The Cincinnati Reds (5-8) will try to make it five wins in a row and sweep the St. Louis Cardinals (8-6) tonight in this short two-game series in Monterrey, México. First pitch is at 4:10 ET.

Starting Pitchers


Anthony DeSclafani looked very good in his first start against the Milwaukee Brewers, giving up one run on three hits while striking out eight in five innings. But his second start against the Pittsburgh Pirates didn’t meet those same standards. He only made it through 4.1 innings, while giving up six earned runs on seven hits, including two home runs.  However, a positive to come from the Pirates start is that he walked only one, after walking three Brewers in his first start.

Two Cardinals have enjoyed a lot of success against DeSclafani. Paul Goldschmidt is 7-for-11 with two doubles and a home run against him, and Matt Carpenter is 9-for-20 with two doubles, a triple, and three home runs.


Miles Mikolas had a breakout year in 2018, after not pitching in the league for four years. Mikolas was never terrible in the Padres organization from 2010-2013. However, in 2014, he pitched for the Texas Rangers and finished with a 6.44 ERA and a 4.77 FIP. After 2014, he went to pitch in Japan and when he got back, the Cardinals signed him. And in 2018, he pitched like he had something to prove, finishing the season with a 2.83 ERA and a 3.28 FIP in 200.1 innings. He struck out 146 batters, while walking only 29.

In 2018, Mikolas gave up only 16 home runs all season. However, in just 16.0 innings in 2019, he’s already given up four home runs. Last season, his FB% was 28.5%, the lowest of his career. But so far this season, it’s at 37.5%, close to where it was before he went to Japan.

In very small sample sizes, seven different Reds players have an OPS above 1.000 against Mikolas. Tucker Barnhart is the only player to homer off him.

Anthony DeSclafani (2018) 115 4.93 4.83 1.29 1.88 6.20% 22.30%
Miles Mikolas (2018) 200.2 2.83 3.28 1.07 0.72 3.60% 18.10%



The Reds used five relievers last night, but of those five, Amir Garrett was the only one who threw more than 20 pitches. Most of their bullpen should be fine to pitch again this afternoon. He finished the game, but Raisel Iglesias is still struggling. He gave up a hit and a walk in the ninth before getting two outs to earn the save.


The Cardinals used three relievers, and none of them pitched more than one inning.


1. Matt Carpenter (3B)
2. Paul Goldschmidt (1B)
3. Paul DeJong (SS)
4. Marcell Ozuna (LF)
5. Yadier Molina (C)
6. Tyler O’Neill (CF)
7. Dexter Fowler (RF)
8. Kolten Wong (2B)
9. Miles Mikolas (P)
1. Jesse Winker (LF)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Yasiel Puig (RF)
4. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
5. Scott Schebler (CF)
6. Jose Peraza (2B)
7. Tucker Barnhart (C)
8. Jose Iglesias (SS)
9. Anthony DeSclafani (P)

Stat of the Day

-Through the first thirteen games of the season, the pitching has been vastly improved from a year ago. The Reds currently sit fifth in MLB in ERA, fourth in FIP, and ninth in xFIP.

News and Notes

-If you have a subscription to The Athletic and haven’t yet read C. Trent Rosecrans story on the trip to Monterrey, I highly recommend you check it out.

-The LA Times had a story this morning about Yasiel Puig. I’ve read a lot of Andy McCullough’s stories going back to the days when he covered the Kansas City Royals during their World Series season. He’s a superb writer.

-I don’t like the song Baby Shark, but I’ve watched this clip of Jesse Winker and Jose Iglesias at least ten times.

Final Thoughts

Everything is more fun when the Reds win. The Reds should keep winning.

23 Responses

  1. Indy Red Man

    Tampa is such a smart organization! They picked up Avi Garcia for nothing. He’s hitting .320 so far. He just hit .330 for the W Sox 2 years in 518 atbats. He came into gabp last year and hit 3 bombs in a series if I’m not mistaken? Find guys like that and buy low. Like we did with Scooter….maybe with Dietrich? I’m sure they’re working on it?

    Hope Disco isn’t wild right down the middle like last time?

  2. Indy Red Man

    Disco? 95-96 mph but everything is a heater down the middle? Does he not have breaking stuff? Cmon?

    • Indy Red Man

      He was 95 last week in Pitt? He has a live arm, but they see the ball well and everything is down the middle. No breaking stuff. Not much inside at all?

    • Indy Red Man

      I agree. We have options. Stephenson or Lorenzen. Lorenzen only gave up 6 bombs in 81 ip last year. Disco gives that up in a month easy when he’s running bad. Nobody can catch the ball when its over the fence. Billy is gone

  3. Mark Lang

    This team’s fielding is little league level. It’s embarrassing.

  4. Indy Red Man

    Last night was fun. Today? Uhhhh. That pitch to Joey was out over the plate and tailing away. He would always hammer them to left-left center. WHy is everything a pulled ground ball to the right side now?

  5. Indy Red Man

    94 mph in and 105 out…..rinse and repeat

  6. Indy Red Man

    Meatball to Fowler goes 395 feet. Oh boy. They are just hacking away

  7. Roger Garrett

    Reds are hacking also just not hitting the ball.Act like they are in a hurry to leave town.

    • Indy Red Man

      Mikolas is a strike machine, but they have to hit it where its pitched. Too many guys trying to do too much

  8. Jack

    Kimbrel please, team is toast without bullpen help, there’s no one in AAA better than Duke?

    • Jer-B

      Romano & Reed are both throwing well. I could see either one of them being positive contributors this year for the big league clubs.

  9. Jack

    And removing Garrett after one batter, no matter the results, to bring in the scrubs doesn’t seem smart to me.

    • HoF13

      He threw a lot of pitches yesterday – They said he was available for 1 batter only.

  10. Indy Red Man

    Rough day at the office. While RLN was calling for Yelich….I was calling for Ozuna. We were both right. Ozuna is better then showed last year. If he can do 45/120 or whatever in Miami then he can do it in St Louis. Thats 2 additions that could finish top 5 NL MVP….if not win it. Arms like Hicks and Reyes. They’re loaded. Milw is missing Jeffress. Thats 2 guys nobody could hit last year. The Reds are just outmanned. Atleast I think Bell gets it…I hope? Lorenzen with a nice day. 6 bombs allowed in 81 ip last year. I think if he tried to throw 93 with sink then he’d be better then 96 straightened out. Maybe ROmano can become a high leverage guy later on? They need to find someone or trade. I called for Presley last year from the Twins. Hou got him. He’s nasty, but he’s also 31 or 32. The Reds are 2 years away atleast. Need help but cant mortgage the future either. Its a tough spot

  11. Reddawg12

    I was just about to type the same thing. We will never know if he can handle it until we give him a shot.

  12. Indy Red Man

    Yeah I keep forgetting about Stephenson. High leverage or the rotation. They need him

  13. Joe

    So maybe it’s Disco’s time to go when Wood gets healthy, yeah?

    Also, can we please, pretty please, end the Zach Duke experiment?

  14. Vada

    I simply cannot understand how ANY FAN in Cincinnati can think Votto is a quality player. It’s a good thing he has a no trade clause in his contract because I doubt any team would take him unless it was how Homer Bailey was handled by LA. When the AAA players mature and join the Reds Votto will be DEAD WEIGHT to the team causing under .500 records for remainder of Votto’s contract. He even gave B. Hamilton batting tips last year. No wonder BH never learned to hit. I would take Scooter ANY DAY over Votto. Any Day ! His performance will only continue to decline year after year. I very much doubt Votto is on many Fantasy League rosters. Votto is working his way OUT of the Hall of Fame and I am glad.

    • Jacob W.

      Dude. I feel sorry for you. Are you even really a Reds fan? Instead of just enjoying that you get to watch a great Reds player, you choose to trash him. Like it or not, Votto will retire as the greatest offensive player in Reds history. He’s like top 5 or higher in every offensive statistical category. Btw there are ways to measure “quality” players and Votto is way above average. OPS+ is 155 for his career. 100 is average man.

      Also, he’s not overpaid “dead weight”. MLB is a multi-BILLION dollar business. 25 mil is nothing comparatively. The only reason the Reds haven’t won with Votto is pitching. He can’t help that they suck at developing pitchers and won’t spend $ for a FA Ace.

      Also why would you be glad if he doesn’t make the HOF? Again, how are you a fan?

      *Votto is owned in 98% of espn fantasy leagues. Please educate yourself before posting garbage like this.

      • Vada

        Jacob W., I have been an AVID Reds fan since I was 14 (1963). My comments were from my frustrations with players who perform much less than underpaid players, Votto vs. Scooter for example. This frustration would disappear if owners would start paying players strictly on their DAILY performance. Lately, Votto hasn’t been playing at a $186k a game level. I appreciate your frustration with my comments on Votto. My facts we’re way off if one looks at the BIG picture but I tend to stay focused on a game by game point of view. For example Votto hitting into a double play or an inning ending performance, or with bases loaded. I don’t think WORLD SERIES or playoffs. I live game to game. If ANY player under-performs on a given day I get frustrated. Thus my frustrated email you replied to showing your frustration towards myself. There are NO hard feelings towards you on my end. I hope it’s mutual. I just want to see highly paid players perform according to their pay. There are plenty of Reds underperforming right now, not just Votto. I hope you can now understand WHY I made my comments. Believe it or not I did appreciate your reply to my outburst. Perhaps together we can both look forward to a great year. The Reds ARE important to me that’s why I get frustrated when a player blows a game, especially the bullpen. I am sure you noticed I am an emotional guy. I hope there are no hard feelings on your end. There’s none here.