The Short Version: Reds ride a strong start from Tanner Roark — again — and the longball to a shutout win in the series finale in Oakland.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (16-22) 3 8 1
Oakland Athletics (17-22) 0 6 1
W: Roark (3-1) L: Bassitt (1-1) S: Iglesias (7)
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The Good
–Another outstanding start from Tanner Roark, who spun six shutout innings, allowing just three hits. Roark struck out three and walked two. His ERA is 3.27. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

–Big game for Eugenio Suarez, who was 3 for 4 with two doubles, a homer (his 11th), two runs scored and an RBI. That’ll do, Geno. That’ll do.

–The amazing Derek Dietrich hit his tenth homer of the season, a two-run shot in the first inning.

–Amir Garrett, David Hernandez, and Raisel Iglesias weren’t perfect, but they did pitch three innings of shutout baseball to finish this one out.

The Bad
–Nothing to see here. Everything is beautiful.

The Recap
–An important win after two late-night losses in Oakland, one a no-hitter, the other an extra-innings disappointment.

–Cincinnati grabbed a lead early, as Suarez doubled with one away. Dietrich followed with a homer to right field, his fifth homer in his last six games. (Hint: that is good.)

The lead stayed 2-0 until Suarez homered with one away in the third. And that was all!

–Sometimes the A’s think they’re going to sweep the Reds, but it never works out that way.

–Jesse Winker missed his second consecutive game with, reportedly, a quad injury. He’ll start tomorrow according to Reds manager David Bell, however.

–The Reds head over to San Francisco for a weekend series next. Luis Castillo will get the start tomorrow evening. Go Reds.

25 Responses

  1. daytonnati

    Okay, I was at a sports bar and the game was on in the background with no sound. Can I ask who was the bearded guy sitting alone in a remote section of the upper deck who was eventually surrounded by kids that looked like they were asking for autographs?

  2. Colorado Red

    1 win out of 3 vs the A’s is very poor.
    Nothing to be happy about.
    Another 90 loss season.
    Got the pitching, but no hitting.

    • Sliotar

      @Colorado Red

      A very succinct and truthful post.

      Today’s hit-getters by age

      Casali (31)
      Dietrich (30)
      Puig (29)
      Iglesias (29)
      Peraza (25)

      Votto was off today. Imagine him being added to the list.

      Old and not-very-good is a bad place for any professional sports team to be………but a fourth of the season is almost gone, and that’s how things look up to now for Ye Olde Redlegs.

      • Tomn

        What about Suarez? Left him off. Pick any other day over the weekend and you need to include Senzel and winker. You have a good point none the less. Need to get more youth up here soon. (Trammell, Stephenson, sira).

  3. matthew hendley

    Good win by the Reds. Dietrich continues his explanation on why he should be a red past this season. Roark with another Solid Start. Hope the reds go into San fran and destroy the Poseyless Giants.

    • ToBeDetermined

      what do you know? what do you mean the Poseyless Giants ?

      • Dob

        Posey put on concussion list out for 7 days this morning

      • matthew hendley

        Buster Posey went on the IL today, therefore the Giants will be Poseyless

  4. ToBeDetermined

    Wow, that Eric Davis Home Run.
    I remember it well.
    Also, I love the way he stood and watched it after the bat flip — NOT !!

    • matthew hendley

      I believe the correct response to this is let the kids play.

    • renbutler

      Has there ever been a cooler batting stance than Eric Davis’s?

      • CP

        I don’t know who did more damage to kids’ hitting, Eric Davis or Gary Sheffield. What it must be like to have elite bat speed…

  5. jreis

    when we hit home runs we win. when we don’t we lose. Have we won any game this year without hitting a homer? I can’t think of any.

    our offense has to become more dynamic and less HR Dependent if we are truly going to be competitive. I agree with the above statement by Sliotar for a “rebulidng” club we are kind of old and worn down ,making it hard to score runs other than via the homer.

    • Mark Lang

      I’d be willing to bet over 75% of our runs scored have come via the home run.

      • renbutler

        21.2% of the Reds’ hits are HRs. That’s second in the MLB behind only Seattle.

        League average is 15.6%.

    • Doug Gray

      Yes. They have won one game without a home run this year.

    • Roger Garrett

      Just saw the Cards scored 17 last night against the Bucs and hit no homers.We haven’t score 17 without it being via the homer all year.Just kidding but it sure feels like it.Launch angle?

      • TR

        This team, with an improved pitching staff, has the potential to reach .500 and above but it will only happen when the offense is driving in runners from scoring position with non-homers. Solid winning baseball is not going to happen with homeruns as the core of the offense.

      • Pete

        The difference between the Reds and Cards, and nearly every other team, is the Reds do not hit baseballs hard. A totally of 6 batted balls in this game projected a batting average of .250 or more. Even the hapless A’s had 9. The Cards? 22. Not going to cut it. I’m not going to look it up but I would be shocked if any club hit less than the Reds.

        Thank God for Suarez and DD’s homers but 3 runs ain’t much, just enough in this case.

  6. lost11found

    The FO certainly did well signing Roark, Jose, and Dietrich. Three solid signings there to add depth and solid MLB players.

    All three might regress as the year wears on but they have help greatly to keep the boat afloat.

    • Pete

      Unfortunately it appears the worst acquisition we received from the Dodgers is Turner Ward. I hope that I’m either wrong or the club starts turning it around with the beautiful hitting.

      By the end of the month if things have not improved, the Reds should probably fire Ward and look for a new hitting instructor.

  7. Chris

    Reds are 5-12 in 1 run games. Hopefully that will even out and we can push towards .500

  8. Roger Garrett

    Was watching some of the MLB game today between the Brewers and Cubs.Both clubs have hitters 1-8 which is what the Reds have to do in order to compete in the division.The Cards are the same way with a stacked line up of hitters.I will say right now and the stats prove it that we have the better pitching and the better fielding.I do expect us to hit better and with money available next year to go out and get some guys to fill the holes we have so its not all bad.Its just so obvious its like a fight with one side having water pistols and the other side having real ones.All of this has been talked about in the past on how the other teams make moves to improve and I do believe our new front office will do the same.Better days are ahead this year and next so hold on nation