It was a busy day this afternoon at Great American Ballpark. The Cincinnati Reds made several roster moves, with perhaps the biggest being the release of outfielder Matt Kemp. Acquired in the trade with the Dodgers over the winter, Kemp had been a 4th outfield option for the Reds, but was being worked into the lineup somewhat regularly in the corners. He was hitting .200/.210/.283 in 62 plate appearances before breaking a rib when he collided with the wall and was placed on the injured list. His release opens up a spot on the 40-man roster – though for now, that spot remains open.

Cincinnati also made some 25-man roster moves. With the bullpen being used plenty last night in an extra-innings loss, the Reds recalled left-handed pitcher Cody Reed from Triple-A. He had a 3.21 ERA for the Louisville Bats in 14.0 innings with 1 home run allowed, 6 walks, and 19 strikeouts. His ground ball rate was also an incredibly high 68% on the season for Louisville.

Scott Schebler was the 25-man roster casualty on the other side of the Reed move. The outfielder was hitting just .123/.253/.222 on the season for the Reds over his 95 total plate appearances. His BABIP was the worst in baseball at .154, so it’s not likely he was nearly as bad as the line suggests – but he had clearly been struggling much of the year after a torrid spring training.

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  1. Hanawi

    Assuming that VanMeter or O’Grady will be up soon? Though I guess they could call up Ervin too.

    • Gaffer

      He is gone, we pay him. If he gets signed by someone else, maybe we get back prorated minimum. That’s it.

  2. Hanawi

    Both O’Grady and VanMeter played a lot of OF last year. Either could easily slot into LF.

  3. burtgummer

    VanMeter has played all positions except catcher,centerfield and of course pitcher
    Personally I’d like to see Schebler dfa’ed and then go from there

    • lwblogger2

      Wow! Look, I’m not the guy’s biggest fan but he’s having one awful season in a fairly successful MLB career. When the Reds got him, I thought he was a pretty good 4th OF option. Then he hit better than I expected, showing a very nice amount of power. It made me think that maybe, assuming health, he was a starting MLB OF. Now, I question that, especially on this team but I still think there is no way he’s not a good option as a #4 OF. He’s just in a horrendous slump and it has happened at the beginning of the year when there is no way it goes unnoticed.

      For his career, Schebler has put up a .240/.318/.443 slash line. That is about league average offense and that counts a horrible 2019 thus far. He’s done it over 4 seasons and 1378 plate appearances. That’s enough of a track record to suggest that he’s going to hit considerably better than he has so far in 2019. He just needs to work on some stuff and get out of his own head. I think the demotion is the right thing to do and the Reds should give a proven MLB player a chance to sort things out in AAA if there is an option to do so.

      The Reds did exactly the right thing here and there is a good chance Schebler rewards them by being a solid player again.

  4. D Ray White

    How does Wandy Peralta still have a roster spot?

    • Hanawi

      Bell can’t have too many relievers on the roster.

    • FreeHouse

      Peralta has more upside than Duke so the question is how does Zach Duke have a roster spot?

    • JayTheRed

      Overall Peralta has pitched pretty well this early season. I see no reason to remove him at this point.

  5. burtgummer

    Keep in mind they can use Lorenzen to ph also

    • Eric

      …and as another outfielder, if needed.

  6. TR

    A good move. I like, what I hope becomes, the regular outfield of Winker, Senzel, Puig. I also think Puig will come around, and I get the feeling he likes playing for the Reds. He has a strong arm which is important for a right fielder and I think he’ll hold down that corner for the next few years.

  7. Doug Gray

    Both of them play the outfield…. They just haven’t been playing as much of it this year.

  8. E

    There are still some quality atms that were not signed. If the front office is serious, throw some money to shore up the liability no one saw. The bullpen sucks

  9. Redsfandownunder

    Kemp would look good in Royal’s Blue with Homer Bailey.

    • redsfandownunder

      LOL. And if Zach Duke can get another win for the Reds today, he’ll have his 3rd also.

  10. Indy Red Man

    Puig is next? What? They’ve needed more right-handed thump for several years now? Suarez can’t do it all. Puig will get it going and his big arm plays huge in little gabp. He can just cut it loose from the wall and have a shot at guys.

  11. SabrChris

    With reports the Scooter is progressing fast than expected I wonder if they leave the 40 spot open for bring him off the 60 day IL.

  12. Doc

    Didn’t Peralta have a strong 2017, then a difficult 2018? He has had one bad outing this year, so I think he has earned a longer look. Iglesius has had more bad outings than good but no one seems to advocate sending him down.

    What sticks out to me is that despite having Capt Hook III, or is it IV, they do not have a couple of long men they can use. Why aren’t Stephenson, and maybe Reed, stretched out to handle three innings. Why ruin your bullpen and effectively have a 2 or 3 man pen then next game because you run people out there from one pitch to one inning at a time, starting in the sixth, then bemoan that your bullpen is weak.

    The one good thing about the three man bench is that if really cuts down Bell’s ability to make so many whimsical, non-sensical moves.

    • JayTheRed

      Well you got your wish Saturday night. Reed pitched 2 2/3 innings and did a pretty good job I thought.

  13. Doc

    Not sure I knew there were four OF spots.

  14. Roger Garrett

    Obvious moves that just had to be made.Reed was a head scratcher to being with because he adds swing and miss stuff to the pen.Shows some guts by releasing Kemp but he has nothing left to offer.Hopefully Scott will regain his stroke but the 3 guys starting in the outfield have more to offer now and in the future.Good moves that provide stability and somewhat of a plan as we play on this season.Go Reds.

  15. David

    Here are some 2019 wOBA/xwOBA:

    Schebler 0.225/0.241
    Peraza 0.223/0.218
    Kemp 0.210/0.195

    According to xwOBA, Schebler has only been marginally unlucky and Kemp actually had some luck on his side. Schebler and Peraza have each logged about 100 PA. Miserable.

  16. Drrobo

    How did Kemp fit in? Perhaps I am reading more into it than what was actually said but Williams comments came across to me as he was not good for the clubhouse chemistry.

  17. JayTheRed

    Puig has a history of slower starts and he warms up once the weather does. I think we might be seeing signs of him warming up cause the balls he is hitting they are just flying off the bat at over 100 mph the past few days. He did have a pretty good night at the plate tonight too.

  18. JayTheRed

    I have to disagree with you Puig isn’t going anywhere soon. If the Reds are sucking and they feel like they can’t get him at a decent price for a extension then they may try to move him at the deadline. I hope that is not the case.

  19. JayTheRed

    I am wondering what is up with Peraza. He showed some nice promise last season. Shrugs… Hope he can turn it around some.

    • lost11found

      Players like peraza are going to have some ugly slumps, but if he plays good d. The value will probably be there when added up at the end of the season.

  20. Steven Ross

    Puig is next? I’ll professionally disagree and leave it at that. Van Meter gets the call up. Glad to see Kemp released. Now it’s all Winker in LF. Sending Schebler down was an easy decision. Honestly, I like Scott but it’s time to move him. I no longer see a future for him on this team with Senzel now in CF.