Final R H E
San Francisco Giants (15-19) 6 6 0
Cincinnati Reds (14-20) 5 6 0
W:  Watson (1-0) L: Iglesias (1-5)
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The Cincinnati Reds got out to a quick start, but saw the pitching blow another lead against the San Francisco Giants this weekend.

The Offense

The game started out with the Reds having a LAUNCH PARTY, and it went much better than the one thrown by Angela in Scranton, Pennsylvania for Dunder Mifflin. Eugenio Suarez got things started with a 338 foot wall-scraper of a home run that scored Joey Votto. That gave him the team lead in home runs. It lasted for all of one pitch. Jesse Winker came to the plate and launched the next pitch of the game 400 feet into the stands in right-center to make it 3-0. That tied him with Suarez for the team lead in home runs. The next pitch of the game went to Derek Dietrich. He took it upon himself to launch that one even further than the one before it, hitting it 421 feet and way up into the seats in left to make it 4-0. He joined Winker and Suarez for the team lead with 9 home runs.

After that the bats went quiet while the Giants bats woke up. The next time a Reds batter reached base was when Nick Senzel walked with 2 outs in the 6th inning. Josh VanMeter, making his Major League debut, walked in the 7th inning, and after VanMeter stole second base, the Giants intentionally walked Joey Votto. Eugenio Suarez struck out to end the inning, though, leaving the Reds without a hit from innings 2 through 8. The only other hit in the game they would get was a 2-out home run in the bottom of the 9th by Kyle Farmer – his 5th of the season. That pulled the Reds within a run, but a ground out would end the game in another Reds loss.

The Pitching

Much like the hitting, the pitching got out to a great start. Luis Castillo was on the mound for the Reds to start the game and he was dominant early and often. The Giants didn’t have a hit until the 6th inning. But that’s when things went south, and they went south in a hurry. The first hit of the game, a single, was followed up by a walk and another single that scored a run. After a 1-out strikeout, Buster Posey came to the plate. And unfortunately he did what he seems to do to the Reds and ripped their hearts out of their chest. He took the first pitch thrown to him by Luis Castillo and hit it 400 feet into the right-center field seats to tie the game up.

The 6th inning would haunt Castillo as it accounted for the only runs he would allow on the day. He struck out 9 batters over his 7.0 innings on 4 hits and 2 walks. His ERA  jumped up to 1.97 on the season to go along with 19 walks and 59 strikeouts in 50.1 innings pitched this season.

Once Castillo left the game it was left-hander Amir Garrett who took over for the 8th. He continued to make hitters look silly as he tossed 1.1 perfect innings with 2 strikeouts. After the 1st out of the 9th inning Raisel Iglesias came on to face Buster Posey, who again did damage, with a double to left field and put the go-ahead run at second. It wouldn’t matter where he was as Brandon Crawford deposited a 1-0 pitch half-way up the seats in left to make it 6-4 Giants.

Notes Worth Noting

With the Reds wearing their 1911 throwback uniforms on the day, Derek Dietrich really got into the whole “it’s 1911” thing.

  • Nick Senzel is the first Reds player to walk in his first three games since the 1940’s.
  • Both Nick Senzel and Josh VanMeter picked up their first career steals in the game.
  • Amir Garrett’s appearance makes it an even 100 Major League appearances for his career.
  • Raisel Iglesias had five losses last season. He’s got five losses this season.

Up Next For the Reds

San Francisco Giants at Cincinnati Reds

Monday May 6th, 12:35pm

Drew Pomeranz (1-3, 4.08 ERA) vs Anthony DeSclafani (1-1, 3.48 ERA)

85 Responses

  1. Chris

    What has happened to Raisel Iglesias!?

      • greenmtred

        It was only a little while ago when he struck out nine consecutive hitters, or something like that. He wasn’t getting paid then? He’s pitching to major league hitters. He only has to be off by a little.

  2. Teddy

    David Bell has no feel at all for the flow of the game. Iggys ERA is almost 5 and he has been absolutely brutal as many times as he’s been good. Garrett’s been dominant almost all year with ERA around 1.8, so of course he pulls Garrett when he is basically unhittable and 2 batters later game over. If there’s a closer with in the majors whos had more dreadful appearances than Iggy I’d like to know who it is…but hey…just keep running him out there.

  3. Chris Holbert

    DB says Iglesias is going to keep pitching in important points in the game….he also said that was a good team on the other side…..maybe he should have looked a little closer…this was a sweepable serious. He has to take a serious look at himself for the Reds needing to win to split tomorrow…..Stop over-managing, sometimes use your eyes….. two big offensive steps forward one huge step backward….

    • RojoBenjy

      As noted by @Chris Holbert:

      David Bell just said “I’m gonna keep using Iggy in important spots that won’t happen often”

      it’s happened FIVE times already!

      “Raisel Iglesias had five losses last season. He’s got five losses this season.”

      Where are the analytics on that? It’s absolutely maddening.

      • Doug Gray

        You can be critical of the players or manager. You can not insult them or use insulting nicknames for them. You’ve been warned. We aren’t going to have it. The next time will result in revoking your posting privileges.

      • LarsBenders

        Can you explicate further? In particular, what insults are you referring to?

      • RojoBenjy


        Doug wisely took it off the post. My bad, Doug. Appreciate the the warning first.

  4. B-town fan

    Raisel Iglesias’s performance this season so far is getting worrisome. I wonder at what point does the Manager and Pitching coach begin to lose trust in putting him in high leverage situations.

    • ToBeDetermined

      To me that point is now.
      It looked like he had righted himself after his early season woes.
      but now he is just inconsistent. His fastball is hitting a wide range.
      Raisel Iglasis is Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde
      He’s either very hittable or unhittable

    • CI3J

      It’s not just this season. He’s been on a steady decline for almost a year now. No idea what has happened to him.

  5. FreeHouse

    Same old reds from the past. They are who they have been in the past 4 years a last place team. I must admit they have a ton of talent but they won’t be sniffing 500 this season. Posey and Brandon Crawford giving these fans a reminder of what they did in that 2012 postseason.

  6. Mark Lang


  7. Old-school

    I’ve not criticized bell.
    I am now. Lost 3/4 1 run games in every way shape form… 1-0 then 12-11 and now 6-5? Why was Yasiel Puig not playing .. why is Nick Senzel batting 6th or 5 th. Figure out who you are David on offense and stop rotating and over- managing and over- manipulating. It’s not that hard. Garrett was dominating…. Until you intervened.
    Bell lost this series.

    • Jorge

      Agreed! We lost this series because of Bell!
      Clueless as a manager !

  8. Chris Holbert

    If Votto must lead off…Votto, Senzel, Winker, Puig, Suarez, DD, C, P , Iglesias….put Iglesias 9th he has the best average as of now, and can give the Reds someone to get on in front of Votto’s walk….

  9. matthew hendley

    Multiple fails on behalf on David Bell, everyone else will talk about Rasiel so I will skip that.
    Deitrick, removed in yet another game where he homered. I got that they removed him for Puig but that could have been worked out so Puig PH for the P spot and then move Deitrich to second. If not that, then JVMR should have been Double switched into the game. Perazas time needs to be severely curtailed. there just isn’t any time for babying him any more.
    Good Job for the Rookie Theives. Good eyes as well. I would make some joke about JVMR not hitting but he actually set the reds up for success unlike half the lineup.
    Reds have to win tomorrow. On paper it looks doable.
    Stop Shifting, stop matchup based hook relief.

  10. Chris Holbert

    Why is it Iglesias is the only RP immunded to the match-up carousel?

  11. Scotly50

    Unlike Schebler, Iglesias was hammered in Spring Training, and it has continued, with a vengeance thus far into the season. Schebler had a great Spring and deserved a shot but Iglesias has proved his consistency at giving up runs. Put him in the “mop up” role.

  12. Hanawi

    Reds now 8-15 in games decided by 1 or 2 runs. At some point that falls on the manager.

      • Reds Fan In FL

        Who is placed into those situations by the manager

  13. Seat101

    Have y’all noticed how few people are commenting here, anymore?

    In your spare time look up Gresham’s Lawand see how a corollary might apply to blog posts.

    • matthew hendley

      Ok, I actually went and read it. I am failing to see how it does correlate to blog posts. To be fair I am not a economics major.

    • RojoBenjy

      That’s the price of the blog getting wider readership. Readers are getting more comfortable and starting to speak up. If the “higher quality” posters want to spend time edifying the new ones, there may develop a tolerable steady state.

      If the old regulars are disinterested in engaging the newcomers, then Gresham’s Law will prevail.

      Hope the site gets enough clicks to make it worthwhile.

      • Matt WI

        That’s fair, Rojo. Because it’s not that people disengage from new voices, they disengage from how some, certainly not all, of those voices present themselves (loudly, largely negative, disinterested in openness and more straight opinion than factually informed opinion). This blog has seldom required much enforcement of “culture” beyond the occasional step in from the editors for people who cross obvious lines. But that tide does feel like it’s turning just a bit in a way that nobody could say “that violates X rule.” It’s a matter of tone that people are free to use, but most people didn’t before. Mind you, the editorial posts are as thoughtful as always.

        Most people don’t want to spend their time dealing with that, because it’s largely met with indifference, if not indignance.

      • Jefferson Green

        I could not agree more. I have reduced my reading of game threads and my posts overall. There are far more comments that come across as knee-jerk over-reactions from posters less interested in doing some homework and thinking through their thoughts before posting them for all to see. Many of the more informative posters seem to have quit the site all together. I sure wish there were more reasoned and thought-out conversation, not to mention positive commenting. I want to come here to learn a bit while both supporting and analyzing the team I root for. I wish there were a way for all of us to have to read our own posts half a season later and understand the accuracy of our perspectives.

    • Rich H

      Sure have, Seat. There’s no way to stop stupid, and success inevitably changes things

      • RojoBenjy

        Backhanded insults to the newcomers is one strategy to get your old site back.

    • Charlie Waffles

      It is the new regime. They seem intent on pissing off most of the readership nowadays. It used to be a great place to come for Reds and baseball information. Now if you disagree with a writer you are mocked and ridiculed by said writer in the comments and threatened with banishment. The place has gone down hill faster than Billy Hamilton runs the bases, just since the beginning of the year. There was a stable of good writers here that relayed a lot of good information. A few remain, but sadly, those days are gone. Quality was sacrificed at the alter of profits.

      • Doug Gray

        Charlie, there has not been a single writer that has been let go.

        The only banishment that’s threatened is when people curse or start insulting others directly. If that’s not the case, and it’s being used for other reasons, please email me directly about it.

      • Jefferson Green

        I disagree. A couple of key overseers of this site have consistently defended their judgments – strongly. That is not new. And they have almost always done it with reason and data, so it has helped set the tone for a site that wants educated debate, not just hot takes and personal opinion. While they may not always say things the way I want, and I certainly do not agree with every stance they take, I am appreciative of their work and the effort they go to to argue with facts and informed perspective, not to mention the work that it takes to manage a site with so much happening each day.

  14. PhP

    They could be 16-18 and on the up swing if it wasn’t for these 2 disastrous losses. They were both the types of losses that leave you sick to your stomach.

  15. Don

    Iglesias pitch different without a save on the line. Velocity is down and pitches to middle if plate. In a save fasballs are 5 mph faster and breaking pitches move more. Should pitch unless it is a save situation. Makes tie scores to losses. This is like most closers, no adrenaline when comes in with a tie game.

  16. lost11found

    RI shoulder is what chased him from the starting rotation. I wonder if its flared again and he is trying to pitch through it and not tell anyone. Thats the one logical senario that explains things I can see.

    • ToBeDetermined

      But, how do you explain his dominance that last couple of weeks.

      Iggy is an Enigma.

      • lost11found

        Could feel OK one day, not the next. It could be right on the edge.

        Its just a hypothesis. He wouldn’t be the first or the last player to try and play through pain and hurt the team…

  17. Aaron B.

    This is on the FO.. they could have dealt Iggy at deadline last season and gotten a decent haul… instead they stood pat and now he is worth much less than before.

      • Rich H

        This!!!!…Is stupid. You have no idea what they could’ve gotten, as they were entertaining offers and didn’t find anything good enough. Relievers brought back almost nothing last year. And if you’re weighing the value of a to-that-point excellent reliever against a now backwards-looking crystal ball, you should probably just keep it to yourself.

      • Aaron B.

        Hey Rich, I know exactly what I am talking about. The Padres dealt Brad Hand to the Indians at the deadline and got that Mejia kid a top catching prospect. There were deals to be made and our braintrust decided Iglesias was a core player, meanwhile he is directly responsible for 5 early losses. But your the smartest guy in the room so please enlighten us with your radiant wisdom.

      • Jefferson Green

        Rich and Aaron, this is Redlegnation: please leave out the personal jabs and keep the debates about the topic. You both have some good points – just leave out the ‘stupid’ and the ‘smartest guy in the room’ (and anything else that is about the commenter instead of the comment). I would have enjoyed weighing in on the debate, but not in the middle of the personal stuff. Thanks.

    • PhP

      I agree they probably could have gotten a decent haul for him. But I also thought it was worthwhile keeping him around as part of the “core” players going forward. Obviously it hasn’t looked promising so far. Did you expect him to fall apart, if so why? Just because he’s a reliever and they can be variable season to season? Or because closers aren’t as important on a losing team?

  18. Teddy

    I really thought we were going to get a new type of better thinking manager, but after listening to him defend Iglesias it sounds like Price all over. Iggy has been beyond horrendous pretty much most of the year other than for that nice little swing out west vs the Padres… even though that followed him blowing the save in the Dodger game giving up another 9th inning home run after we had just taken the lead in the top of the 9th. it’s not just the five losses…he’s blown at least three or four saves in other games. We very easily could have a record with six or seven more wins if he was dominant like he has been in the past… but he’s not the same pitcher and he has it been struggling big time since the beginning of Spring training. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. We are 34 games into the season and Garrett/Lorenzen have been by far the most dominant pitchers in the pen. They should be pitching the high leverage situations. Iglesias should be pitching in the type of situations where his pitching so far this year has warranted he pitch, not what he was last year or 2 years ago. Between his use of Iggy, his insistence on changing the lineup everyday…and his unwillingness to let the starting pitchers go deeper than the fifth inning until the last 2 games after yanking Gray too early Friday night, I’m starting to get very very nervous about him as a manager for the next 3 years. I really thought he was going to be good and hopefully this is just his learning curve, but a lot of what he’s doing with the line up, the batting order and the use of the pitchers doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me and I think his record in 1 run gamesbears that out.

    • RojoBenjy

      I think with the talent this team now has, the club should be killing it, not being killed.

      Isn’t that at the root of a lot of our frustrations here?

      • ToBeDetermined


        Agreed by this visitor to this blog.
        This has been very frustrating after last years start which meant a complete wasted season. Then the trades this winter gave one hope of significant improvement. At least a .500 team and if things broke right for them at least an interesting Summer of baseball.

        Problems have been things I didn’t see being issues.
        Just to name a few:
        1) Votto significantly underperforming (he hits in the 1 – 3 spots in lineup)
        2) The team as a whole not hitting at all for 3 – 4 weeks
        3) Iglesias significantly underperforming (he pitches in high leverage situations)
        4) Wood not being able to get onto the mound.
        5) Not scoring for Gray all year until Friday, then he suddenly forgets he pitches for the Reds and not the Yankees.
        6) Jose Peraza – what do you do with the guy ?

        But, there have been bright spots:
        1) Roark has been better than I anticipated
        2) Suarez’s defense from 2 years ago has reappeared
        3) Iglesias at SS has been solid and had some timely hitting that doesn’t necessarily show up in the analytical stats.
        4) Winker’s shoulder appears all healed up and he’s been eating his spinach.

      • Jefferson Green

        I agree it has been frustrating, and we are seeing the learning curve for some young players, new roles, and new coaching staff and a rookie manager, but we fans have to be reminded that outside observers still saw this as a team that would lose more than it won (typical preseason Vegas line was 78.5 wins). This is also a team that has played only 11 of its first 30 games at home, which makes it harder to get out of slumps, be as rested, get extra BP/other work in.

  19. Optimist

    Pathetic loss, but very odd critique of DB game management. Seems he’s either doing the very innovative thing, or stuck on the old-style.

    On the good side, I expect we’ll see VanMeter get several starts in a row and plenty of PAs. Good for the FO also for the moves this week. At least they’ve got Lorenzen/BobSteve/Amir and perhaps Reed finally slotted correctly.

    On the bad side, I guess you have to prove the 3rd time thru the lineup rule applies to Castillo as well. Also, Doug, aren’t you in the “always trade relievers” camp? Have we missed the trade Iggy window? Is Peralta about done? When will Duke go? Can the FO get anything for Hughes/Hernandez?

    • ToBeDetermined


      If even the optimist has a storm cloud over his head, how are the rest of us to survive this season.

      I wanted to comment on your relievers paragraph.
      who would be in your bullpen since it appears you want to trade or dump 5 of the Reds relievers ?

      • Optimist

        If I understand the “always trade relievers” theory, it includes acquiring them. Point being you have to continually cycle through them, even the very best, save only a HOF level one, if you can identify them.

        Also, it’s part moneyball in that other teams will overpay to acquire while you can find value more easily.

        Briefly, you don’t trade all of them at once, and the 4 younger ones are the core we keep now/next year.

  20. Reddawg12

    I have the day off work tomorrow and was going to drive to Cincy from Columbus to catch the game. But after the last few days, I don’t feel like spending the time or money!

  21. Teddy

    Same here, I was going to drive down from Columbus to the game tomorrow also, but not after these last 2 fiasco’s. The Giants are a terrible team…this series should have been 3 of 4 minimum

  22. ToBeDetermined

    Tip my hat to Posey.

    That guy is a good player. I just saw that ball he hit out. 98 mph at the very bottom of the strike zone. down and in. And he lifts it out of the park the other way.

      • ToBeDetermined


        Thanks for the Castillo quote. I’m glad to hear the Castillo just gives credit to Posey on that one. Castillo has been excellent this year. I don’t want him thinking that he can’t throw the ball in the strike zone that it will get hit, Else he’ll start nibbling around the corners too much.

    • da bear

      One might question Barnhart’s pitch selection or the Reds scouting report. Both of Posey’s hits the HR and double were located down and inside.

      In general, why do people have a problem with pitchers ‘nibbling’?
      You throw it down the middle, especially in GASP, the baseballs get deposited over the fence. When pitchers are usually successful it is because they are nibbling, hitting spots all along the outer rectangular zone, varying eye level while moving inside and out.

      • Jefferson Green

        Anybody have a heat chart for Posey’s power handy? Would love to know if Castillo/Barnhart were mistakenly pitching to his strength. Barring that info, it sounds like a good pitch got handled by a premiere hitter. Without that knock, the Reds win the game. Posey will get HOF votes for a reason – we may have seen one here.

  23. jessecuster44

    Maddening. Reds should be on a 3 game win streak, minimum. I hate the fact that Bell is going to keep running Iggy out there. He’s either hurt or has lost his effectiveness.

    • ToBeDetermined


      Bell won’t keep doing it. He may do it for a couple of more games but if Iggy isn’t pitching well it will stop. Bell and pitching coach Johnson do have a certain limit, it just may be longer than many of us have.

      • jessecuster44

        Look how much patience they showed with Schebler before he was sent down… It’s too much patience.

  24. Curt

    I caught flak today for “over-analyzing” analytics in this game. Funny I thought, aren’t analytics by definition “over-analyzing”?.

    I’m fine with them as a tool but baseball’s a human game and therefore requires the proper balance with ‘gut’. Otherwise, might as well just have a computer manage.

    • ToBeDetermined

      1st paragraph — That is funny

      2nd paragraph — That’s the beauty of the analytics, if you stick to them you avoid part of the human problem which is you get too down when things are going bad and you get too high when things are going good.

      However, I do agree with you that there are times where there is a gut decision. And that gut decision needs to be based on something other than fear or greed.

  25. RichS

    Iglesias is clearly struggling, but he should not have been needed for this game. The offense gets four runs, celebrates then falls asleep. Who’s is monitoring these guys. Votto is easy to pick on because he takes so many strikes, Peraza cannot tell a strike from a ball, Suarez thinks home run on every pitch but, like Votto, takes too many good pitches. This team is trying to live by the home run and does not know how to get a base hit…and Puig gets pissed at the first pitch called a strike. They claim they are having fun. It’s time someone woke them up to let them know the season began thirty days ago. Bell deserves some criticism, but he cannot pich hit for any of these guys who always look overmatched unless they are facing a bad pitcher. This entire situation is out of control.

  26. Scott Gennett

    Time to reshape the bullpen as well. Assuming Iglesias is not injured, most relievers go sometime over periods of bad performance or slumps, so they need time to readjust. Perhaps it’s time for Garrett to take over.

  27. WVRedlegs

    Welcome everyone, to the Not Impressed With David Bell Club. What took you all so long?
    Get used to his crap. He is signed long term. His learning curve is going to be long and hard. We are in for a very long and bumpy ride. In a couple of years he may become a good manager, but he is far from that now.

  28. matthew hendley

    After watching a reds documentary full of Dragons, thrones made of weird looking baseball bats, and Noah syndagard getting what he deserves (yes I know that was last season) I have calmed down. Time to move to tomorrow. Educated guess. Bell has until July 2020 to produce results. 3 year contract means that they probably wont consider firing him until the last year. The Reds FO is making the correct moves. Money is less of a consideration (kemp), Rookies whether planned (Nick) or not (JVMR) are being looked at as solutions, even when caution would be advised in other situations. The removal of bad players (as opposed to players who are just in a bad stretch) needs to start happening. Peraza should not be starting. Duke should not be on the team. Peralta can be the LOOGY/Mopup guy. Use the remaining time of Scooters Absence to find out the true extent of JVMTR. Anyway, hope disco does well tomorrow

    • ToBeDetermined


      It seems I am often commenting on your posts. You either make a lot of sense or your just as crazy as I am !

  29. Slicc50

    Man………VERY frustrating. I was just talking with the only “Reds buddy” I have left,(since everyone has gotten rid of the comment section) Friday at work. Does anyone know of a site where I can go and actually comment with Reds fans, in real time, as the game is being played? I told him, this is the weekend the Reds get back close to the .500 mark. 8-0 lead early Friday night, was feeling good about that…….. Not so much now. Why is this offense so wildly in-consistent? Does everyone just swing for the fences every time they come to bat? I hate the fact that it seems like every time someone gets hot, they are on the bench the next day! Now the pitching. The one thing that made you feel good about the Reds chances of winning any given ball game, Can’t hold a big lead! Hopefully, they can get a W today and salvage a split in a series they should be going for a sweep in! Too much talent on this team to be playing the way they are!

    • Curt

      You can comment on the games in real time here. There is a game thread for every game.

  30. CincyBorn23

    This team has been so frustrating. I’ve read on Twitter how despite the losing record, the Reds are at least back to being fun again this season. I’d have to disagree. Outside of a few games where the offense totally exploded with home runs, they have been maddening to watch and at times downright boring with all the first pitch swinging and easy outs.

    I hope something changes soon and the team starts to play with some more consistency! There have definitely been flashes of a strong, competitive team. But losses like Friday and Sunday just can’t happen.

  31. Mason Red

    Too many are attempting to blame the manager for the Reds woes. Sorry to burst the bubble but this isn’t a good baseball team. No question there is talent and with a FO that had a plan or a clue this could be a competitive team. What’s standing in the way isn’t the manager. It’s the FO and ownership.

    • Pete

      It’s a very good baseball team playing bad baseball. Don’t everyone freak out. The team is now hitting but somehow figuring out how to lose perfectly winnable games. I’m confident it will sort itself out. The pieces are there.

      If I was a non-Red fan looking from outside, I would be very bullish on the team’s future – these are growing pains of basically a new club. Hope Vanmeter gets a start and Joey gets a rest today. Ids this kid for real? Let’s find out.

    • greenmtred

      I agree about not blaming Bell. It’s always easy to identify mistakes in retrospect, and doing that is exactly what fans do. But I think it’s too early give up on the FO. The changes in the coaching staff and manager were clear signs of a changed thinking. The new players haven’t all been bums, either. Dietrich, Iglesias and Gray, in particular, add a good deal. The offense is showing signs of heating up, the pitching has, generally, been much better than expected, and even the defense hasn’t been–with the exception of the outfield–particularly brutal.

  32. TR

    The Reds are a different team this year especially in regards to starting pitching which has definitely improved. My feeling is the new manager is often removing the starter too early instead of letting him work through difficulties which, when successful, would increase confidence. As is, the Reds will have an overworked bullpen before midseason. There have been a lot of homeruns, but a key to a winning team is getting runners in from scoring position with timely base hits, and in this area the Reds are not getting it done. A result is too many one run losses which is not the mark of a winning team. It’s still early, so Bell and his coaches, along with an overall improved team, have more time to work things out.

    • Jefferson Green

      Yes, it is still early and many things (roles, players, new coaching and data use, etc.) are getting sorted out and learned by all involved. I think DB has been wanting to instill confidence in a couple of the starters by removing them before things fall apart, but now is beginning to let them pitch a bit deeper into games. We will see how it plays out.

  33. topreds

    All I can say is. Why put your closer in a tied game ? Why take out a pitcher who is pitching well? Leave Garrett in and we win the game, its simple.

  34. Roger Garrett

    Enough blame to go around.There are just a couple of things that concern me personally.One is Iggy’s performance and the bats falling asleep.Iggy’s velocity is up and down and his pitches are center cut for the most part.He has 5 losses but he has given up the lead in the ninth on two other occasions as well.That is really unexcusable after only 34 games in to the season.The velocity issues concern me.Is he not warmed up or is there a shoulder issue?Second issue is the bats.One hit after the first inning and its a two out homer in the ninth by Farmer where Smith says here hit it and he did.I do believe but it needs to start soon that once the OBP improves so does the offense.Power arms,getting on base and home runs win games in the big leagues.Right now the Reds are missing the get on base part.We out homered them 4-2 but 3 of ours were solo.Iggy’s contract and past performance will keep him in the closer role for now but I dare to say not for long.I won’t comment on Bell after living through Price and Riggleman.I will give him the benefit of the doubt until he continues the insane over and over pattern that only produces losses.Lets keep in mind the division we play in and the fact we could be much better and still not come close to 500.Lots of sorting going on right now and that’s ok because if it doesn’t work this year then we just do it all over again next year.Not a lot of money invested for 2020.

    • Jefferson Green

      Iggy has been something of an enigma throughout his career. The velocity has always fluctuated much more than a typical pitcher, and he uses a lot of different pitches/arm angles, so his consistency of command has wavered a lot, as well. I was hoping that he was getting far enough into his career that the variation would diminish a bit, but obviously it is still front and center.

  35. Steven Ross

    Bell finally did something right by slotting Senzel at leadoff for today’s game and dropping Votto to 2nd. Suggestion: keep dropping Votto. As for continuing to use Iggy, I’m reminded of Dusty’s comment: he’s my guy/closer. Cordero. The back of his baseball card says so too.

    • renbutler

      Rotowire says Peraza is in left field today. Is that an reporting mistake?

      • jessecuster44

        maybe it’s “Left Out” instead of Left Field.