The Cincinnati Reds seem to have set their 25-man roster

There weren’t many decisions to be made with the 25-man roster as the Reds headed to Atlanta for the final two spring training games of the year. Both spots that were to be determined were in the bullpen, and those spots have gone to Robert Stephenson and Wandy Peralta. Here’s how the 25-man roster breaks down for opening day, assuming no injuries or other transactions:


  1. Luis Castillo
  2. Sonny Gray
  3. Tanner Roark
  4. Anthony DeSclafani
  5. Tyler Mahle




Nick Senzel to be in a walking boot for 1-2 weeks

This morning the Reds announced the Nick Senzel would be in a walking boot for 1-2 weeks after spraining his ankle in a minor league game back in Goodyear on Sunday afternoon.

Cincinnati Reds (8-18-5) Starting Lineup:

  1. Jesse Winker – Center Field
  2. Kyle Farmer – Shortstop
  3. Scott Schebler – Right Field
  4. Curt Casali – Catcher
  5. Derek Dietrich – Left Field
  6. Brian O’Grady – First Base
  7. Christian Colon– Third Base
  8. Josh VanMeter – Designated Hitter
  9. Luis Gonzalez – Second Base
  10. Anthony DeSclafani – Starting Pitcher

Here’s the minor leaguers that are also on the roster today that could be available:





Atlanta Braves (15-16) Starting Lineup

  1. Ender Inciarte – Center Field
  2. Ronald Acuna Jr. – Left Field
  3. Freddie Freeman – First Base
  4. Nick Markakis – Designated Hitter
  5. Ozzie Albies – Second Base
  6. Brian McCann – Catcher
  7. Johan Camargo – Third Base
  8. Matt Joyce – Right Field
  9. Dansby Swanson – Shortstop
  10. Sean Newcomb – Starting Pitcher

Where to Watch/Listen/Follow the games

The game begins at 1:10pm ET. You can listen to it on 700 WLW. You can watch the game on Fox Sports Ohio and

56 Responses

  1. Carl

    Hopefully Senzel recovers quickly.

    Just wanted to make a quick comment on his whole situation. People are comparing his situation to Kris Bryant, it’s hardly the same though. Bryant was objectively better in the minors

    In AA he had an OPS of 1.160 and AAA 1.036 in 297 PA at each level.

    Senzel topped at .973 in AA with 209 AB in 2017, and only had 171 AB last year in AAA.

    Bryant was well and beyond a step above Senzel and had the consistent performance to prove he was ready.

    The injuries with Senzel, coupled with a position change make absolute since from the perspective of a baseball team trying to win games giving him more AAA playing time. It just also works out to be a good money decision as well. I believe Senzel will be a really good player(though his reddit AMAs saying he pays no attention to advanced metrics is concerning), and letting him get a bit more CF experience in games that don’t matter to the Reds is a good thing.

    • andybado

      1) If you wait until a player hits like Kris Bryant before they make the bigs leagues, no one would ever make it.

      2) Kris Bryant played AAA in the PCL which historically is a hitter’s league. (BTW, Bryant’s 161 wRC+ in AAA isn’t far off of Senzel’s 149)

      3) The Reds other options in CF — Schebler and apparently Winker — are neither experienced center fielders nor even average defensive outfielders. Defensively, the Reds would have nothing to lose in placing Senzel in CF opening day.

      ** Most importantly, Senzel is the Reds 2nd most talented hitter who has already tore through the minors. He needs to be in the big leagues to progress further. This was certainly service time manipulation with meaningless spring stats and a position change providing nominal cover. All of this in moot though with his recent injury.

      • Gaffer

        If Senzel made the team, you would have 2 of Winker, kemp, or Schebler on the bench everyday. Senzel may be no better than Schebler in CF on defense and probably not a better hitter right now. He may be the future but you give up service time for no gain, That’s just dumb.

      • andybado

        @Gaffer, this is the crux of the disagreement. I believe Senzel is and will be a better hitter (and all around player) than Schebler. He is young and already a well rounded hitter. He was excellent in AA and AAA last year. He is a rare young prospect who has no holes in his game. He thinks he’s ready. Prospect evaluators think he’s ready. Projection systems think he’s ready. And yet so many Reds fans prefer Schebler, a nominally starting corner outfielder who hasn’t had an above average season in his career. He is a 4th outfielder on a good team starting a over a potential rookie of the year candidate and future all-star.

  2. Matt Hendley

    Here is hoping MW makes it thorough waivers.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Rosters are tight and Wisler has no significant value right now. At best, I can see a team issuing a claim with the intent to try and get him thru DFA waivers after the claim. I haven’t seen any official announcement or roster moves, so I guess the Reds could still be working the phones, but again, there’s not much value there.

  3. Shchi Cossack

    Yesterday’s game was pretty funky. The home plate umpire’s strike zone was all over the place… high, low, wide and then narrow and short. Stephenson uncorked some pretty wild pitches, but pitching to a moving target can be challenging.

    Let’s hope the Wandy has made some significant adjustments in his delivery and has move beyond throwing that hard, flat fastball that just gets hammered.

    Two weeks in a walking boot may help settle down all the speculation surrounding Senzel. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get much defensive playing time and experience wearing a walking boot.

    • VaRedsFan

      The 2 weeks is minimum. Another week or so rehabbing, then a few weeks of game action…..and so forth…and so on. Next thing you know, he’s been down there for 2 months.

      • vegastypo

        I was figuring mid to late May. And hoping no other injury or a return of vertigo gets in the way. By then, he might even be past the super-2 deadline. But time to see what the kid can do at the big league level.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Totally agree on the strike zone. It’s the first time I’ve really watched any action this spring and I was appalled, as I usually am, at the strike zone.

  4. ToBeDetermined

    ” Unfortunately, it’s hard to get much defensive playing time and experience wearing a walking boot. ”

    Thank you for pointing out the obvious. I’m pretty stressed today with tooooo much work. I just burst out laughing at your above comment. 🙂

  5. WVRedlegs

    They stayed true on their 8 man bullpen pledge. Kyle Farmer taking a bench spot is good to see. His versatility will be much needed in April. He may be the only thing left of that Dodgers trade on next year’s roster.
    I don’t know about keeping Peralta over Wisler though. I think that will end up biting them if they lose Wisler to free agency or a waiver claim. There are probably 6-8 teams that could/will pick up Wisler for free. I don’t know if any would have picked up Peralta if he were to be waived, but Peralta still had options left anyway.
    These 2 pretend games in Atlanta are just beyond stupid. Hope nobody gets hurt.
    Only about 51 hours to go for real baseball to begin.

    • The Duke

      What’s the difference between the pretend games in Atlanta vs the pretend games in Arizona? At least the games in Atlanta will be in a big league park.

      • WVRedlegs

        Why pack your stuff up and go across the country to play 2 games? Then pack your stuff up again to go home. They even took the AAA team to Atlanta. Why not play 2 more games in AZ then go home? Seems like a lot of moving parts to get this done for nothing.

      • The Duke

        They are going to pack their bags up and travel for the next six months, what’s one more trip?

      • CP

        At least they are in the right time zone.

  6. Shchi Cossack

    Add deGrom to the growing list of significant player extension this spring. The vaunted 2019/2020 FA class is dwindling before our collective eyes and will probably continue to shrink. It’s a new business model in MLB.

    • The Duke

      When players take 4-5 year deals instead of demanding 8-10 year deals, there is a lot more willingness from the owners to get a deal done.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Clearly. Players don’t see free agency as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow anymore. Chances are pretty decent that if the Reds decide to try to extend any of the people with expiring contracts that they will be very willing to listen and consider offers.

      • CI3J

        More to the point, Keuchel and Kimbrel still remained unsigned with Opening Day less than 48 hours away.

        I don’t know what they are holding out for, but they may just end up with nothing. It’s a shame, true fans of the game love to see elite players play the game, but in pursuit of money, some of these players are pricing themselves out of the game entirely while still in their primes. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

      • lost11found

        Keuchel’s agent is Scott Boras? correct? Not sure about Kimbrell. But it could be a play by Boras to demand the moon, not get it, then claim owner collusion.

        Far fetched as the players would have to be okay with that sort of plan too.

      • ToBeDetermined


        Nothing new under the sun there. Boras overplays his hand, doesn’t get his client the best deal, takes no personal responsibility and blames the owners for collusion.

        The landscape has changed in regards to signing players to extensions and free agency, at least for the time being. Maybe Boras should re-watch this part of MoneyBall


  7. FreeHouse

    Seems like something bad keeps happening to Senzel every time the Reds hold him down.

  8. Roger Garrett

    Wasn’t surprised by Bob because he has no options left and because the Reds won’t risk him finally getting it someplace else.Peralta earned his spot and maybe he has finally got it.Lets play real baseball.

    • ToBeDetermined

      “Lets play real baseball”

      Perfect Summation

  9. Scott Gennett

    Read Pirates’ rotation is MLB top ten, while Reds’ is still far away. As it looks they’ll fight each other to stay out of the cellar, I hope Wood will join it soon. Gray and Disco have looked sharp this spring, cannot say the same about Roark or Mahle. Still waiting for Castillo to take the next step.

    • ChrisInVenice

      Roark & Mahle each were pretty good except one poor outing.

  10. vegastypo

    I’ve been wondering about Keuchel, my perhaps whack-o idea …

    Maybe the Reds could offer him a lucrative three (or even four — yikes) year contract, but give him an opt-out after the second year. If he sees a chance to chase a better deal in two years, he can go for it. … In the meantime, he has a few years to get paid well, further establish his value. And if he doesn’t see a better deal in the offing, he can stay put for the duration of the deal and not have to worry about a contract for another year or two ….

    • WVRedlegs

      He got off to a good start, but he has been pretty lousy the last 2 weeks. Today 1.0 IP, 4 H, 3 R. Lousy again.

      • The Duke

        If he falls apart, it’s a contract you can just eat and send him packing. Especially if Peralta shows he can stick. Duke will be the 8th man in the pen and be a LOOGY in the last year of the LOOGY.

    • SaveTheFarm

      The one game I went to in Arizona Duke gave up a bomb and i mean bomb to Jose Abreu. Nothing to be overly ashamed of but that ball went a longggggg way.

    • Scott Gennett

      First candidate to be DFA, there’s still time to pull Wisler back from waivers.

  11. vegastypo

    Nice to see Casali keep hitting … I wonder if the presence of Farmer as a third catcher means Casali could be used as a pinch hitter more often …

  12. andybado

    The Reds should start Kyle Farmer at 1B. His .979 OPS in ST is 400 points higher than Votto’s! Farmer is spring training all-star!

    Other Reds ST all-stars: Aristides Aquino (1.009 OPS), Scott Schebler (1.121), Philip Ervin (1.218), Jose Iglesias (.917), Jose Peraza (.962), and my personal favorite Christian Colon (.905). All of these guys should be starting opening day because they rocked the spring. Who could stop a lineup with 7 >900 OPS players? No one that’s who.

    Also: Tanner Roark and Sonny Gray for Cy Young!

    • andybado

      Oh and Jimmy Herget, Matt Bowman, Wandy Peralta, and Ian Kroll are the new Nasty Boys!

      • ToBeDetermined

        Take it back — Jimmy was just tossed out of the Nasty Boys club with the Reds last inning of spring training.

  13. JB WV

    I was a little confused after Scooter went down and they didn’t bring Senzel right back up to man 2b. They seem to want him to be a long term fix in center. Why? Maybe they think India is going to move up very quickly, like next year. Seems improbable, but why would you move a supposedly strong infielder to a new position and stay firm with that given the circumstances?

    • CFD3000

      Why indeed JB? Service time manipulation, plain and simple. And now ironically he’s hurt so it’s all moot, but many of us including me think it’s ridiculous that the Reds somehow claimed that the best man for the spot that opened up when Gennett got hurt was not Senzel, but Kyle Farmer. If you listen to the most recent Redleg Radio podcast you’ll see that Chad Dotson and Jason Linden agree with you too. It was a service time manipulation, which is fine, but the Reds insist on pretending it’s anything but. Ridiculous bit of course now a moot point.

      • Hanawi

        It’s service time manipulation to send a guy that’s played 44 games at AAA, is coming off an injury that cost him half a season, and is playing a position he’s never played professionally back down to work on some things? Good grief. It’s not like they are running Willy Taveras out there every day in the meantime.

      • JB WV

        My point was rather that they seem stuck on him playing the outfield now. Their response when asked about Senzel was that he was going to stay in AAA and work on cf as if he’s the long term answer there, which makes me think they’re leaving second open for India in the very near future. Yeah I get the service time, but it doesn’t sound like Senzel is going to take second when Scooters gone after this year.

    • BK

      He also has limited experience at 2B and received zero game reps at 2B this spring. Is really a good idea to hand the starting 2B job to rookie with less than 1 week to prepare given how little time he had at 2B to start with?

      The Reds are pushing CF because that’s where they see Senzel delivering the most value. CFs that can hit are scarce whereas solid 2B currently abound.

    • reaganspad

      I guess they took that spring training stats don’t mean anything a little too seriously

  14. eddiek957

    Nobody is going to confuse Herget with Dibble today

    • Wayne nabors

      Reds have lost a ton of games in 9th this year in st,has me a little worried

      • ChrisInVenice

        How many of those had Iglesias/Lorenzen/Hughes in pitching?

  15. CFD3000

    I’m often wrong about baseball and the Reds, but I’ll boast just a tiny bit on the last roster spots: I called it a couple of days ago that the last bullpen slots would go to Stephenson and Peralta. I really hope that Johnson and Cotham found something in Peralta’s delivery or pitch mix that has been adjusted and that his spring effectiveness is real. If so, welcome to the Reds again Wandy. If not, it’s just another case of being distracted by that shiny new spring thing. Won’t be the last time. Say after me: spring results do not matter!

  16. Shchi Cossack

    Severe ankle sprains can be a bite to recover from and Senzel will need to prove he’s healthy and productive before making the jump up to MLB competition. There’s also the issue of any impact on his speed and agility. We really could be looking at a 6-8 week period to reasonable recovery. That would really stir the pot, because Senzel might be looking down the barrel of super 2 status by that time and that could cost him a riverboat load of cash during arbitration.

  17. ToBeDetermined


    As I mentioned on another post. Typical recovery time for a Grade 2 (partial tear) to Grade 3 (full tear or rupture) is as follows:

    grade 2 3-6 weeks
    grade 3 several months

    If he’s in a boot. I’m guessing pushing towards grade 3.
    And why rush him ?
    Because once you have an ankle sprain, you will tend to have another. You want to get as much of that scar tissue healed as possible.

  18. zigbee

    Jimmy Herget has a lot of work to do. That being said the Reds do have a solid pen and above average starters who have to manage the game to the 6th inning. The offense is as good as there is in the division so this season will boil down to the pen, defense, and the pen. I predict 84 wins IF they do not suffer any big injuries to the hitters. DeSclanai, Castillo, Roark and Gray are all good enough to help the team win provide the defense doesn’t throw it all over the place or misplay balls. Wood coming back should have shot at 15 wins with this bullpen and offense. Bell SHOULD be good for 5-8 wins over Bryan Price and his handling of the bullpen. The talent is much improved and hopefully it show with a record over 500