Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (13-18) 0 4 0
New York Mets (16-15) 1 4 0
W:  Syndergaard (2-3) L: Mahle (0-4)
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The Cincinnati Reds struggling offense went up against one of the best starting pitchers alive on Thursday afternoon. It went as expected. Noah Syndergaard dominated.

The Offense

Derek Dietrich went 2-4. Eugenio Suarez and Jose Peraza each singled. Marty Foster and Noah Syndergaard combined to strike out 10 Cincinnati Reds hitters. The offense continues to struggle.

David Bell and Jesse Winker were ejected from the game in the 9th inning after Winker began to argue balls and strikes. Umpire Marty Foster took exception to someone questioning his strikezone and that set Winker off, which led to his ejection. That’s when Bell raced from the dugout to push Winker aside and go off on Foster, who then ejected the Reds manager. Bell has now been ejected from a game three times this season. That’s once every week-and-a-half for those keeping track at home.

On the bright side, Michael Lorenzen stole second in the top of the 9th, his 1st stolen base of the season, which was cool to see. – Wes Jenkins

For the second straight day, the bats went completely silent. A few seeing-eye singles were all the Reds could manage on Joey Votto’s off-day. But, it’s Nick SenzelEve, and he can fix everything, right? Right? – Wes Jenkins

The Pitching

Tyler Mahle was strong over five innings, but he made one mistake. To the opposing pitcher. Noah Syndergaard hit an opposite field, 407-foot home run – the only run of the game for either side. Aside from that, Mahle was rather dominant. He allowed just four hits, walked no one, and he racked up 7 more strikeouts. His ERA dropped to 4.09 and he now has 33 strikeouts with 7 walks in 33 innings on the year.

David Bell had a short leash, as usual, though. After just 84 pitches, Mahle was replaced by Zach Duke. He, Robert Stephenson, and David Hernandez all tossed a shutout inning of relief to keep the Reds in the game. Stephenson lowered his ERA on the season to 2.30, while Hernandez saw his drop to 3.77. It was another well pitched game that was for nothing as the offense came up completely empty.

The game was a quick on, coming in at just two hours and ten minutes. That is easily the shortest game of the year, besting the April 5th game – also a loss – by 15 minutes.

Notes worth noting

Nick Senzel is joining the Cincinnati Reds for the game on Friday. The Reds top prospect since the day he was drafted in 2016 has hit .312/.388/.508 in his minor league career. If you are out of market, this will be the Free Game of the Day via

The Cincinnati Reds will wear throwback uniforms on both Saturday (1902) and Sunday (1911) as they kick off their 150th anniversary celebrations throwbacks.

Yasiel Puig is having a baseball camp on July 19th in Cincinnati for boys and girls in 1st-8th grade. If you’ve got kids that might be interested in that, check it out at

Up Next For The Reds

San Francisco Giants at Cincinnati Reds

Friday May 3rd, 7:10pm

Tyler Beede (0-0, 0.00 ERA) vs Sonny Gray (0-4, 3.64 ERA)

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  1. DocProc

    Marty Foster should be ashamed of himself. Hope he’s forced to see a post-game analysis of his strike zone.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Is Marty Foster an umpire? Because I thought I heard Syndergarden (ok, now I see why they call him Thor, I can’t spell that) had a complete game.

      I saw Winker got thrown out of the game.
      Did the Mets fan wave him goodbye ?

    • Tservo

      Apparently, other’s noticed as well. He made the list as “worst call of the day” by UmpireAuditor on the Twitter. Supposedly called a strike (against a Met batter) on a ball that missed by almost 5 inches.

      (Apologies if I’ve done this wrong; I don’t have any affiliation with the Twitterverse – I don’t even have an account – and it’s the first time I’ve tried to link to something I’ve seen)

      • Jim Walker

        A really interesting part of this is that buried in the Twitter thread is a tweet from Umpire Auditor saying the pitcher that sent Winker bonkers was actually a legitimate strike. Per UA, the pitch was in the strike zone early then broke/ moved so radically it appeared to be a ball in retrospect.

  2. Doc

    Five innings and then reliever, reliever, reliever, reliever. The game is fast becoming a rival for soccer as boring as can be. The Reds will falter late and bullpen fatigue will be the excuse. Managing will be the (unspoken) cause.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Don’t look now but The Reds are faltering now.
      I wonder when was the last time they were not in last place in the division

    • citizen54

      All this griping about Bell making pitching changes is starting to get ridiculous. Have you guys considered the possibility that the Reds pitching is good because Bell isn’t allowing his starters to face the batting order the third time through? The Reds pitching staff currently has the highest WAR in baseball but I guess you guys would prefer the starters going 7 innings each and the Reds having the worst pitching in the league.

      • Seat101

        Don’t bother. They are not listening

      • Jim Walker

        I understand your point; but, the current situation is not sustainable either. They are in the midst of 20 games in 20 days; and, the bullpen was already so used up they had to go to a 3 man bench the last 2 games to have a 14th pitcher available. No doubt they’ll drop down to 13 to create a spot for Senzel; but, there are 10 more games until an off day. What will they do the next iteration or the next.

        With the rule changes already announced to come online in 2020, pitchers are going to have to face at least 3 batters unless they finish an inning having faced fewer. And they are adding 5 additional days to the minimum time a pitcher must spend on the IL which will crimp the AAA shuffle shuttle to keep bullpens fresh. Bottom line is they are inventing a dinosaur!

      • citizen54

        What do you mean by “not being sustainable?” Which reliever in particular do think is being overworked?

        The game is evolving towards starters going less innings than in the past. The average start is now 5.28 innings so it’s not like Bell is doing anything drastic by making pitching changes in the fifth and sixth innings. Most Reds’s games being close doesn’t help out either.

      • Jim Walker

        Cit554> Iggy and Hernandez were both unavailable Wednesday night.

        Iggy threw 28 pitches in a successful 2 inning save Monday. They brought him back on Tuesday; and, he had nothing left to give in a 17 pitch losing effort.

        Hernandez pitched on 3 consecutive days for the 1st time in his career Sunday through Tuesday.

        A 14th pitcher was called up Wednesday obviously to be on hand in case Disco turned out to be a short timer. This suggests even more guys were unavailable or on very short suspense Wednesday.

        Stephenson rarely if ever pitches on consecutive days. Lorenzen sits a day if he goes double digit pitches.

      • citizen54

        If you check the stats of Iggy, Hernandez, Stephenson or anyone in the pen you would see that they are on pace for the same amount of innings or slightly above the the innings they pitched last year. No one is currently being overworked.

        As for using up Iggy, who would you have wanted to pitch in a high leverage situation? It’s certainly not Bell’s fault that the Reds have had many consecutive tight games lately. You could use the same argument for Hernandez having to pitch three consecutive games. Would you rather have Bell pitching Duke more and blowing games so that Iggy and Hernandez are able to rest?

        Could Stephenson handle more than one inning? Yes and he has. It’s just lately his spot in the batting order has come up so Bell has used a pinch hitter in a tied or close game and even then you are talking about spreading people over 5 innings, his latest 1 inning or less appearances.

        Bottom line is if the Reds were up 5-1 or losing 1-5, I’m sure Bell would let the starters go longer or the relievers pitch more innings per appearance. The problem is, the Reds have been in so many high leverage situations so far that Bell has had to micro manage his pen.

      • BK

        Carrying 8 relievers gives Bell the flexibility to manage the bullpen as he has (extra pitcher will be able to manage the extra appearances and innings). No stats to back this up, but it seems to me that if the pitcher warms up, they get into the game more often than in the past. Also, there are still several viable options ready to be recalled from Louisville if necessary. I think Bell et. al. are handling the pitching staff well–putting them in the position to excel.

      • Jim Walker

        I am on the same page as Php.

        But I will just throw this out for consideration. The opportunity cost of the way they are using the bullpen is the shortened bench. They’ve got guys at AAA who are truly mashing at the plate. Who knows what kind of shot in the arm it might be to the offense to have 1 of them around to spot into a game the way the pitchers are being spotted.

      • greenmtred

        What you said, Citizen54. There’s probably legitimate reason to worry about bullpen fatigue going forward, but Bell would be catching tremendous heat for leaving guys in too long (remember Dusty?) if he didn’t use the hook early.

    • Rich H

      They’re actually in the bottom third of relief innings pitched in MLB right now, which I found surprising. If they start wearing out, so will pretty much everybody else.

      • Php

        They maybe be that in terms of innings pitched, but as Cossack pointed out on the other thread, they are number 1 in terms of appearances. They also have 4 of the top 16 in individual appearances. A lot of warm up pitches being thrown.

        I think most people just feel it’s not sustainable. I don’t mind him pulling the starter early. What I don’t like is making Garrett and Stevenson essentially a Loogy and Roogy most nights. I think if he let them go 1+ innings it would cut down on total bullpen usage.

      • citizen54

        I’m guessing a lot of these people who are complaining about Bell’s short hook are the same ones who would be getting on Bell for leaving a pitcher one batter too long.

        The Reds have gone from a bottom five staff to one of the best in baseball under Bell and people are still moaning. We asked for a manager that would embrace data and that’s what we got yet some people are still acting like Bell is the worst manager out there. It’s just crazy.

      • Old-school

        Bell clearly believes in matchups.
        Stephenson, Iglesias, and Lorenzen are the only 3 relief pitchers who avg more than 1 IP per appearance. Stephenson leads the relieving corps in WAR at 0.5 in only 10 appearances. Who predicted that?

        We don’t know how often guys warm up and don’t pitch. Perhaps bell and Johnson are proactive and decide if you warm up, you pitch.

        These relievers are paid professionals. I don’t know that pitching 13-16 innings in 6 weeks is overuse. No red reliever is over 16 innings. I also don’t know that throwing 17 pitches on Tuesday and 8 pitches on Wednesday and 14 pitches on Friday is overuse. No reds pitcher is projected for more than 75-80 innings.

        The numbers show David Bell and DJ are doing a great job with pitching

      • PhP

        Citizen 54,
        I’m not moaning about the results. I’m saying I’m not sure if it’s sustainable. I realize they aren’t pitching many innings but they are pitching consecutive days and multiple times a week. Like another poster pointed out, he had to call up another pitcher just in case because of lack of availability, only leaving a 3 man bench.

        If you have any evidence to the contrary suggesting pitching this many appearances per week over the course of the season won’t lead to pitcher burn out I’ll listen. But I think we’re approaching new territory league wide in terms of bullpen usage so I would surprised if there was any evidence one way or the other on this workload’s effect on arms.

      • citizen54

        @PhP Have you stopped to consider the fact that the Reds have had a high number of appearances because they lead all of baseball in the number of 1 run games? Also the lack of availability of specific relievers stems more from the fact that the Reds have been involved in 14 one run and 6 two runs games than David Bell not knowing how to manage a bullpen. Besides, not sure why people are so hung up on the number of appearances. Appearances have been around forever so if you know of a study that correlates number of appearances to pitcher performance then please feel free to share it.

        And FYI, the Reds do not lead the league in appearances. The Dodgers are 1st with 146. The Reds are second in the league with 144 appearances. The Cardinals are 5th with 138 so it’s not like the Reds have that many more appearances than the team leading the division. I honestly don’t get all this hand wringing about David Bell.

      • Old-school

        The bell/Johnson relief pitching approach is a legitimate debate and worthy of dialogue. I would suggest Reds fans look at the 1975 relief corps- 4 guys over 90 innings with Carroll/ Mcenany/ borbon / Eastwick. The 1990 trio with Myers/ dibble/ Charlton. That doesn’t include Rob Murphy, Danny Graves, Scott Williamson , David Weather and rubber arm Scott Sullivan . Derek Johnson knows his craft

      • PhP

        I’m not wringing hands nor saying emphatically that Bell doesn’t know how to manage a bullpen. I’m just making an observation that the bullpen has a lot of appearances (it was 1st the other day even if it dropped to 2nd today) and it doesn’t seem sustainable to use 6 relievers almost every night. My only real criticism of him is his reliance on only using Garrett (and to a lesser extent Stevenson) as a Loogy most nights.

  3. burtgummer

    The Reds will never get out of last place until they learn how to hit the darn ball,this is beyond ridiculous.They make a boatload of money and pretty much do nothing to earn it (except for the pitchers of course)

  4. Doug Gray

    Looks like we had double-duty on the game recap today…. Oops.

    • burtgummer

      I don’t know what’s more aggravating the fact that the Reds can’t hit or the fact that an umpire can get into a players face until the player loses it and gets tossed

      • lwblogger2

        Always found it interesting as a player that in general, the worst umpires were often the most confrontational. Didn’t deal with any MLB umps but was true in HS, USAF, Independent ball, and heck, even over-30 recreational league ball!


    Jobu asleep and Thor rules the day.

    On to Senzel Friday!! ??

    • ToBeDeterminded


      I’d read an article with either of those titles

    • ToBeDetermined

      I wonder what Don Long is doing right now ?
      OH, Ok I looked it up. I wonder if he is helping Chris Davis out with his swing.

      From an article:
      Chris Davis [of the Orioles] has been really hot since he finally broke through.
      In his last 13 games, including a big April 13th breakthrough, Davis is hitting .325/.357/.625. After going 54 at-bats without a hit, Davis has 13 hits in his last 40 at-bats. During that time, he has three doubles and three homers. He’s also driven home 11 runs. In this last 13 games, Davis started and played a full game 10 times. He’s had at least one hit in seven of them and has had four multi-hit games.

  6. WVRedlegs

    Let’s hope there is more roster change tomorrow than just swapping out Senzel for Bowman. Cardinal sin by Mahle to give up a HR to the opposing pitcher. But we’ll take what he did today each time he goes out.
    Time for Dick Williams to start looking for roster alternatives. The Wild Horse has become ready for the glue factory. The Dead Horse. What a disappointment Puig has been. Schebler is even a worse disappointment. Purge all 3 of the Opening Day starting outfielders from the roster, the worst OF in all of MLB. Winker and Senzel are two thirds of the overhaul. C’mon DW, go get a real RF. But try a little harder than you did to get Yelich and Realmuto.

    • ToBeDetermined

      I think the cardinal sin is to walk the opposing pitcher.
      Syndergardn [or whatever his name is] earned it.

    • lwblogger2

      I honestly thought that Puig was going to be a “real RF”. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I do know that his track record and age suggest that he will hit this season. I don’t think it’s time to send him to the glue factory quite yet.

  7. Roger Garrett

    No leadership among the players and no accountability coming from the front office.This is major league baseball and not little league where everybody has to play and its not if we win or lose.Nobody is even resembling a major league hitter.Major leaguers swing at strikes and take balls .They don’t strike out looking nor do they swing at the first pitch after a four pitch walk.They try to move runners over if somebody is on base and try to put the ball in play when if they do it means a run.They play as a team and not as a bunch of individuals trying to hit an 8 run homer on a pitch in the dirt or one over their head.Johnson is doing his job and Ward is not unless his message is close your eyes and swing this at bat and never swing the next at bat.Nobody is even going to the plate with a plan or even a clue as to what the situation calls for.Its just swing swing and swing and hope you hit it.Enough said.Get some hitters and you can win this thing.I normally always agree with Doc but this team is already faltering and it has nothing to do with the bullpen.Bell is trying to keep the game winnable and if we would score a couple and get a lead then he could risk a third time through the order for a pitcher

    • Bred

      I agree completely. Sadly, perhaps, that style of baseball is gone. I miss games played like that. Do any teams play the game you described? Now, it is launch angels, dingers, and strikeouts. Maybe if the Reds were successful, I would find today’s game entertaining. Go Reds!

      • CP

        Roger’s comment is just a bunch of cliche nonsense, but you are right in on aspect….winning cures all, and it can save this miserable fan base.

    • CFD3000

      One big problem today was that “major leaguers swing at strikes and take balls” thing. Just in the last four outs, Votto took ball 2 but was called out anyway. Winker got ejected following frustration with the terrible strike zone, then Farmer took a ball and got called out on strikes. And the ball that Puig took for strike three to end the game was probably the worst of all. I’m not blaming this loss on an umpire, but hitters can’t be reliably selective if the strike zone is constantly changing and inconsistent, and it seems like we’ve seen a lot of that. Today was just the worst example.

      • Tservo


        As several people have pointed out, these guys are (for the most part) professional hitters. Implied in that is the idea that they have an understanding of what the strike zone. I would trust Votto to lay off a pitch up around his armpits since I trust that he knows that’s above the strikezone. Yet, he got rung up on a pitch like that yesterday.

        It would be as if four of us sat down to play cards, yet three of us thought we were playing hearts, and the fourth thought we were playing spades. We all know the rules for both, but we can’t be on the same page if we aren’t all playing by the same rules. Likewise, if a batter has a different concept of the strikezone than the umpire (which shouldn’t happen since it is defined by the rules), or even worse, if the strikezone changes from at bat to at bat it has to be driving hitters crazy.

        I guess what I’m saying is that I agree with CFD that we can’t blame the umpire for losing, but we (as in MLB) can hold them accountable for being terrible umpires. I thought there was supposed to be some scoring system for umpires against the Statcast strikezone compiled after every game that, if they varied too much, would result in some sort of consequence. Or did that go the way of the pitch clock and the prohibition of batters wandering around and re-dressing themselves after every pitch?

      • matthew hendley

        “I thought there was supposed to be some scoring system for umpires against the Statcast strikezone compiled after every game that, if they varied too much, would result in some sort of consequence. Or did that go the way of the pitch clock and the prohibition of batters wandering around and re-dressing themselves after every pitch?”

        There is and in theory they get reviewed after every game. The issue is that once they make it to the majors umpires are into the Umpire union and cant get fired or disciplined easily. Those reviews end up usually only effecting playoff and WS games along with the ASG. Games that come with Bonuses for the umpires as well. If you are asking weither or not there is any punitive punishment. Not really no.

    • greenmtred

      You’ve identified what major league hitters should do, but most or all of them break those rules from time to time. We don’t know about leadership or the lack of it, and accountability is provided by box scores and team record. The whole lineup could be fired, I suppose, in the name of accountability, but that would be very unlikely to improve the situation. I have no idea why the Reds, despite our expectations, are hitting so poorly. Maybe it’s a rigged season?

  8. jreis

    I really think Lorenzen needs to get some more time in the outfield.
    Puig looks like he needs a couple of days off. lets put Lorenzen in right and Senzel in center for tomorrows game.

  9. Art

    The game was on MLB Network today. I think the Mets tv crew do a good job. They are for their team but do a fair job describing the visiting team. And they registered sympathy with complaints from both teams about the shape shifting strike zone.

  10. Mr Met

    Mets fan here. Foster embarrassed himself today and made a great case for robo-umps. I think he tried to call a pick off attempt at first a strike. But he did suck equally for both sides.

      • ToBeDetermined

        When I saw that pitch to Winker. I was like that is so far outside and high. But, then they put the box up where the ball crossed home plate and it actually looked like a strike.

        So I’m saying the RoboUmp would have called it a strike also.

      • Jim Walker

        Yes I saw the retrospective comment about the Winker pitch. Turns out it was just one heck of an unhittable pitch which was also worthy of being called a strike.

        If I may, I also think this is part of Votto’s issue. In believe he is taking pitches now which in the past he would have spoiled (presumably because he feels he can’t get to them anymore); and, it is turning out that many of them are strikes.

        And note that many times his reaction does seem to more of frustration than outright anger at the ump.

  11. Datdudejs

    Yet they are in the bottom third in innings pitched, and have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball. You people are ridiculous. Quit listening to Marty and Thom, the pitchingor the handling of the pitching is not this teams problem

  12. Steve

    Ad I said before, if you tried to remove Nolan Ryan after leading and throwing 85 pitches (like yesterday) or removing him after being behind in the 5th by one run. He would probably hit the manager in the gut. They say they are trying to save them, and they are more injuries today, compared to when pitcher thru 200-300 innings.

    • Keith

      Call me when Nolan Ryan shows up in our rotation.

      • Warren Leeman


        THERE’S A CALL FOR @Keith

    • Doug Gray

      There are more injuries today because guys are throwing 95, not 85.

      And if guys try to go back to throwing 85, like they did in 1986, you’re going to have scores to baseball games be 27-22 every night.

      Nolan Ryan was a freak of nature. Guys aren’t built to throw 95+ for that long. That he did was a miracle. Expecting someone else to replicate that is a wild thing.

      • greenmtred

        Should have read yours before I wrote mine, Doug. I’m not as certain about those outcomes for slower-throwing pitchers as you are, though. a grooved 86mph fastball gets hit in any era, of course, but that’s not what those pitchers were doing. Location, location, location. Movement.

    • greenmtred

      Nolan Ryan excepted, pitchers today are routinely throwing much harder (and thus stressing arms, shoulders, etc.) than they did even ten years ago. Ryan was, by all accounts, a physical marvel. It’s not realistic to expect the vast majority of pitchers to be able to do what he did.

  13. Sliotar

    I have read the recap and all the comments above me.

    Where is the criticism of Winker?

    He can’t get thrown out in that situation. No matter how bad that call was.
    Only consistent source of power on team right now, at bat, in the 9th inning of a 1-0 game.

    He did more than merely “question.” He turned his feet, turned his body towards the umpire and gestured towards the plate. Everyone in Citi Field could get see he was calling out/challenging Foster.

    Maybe a Votto or Arenado stay in the game at that point…maybe.
    What has Jesse Winker done? Get a mention on NYC sports talk for taunting fans?

    If Cincinnati had any baseball media, like New York/Boston/Chicago… Winker might held accountable for letting the team down in a key spot. He was immature today.

    Instead, I am guessing we will have the usual apologists writing/talking about how Winker is being held down and not being let to “play.”

    • Joey

      I love me some Winky but that did Stinky!

    • Old-school

      Winker did let his team down. He should have stepped out of the box and collected himself. I’m sure at 25 he will learn from this.

      That said- the calls made after that, including the Puig K to end the game were awful. Umpires need to stay objective and after the emotion of the Winker/Bell confrontation, it appeared the umpire was carrying his emotions over to subsequent hitters.

      Reds offense is terrible. I do think they get a pass against deGrom and Thor- 2 dominant power righties in their prime.

  14. ToBeDetermined

    Bafoon. Wait a minute I think that is a synonym for nincapoop.

  15. ToBeDetermined

    Getting a split in this series is not bad after just giving away game 2. When you had your best going against their worst

  16. Old-school

    Luis Castillo NL pitcher of the month. Fantastic.

  17. Warren Leeman

    Wow…appreciate the last two games, baseball fans. The Reds competed against arguably 2 of the best, if not the best, starting pitchers in the NL with their 3rd and 4th best starters and they came away with an absolute draw.

    9 IP, 4-H, 1-BB, 10-SO, 0-ER
    8 IP, 4-H, 1-HR, 1-2B, 1-BB, 9-SO

    9 IP, 4-H, 1-HR, 3-BB, 8-SO, 1-ER
    9 IP, 5-H, 2-2B, 1-BB, 10-SO, 0-ER

    Remember the Reds pitching staff from the last 4 seasons?

    2018: 4.63 ERA (14th of 15 NL teams), 819 R (15th of 15 NL teams)
    2017: 5.17 ERA (15th of 15 NL teams), 869 R (15th of 15 NL teams)
    2016: 4.91 ERA (14th of 15 NL teams), 786 R (13th of 15 NL teams)
    2015: 4.33 ERA (12th of 15 NL teams), 754 R (12th of 15 NL teams)

    • GoRedsGo

      Hey hey! Thanks for the reminder Cossack! Talk about four brutal years! I’m ecstatic that our pitching is keeping us in ballgames! We’ve just gotta get the bats going – which we will.

  18. matthew hendley

    NL POTM is Luis Castillo, awesome!! Was at work so missed the game, Watched the 9th due to the comments in the game thread. Can I correctly assume the umpireing was like that all day, Are there any other examples (i.e. Innings that I can go back and look at). I understand the frustration about winker getting tossed. But the only way that Umpires are going to be held into account is through public shaming of them. The arguments, manager ejections do have an effect. Its better if its earlier then the ninth of course and much more if it is just the manager getting thrown out. New CBA will be the only real avenue to hold umpires into account.

    TIme to go back home and destroy the GIants. .

    • Hanawi

      I read that he missed 25% of the balls and strikes today so seems like you could watch any inning.

    • matthew hendley

      GOod pitching lines though, on both sides. Pitcher homeruns are like broken watches

  19. matthew hendley

    I suppose the last thing to do is to Start a betting thread on what roster moves will take place to bring NS up tomorrow

    • Warren Leeman

      That made me take a peak at the minor league transactions. Nothing overtly indicates anything regarding a Senzel promotion, but the Reds did assign Luis Gonzalez from AA to AAA today. Gonzalez primarily plays SS, but also covers 2B and 3B. He also put up an .858 OPS in AA before the promotion. That could possibly portend an additional move along with promoting Senzel to the 25-man and 40-man roster (Josh VanMeter anyone?). VanMeter is in the Louisville lineup (leading off) and Senzel is nowhere to be found, so maybe not.

      Back to back 2-out solo shots for the Bats in the 1st inning by O’Grady and Refsnyder.

      • matthew hendley

        Movie announcer voice “A Man missing in Louisville, Too many in Cincinnati, Will world hero Nick Senzel displace the Villian ‘Southpaws’ Duke, or will our buddy down and out on his luck ‘scheb the sled’ Schebler be found washed up on the Louisville portion of the Ohio river. Find out tomorrow on ‘Days of our Liv….I mean General Hospi…No Wait, on the Benemann family connection show.’

        Disclaimer: Zach Duke is not actually a villain, or a pitcher.

      • RedAlert

        … and another move besides Senzel needs to be made. This offense as is stands now is horrid . Don’t know the move , but do something front office !

  20. TR

    As the Reds only consistent hitter so far, it was not a good move by Winker to explode with the Reds down only one run in the 9th. inning. Hitters never win umpire arguments anyway.

  21. matthew hendley

    I am tired about the whining about the hitting. 1. Yasiel Puig is out of options and will never be sent to AAA. He is, like Votto, a slow starter, by June this will be a memory. 2. The Reds have great hitters, infact they had a guy who was a great hitter who asked for an extension, and when the FO told him ‘go do it again so we know its not a fluke’ and he did, no extension. Reward production. 3. not one of you complaining about Puig who admittedly in a slump, is complaining about Peraza who has redefined poor baseball in Cincinnati. Peraza has options, he would get regular time in LOU and improve. If someone needs to go down, its him.
    The Reds will win again and then all of the complaints will disappear, but all of you that want to dump the entire team for losing a game that ’60 games are already lost out of Spring training’ type of loss is getting annoying.

    • Darrin

      Perazas ops over the last 7 games is .825ish and he’s made one error this year. Sure he started very poorly, but I don’t see any reason why you send him down.

      • Pete

        Agree completely. Some we’re jumping the gun on Peraza. Kid can hit. At minimum, he makes an excellent utility player.

    • WVRedlegs

      The Reds need to dump 5 players out of the 12 position players on the roster, 2 of those when they come off of the IL.
      Puig, Schebler and Peraza are a severe drag on the offense and should be traded ASAP. Together in a package would make it nice and neat, but that shouldn’t be expected. Then when Kemp is ready to come off of the IL, release him. Not one team will trade for him and his .190 BA. Then when Scooter is ready to come off of the IL have a trade already lined up for him. If they have to sell low on these players, then sell low. Open up the roster spots for players that might actually produce.

      • matthew hendley

        Yet another POOR plan from another so called fan that actually has no planning behind it. Puigs struggles are temporary, He is coming out of it soon, perhaps as soon as tonight. Schebler needs to be sent down so he can rediscover his swing. He is only a season removed from a 30 HR season. That kind of power can be useful off the bench if refound. Look for him to be optioned in the next ‘we overworked the Bullpen again so send an extra pitcher up’ roster move. If he doesn’t, non tender later.
        Peraza should have been traded after last season, when his value was at his highest. But no, the diatribe of ‘he is the future of some position somewhere’ and ‘he has finally found his stroke’ obviously permeated this front office. We are stuck with him now. He needs to be sent down, when the true 2B of the Present, Scooter Gennett, returns from the 60 day. And he needs to be kept down. Consistent success in the minors is his ticket back up to the Majors.
        While there very valid point to outright releasing Kemp, consider this. Kemp will undoubtedly get a rehab start when he heals up. Significant game time against minor leaguers might get his game back into order enough, that he is given a 10 or 20 game sample size to show his issues were injury (phantom or not) related and get at least a lotto ticket in trade. If it doesn’t work then release him.
        There is only one word that needs to be linked with scooter gennett as far as what to do with him. Extend, extend today, extend tomorrow, go back in time and extend 2 years ago. How the FO has failed on this point is beyond me. By the end of the season Senzel will have roughly 3x more time in CF then he will ever have had at second. Siri is not close to the majors, the FO does not seem interested in trying Trammell in center. Getting scooter on both the Hometown and injury discount now through 2023 is both a prudent and a good move. His injury prevents a midseason trade and if the reds let him walk he will get a multi year deal elsewhere. DO you really want to see a bitter Scooter mashing HR over the Fence at GABP for the other team.

      • matthew hendley

        Oh and no the reds should not at all promote James VMR on one months sample size that has looked nothing like his career norms. A September call up? Maybe, make sure its not a fluke first.

      • BigRedMike

        Puig has been awful. 76th out of 78 Qualified OF’s in wRC+

        Peraza is replaceable to be certain. A career wRC+ of 81 and 3.8% of BB rate. Not sustainable.

        Schebler does have an extremely low BABIP right now.

        Reds OF is last in the MLB in WAR

      • WVRedlegs

        I, for one, don’t expect much, if any, of your “ifs” to come to fruition. How many of those 5 players of Gennett, Kemp, Puig, Schebler and Peraza should be expected to be on the 25-man roster for 2020?
        None I hope. Move them now for something or move them later for much less or nothing at all. Keeping these guys around much longer does nothing for the 2020 season, and very little for the 2019 season.
        Extend Scooter now? You must be a Jim Bowden desciple.

      • PhP

        No one denies that Puig has been awful so far. But it’s laughable to think this will continue all season and that we should trade him. What would happen to your plan when you call up these players who “might” produce, and they don’t? Trade them too and bring up double A players who “might” produce. I get the frustration but come on man

      • matthew hendley

        “How many of those 5 players of Gennett, Kemp, Puig, Schebler and Peraza should be expected to be on the 25-man roster for 2020?”

        The answer to that is 2. The answer to that SHOULD be three, and an argument could be made for 4.

        Lets start with the Obvious. Kemps not coming back. I don’t think there is a person alive that can make a valid argument for him coming back. My argument was to allow him the final opportunity to create even the tiniest bit of trade value before completely dumping him for nothing.

        Peraza will be back on the 25 man. 3+years service time assuming he does play this entire season at the Majors. Someone in the FO loves him evidently cause he is given opportunity after opportunity. Short of a complete management overhaul, that is going to continue. Schebler will also be back. Enters Arbitration next year so he will be cheap. If Puig leaves he will be back in right, and if Puig stays then they will still need a bat off of the bench. Trammell is still to far away to be penciled into opening day 2020.

        Scooter Should Make it 4. After the obvious hitting problems that this team has had there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER that the second highest hitting player in the NL in 2018 should be allowed to walk. Especially when a deal for him could be worked out cheaply for multiple reasons. The money will be available, as Kemp will be gone (I will address Puig in a second), Wood will also have left. Scooter will understand that the deal will be short term in nature, 4 years max, less preferable. There is no longer a backup at second. Dixon is with the tigers, Long the Mariners, Senzel will be an established CF, Peraza, hell no, and not Dietrich either. Oh, and since I have to say it, the one month wonder will have to prove he is legit, NOT ON PEDs, and get a roster spot to even compete. It is entirely to early to work him into the equation.

        And then there is Puig. There are valid arguments to Keep, Trade or extend him. He is young enough. Talented enough. would solve RF without having Schebler out there every day. He will improve, more of his strikeouts have been turning into Line drive outs lately, its coming. But I could see him moving on as well. That’s a wash.

        One last thing. Don’t give up on life as quickly as you give up on Reds baseball. Its EARLY may 2019. The season continues through September. There are many teams that are scuffling now *sneeze* Boston *sneeze* that will not be later on in the year, and vice versa. There is no reason to be thinking about 2020 yet. Giving up that easily just shows a complete lack of intestinal fortitude. I am afraid I do not get the Jim Bowden reference, It seems he was a GM during a period of my life I was not watching baseball

  22. BK

    The umpire was bad today, but he was bad for both teams. Reds hitter need to quit quibbling with the umpire and start squaring up the ball–they need to own their poor hitting. Being at the game today, the fans were all over Winker from the beginning–they really let him have it after each of his strikeouts. Umpires are human … it does not help your team to show up the umpire with the game on the line.

    • jessecuster44

      Missing 25% of your calls isn’t just a “human” mistake. It’s gross incompetence.

  23. jay johnson

    I have said for years that the home plate umpire controls the outcome of the game.Period.If he is calling strikes, balls, it forces the pitcher to groove pitches over the heart of the plate.Major league batters can certainly hit pitches over the heart of the plate far better than pitches on the black.Conversely pitches that are balls but are getting called strikes(like today) force the batters to swing at pitches that they would normally be taking.It has been my observation and anyone that watches games with me,that the Reds are getting screwed on balls and strikes all season so far.Thus leading to such deplorable batting averages.A guy like Votto who is known for his knowing the strike zone best in the league has taken strike 3 an inordinate amount of times already this year.Something smells.The Reds are leading the league in called strike 3’s by a large margin.Something smells.
    Some will argue “then why are the Reds pitchers doing so well”?I really dont know the answer,but the Reds pitchers always allow more walks than the opposition and usually have less K’s than the opponent.It could just be luck,I am not sure.I do know that opponents pitchers ALWAYS have more swinging strikeouts than called K’s.Maybe our pitching has just gotten better.
    Any feelings here?

    • matthew hendley

      I think you are right and that it is much worse this year

  24. WVRedlegs

    Senzel not leading off tonight but an interesting lineup nonetheless.
    1. Votto 1B
    2. Senzel CF
    3. Winker LF
    4. Puig RF
    5. Dietrich 2B
    6. J. Iglesias SS
    7. Farmer 3B
    8. Gray P
    9. Barnhart C

    The first 3 we have dreamed of since June 2016. Four of the bottom 6 are just awful. Not sure why Bell rests Suarez here tonight.

    • matthew hendley

      Probebly just a normal day off.