Last week, you voted for the first matchups in RNR Madness, our 68-team tournament to name the most valuable player in Reds history. We discussed the winners of that round and previewed the Round of 32 on our most recent podcast. (Go listen to it here!)

As you know, your votes are going to determine the winner of this incredibly important competition. Every week until we crown a champion, you will have the opportunity to vote for who wins each matchup. The polls will open each Sunday at 8:00 pm, and will remain open for precisely three days. Remember that you are voting for “Most Valuable Red.” The definition of “valuable” is open to interpretation and completely up to you. Feel free to leave comments about any particular aspect of the voting, or any individual matchup, and we may discuss it on the podcast.

Here’s the updated bracket:

Today, we are opening up the polls for the Round of 32. We will begin in the Crosley Region. For research purposes: Johnny Bench | Cy Seymour | Jim Maloney | Bronson Arroyo | Brandon Phillips | Edd Roush | Joe Nuxhall | Vada Pinson

[poll id=”41″]
[poll id=”42″]
[poll id=”43″]
[poll id=”44″]

Now, the Riverfront Region:

Frank Robinson | Johnny Vander Meer | Dave Concepcion | Eric Davis | Dolf Luque | Heinie Groh | Adam Dunn | Tony Perez

[poll id=”45″]
[poll id=”46″]
[poll id=”47″]
[poll id=”48″]

Next up, the Great American Region:
Joe Morgan | Reggie Sanders | Ernie Lombardi | Jose Rijo | Aaron Harang | Eppa Rixey | Ken Griffey | Joey Votto

[poll id=”49″]
[poll id=”50″]
[poll id=”51″]
[poll id=”52″]

Finally, the Palace of the Fans Region:
Pete Rose | Ted Kluszewski | Johnny Cueto | Tom Seaver | Noodles Hahn | George Foster | Mario Soto | Barry Larkin

[poll id=”53″]
[poll id=”54″]
[poll id=”55″]
[poll id=”56″]

Winners will be discussed on the next episode of the podcast, and we’ll have Sweet Sixteen voting next week.

6 Responses

  1. Dougernaught

    Larkin/ HOF and World Champion
    Soto/ Really good pitcher.

    Boom! (that was the sound the mic makes after I dropped it)

  2. Spaceman Red

    I love that matchup because it goes to the central debate in a competition like this: do you rate a player based on their entire body of work or their peak and talent level? I think of the Pete Rose comment about Davis being an atomic bomb in the dugout. Have to vote for E just because his overall talent level absent the injuries was Hall Of Fame level. But you could tell me I’m wrong and say Concepcion and have a completely credible argument.

  3. Curtis

    Larkin, IMO is the second greatest RED of all time. He played the game with full effort and carried himself with style and class on and off the field. A true Hall of Famer who showed what a leader can do on teams with lesser talent and how that leadership can influence the entire direction of the season.

  4. Chad Dotson

    It’s a shame to see either of them eliminated so early.

  5. Chad Dotson

    Sorry, Geronimo was a top seed in the NIT.

  6. Tom Staggs

    Again Davey gets the shaft! He was the best SS during that era. He belongs in the hall of fame.