How about that finish last night! The Reds stole another win with a 9th inning home run, this one  off the bat of Jose Iglesias. Then Monday’s home run hero, Jesse Winker, put the icing on the cake with a game ending circus catch and victory dance. Today we get a quick turnaround matinee starting at 12:10 in Citi Field.  With a win the Reds can wrap up this 7 game road trip on the positive side of the ledger at 4-3. Let’s get to it.

Starting Pitchers


Young righthander Tyler Mahle will make his 5th start of the season for the Reds.  Mahle has struggled a bit in his last three starts. He has been victimized by not being able to get an inning ending out in troublesome situations. Following along the same lines, he seems to still be searching for a put away pitch to end at bat on his terms. His ratios don’t look bad, He’s just been burned by throwing the wrong pitch at the wrong time.  Or, perhaps his lack of a put away pitch means batters are seeing too many pitches per AB and finally jumping on one.  With Alex Wood having suffered a setback in his rehab from back issues, Mahle seems destined to remain the rotation. Hopefully he will thrive through by having this trial by fire.



After seeing Jacob deGrom last night, this afternoon the Reds get Noah Syndergaard, the Mets other big time righthander. Syndergaard is not as celebrated as deGrom; but, he is very much the real deal as #1A to deGrom’s #1 in the Mets rotation.  However like his stablemate he has been less than consistently spectacular so far in 2019. In his last 3 starts he has given up 14 earned runs in just 15 innings pitched. He has had a high BB rate in all  3 of the starts and been burned by homers in 2 of them. The Mets claim not to know what’s going on with him. Perhaps the Reds can take advantage before he gets it figured out.

Tyler Mahle 3.87 1.39 1.29 6.0% 22.4%
Noah Syndergaard 3.71 1.47 1.32 6.8% 26.4%

These numbers look pretty similar. We know Syndergaard has been much better over time. Let’s hope Mahle is moving in that direction too.



The Reds used 4 relievers to cover 3,1 innings. The heavy lifters were Jared Hughes (16 pitches) and Michael Lorenzen (11 pitches) who worked 1.1 and 1.0 innings respectively. The other 2 Reds used, Wandy Peralta and Zach Duke each threw less than 10 pitches. Given the quick turnaround, it is questionable whether any of these guys would  face more than a batter or 2 today. I’d also list David Hernandez and Raisel Iglesias as short timers today since they were so deeply extended earlier in the week. But I wouldn’t be too surprised to see either of them in the 9th inning if the Reds have a short lead.  However, if the Reds fall out of contention look for the new guy Matt Bowman to take one for the team.


The Mets used 3 relievers to cover 2 innings. Closer Edwin Diaz returned to action after a day off following 3 straight days of work. He threw 20 pitches in an inning of work. One would think he might not appear today given this work load and the quick turnaround. Otherwise all the Mets should be good to go.



          REDS            METS
1. Jesse Winker (LF)
2. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
3. Derek Dietrich (1B)
4. Yasiel Puig (RF)
5. Jose Peraza (2B)
6. Jose Iglesias (SS)
7. Scott Schebler (CF)
8. Curt Casali (C)
9. Tyler Mahle (P)
1. Jeff McNeil (LF)
2. Dominic Smith (1B)
3. Robinson Cano (2B)
4. Michael Conforto (RF)
5. Todd Frazier (3B)
6. Brandon Nimmo (CF)
7. Wilson Ramos (C)
8. Amed Rosario (SS)
9. Noah Syndergaard (P)


News and Notes

Last night’s hero Jose Iglesias talks about being part of the Reds

Jesse Winker likes to give as good as he gets from the NYC fans

If you are not already doing so, checkout Doug Gray’s daily Reds minor league summary at

Final Thoughts

It was good to see the Reds bounce back from Tuesday’s loss. The bad days are hard to take as a fan; but, it seems like the team is starting to show more resilience  and resolve to avoid wallowing in losing streaks. That in itself is a positive sign.

Nick Senzel really is arriving in Cincinnati this weekend.  Let’s try to remain on even keel and give the guy a chance to grow into the situation, OK?   Welcome to the Reds Nick. Here’s wishing you a long and prosperous run with the Reds.

That’s it for this 4 game set from Queens NY, NY.  I’ll be scarce in these parts the next several weeks since I’ve got a spring vacation break on deck. Root home a lot of Reds wins in the meantime.

As always GO REDS!!


Stats and Data via Baseball Reference, Fangraphs, and

35 Responses

  1. Roger Garrett

    Peraza at 5 and Iggy at 6 really tells it all about our hitting.Puig chases everything to begin with so it doesn’t effect him.Could work though Peraza or Iggy may get on and Schebler or Casali may run into one.Why not its not like we are scoring anyway.

  2. RedAlert

    Schebler better enjoy today – pine time on the horizon for him

  3. Roger Garrett

    Jim your analysis of Mahle’s trouble to date was never more obvious then the first inning today.Throws way too many pitches and has nothing to get guys to swing and miss or chase.Lack of fastball command is evident and he is in for another short outing.May need to change his approach and pitch more to contact down in the zone.High fastball after high fastball won’t get it done.

    • Matthew

      Too many pitches is correct. 44 in 2 innings. No runs, but yeesh.

  4. Earmbrister

    Winker has been a trip – has a little Votto in him. My favorite Mets pitcher’s image is on the ticket today – MISTER Edwin Diaz.

    Let’s go Redleg!!!

  5. Roger Garrett

    Mahle just hit another gear in the second.ESPN showing with a change or curve at 80 and hitting 95 with his 4 seamer.Is that right?

      • RedAlert

        That would be “brutal “ – geeze sorry

  6. Roger Garrett

    Four pitch walk and next guy swings at the first pitch.Amazing to me.Guess there just isn’t any way other then see ball and swing.Guess he could have hit it a mile but well you know.

  7. Roger Garrett

    They only needed one run and they have it.We won’t score so its on to the outside and do some yard work.

  8. Matthew

    Through 4 IP:
    Mahle 18.25 pitches/inning
    Thor 12.5 pitches/inning

    The Reds are not being very selective with their swings. A lot of first pitch swinging.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Very timely comment. There is an article scheduled on that specific topic later today on Redleg Nation. 🙂

    • TR

      It’s an old fashioned concept called ‘working the count’ and getting your pitch. In spite of the overall terrible teams in the last few years, hitting coach Don Long had the Reds offense looking pretty good. Bringing in a new hitting coach with Puig & Kemp seems to have ignited the dream of a homerun fest at GABP instead of just meeting the ball and letting homeruns happen.

  9. lost11found

    Great bounce back by the pitching staff yesterday as a whole. Its nice having a backup infielder like JI. Competent at the plate, excellent on d. A quality addition to the club.

    Hopefully the offense can wake up today and get some runs for Mahle. I echo the sentiments above about the batting woes potentially putting pressure on one guy (senzel) to come in a fix everything. After a month of this I start to wonder if it is something in the philosophy being empasized or errant scouting reports contributing to the issues.

  10. Matthew

    What is Turner Ward teaching these guys? The offense is so hard to watch.

  11. lost11found

    The big hitter on both teams should be a little bit sheepish being out hit by glove-first Shortstop and a pitcher over the last game and a half.

  12. Darrin

    Is Duke Related to Bell in some way? How does he still have work?

    • RedAlert

      These guys are pathetic at the plate – and Votto watches yet another pitch for the strikeout – this offense stinks !

  13. Tom Mitsoff

    VERY interesting move to take Mahle out. He was looking fantastic and had only 84 pitches, but this would have been his third full time through the order. Looks like the management philosophy is not to let starters go through the order the third time.

    • SaveTheFarm

      Doesn’t that show zero confidence in your starters? He’s pretty much telling them “you can’t do this”. Maybe the hook is so quick because the bullpen has been so good? If the bullpen starts to falter maybe he’ll show more confidence in his starters.

  14. Roger Garrett

    Reds lead the league in pitching but have a little league offense.Bell is doing everything he can to keep it close.If by chance one day we have a 2 or 3 run lead going to the 6th you may see him leave a starter out there but when has that happened or will it ever.Its time to call up somebody other then Senzel and just see if they are as over matched at the plate as this team.Could it be worse.I don’t think so.

  15. Matthew

    Winker gets ejected and then Farmer is called out looking on an even worse pitch off the plate.

    • Aaron B.

      And that last strike to Puig to end the game was well off the plate. Crooked umpiring.

    • Matthew

      And Puig out on the same outside pitch. What a crock

  16. Chris

    I wonder if Votto might need contacts (and he may already have them, I don’t know). Steph Curry just went through that this season. He began the season and realized things were a little off and then got contacts and is back to good. Votto HAS to be closing in on some slight eye issues.

  17. RedAlert

    Maybe Senzel won’t make a big difference , but I can’t wait to find out ! can’t be any worse than this dumpster fire , trash offense Reds have right now ! Another wasted pitching effort !

  18. nate

    only got to watch the last couple innings but this ump was giving syndergard a huge amount off the plate and up. Was it that way the whole game?

    feel bad for farmer, he was going to get strike 3 no matter what.

  19. Aaron B.

    Is their any recourse whatsoever? Those were some ridiculous calls to end the game!

  20. lost11found

    Gameday was difficult to tell, but the HP ump did seem in a hurry to get done. Perhaps they had 4:30 early dinner reservations before flying out to the next city.

    • Amarillo

      The pitch to Winker was pretty close. I don’t have a problem with that being a strike. The strike calls to Farmer and Puig were straight up revenge calls about 5 inches off the plate.

  21. Coachgates

    Puig got hosed by the ump in that last at bat. Must be the umpire had early dinner plans.

  22. Vada

    The players union needs to get the power out of the hands of the home plate umpire. Every other umpire lives under the shadow of replay challenges. Home plate umpires have too much power and nothing is ever done about it. This year has seen more bad calls of strikes and balls than any other year I have witnessed.

  23. Amarillo

    It’s not like we could hit much against Syndergaard, but in the 9th inning Marty Foster just decided that he wasn’t going to let us have a chance at winning. Very little we can do about that.