Final R H E
San Francisco Giants (15-20) 4 5 0
Cincinnati Reds (15-20) 12 15 1
W: DeSclafani (2-1) L: Pomeranz (1-4)
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The Arms

Anthony DeSclafani absolutely dealt for most of the day, striking out eight through 6.0 innings. He did run into a spot of trouble in the sixth, allowing a three-run shot to Pablo Sandoval, but got the final out. Disco has looked downright groovy the past four starts, with a 1.90 ERA in 23.2 innings. He’s making his own case for staying in the rotation whenever Alex Wood is finally healthy to return.

Zach Duke tossed 2.0 innings of clean baseball, keeping the Giants stuck to four runs and the Reds on the winning side of the ticket. Duke’s been less-than-stellar this year, but in these situations, he makes a lot of sense. A mop-up man with multi-inning potential.

To close the game, Wandy Peralta pitched the ninth. Turning over the ball to Peralta with an eight-run lead seems ideal. Let’s do that more often.

The Bats

How about that Nick Senzel huh? Only his fourth game in the bigs and he already has a multi-homer game. In his first two at-bats in this one, Senzel took two pitches the opposite way, both for solo shots. The rest of the game didn’t go so well for Senzel though. The center fielder struck out in his remaining three at-bats. If the Reds make the postseason, I will forgive the service time games. But if they don’t….

With Derek Dietrich and Jesse Winker on the bench this afternoon, Eugenio Suarez saw his opportunity to take sole possession of the Reds home run lead. Geno drove a two-run homer out of deep left center, putting the Reds up 3-0 before the Giants got an out.

He’s still not making a lot of good, hard contact, but Joey Votto recorded a couple of hits today, scoring on Suarez’s home run. Hopefully the Reds long-term first baseman puts it together soon and starts ripping the ball like he did a couple of years ago. Regardless, Votto brought in a run today the hard way, wearing a fastball off his elbow in the sixth.

Jose Iglesias has truly been one heck of a signing for the Reds. With a triple and a double in his first two at-bats, Iglesias drove in a couple runs and scored another himself. Then, after Sandoval’s rocket which brought the Giants within three and flashbacks from Friday to the forefront of Reds fans’ minds, Iglesias singled to the wall with the bases loaded. Three hits, four RBIs on the day for the “light-hitting” shortstop. It’s really starting to look like the Reds ideal lineup goes Senzel, Votto, Suarez, Winker, Yasiel Puig, Dietrich, Iglesias, catcher, pitcher.

Speaking of catchers, Curt Casali remains one of the savvier pick-ups the Reds have made in the past few years. I’d rank it Suarez from the Tigers, Castillo from the Marlins, and then Casali from the Rays in terms of top three personnel moves. The catcher drove in the last run of the first and another in the sixth. After the second single, Chris Welsh rightly pointed out that this may be the best Reds catching tandem (Casali plus Tucker Barnhart) in recent memory.

The new guy, Josh VanMeter, also got in on the scoring, taking a ball off the back for a bases-loaded RBI in the sixth. Maybe this kid is even better than Senzel. (VanMeter also flew out against Pablo Sandoval, a third baseman, while Senzel grounded into a double play against him. Really might be a toss-up.)

The Notes (Worth Noting)

Michael Lorenzen was double switched into left field in the eighth, making a catch for the second out. Really weird seeing the Reds two best center fielders play at the same time after nearly a month of almost no good center fielders playing.

With 10+ runs and 13 strikeouts, fans at today’s game won both Chik-Fil-A and LaRosa’s pizza. I don’t know if ticket holders can redeem for both or must pick one but that sounds like a pretty nice set of choices to have.

Bees descended on Great American just before the first pitch, causing a brief delayed start. I’m sure Reds fans will forgive the inconvenience because we got these incredible pictures of Derek Dietrich, resident beekeeper. Dietrich truly is a gem.

Other than that all of the bee jokes were quite annoying, and I made a conscious effort to avoid them in this recap. However, here is a smattering of the best puns:

Up Next

The Reds head out west for a late night game against the Oakland A’s tomorrow. Maybe the team will carpool with the Giants back to the Bay Area. Save some gas money, reduce their carbon footprint, use the airplane HOV lane. Small perks, really.

Reds vs. A’s, 10:07 EDT

Tyler Mahle (0-4, 4.09 ERA) vs. Mike Fiers (2-3, 6.81 ERA)

57 Responses

  1. CI3J

    This really should have been a sweep. Instead, we have to settle for a lousy split.

    When are things going to start going the Reds’ way?

  2. matthew hendley

    Almost thought that we would see the B team today. :p

    Good Start by disco, Nick is the real deal. There is a lot of good things in this game, and a glorious picture of DD working his second job as an exterminator. The HBP fest, while positively does post a health hazard. Late games again this week, but DH games this week as well.

    There is a glaring hole in the lineup. Everyone got a hit today. Except you know who. He is dead weight, and while it didn’t impact the outcome today, there will be a day soon where the question isn’t, did we bring up senzel at the right time, but it will be, shouldn’t (so and so) have been in the lineup instead of Peraza. The rope he has been given is miles long and he has still gone through all of it.

    • Curt

      Agree, Agree …I’d put ‘everyone’ ahead of you-know-who at this point.

    • jreis

      Yes, I agree. and I am a big Peraza fan but especially when Scooter returns there just simply wont be enough room on the roster for him.

      • Dewey Roberts

        Dietrich, Iglesias and Gennett will handle short and second. Peraza is the odd man out. I don’t see a long-term spot for him in left field either. I want to see what VanMeter can do in the majors after tearing up AAA. Senzel will be a fixture in center field and his bat is A plus in my opinion. Iglesias is a better fielder than Peraza at short. So I think his days are numbered. I am clearly in favor of keeping Scooter. The more good hitters in the lineup the better it will be for all of them—unless someone can show me a scientific study that proves that one good hitter in a lineup has no effect on any of the others.
        With Castillo, Gray, DeSclafani, and Mahle as anchors the starting pitching finally has turned around. The bullpen needs a little improvement but there is finally hope in the Rhineland.

    • greenmtred

      I agree that it’s frustrating watching Peraza struggle (more frustrating for him, probably). I haven’t been on his bandwagon, but he did show significant improvement for a good part of last season, so a long leash seems understandable, particularly because the Reds are unlikely to be competing for a playoff spot, and Peraza is still potentially a member of the next Reds’ team that is. All of that said, maybe AAA would afford him a chance, in a lower-pressure situation, to get right.

  3. SultanofSwaff

    Today’s win takes a little of the ‘sting’ out of the last 2 losses. I like the shenanigans from the guys, but it’s a baaaad look when you’re sitting well below .500. Makes Senzel’s all-business attitude stand out that much more. Dietrich’s mustache should’ve been addressed imo.

    Still not sure why Casali isn’t in a strict platoon with Barnhart.

    Embarrassing that Peraza would ever play before Winker, even vs. LHP. Jesse has nearly 1:1 BB/K vs. lefties. Peraza should’ve been sent down for VanMeter so Phil Ervin could’ve started in LF today if DB is going to play that game all season.

    The front office has played all their cards with the roster shuffling. This is the team moving forward. No cavalry in the form of trades or promotions, this is it until Wood and Gennett return.

    • Jeff Gangloff

      I go back and fourth on the antics. It’s fun…to a point. It would be a lot more fun if this team had a winning record.

      There was a game during the Reds horrible start of the season where they were down 4-0. They panned to the dugout and Votto was laughing and carrying on with Puig while drawing hearts on his face with eye black. That kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

      • lost11found

        I don’t know. Baseball (and the rest of professional sports) can be kindof grindy for the teams and the players have to have a bit of fun. unless we can point to where its impacted the game on the field, its best if we don’t let it get under our skin.

      • lwblogger2

        I think it’s good to see them having fun. The team is losing and nobody likes losing. I get understand that. Here’s the thing though… When a team is losing they can either get angry about it and press too hard and point fingers at each other and be generally malcontents; or they can try to have as much fun as the situation allows while still trying to win some ballgames. The fun that they seem to be having shows some camaraderie and shows that the team is still acting as a team. These guys are all pulling for one another. Trust me, it is WAY better than the alternative.

    • David

      Ervin was sent back down the other day when they made a roster move to add a pitcher.

      Ervin has to be down at AAA 10 days before he can be recalled.

      Dat’s da rules.

      • matthew hendley

        Good Call, which may mean that they will swap them out again when Ervins 10 days are up.

    • matthew hendley

      Deitrichs moustache and other antics are ok, especially the way he has been producing. it would be different if he was a .100 hitter with one homerun on the season. In other words if he was…..

      • Still a Red

        Whether antics are appropriate or not, seems to me, should depend on whether it’s done to keep people loose or if its done because you’ve given up and killing time. I think, so far, its being done to keep things loose.

  4. Doc

    Senzel struck out in three of his last four at bats; hit into a double play his last at bat. Article apparently submitted a touch early.

    Early returns are good for power and walks, not ideal for average and strikeouts. Defense seems sound. However, he’ll get it quicker than most. The youth movement has arrived, even if as yet unsettled in some of the other spots.

    • WVRedlegs

      They were mentioned in the article.
      “The center fielder struck out in his remaining three at-bats.” This was in the first paragraph under The Bats section.
      “VanMeter also flew out against Pablo Sandoval, a third baseman, while Senzel grounded into a double play against him. ” This was in the last paragraph under The Bats section.

  5. WVRedlegs

    A day of extremes for Senzel. Two home runs on the one side, and 3 K’s and a GIDP on the other side.
    Guys are starting to produce at the plate. At least some guys are. Luckily it was a big enough lead to let Duke and Peralta to pitch and it allowed Raisel Iglesias not to pitch.
    Mahle goes tomorrow night and the last game of the SF series. He better step up his game, or he might find himself going to Louisville when they return home.
    Robert Stephenson and David Hernandez both did not pitch at all in the 4 game SF series and both last pitched last Thursday vs. Mets. Both also missed some time in spring training. Are they both ailing right now? Friday’s game Reed was all that was needed. Neither were needed in Saturday’s 9-2 win, either. But Sunday’s game might have had a spot for them to pitch in that 6-5 loss. Bell could have gotten either in today’s game to get a little work in but he went with Duke and Peralta instead. Any issues with Stephenson or Hernandez?

    • WVRedlegs

      Ooops. Reed pitched Saturday night, not Friday. Friday was the tough night. 12-11.

    • David

      At this point, I would honestly give Stephenson a chance to close a game now. Who would have made such a crazy statement 6 weeks ago.

      I know I wouldn’t have said that. I thought Stephenson was just done. And frankly, he has been just very good this Spring since the start of the regular season.

      And Garrett, maybe he gets a chance to close. I don’t know if something is wrong with Raisel, but he just has been lousy more than once this Spring.

      • Matt WI

        I’d probably go Garrett first. With Stephenson, I’m inclined not to try and force more pressure when something is finally working well for him. Just let it roll with him.

  6. TR

    There were a number of winnable games in the last three series, but I think the Reds are slowly getting it together, especially with the arrival of Senzel. A winning road trip to the coast would help a lot.

  7. Davy13

    Was there really any question about Disco’s spot in the rotation when Alex Wood returns? I think it goes without saying that Wood would replace Mahle.

    Today’s top of the lineup looks set for the rest of the season barring injuries or slumps: Senzel, Votto, Suarez…When Scooter returns, the rest of preferred lineup order: 4. Winker 5. Scooter/Puig 6. Puig/Scooter 7. Iglesias 8. Catcher 9. Pitcher

    Any thoughts?

    • matthew hendley

      I like it with an addendum, use DD as a Super Utility, moving him from position to position, giving the original owner a day off, against RHP. Similar idea with Farmer with LHP. I suspect that despite his AAA success, JVMR is on the outside looking in. Peraza SHOULD be sent down, and rely on Lorenzen for PH AB. but it wont happen.

      • Davy13

        Totally agree about DD. That’s how he showed his value when he was with the Marlins.

    • matthew hendley

      I suspected as much, I never paid enough attention to quantify things but He did look better in Most save situations v. tie games. Its clear that with the comments made, that they will shift him back to a traditional closer role.
      SOme will say, and not completely wrongly, that he should pitch where he is told. But if he is speaking up about it then it is defenantly a factor into figuring out how he should be used.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        My initial reaction is that’s a guy who needs some of the leaders on the team to sit him down and tell him to look around at others who are playing atypical roles (like Votto batting leadoff) in an attempt to help the TEAM win. I am super disappointed in this attitude.

    • DocProc

      I sure hope something got lost in the translation. If not, he needs to STFU.
      Excerpts for those who can’t access the link:

      “You can see the other closers, they don’t pitch in tie games,” Iglesias told The Enquirer. “I’m the only one who comes in tie games and I’ve given up homers and I’m losing some games. I feel really bad.”

      “I already have five losses, something that hasn’t happened (to anyone else) in the big leagues. Five losses in the first month of ball. That shouldn’t be like that.”
      “The way they are using me is horribly wrong,” he said.

      • RedAlert

        Need to call in “THE ROCK “ to tell
        Iglesias to “SHUTUP AND KNOW YOUR ROLE “

      • Curt

        That walk-off bomb he gave up in LA? No tie there. Whose fault was that?

    • Jefferson Green

      Wow. The guy signed a three year deal and said he was excited to be used in the game’s most important situations, not just save situations. I hope it is just his frustration talking, not how he really feels long term.

    • Jefferson Green

      This is also an early test of DB and DJ; how will they handle someone complaining about their usage to the press? I hope we hear very little, except some gentle walking it back from Raisel – that would mean that leadership, from both players and coaching staff, handled it well behind closed doors. (There are other ways of handling it with an ultimately good outcome, but this one would be my preference.)

    • Big Ed

      It is, of course, nuts that “closers” for home teams only pitch in save situations. It is routine for the home team’s closer to pitch the 9th inning (or 10th, if the home team ties in the 9th), because a “save situation” can never arise for the home team.

      Iglesias either needs to grow a pair, or else grab a mirror to locate his problem.

      • Matt WI

        How do you address your teammates after this? “Guys, I’m sooo good that I can only help you if we’re winning, so that’s on you all. Cool?”

      • lwblogger2

        Yep. And that’s what I would tell him if I was the manager. I’d point to all the closers being used in tie games at home. All that info is out there. Then I’d remind him of what he said when he signed his extension about being used in other situations. Finally, remind him that he can be one of the best relievers in the game and that he needs to trust my judgement on when it’s best to deploy him. That I have confidence he can get the job done no matter what the situation and that some of the situations will be hard, and sometimes he’s going to lose.

  8. Old-school

    Jeff Brantley predicted this with Iglesias very early in the season.

    • Still a Red

      That’s right…I remember. Now that its out in the open it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. I think INglesias is very frustrated with himself (having trouble controlling his slider) and looking for answers outside himself. He needs a talking to.

  9. Roger Garrett

    Bell doesn’t have closer rules.Price and Dusty helped write them so that is what he is used too.Those comments belong behind close doors if they belong at all.He got paid and will get paid for the next 3 years so he can say and do what he wishes I guess.For me he gets paid to get people out and he was told early he would be used in high leverage situations regardless of inning so its not like he didn’t know.He needs to man up and get people out.Its not when he pitches its how he pitches and for a player to blame his performance on how he is used well that’s bush league stuff.

    • RedAlert

      ^^^ THIS X 1000 — well said Roger

      • David

        Yeah, if that’s really “Roger”. Sure….”Roger”. I think this is Amir Garrett, not “Roger”, trying to prank us.


  10. Klugo

    Don’t forget that Senzel was injured for much of his service time in the minors.

  11. Jowy

    Wow, can’t believe he said that to the press. Compare that to how our recent additions of Deitrich and Iglesias have spoken about this team. Those guys are just thrilled to be here and put on a Reds uniform. If anyone has a right to be even a little upset on this team I would say it wod be Senzel. This organization has yanked his chain from day one moving him from position to position. But even if he has so e hard feelings you don’t see it from him. Hope the players and FO take care of the situation and Raisel gets things figured out.

    • greenmtred

      It’s disappointing, but he’s a young guy who has mostly been successful at his craft. He’s frustrated and spoke unwisely. I can identify, and imagine that many of you can, as well. I hope he straightens this out.

  12. Reddawg12

    Extremely disappointing comments by Iglesias. Makes me think a lot less of him.

    On another note, and I think we’re already starting to see it, Suarez is bound to break out at any time now. His K% and BB% are in line with last season, but his BABIP is 100 points lower (.221). His luck is going to turn around soon. Plus, he’s clearly already hitting for power.

    • Jefferson Green

      Yes. And he hit a shot in his third at bat today with two outs and two runners on base – would have been his third hit of the day and a two run double, apparently, if not at an outfielder (I don’t have detail, was in the car and heard the call on the radio).

      • Reddawg12

        Yep, I was at the game. Hit a liner in the RCF gap but the CFer was positioned right there.

  13. WVRedlegs

    I have this feeling that Raisel Iglesias will be having a long talk with Bell and Johnson on the flight tonight to Oakland. Those comments won’t sit well with Bell.
    I don’t think Votto is happy either with Bell and Turner Ward, but he isn’t stupid enough to take it to the media. He is soldiering on.

  14. Curt

    “You can see the other closers, they don’t pitch in tie games,” Iglesias told The Enquirer. “I’m the only one who comes in tie games and I’ve given up homers and I’m losing some games.“

    absolutely 100% false. For one example, look at Kenley Jansen in L.A. Roberts brings him in for more than 3 outs and/or tie games ALL THE TIME! and he never complains. I know, I live in LA and see it. It’s fact. So Iggy is just making stuff up. Lame.

  15. Bob Steve

    Love Dietrich and the Bees. So you’re telling me he didn’t enter the game at all and still had a bigger impact than the starting left fielder.

  16. Indy Red Man

    I’d like to focus on Iggy the SS instead. 15 for his last 41 (.366) with 9 runs, 7 rbis, 3 doubles, a triple, hr, and steal. He’s a really nice player even if he goes back to .260 or whatever.

    Iggy the pitcher? Cmon man? Tell me it was lost in translation? Thats ridiculous?

  17. matthew hendley

    Anyway, I am calling the first DH lineup now. Votto to DH, DD to 1st and JVMR to second, all other spots normal. Iggy SS

  18. greenmtred

    Another game I couldn’t watch. My new “smart” tv (Samsung) that my kids gave me is now mostly unable to access MLBTV. It was fine at the beginning of the season, then started dropping the audio (had to turn it off and back on to regain it.) MLBTV tech support tells me that the tv doesn’t support the app. Why did it before, and why is this the only app it doesn’t support? Does that explanation make sense? Is there anything I can do? Help from any of you with more technical expertise than I have (all of you, no doubt) would be greatly appreciated. The Reds are starting to be worth watching, and I’m missing it. Thanks in advance.

    • Pete

      You might try a Fire Stick. Relatively cheap (~$40) one-time charge.

    • Doug Gray

      It makes sense, unfortunately. They updated the app and now your TV isn’t “fast” enough to run it. It sucks, but it makes sense.

      It’s not exactly a free option, but it’s a cheap-ish one, I guess. Buy an Amazon Fire Stick, plug it into the HDMI port, and get the app on there.