The Cincinnati Reds (11-15) will go for a series win over the St. Louis Cardinals (16-10) today at 2:15 PM at Busch Stadium. The Reds lost 6-3 yesterday as Tyler Mahle could not keep the red-hot Reds pitching going.

Starting Pitchers

Sonny Gray currently leads the MLB with a 1.97 FIP. He has been everything the Reds have hoped for and more in his first five starts in Cincinnati. Since his shaky first start of the year, Gray has only walked 2 batters over his previous 4 starts (28.0 IP). He has been dominant in his last two starts up until the 6th inning. Gray has never faced the Cardinals in his career.

Jack Flaherty has dominant K/9 and BB/9 numbers, but he has been hit pretty hard so far in 2019. He has allowed 9 ER and 5 HR over his last 2 starts. He has a career 4.41 ERA in 4 career starts against the Reds.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

  1. Joey Votto – 1B
  2. Eugenio Suarez – 3B
  3. Jesse Winker – LF
  4. Yasiel Puig – RF
  5. Tucker Barnhart – C
  6. Jose Iglesias – SS
  7. Scott Schebler – CF
  8. Sonny Gray – SP
  9. Jose Peraza – 2B

St. Louis Cardinals

  1. Kolton Wong – 2B
  2. Paul Goldschmidt – 1B
  3. Paul DeJong – SS
  4. Marcell Ozuna – LF
  5. Jose Martinez – RF
  6. Yadier Molina – C
  7. Dexter Fowler – CF
  8. Jedd Gyorko – 3B
  9. Jack Flaherty – SP


It sure would be nice to leave St. Louis with a win! The difference in a win or loss today is leaving St. Louis 4.0 games back in the division or 6.0 games back. Go Reds!

27 Responses

  1. redfan4life

    I would really like to see Casali get more playing time. I thought he would catch Gray nearly every start.

  2. matthew hendley

    Perhaps they don’t mesh, Lineup does look alright, by the looks of it, when perazza produces he is given more playing time. Reds need to win this game. Hope Sonny Gray is as dominant as he usually is and when he runs out of gas it is caught in time.

  3. Sliotar

    “Lineup does look alright”

    Nothing personal, but as they say in the stock market… I will take the other side of that trade.

    You have Decline Phase hitting first, with a K in 17 of his last 20 starts, 7 games with 2 or more Ks.

    Tucker Barnhart hitting 5th, because below him absolutely blows. No hits in last 3 games for him…a mighty 77 wRC+ on the season. Sure that scaring the Cardinals.

    As of today….

    wRC+ rankings

    Cardinals 114 (5th)
    Reds 70 (27th)

    This team is being held together, barely, by collectively above average starting pitching and a few games of HR binges.

    Lots needs to improve. And soon.

    Go Redlegs.

    • ToBeDetermined


      I think Matt means it looks Alright based on what is available.
      You have a guy hitting like .241 that is is leading your club in average.

      • Wayne nabors

        casali is available and twice the catcher barnhart is

      • Sliotar

        Welsh not only being an apologist, but prattling on, not making a point.

        Puig’s throw off-line to plate, was low-percentage anyway, no biggie.

        Welsh – “Next to hitting, I think Puig enjoys that next in the game.”
        and…. “They (Cardinals) aren’t taking Puig for granted.”

        Whatever. Still 2-0.

        Holy Cow. Lack of offense this season already getting to the Crafty (though not recently with his words) Left-Hander.

  4. Indy Red Man

    DD is 2-3 with a bomb off Flaherty? Don’t you have to get him in there somewhere? I know putting Winker in CF is a gamble, but you could try to jump out early and then improve the defense in the middle innings? We’ll see? Big game for the Reds! Need to win to keep some momentum

  5. Indy Red Man

    I also want to say I’m firmly with the Casali>Barnhart crowd. Casali has 584 career atbats with 34 doubles and 23 hrs. He’s decent to good defensively….what else do you want? Tucker is ok, but no reason to give him 400 atbats every year? None whatsover? He even starts quite a bit vs lefties and he’s terrible as a right handed hitter.

    Add Senzel, Casali, Reed, Lorenzen (starter), and VanMeter
    Subtract Schebler, Tucker, Duke, Mahle, and Peraza

    This team would go on a lengthy run!

  6. FreeHouse

    Duke still hasn’t been designated for assignment and Schebler is still starting over Irvin. This week Scheb has gon 0-13 with 10 Ks. Oh and Reed been pitching good also as of late with 3 shutout innings and 5ks. Let’s beat these dirty birds!

    • Pete

      Agree, Erwin should get a look. “0-13 with 10 K’s”! I had no idea its been that rough.

  7. WVRedlegs

    Let’s go Reds.
    Let’s go Sonny.
    Let’s go offense.
    Matador Wong gives Joey a gift. Ole. Make it count now by bringing him around to score.

  8. Mutton Lettuce Tomato

    Tucker batting 5th? What am I missing here?

  9. Indy Red Man

    Peraza 2 pitches….soft contact. Inning over. If he ever hit the ball on the ground again that might help?

  10. Indy Red Man

    This is the Oakland Sonny Gray here!!! A live arm and a solid delivery! Looks like 2 different speed curveballs. He also just threw a 93 mph cutter. He’s a technician out there. He has a plan!

  11. BigRedMike

    Sounds like Wood will not make his Reds debut anytime soon

    Lot of easy fly balls from the middle infielders today

  12. Jason Hanson

    Then dodgers trade is actually looking bad for the reds. Giving up two prospects for essentially Puig.

  13. TR

    Six innings in and three hits. Iglesias leading the way with a .275 average. No one expected this kind of an offense in the offseason. Obviously Scooter is missed.

  14. Scott C

    Disappointed in lineup today, shades of last year with Barnhart hitting fifth. DD should be at 2B today and batting fifth. Not too disappointed in SS playing centerfield. He has hit some pretty hard, just not falling, that makes his K’s and pop ups look worse. But he should come around. Certainly as others have pointed out this lineup doesn’t scare anyone.

  15. Gerardo Helguera

    Schebler freaking sucks!!!!!!!!

  16. Roger Garrett

    Reds can’t hit.Its home run or they don’t score.Beat the Birds up Friday night and the offense lays down against at best average starting pitching for the next two games.Say all we want to about it but Tucker,Iggy,Peraza,Scott and the pitcher scare nobody at the plate.Outmanned on offense even if Scott was hitting.Just will not consistently score with these 5 guys in the line up.Senzel and Scooter may not be all of the answer but just can’t continue to lose and pitch so well.

  17. matthew hendley

    Votto, Barnhart, Suarez All with solid contact and bad luck. Peraza with ‘Jose perazza special’ and good luck. Never ceases. Don’t understand why DD was not in the line up. Peraza quckly reverting to his not good persona.
    Sonny Gray with no run support yet again.

    Hoping for a 9th inning rally but I am realistic.

    Reed 3in 3k performance was in 1 game otherwise he has been suspect. Senzel, with the bats going into the 7th, 2K 1 single, no defensive errors.

    Mets pitching numbers are not good hopefully the reds can take advantage. Other NLC teams are starting losing streaks PIT MIL, need to take advantage.

    As I am tying this it seems that schebler tried to catch the ball with his back. Hernandez looks like he is going to vomit. Detrick is asking why he replaced suarez at third. Is it possible that DB is insane

  18. matthew hendley

    Jose Iglesias proving his Baseball IQ, Why he should both be the starting SS and get a multi year deal. Jose Perazza never will put that effort in on Defense, at second or short. Unfortunately thanks to scheblers back non catch it wont matter for THIS game

    • Old-school

      If you don’t hit, you better be elite defensively. Iglesias is a gem defensively and ok on offense. He’s my starting SS going forward and at 29 next year as well. He and Geno look good on the left side .

  19. Roger Garrett

    Lets be honest.Right now we are not going to score.The first 4 guys in this lineup could be all world at the plate and we still ain’t going to score.You just pitch around them until you get to the 5 hole and the rest is easy.The Reds got some help from the 5 -9 spots on Friday and that’s why they won but its not going to happen often enough.Two of those spots have to be a threat at the plate and we really need 3 in order to carry a defensive guy at 8 and the pitcher.Tucker and Iggy are what they are but Peraza and Scott have to pick it up in order for this team to take the next step.

    • matthew hendley

      Funny how that didn’t happen

  20. Chris Holbert

    How much longer do we have to watch Schebler not hit. Senzel is healthy now and he cannot hit worse than the rest of them, and will play defense fine. It is not like they all-star fielding going on out there. I know Ervin is there, but something has to spark them. Pitching is fine. Seriously, Barnhart 5th, come on.