The Short Version: Nice pitching can’t be overcome by complete lack of offense. Where have we heard that one before?

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (5-12) 2 3 0
Los Angeles Dodgers (12-8) 3 3 2
W: Buehler (2-0) L: Gray (0-3) S: Jansen (5)
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The Good
–Overall, the pitching was good. Sonny Gray got the start, and he only gave up three runs on two hits; Gray struck out nine and walked just two. Those two walks haunted him, though. After walking the leadoff hitter, Austin Barnes, Gray struck out the next two Dodger hitters. By that time, Barnes had moved to second on his first stolen base of the season. With first base open, the Reds chose to intentionally walk Cody Bellinger.

That particular bit of strategy worked out about as well as everything else has worked out for the Redlegs this season: AJ Pollock hit a three-run homer and that’s all the Dodgers needed today.

–David Hernandez and Amir Garrett pitched scoreless innings.

The Bad
–The Reds collected three lonely hits. Three.

The Recap
–The Reds were just swept by the Dodgers, scoring six runs in the three-game series. That’s four losses in a row, and that four-game winning streak from last week was just erased by another stretch of anemic offense. It’s not fun to watch.

Oh yeah, and they’re firmly in last place, six games out at the time I write this.

–The good guys are now 0-7 on the road this season. Awesome.

–Manager David Bell was ejected for the second time this season. Today’s toss came in the fifth inning, apparently as a result of arguing balls and strikes from the dugout.

–Cincinnati scored a run — against all odds — in the top of the seventh. Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp singled, then Puig scored on a groundout from pinch-hitter Eugenio Suarez.

The final run of the day was a gift from Los Angeles in the top of the ninth. Puig popped one up on the infield, but reached on an embarrassing error from Dodger second baseman Enrique Hernandez. Puig stole second, then advanced to third on another error when catcher Barnes threw the ball into center field. Kemp lifted a sacrifice fly and the Reds were finished scoring for the day. But a good time was had by all.

–Crazy note from the ESPN recap: Joey Votto popped out to Bellinger in foul territory in the eighth inning. Incredibly, that’s the first time Votto has popped out to the first baseman in his entire 1,592-game career, which began in 2007.

–It’s difficult to overstate how awful the Reds offense has been outside of three games against Miami. I guess Suarez and the catchers are kinda holding their weight, but everyone else has pretty much been a disaster at the plate. Puig, Jesse Winker, Kemp, Scott Schebler, Votto: uniformly awful.

These guys didn’t become terrible hitters all at once, overnight. They’re going to hit this season, and the team is going to win a lot of games the rest of the way. But watching them continue to flail for three consecutive weeks now is not fun.

I expected this team to be a blast, win or lose, but they’re brutal right now. I can barely stand to watch them.

–Reds head to San Diego next, if you’re still interested in watching this team.

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67 Responses

  1. Bred

    Gray pitched well. Bell should have pulled him after the intentional walk. Gray walked the first batter on 4 pitches and looked off. It was time for the hook.

    • Matthew

      That would have been impossible. Bell was ejected from the game at that point. Benavides was responsible for not making that call. Gray had been pitching very well to that point. It was a mistake no one could have foreseen.

  2. matt hendley

    3 out of the 4 games for the Padres will be against Lefties. In the pitcher-friendly ballpark. I heard the batters are good but the rotation sucks. maybe there is still time to right the ship. Was unable to watch the game until the 9th. Stat line for Gray looks good. They need to get him help at the plate.

    • doofus

      You forgot to say that Scooter will Save us!

    • Matthew

      A new team, a new series. My optimism is surprisingly still intact.

  3. Wayne nabors

    Only recap that matters here is reds walk a runner then intentionally walk another so it would be a 3 run homer instead of 2,you can’t walk batters intentionally or otherwise,look no farther back than monday

  4. Sliotar

    Sobering. These teams are miles apart.

    The Dodgers had Pederson-Bellinger as their 1-2 hitters.

    The Reds had as their 1-2 hitters … age 36 Votto, who had a 26% K rate entering today and Puig… who the Dodgers did not need because they have Pederson, Bellinger, Verdugo.
    And, signed AJ Pollock as a free agent.

    Where is the Iglesias pickoff under the “Bad?” Every day, this team makes a sloppy play, sometimes more than one.

    Right now, every team is circling the Reds as a series on their schedule they “must win”, because almost everyone is when Cincinnati is the opponent.

    • BigRedMike

      This is a great summary

      The Reds just started two players in the OF against a team that could not get rid of them fast enough. The Reds just have very little young talent and go out of their way to not play any young talent they have.

      The majority of teams seem to have young talent on their teams, not the Reds.

      Good start by Gray. That is the best move by the FO in the off season.

      • Mason Red

        If the Reds have no young talent it means they totally and completely blew the rebuild. Wasn’t it the plan to trade players this poor,small market,little franchise couldn’t afford and get prospects in return who years down the road would be traded by this poor,small market, little franchise for more prospects for yet another rebuild?

  5. Don A

    Before commenting on the State of the Reds, I would like to say it is so nice to participate in a forum devoid of bad language and personal attacks. Very Refreshing!

    Now onto the Reds. The most frustrating part is feeling that they are not competitive yet these games are not blow outs. So in reality, I guess they are competitive. The little things matter, yet it seems they continue to struggle with them. Hopefully in another couple of weeks, they will start hitting and doing the little things, then we can look at beginning of the season and laugh!

    • doofus

      What do you mean that they are not $#@%&&* competitive?!

    • JayTheRed

      I was just thinking about how many really close games have we played already this season. I don’t have the number but I know it is quite a few. We have a tough schedule right now too and I am worried that we are going to get buried before we have a chance to get out of our hitting slump..

      What we need right now is a little luck I think. Hopefully the starters can keep on doing what they have been once the hitting wakes up.

    • ohiojimw

      Agree on the “little” things. When the little things turn games; however, they aren’t really that little. It is doing these things right (or not doing negative things) that could provide the margin to help the offense to get untracked.

  6. Pete

    When I was a young man it was a given that a team had to be strong defensively up the middle (cf, 2b, ss, c). In all the years I have followed baseball I have never seen a MLB team weaker in this area. Disjointed is putting it mildly, a team made up of DH’s, first baseman and left fielders. They should be being ripping the cover off the ball.

    This team has to start hitting, they just have to. Is everyone going to hit <.200 and have punch & judy power? Can it be?

    • doofus

      This is championship baseball…Bob Castellini style.

  7. Steven Ross

    I thought Dusty Baker’s lineups were the most head scratching but I think Bell is worse. I simply don’t understand what he’s thinking. Put Peraza at leadoff to try and get him going. Then go with Ervin over Schebler. This seems obvious now. Votto in the 3 hole. I know it’s early but 5 & 12 is awful with 0 & 7 on the road a real cause for concern.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Obviously If they continue to hit like this the entire year it’s going to be brutal.
      However, as bad as the hitting has been and as messed up as Raisel has been so far, they have stayed in games.

      This actually, gives me hope that once “if” the hitting reverts to the mean that this team can start winning some series and get this thing going in the right direction.

      • VaRedsFan

        They pile up their “reverting to the mean” stats in blowout wins and losses.

  8. ToBeDetermined

    Chad said
    “I can barely stand to watch them.”

    “David Bell had enough and was ejected from today’s “. And apparently David Bell feels the same way.

  9. Mark Moore

    To steal and paraphrase a line from the movie “The Jerk” …

    Put the line-up away … it just makes me too #$%! sad!!

    Wasted outing by Sonny. Jobu cannot wake up bats …

    • JayTheRed

      “Yo baretender!!! Jobu needs a refill…..” Now I need to go watch Major League.

  10. Scott Gennett

    The worst part is that Votto, 36, is still under contract for 5 more seasons. Unless he’s given a coaching position, I can’t think what is he going to do.

    • Phil Gasson

      If J.V. retires now he would be eligible for the 1st ballot HOF when his contract would have ran out.

    • greenmtred

      Disturbing as it is, that might not be the worst part. Joey would still add a lot to the offense if the other guys–some of them, anyway–were hitting. When he was younger, he could practically drive the whole machine, but he could still be an important cog with his on-base skills.

  11. Jack

    The problem is simple, every team they’ve played with the exception of the Marlins and possibly the Pirates is better than they are. I mean is it really surprising when your offense is shutdown by elite pitchers like Kershaw and Buehler? Reds pitching has been good, their opponents has been better and combined with a lineup missing Gennett, Senzel and running out Kemp and Peraza it adds up to a lot of close losses.

    • David

      No. The Pirates are better than the Reds. Just wanted to get that out there.

  12. Jon

    There’s a reason the Dodgers traded away Kemp, Puig, Farmer, and Wood. It’s very early, but NONE of those four players has contributed or improved the Reds’ team this season. I still have hope that Puig will get hot, but the rest of them…looking doubtful. The Dodgers are in first place without them.

    When the typical starting lineup features an infield with an average-hitting catcher with little power, a first baseman in decline, a second baseman (Peraza) and third baseman who look completely lost at the plate, and a shortstop known only for defense, the Reds are in trouble. Pair that with a combination of three of the following outfielders: Kemp, who needs to be released or given away for anything in a trade; Schebler, who is a poor man’s Jay Bruce and who also looks lost at the plate; Puig, who has potential but has done little yet with this team; and Winker, who needs to be in the lineup every day.

    Combine this with the bullpen issues (Duke, Iglesias, Hughes) and the Reds’ starting pitching shockingly is the team’s strength in 2019. Whether the Reds can turn it around in time before the hole gets too large to overcome is anyone’s guess. The good news is that the Reds only are committed to paying around $60 million in salary in 2020, not including arbitration-eligible players. Hughes, Duke, Hernandez, Puig, Kemp, Roark, and Wood are all eligible for FA this winter.

    • BigRedMike

      Yep. The Dodgers knew the Reds wanted to get rid of Bailey and his contract. They were able to unload players that they had no interest in utilizing. That is a team that has it figured out. It does help that they have more funds, but, they are clearly better run as an organization.

      The Reds will win more games and start hitting, but, lets no kid ourselves into thinking this is a legit good baseball team.

      The issue for the Reds in regards to payroll, is that there will not be many free agents to sign. Teams are locking up good players. The Reds will likely need to be active in trades to improve the team.

      The improvement in run prevention is encouraging

      • Jon

        I was just looking at the list of free agents for this coming winter. Definitely heavier with starting pitchers than hitters. With Hunter Greene out until mid 2020 and Senzel unable thus far to stay healthy, the Reds better hope that Trammell and India quickly progress through the farm system. Five losing seasons and the Reds have yet to see any of their draft picks reach the majors…

    • Hanawi

      You can add Peraza to that list as well. Dude still has zero plate discipline.

  13. Indy Red Man

    Sal Romano with a 9.39 era at Lville. Cody Reed is at 7.94. About the only bright spot down there is Josh VanMeter….whoever that is?

    I’m going to count Miami as a AAAA team, so that puts our boys at 2-12 on the season. Kershaw’s first start and they jump out 2-0….then do nothing? Mahle looked better then Maeda coming in last night and Bellinger was out of the lineup last night. End result….easy Dodger victory? They couldn’t make fairly easy plays on the infield? Mahle turns to throw to first but Votto was charging for the bunt? The team has a case of Depends sent ahead on road trips for Votto and the bullpen.
    Duke looks like me out there….except I throw a little harder. As for Bell? I feel for the guy. You can change managers if you’d like? You can put lipstick and heels on a pig, but its still a pig.

    • Jon

      Despite Reed and Romano’s AAA numbers, I have faith that they would actually improve on the Major League roster due to the pitching coach.

  14. Jon

    You have to wonder how long until Dick Williams makes some roster moves to shake this team up. Farmer needs optioned to AAA and Ervin recalled. At this point, I’d even consider optioning Schebler. Kemp needs to be strictly a bench player. As I wrote in my previous post, the Reds probably would have to practically give him away in a trade. Until Senzel is healthy, it would be interesting to see an everyday outfield of Winker, Ervin, and Puig. Let them play five out of every six days and see what they can do.

    Duke needs released. He simply is not working out. Leave the bullpen with seven. Hughes would be the next in line to go if he can’t turn things around. Romano and Reed are waiting in Louisville for a Major League roster spot. Perhaps the Reds could stick DeSclafani in the bullpen for a while as the mop-up guy until he figures things out. One of the two previously-mentioned AAA players could replace him, as could Wood when he returns or perhaps even Stephenson. Williams needs to start making changes before the season is lost before the calendar changes to May.

    • ohiojimw

      Or as Bob Howsam would have said back in the days some of us are fortunate to have been around for, sometimes you need to take and make a trade. Making trades isn’t as simple to do as it was back then; but, that shouldn’t be an canned excuse for inaction.
      The Reds brain trust needs to be just as bold as Howsam in their outlook to try and change the mix in their clubhouse.

  15. earl

    Reds left two games in LA they could have won. Still really hate losing to the Dodgers.

    It will either get better or it won’t, the die is cast on this season. It’s probably T-minus so many games until the fire sale starts.

    • David

      Honestly, don’t kid yourself. There was no way the Reds were going to win any games in LA. And I doubt this team wins any games in San Diego this weekend. Well, maybe one.
      No matter how close the Reds were to the Dodgers in the score, they would find a way to lose, and the Dodgers would have found a way to win.

      • ohiojimw

        I disagree. The Reds had a winning lead with the Dodgers down to 3 outs in game 1. If R.Iglesias does the job he has done many times before the Reds win that game, started by Kershaw nonetheless.

        The Dodgers have a strong lineup; but, Iglesias has recorded 1 run lead, 3 out saves against strong lineups on numerous occasions.

        The Dodgers got the best of it this time and stole back the game. That’s baseball. But the Reds had a very legitimate shot at winning that game.

  16. matt hendley

    Reality check, Kemp is currently the best outfielder on the reds statistically. Puig absolutely dominated all Dodger stats for the 6 years he was there. Puig shows genuine emotion when things are not going the reds way, dude wants to win. Talk about extending players in Cincinnati and then rail against extending a 4War (2 seasons straight) player who absolutely wants to be in Cincinnati. Because the backup options of Glass-jaw/leg/arm/everything or MR. Swing at everything and hit nothing. Are supposed to be better than him? yeah ok. Farmer is a minor leaguer getting an extended cup of coffee, he will be gone when senzel comes up. As far as pitching, you are talking about taking Major leaguers that admittedly having problems against good MLB pitching and replacing them with player that are having real problems against Minor League players? Sounds brilliant. Oh my goodness, VOtto had an infield flyout…. first ever, the world is over. Senzel, Wood and Maybe scooter will be back in a month or less.

    • BigRedMike

      Thankfully, Gennett never gets hurt.

      Analyzing a 5-12 means Reds fans are whiners.

      Puig was so valuable and had the will to win, surprised the Dodgers were so anxious to get rid of him.

      • matt hendley

        Thankfully senzel never gets hurt.

        saying the season is over in mid April regardless of the Win-loss record is a gross overreaction and depending on execution looks like whining.

        Failing to recognize that the Dodger reds trade was about picking up pitching, and allowing the Dodgers to move their AAV needle down, to get involved in the then undecided Bryce harper chase. (bailey worth less AAV then Kemp) while picking up immediate walk year talent (Puig, wood) and potential future talent, (farmer) is ignoring or not researching facts. you had a 2018 All-star, the best dodgers player and a stable pitcher come back for some future talent. Its not like someone was trying to dumb J shields on us. The hitting will pick up.

        Failing to recognize that the 2017 runner-up for the MVP, who has a notoriously poor April in any year, has such and declaring him a corps is an overreaction and whining.

        reds could start an 8 game win streak tomorrow and they would be back in it, immediately.

        If you are going to analyze it then do so correctly with Facts. not your opinion. People that go around with opinions are the reasons why despite being demonstratively outmatched in the Majors, some people still want to see Peraza every day.

    • Hanawi

      Puig was 10th on the Dodgers in WAR last year and 8th the year before. So, I’m not sure why you think he dominated statistically. His 2015 and 2016 were both injury-riddled and poor. Sure if you count 2013 and 2014, but he isn’t that same guy. He was passed by Bellinger, Pederson, Verdugo, and Hernandez.

      The Dodgers were never signing Harper. They had no need. They did need to clear space on the 40 man, and got two good prospects in return.

  17. Reddawg12

    It’s only a matter of time before the bats wake up and they start scoring more runs and winning a few games (against teams other than the Marlins.) The problem is the rest of the division isn’t waiting around for the Reds to figure it out. They could easily be 10+ games out by May 1st.

    • Roger Garrett

      This team offensively and starting pitching wise is just like we witnessed the last 6 weeks of 2018.When you hold the other team down then you don’t get cookies to hit and close games are going to happen.Scooter and Senzel make us better at the plate but gone for the most part is being down by 5 runs early and we battle back(because the other pitcher says here hit it) and lose 10-7.We had to get the starting pitching fixed and it has been so far in the top 5 in baseball but this offense has been exposed.Even with all of those cookies last year I believe the Reds were 8th or 9th in the NL in runs scored and are probably last right now after 17 games.The bench is better but the rest with the exception of Puig and Kemp minus Billy are the same players.We can go down the list and say this guy or that guy needs to go but it serves no purpose.Some have a track record that say they will hit and some have a track record that says they won’t.When you have 2 or 3 of the latter then you are in trouble.With so many guys sleep walking right now its hard to tell but for my money Winker,Votto,Puig,and Suarez will turn it around along with Scooter and Senzel so the key for me is Peraza.If he does then having Tucker and then the pitcher isn’t so bad but if he doesn’t then 7-9 is a big time problem.

      • Doc

        What is Senzel’s track record for saying he will hit at the Major League level?

  18. B-town fan

    I turned off the TV the moment the ball went into the stands off of Gray. Not because I was mad at Gray. He has pitched well this season so far, but because I knew there was no way the Reds were going to score 3 runs and I wasn’t going to spend another hour watching to find out. My patience is running thin with watching this team after the last 5 years, and I can’t believe I’m saying that, because I’ve been a Reds fan all my life since I was a kid in the 70’s.

    • JayTheRed

      I am in the same boat man. Its been so frustrating. I’m tired of waiting. I live in Wisconsin now, Maybe its time to jump on the Brewers band wagon. Shakes head

      Ill give my boys in Red until memorial day if things are not better than it might be finally time to start rooting for a different team.

      Bob C. This is toward you. What happen to anything less than a winning season is not acceptable. I think he said something too about bringing winning baseball back to Cincinnati. Where is it?

      • David

        Winning baseball? Maybe the Knothole League? Just spitballin’ here.

        Castellini had very reason to expect “winning baseball” from a team he bought, that had a lot of talent in the farm system. And hiring Walt Jocketty as GM who had been successful as GM of the Cardinals.
        But the game and baseball has passed Jocketty and his methods by in the meantime. Walt made a few good trades, but that’s about it. Bob Castellini is still listening to Walt, and they made a minority owners offspring the GM or President of Baseball operations or whatever they call it now.

        Yes, it is TOO SOON to call the season over and crown the Reds with another Last Place finish. But really, where do we turn? As it now appears, every team in their division is better than the Reds. Who can they beat with any consistentcy in their division or in the National League? Well…….nobody. They are just that bad.

        I’m sure that at some time this season, the team will get “hot” and win for a stretch. But they are not good enough to sustain winning for a long time.

      • Scott in Texas

        And funny you say this, Jay, because I have been in North Texas for 13 years, and I’ve seen the Rangers go to two World Series and the playoffs another 2-3 times. But once a team is your favorite, you just can’t un-favorite it. I’m a Indiana Hoosiers, Indiana Pacers, Cincinnati Reds fan. By admitting this, I feel even worse.

    • ohiojimw

      I never thought the day would come when I would be more spun up about the NHL than MLB but it has.

      The hockey team in the middle of Ohio has been in the playoffs 4 times in the last 6 seasons. That gets a person’s attention when the baseball team in SW corner of the state just keeps finding ways to lose and not get better.

      • Jazzmanbbfan

        And I went to season tickets to FC Cincinnati vs. going to see the Reds.

    • Scott in Texas

      +1. Couldn’t have said it any better. I watched Monday night’s game until the 6th inning, when the Dodgers tied the game. I just knew we’d lose, so I went to bed rather than short myself an hour+ of sleep.

      I love the Cincinnati Reds, and I’ll never stop hoping that THIS is the year things turn around. But I’ll never truly believe it will until it actually has….

  19. jreis

    it will be interesting to see if by the end of the year we have more balks than stolen bases as a team. lol.

    in all seriousness though I think the rest of 2019 is all about developing our starting rotation and bullpen for 2020 and beyond. we have 2 studs in Castillo and Gray. I am not sold on Mahle yet just because I am not sure he can get through a full 200 inning season. He seems more fit for the bullpen to me, I don’t know. Not sold on Disco,Roarke,Wood Either.
    I would like to see Stephenson, Garret, Lorenzen, ,Reed, Romano get some meaningful starts. Like to see Garret get some closing opportunities.

    also ,I would like to see Winker and Suarez get some time at first base. Particularly moving Suarez from 1st to third would free up infield positions for India, Scooter and Senzel. I know this means Joey may have to sit more but I doubt he cares at this point.

    • CP

      India is struggling in A+ ball. If their games were easy to watch, Reds fans would be demanding he get sent back to Dayton.

      I don’t know what you mean by Joey not caring. Joey has had a slow start, but the guy’s work ethic has never been questioned.

    • Matt WI

      Jreis… I just read an article that Votto spent an hour in the cage AFTER the game yesterday he was so frustrated. Don’t just associate winning with caring and lack of success as uncaring. The whole “they make millions either way” is just lazy criticism.

      Joey has always strived to be the best player in the game. Full stop. He concedes Trout has been better, but that is the level he shoots for. Nobody here is saying he’s playing well, but that doesn’t mean he’s checked out (or anyone else).

  20. Scott Gennett

    It may be hard on FO, but considering the key parts of a team (starting pitching, bullpen, defensive, offensive and base running), I’d say only starting pitching was addressed into 2019 when compared with 2018, while all others were left about the same with base running diminished with Hamilton’s departure. Moreover, many high expectations were made which have turned in very low performances by almost everybody.

  21. Matthew

    Hopefully the trio of Gennett, Senzel, and Ervin are up in the bigs ASAP. Then again, their contribution when and if it comes, may be counted as too little too late.

    • matt hendley

      Technically Gennett is already on the Bigs, but i know what you mean. Ervin is sucking right now, and Senzel will be up when he is healthy. I am pretty sure they are trying to get him into full games in louisville this weekend. Assuming no setbacks, should be in the bigs within 10 days.

  22. Old-school

    Fair to question if Joey Votto is in decline. C Trent waited for him after the game and thought it fair as well with a great interview up at the Athletic on Votto’s hitting . Joey being Joey gave a great stand up interview after a post game hitting session.

    Sounds like he missed the team bus and will be driving himself.

    • VaRedsFan

      Can you summarized what was asked and answered?

      • Old-school

        He’s frustrated.
        Believes he will hit and team will win, but his swing and techinque a work in progress. Choppy last year and not there this year but not ready to concede new normal.

        Refreshingly candid and answered anything and everything C Trent asked of him.

  23. Jg

    I’m almost positive Scooter Gennett comments on this site under an alias.

  24. TR

    In my opinion, one of the reasons for the nearly non-existent offense, so far, is the absence of the starting eight and others not being in offensive form in the final two weeks of spring training. After the prospects are seen and perform in spring training, then the regulars should be front and center in order to get the team off to a fast start. In my opinion, this did not happen, so I see it as a failure of the new management especially after the optimism generated by the acquisition of Puig and Kemp.

    • ohiojimw

      My concern began to blossom when they didn’t win games during the last 2 weeks of ST. Especially for a retooled team coming off multiple losing seasons, it is never too early to try and start winning games.

      I’m not ready to specify who (if anyone) deserves to be thrown under the bus. Just saying that looking at the results of the last 2 weeks of ST and given all the changes with this team, it is not surprising they haven’t come out of the gate winning.

      • Warren Leeman

        Jim, I don’t think blame is the correct tact for the spring training mistakes, but I believe mistakes were made. I also believe they were mistakes of effort rather than lack of effort. DB has been supremely focused on reducing injuries and increasing stamina since he was named manager. Not playing the regulars as regulars over the final 2 weeks of spring training was part of that effort, but I believe that was misplaced effort. I think over limiting the starting pitchers and freely using the entire 8-man bullpen are additional examples.

        This is DB’s first foray into the world of managing a MLB team. He is making mistakes and leaning from those mistakes. He’s willing to try and willing to experiment with new ways of managing and playing the game. I give him credit for those efforts.

        I don’t think the hitters or pitchers were fully prepared to begin the regular season, coming out of spring training.

      • ohiojimw

        Yes. It seemed almost at counter purposes to set the roster early but then not play the regular lineup as a group significantly. Instead they continued to carry with the team and play many of the AAA bound guys except of course for Nick Senzel.