hit. At the same time, they can’t get any traction pushing forward to the .500 mark. Starting a home stand against the Cubs and Dodgers sure looks better at 3 under versus 5 under .500.

      Go reds.

  7. Pete

    Puig will be sporting a blonde Mohawk today. Loving the camaraderie on this team. Is Votto next??

    • ToBeDetermined

      Mohawk for Joey. LOL

      Doesn’t Joey and Marty Brennaman have about the same haircut ? I think it would takes months for Joey to grow out his hair to get the Mohawk.
      But, hey maybe that’s a goal worth-while pursuing.

      • Pete

        Entrance fee: 2 hits in the same game. Come on Joey!!

  8. ToBeDetermined

    “Bumgarner is in the middle of serious trade rumors and his no-trade list was leaked yesterday (the Reds aren’t on it)”
    I don’t think the Reds want to take on that contract.

      • ToBeDetermined

        Yea, even one on the IL. wink wink

    • TR

      Teams never have enough pitching. Bumgarner would look good as a Red.

  9. Reddawg12

    Puig just does not seem like a very good hitter. He can punish a mistake pitch, but that’s about it.

  10. matthew hendley

    Iggy, with a 2 RBI, single,error

  11. VaRedsFan

    Iggy shouldn’t be a 5 hole hitter….
    4 hole would be better suited.

    He picked up our 2 and 4 hole hitter, that failed to make contact.

  12. Pete

    Three very strong AB’s from Suarez, Iglesias, and Farmer. Keep it up fellows.

  13. VaRedsFan

    Wondering why Iggy was out at the plate by so much??? 2 out hits are usually automatic runs from 2nd. It was sharply hit but it’s not like it was a close play at the plate.

    • matthew hendley

      Good question, despite the cf coming in to make the play on the ball early, I can only speculate that iggy was planning to hold up at 3rd and was waved around by the base coach, maybe a hesitation there.

      Game tied 2-2

  14. VaRedsFan

    Duggar should have been at 3rd easily….he must have been in home run trot

  15. Pete

    With a day off tomorrow, Bell can use the BP at will. From the early returns both teams will need to.

  16. matthew hendley

    Senzel clutch hitting brings the lead back, with the double.

  17. VaRedsFan

    Some 2 out BINGO….Senzel w/ the RBI

  18. Pete

    Batten down the hatches. The xBA of all balls put in play so far: .910, .710, .400, .640, .620, .430, .370, .670

  19. matthew hendley

    don’t even need to wait on that one, Mahle leaving pitches around to be hit. Good effort by Senzel, but not even billy is getting that

    • matthew hendley

      But he works around it. Reds keep the lead through an inning, now it is time to add too it. Some Flashy leather from the infield corners as well.

      • Pete

        Very weak half-inning. I highly doubt 3 runs wins this game. Can’t shutdown the offense now.

  20. Seat101

    Does Duggar not taking third out of fear of Puig’s arm show up in any of Puig’s defensive ratings?

    • Pete

      Jeff Brantley mentioned the same point.

  21. Seat101

    Also is there any website that keeps track of how many pitches a better seat? I’m getting more and more impressed with Nick Senzel’s at bats.

  22. matthew hendley

    Seems that the Pitchers have calmed down. Still would like the reds to get at least 1 maybe 2 more.

  23. matthew hendley

    Absolutely should have been tossed Bumgarner after that. No way that is not showing up an umpire.

  24. Pete

    Reds look like they’ve gone into prevent offense mode. Pop ups and lazy fly balls. Big reason why the team EV is so low. Line drives guys just like in the first two innings.

  25. Old-school

    Lucas Sims 9 more k’s and Cody Reed another good outing. Louisville has 2 guys ready when needed.

    • matthew hendley

      Speaking of Louisville, Scott Schebler has absolutely cratered in LOU. Whatever change they sent him down there to make didn’t take, batting well under .200. Will he turn it around?

  26. matthew hendley

    Puig is tired of the Boos, reds get that run that they needed, absolute monster

  27. Old-school

    Puig with a huge add-on against a quality pitcher. That’s why they traded for him.

  28. matthew hendley

    pitch count probably indicating that this is MB last inning, TM should have a little longer leash

  29. Old-school

    Madison Bumgarner is a very good lefty pitcher. Beating him in SF to sweep a series and win a road trip is a legitimate team accomplishment.

    Finish this and get to 3 under .500 and reboot this season.

    Go Reds.

  30. Jonathan Linn

    I wonder how much it would take to trade for Bumgarner. What do you all think? Then sign him to a 4 year $100 million contract…

  31. matthew hendley

    Look at the effectiveness of a properly executed bunt.

  32. matthew hendley

    Mahle is showing some dominance today. Started Shakey but came back to keep a dominant 7 inning performance. Will we see him in the 8th.

    • matthew hendley

      my bad. Thought we were the home team for a minute for some reason.

    • RedAlert

      Too late Bell !!! Although he pitched a good game , Mahle gives up too many gopher balls period – is an issue for him !

  33. Pete

    That’s too bad. One batter too many for Tyler. No game tomorrow, use ’em all if you have to.

  34. matthew hendley

    Giants Bullpen, is extrodinarily RH. Start getting DD and JW ready

  35. RedAlert

    So he brings in Zach Fluke – and proceeds to give up two straight rockets …no way this dude should be on this roster instead of Reed

  36. Hanawi

    Is it me or does Duke still pitch in more high-leverage situations than almost any other reliever in the bullpen? It’s incredible that he comes into any game that’s closer than 3 runs.

    • daytonnati

      Even when it isn’t a high leverage situation when he comes in, it soon becomes one.

  37. Pet

    Two on, no outs – make it happen guys!

  38. matthew hendley

    Bases loaded. GOod response. Reds not giving up.

  39. Seat101

    Iglesias Really knows how to handle the bat, does he not?

    • matthew hendley

      should never have been allowed to take the at bat. DB should have put deitrch in there, forcing the switch to Watson a batter early and allowing the reds to keep casalli in the game.

      • matthew hendley

        But tucker does come through this time. RBI BB.

      • Seat101

        Well, can the Bullpen hold the lead?

  40. matthew hendley

    Poor benchwork by David Bell. Reds pull through with hits and plate discipline. get 6 outs.

    • Seat101

      Can you remind me of what LBJ said about William Fulbright.

      • Seat101


        YOU remind me of what LBJ said about William Fulbright

      • matthew hendley

        Well I am assuming it is something about Vietnam?

      • daytonnati

        I kind of remember it starting with a “d” and ending with “loyal”?

        My lottery number was 100 so I had a keen interest in all things Vietnam 🙂

  41. Hanawi

    Problem when you play with a short bench and then start all your RHs. No righties to pinch hit against the lefty in the Giants’ pen.

  42. Chris Holbert

    Hernandez two innings yesterday. Why is Lorenzen not in there? Oops..too late..

  43. Hanawi

    Surprised he went back to Hernandez after he threw 2 innings yesterday.

  44. matthew hendley

    Also surprised that Lorenzen was not given the chance. Winkers gone. At least the reds will not have the indignity of Zack Duke winning another game. batters are going to have to do it again.

    • Hanawi

      Could have used Lorenzen to pinch hit for Duke then just left him in the game. Oh well. Hope they can rally again.

  45. TyGuy88

    Reds bases loaded with 0 outs and get 1 run. Difference in game.

    • Hanawi

      Realize that guys have to produce, but Bell mismanaged his matchups there too.

  46. matthew hendley

    Horrific series of moves by bell. Hernandez, who if welch is any indication will never tell DB if he is gassed. DB didn’t PH for farmer. Wasted winker, and now will go into the ninth in a giants save situation. Pretty much every wrong choice he could have made he made.

  47. Cryptic

    Lorenzen must not be feeling good after warming up, so they don’t use him. Only justifiable reason.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Stuff like That is what makes the cost of the membership in RedLegNation worth it.


      • ToBeDetermined

        Hey, why is my smiley face not working any more.

        Doug have you banned smiling from this site ?

    • Doug Gray

      Yeah, stuff like this isn’t going to be tolerated. This is your warning. Disagree, sure. Suggesting someone is feces in a bucket is something entirely else. Don’t do that.

  48. Chris Holbert

    DB’s final gift to Bochy…

    • ToBeDetermined


      Can anyone tell me that last time that a Reds Manager outmanaged Bruce Bochy ?

  49. Chris Holbert

    I have noticed every time Votto gets a called strike he thinks it is a ball… of the first things they teach you is anything close with two strikes….swing the bat…

    • Hanawi

      I think Votto’s walked enough times in his career to know what a strike versus a ball looks like. Does seem like he’s been called out looking more times than usual this year. Don’t know if there is a different emphasis for the umps on the strike zone or not.

      • matthew hendley

        it has. and its not him. the quality of the enforcement of the Strike zone by umpires has been exceptionally poor this year. Not just in reds games but in games over all.

  50. TyGuy88

    I know its cliche, but IMO that was a game the Reds should have won.

    • ToBeDetermined


      Another word for cliche is True

  51. Jim t

    Votto with another called third strike. God forbid he should actually swing at few strikes.

    • matthew hendley

      that ‘strike’ was clearly a ball.

      • Hanawi

        Yep. Just saw the box of it. Terrible call.

  52. TR

    But, Reds will at least win S.F. series. Cubs, Dodgers at home coming up.

  53. James

    I hate to say it but at what point do you drop Votto in the order? I think Father Time has finally caught up to him.

    • TR

      Agreed. Let Senzel, Winker and Puig handle the top of the batting order.

  54. matthew hendley

    Hunting the good stuff. The reds do win the series. And win the series on the year with the Giants. Time to go home and put paid to the cubs. Good start by mahle, stayed in exactly one batter too long. Horrible Pinch hitting work by bell in the 8th. Would like the reason for Hernandez going back out in the 9th.

  55. Chris Holbert

    It would seem Votto is striking out more, and obviously he is, but in the past, a close pitch would have been fouled off, strike or not, this year he takes it and is getting called out…too close to take in that point in the game…

    • Hanawi

      Except it wasn’t close. It was a horrendous call. He’s been called out on so many of those bad 3rd strikes this year that it almost seems to be intentional by the umps.

      • VaRedsFan

        It was a ball, but it was close….too close to take.

      • matthew hendley

        No… if it was a ball, then it should have been called a ball. More infuriating then anything the reds could do as an organization is the deliberate lack of oversight on the so called impartial umpires. They are not held accountable for their poor work, they are almost completely incapable of being fired, and while the road to becoming a umpire is hard there are a ready bunch of replacements available. If it was a ball it needed to be called a ball Period.

  56. Tim

    Tough loss – Senzel will get better, but he should have caught two rarely routine balls in the 8th. Could tell Hernandez was shocked and frustrated those balls weren’t caught… terrible game mgt again by Bell though….

    • Doug Gray

      Not sure which two you are talking about, but I’ll assume that one of them was the Pillar single. Which had a .690 hit expectancy. That wasn’t a routine ball to catch.

  57. Roger Garrett

    Will say this and let it go.Your best watches from the pen while a guy who was awesome yesterday in pitching two innings takes the loss.Hated that with Price and Dusty and hate it now.If you ask Hernandez to give you 3 innings in two days why not ask Iggy to do it.Hope Bell isn’t caving in but this loss is on him.Just for fun I will have to go back and look but I think Hernandez faced these same guys or some of them yesterday while Iggy faced 9,1 and a pinch hitter and threw 10 or 11 pitches.First time for being critical of Bell but what about Bob Steve or Lorenzen in the eighth?

    • matthew hendley

      I also think you are correct. Bob steve and Garrett were also available. There was one thing. As far as San Fran, Hernandez is a local boy and maybe they were trying to get him in there to be seen by his family. Obviously not the right answer if it was the case, but a possible reason never the less.

      • ToBeDetermined

        I don’t know DB’s excuse for using Hernandez today.

        Yesterday Hernandez was really pumped up yesterday and his fastball was just really exploding to the plate.

        This I do know from personal experience of my pitching days that if one day I really had great stuff that the next day I tended to revert back to the mean. Normally, would need an extra day off after my arm felt great.

  58. Chris Holbert

    Have they totally soured on Hughes…Lorenzen…Stephenson…Iglesias..a lot of RH options, to send a guy who threw two last night…and an off day tomorrow…you always hear a player say they have to do better, and they do, but the manager is not putting these guys in positions to succeed….he must do better for the team to do better.

  59. Don A

    Sure would have loved to see them get the sweep! Can’t really complain on 2 out of 3 though. I was shocked to see Hernandez come in to pitch and did not feel it was going to end well. Would like to have seen Senzel put forth more effort on the Pillar single. Even Chris Welsh commented that some balls need diving attempts depending on the situation. He does not have much experience in the outfield though, He should improve.

  60. Roger Garrett

    Iggy threw 12 pitches yesterday and Hernandez threw 25 and he did face the same guys today as he did yesterday starting with Longoria next Sandoval through Pillar etc.Guess they were ready this time.Of course Bell may have thought it really was an important game and went the way he went after what Hernandez did yesterday.I am done with the criticism because well its after the fact and we lost.

  61. Pete

    Joey Votto came into today’s game with only 2 K’s in his last 33 PA’s. Mind you the Reds haven’t been facing flamethrowers in this time period. Before those plate appearances, Joey had struck 27% of the time for the 2019 season. Maybe it’s a sign he is getting it together or maybe it’s not.

    It will be a long flight home……

  62. Gr8pnt

    Don’t understand department:
    Using Hernandez again
    Not pinch hitting for Farmer
    Not taking Mahle out one batter sooner
    2 balls attributed to Senzel as catchable were not
    Duke should not be on roster, time for Reed
    Casali needs to play even more often