In the aftermath of a crushing 12-11 loss to the Giants, the Reds host the second game of a four-game series today at 7:10 p.m. Eastern time at Great American Ball Park. As part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the first professional baseball team, the Reds will wear “throwback” uniforms both today and Sunday.

Brian Erts posted some historical background on today’s throwback uniform earlier today here at Redleg Nation.

This afternoon, the Reds made a move which really needed to be made:

It needed to be made because Schebler was struggling so mightily that he was not able to contribute to a team that needs players who can hit right now. He needs to get his hitting stroke together at Louisville and perhaps rejoin the Reds later in the year. And Reed will help a bullpen that is overworked.

Also, the Reds today announced the release of outfielder Matt Kemp, who is on the disabled list with a broken rib. Kemp clearly was not the player he was in the early part of last season for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Reds will eat the remainder of Kemp’s $21-million salary for 2019. In effect, that’s a little less than they would have had to eat had they released Homer Bailey outright instead of sending him to LA in the deal that brought Kemp to Cincinnati. The move opens a spot on the 40-man roster, which may be filled by the player mentioned below in the news and notes section.

Today’s moves mean you have your starting outfield for the foreseeable future set in Jesse Winker in left, Nick Senzel in center, and Yasiel Puig in right. For tonight’s game, however, only three position players are available off the bench — Kyle Farmer, Jose Iglesias and Curt Casali.

Starting Pitchers

Dereck Rodriguez 31 4.35 4.32 19.1% 6.5%
Tanner Roark 28.2 4.08 5.12 20.5% 11.4%

Judging by the statistics, the Giants would appear to have the advantage in this matchup. Righthander Rodriguez strikes out about three times as many batters as he walks. Unless he rights himself, Roark is likely a candidate for a long relief role down the road. He seems to get through his first two times through the batting order in pretty decent shape, but the wheels begin to come off when he hits that third trip through. He would also be a good candidate to serve as an “opener” pitcher who starts a game but is not expected to pitch any more than two or three innings.


Zach Duke has appeared in three consecutive games. No other reliever has pitched in the past two games. Robert Stephenson and David Hernandez would seem to be the freshest, having not appeared since Thursday. It’s become very clear why David Bell wanted to start the season with eight relievers. His pattern is not to allow his starting pitcher to go through the opposing batter order more than twice unless he is dominating. Then, when the bullpen is called upon, Bell is matchup-driven. Newcomer Cody Reed will probably be called upon if Roark gets into trouble early in today’s game.

Starting Lineups

Giants Reds
2B Joe Panik 1B Joey Votto
LF Mike Gerber 3B Eugenio Suarez
C Buster Posey LF Jesse Winker
1B Brandon Belt RF Yasiel Puig
3B Evan Longoria 2B Derek Dietrich
SS Brandon Crawford CF Nick Senzel
CF Kevin Pillar SS Jose Peraza
RF Steven Duggar P Tanner Roark
P Dereck Rodriguez C Tucker Barnhart

Additional insights into the statistical history of the players in today’s game is available all season long at

News and Notes

So, Josh VanMeter has pretty much come out of nowhere with an amazing early-season performance. The Reds acquired him from the Padres in December 2016 in a trade that sent Rule 5 draft pick Luis Torrens to San Diego. Torrens, a catcher, had been drafted by the Reds from the Yankees organization. Torrens spent the entire 2017 season with the Padres, batting .163. Since then, he has been at the lower levels of the Padres organization.

53 Responses

  1. Art

    Fortunately, I have to go to my granddaughter’s dance recital tonight.

  2. Klugo

    “Imagine coming home for 1st weekend of season, kicking off 150 years celebration, debuting your top prospect….and blowing an 8-0 lead and losing 12-11. ”

    Heads roll. In this case, Kemp and Schebler.

  3. matthew hendley

    Lineup looks good considering posible after effects of Iglesias fouling the balls of the foot.
    Significant news today. Schebler has demonstrated Considerable Power in seasons past. If he can find that stroke again he can be a potent weapon off the Bench. Kemps release must at least have had his acquiescence, as releases of Injured players against their will is a CBA violation. Reds OF looks legit right now. Reds must return from yesterdays crushing loss.

  4. Seat101

    War of Wiil
    Master Fencer.

  5. Klugo

    I’m sorry, but I think those uni’s look ridiculous; especially, on David Bell. Why do the managers wear uniforms, anyways? They don’t do that in any other sport.

    • matthew hendley

      They didn’t think so in…1902….cause managers used to be a player as far as why they wear unis.
      You are right, they look a little off

  6. Chris Holbert

    Nibbler Roark….no wonder he gets too 100 pitches in 5 innings…

    • Aaron B.

      I just don’t get his first quote after being traded to the Reds “Attack attack attack..” was he being sarcastic?

  7. Seat101

    And we’re off! Imagine what you guys would be complaining about if you had actually given up a run

  8. matthew hendley

    Puig, no doubt about that hit. Coming around.

  9. renbutler

    This team has to lead the league in TOOTBLANs and overall bad baserunning.

  10. Mark Lang

    Puig needs to be sat down right now. He should have been warned yesterday when he did the same thing – today, it should be he sits.

    • matthew hendley

      The roster movements of the day, should indicate that Puig isn’t sitting. Period. Nor should he.

      • Mark Lang

        Be sat for the day. I didn’t think that needed to be said.

      • matthew hendley

        Oh I understood, No way would I punish initiative on the base paths. didn’t work that time, has worked multiple times before

  11. Chris Holbert

    The guy gets three hits last night, the pitcher is in the on deck circle…come on DB…..

  12. matthew hendley

    Votto finally breaks the out streak with the walk….. and then immediately scores. Peraza with the walk…. (good job, giving credit where it is due) and he scores too. Reds out the gate hard 2 days in a row.

  13. renbutler

    The Giants are getting Marty Fostered with this strike zone tonight.

    • matthew hendley

      is that phrase going to enter the RLN vernacular now?

  14. renbutler

    Another gift on the basepaths. Good grief.

  15. matthew hendley

    If the ground is dry Puig is no doubt safe. After looking at the replay I actually think he was safe. But If the reds don’t want to look at it oh well. Puig 2-2 though

    • renbutler

      I thought he was safe initially, but the replays were conclusive, IMO. Barely out.

      • matthew hendley

        Fair enough, also fair enough, the way the ball was hit an attempt at a double was reasonable.
        Roark Dealing tonight.

  16. Chris Holbert

    Roark 65 through 4 maybe his lowest output of the year…

  17. matthew hendley

    Barnhart is tired of your lack of faith

    • matthew hendley

      Was that Joey, with the stolen base? He isn’t having hitting trouble, he is turning into billy Hamilton.

  18. Chris Holbert

    Thom keeps saying took a home run away…I don’t believe that was out, it would have been nice for Senzel, but it looked short to me….

    • yorktownred

      Agree with that. I think it would have hit off the top of the wall. No way was that equivalent to an Edmonds or Hamilton robbery. Almost an Ozuna moment for the centerfielder.

  19. Chris Holbert

    Rodriguez went to the wind up….Hamilton would have been on third….lol

  20. Big Ed

    Roark has thrown 79 pitches. Time for the beloved manager to take him out.

  21. matthew hendley

    Derek Deitrich’s Actions after a home run off the bat are CLASSIC, that slow turn and…..just wow.

    • matthew hendley

      Evidently Nick Senzel needs to talk with Deitrich about his homerun trot.…. NICK

  22. yorktownred

    GABP special for Dietrich! Followed by Senzel!!!!!

    Save some for tomorrow boys……wait…….what? On second thought, keep pouring it on.

    • matthew hendley

      Tommorows matchup will be the Proverbial Pitching duel of the series. Castillo v Samargia (sp)

  23. WVRedlegs

    That was 7 or 8 rows deep for Senzel. Not a cheapie.

  24. Indy Red Man

    Could start a new era for the Reds? Senzel might give them a spark on offense. DD needs to play every time vs RHP

    It would be nice if Reed got a few innings?

  25. matthew hendley

    Cody Reed fans didn’t have to wait long

  26. yorktownred

    Nice comeback Cody. Needed that.

  27. WVRedlegs

    Good outing by Roark. Funny it was the Giants 6-7-8 hitters that got to Roark. He didn’t give up a hit to the top 5 in SF’s lineup.
    Nice K by Reed after getting behind 3-0 in the count.

    • Roger Garrett

      He didn’t nibble as much and was really good.His stuff plays.Not over powering but good enough if he doesn’t nibble.The run support helped obviously as it does with all starters.Room for error is a good thing.

  28. Mark Lang

    Puig finally found a way to get on base without making an out.

  29. matthew hendley

    Puig also is tired of your lack of faith. 3 H game.

    • Mark Lang

      2 hits and 2 rallies nullified by him making outs on base running errors.

  30. renbutler

    All eight position players have scored a run.

    YOU get a run, and YOU get a run…

  31. Roger Garrett

    Reed is back.Another solid move by the Reds.Just never understood why he was sent down to begin with.Swing and miss stuff from a lefty is a good thing.Fastball command and that wipe out slider plays

  32. WVRedlegs

    Liked the way Reed pumped his fist into his glove on the way back to the dugout. He was pumped.
    3 I’d in 1.1 IP. Excellent.

  33. matthew hendley

    To Cap off yesterdays/this mornings conversation about professionalism in baseball. Look at Nick Senzel, came up yesterday. Ready to play. In 48 hours all the 1st are out the way. walk, hit, run, homerun, etc. There is no, ‘he is nervious in the zone. He needs time. Repeated excuses that seem to last for years waiting for a corner that is never turned.’ Even his defense, which isn’t what I would call aesthetically pleasing is still good. He was ready to play DAY 1. He was ready to win, day 1.

    • Wayne nabors

      Yet you argued that schebler should have been the c.f. from opening day,we have discussed this more than once you and I,I said sensei is the real deal and you disagreed

      • matthew hendley

        Its cause I had forseen his injury.

        No really, I said that and I will stand by it. And I would say it again. 2 reasons.
        1. Schebler was destroying the ball in the spring. Senzel was not. You cant just go giving things to people, lest they start expecting it. Look at Jose Peraza. They Gave him the 2B, then SS, then 2B job again. He has lost them all, (and he will be riding the bench when scooter returns. Granted the injury was a slight setback, but it gave him the fire that lit him up and had him entering GABP in 5th gear.
        2. Service time, Duh, I mean really, you all want to sit here and talk about 2020 and 2021 and not talk about service time? ‘but San Diego did it’ yea, and where is Tatis now, On the IL, racking up MLB service time, not providing anything for the Padres and as he is injured they cant option him either. Granted Senzel was supposed to be up sooner then this, but that kind of player, you get all the control you can. Every time, Schebler was the Opening day CF

  34. WVRedlegs

    Is it these old uniforms or does Reed look 10 to 15 pounds lighter?

    • yorktownred

      Roark didn’t look lighter. Reed must have lost weight.

  35. stuck with the Redlegs

    hate to see Sheb loss his spot but he had more than a chance