Cincinnati Reds (8-16-5) Starting Lineup:

  1. Jesse Winker – Center Field
  2. Joey Votto – First Base
  3. Matt Kemp – Left Field
  4. Eugenio Suarez – Third Base
  5. Yasiel Puig – Right Field
  6. Jose Peraza – Second Base
  7. Jose Iglesias – Shortstop
  8. Tucker Barnhart – Catcher
  9. Sonny Gray – Starting Pitcher

Also scheduled to pitch for the Cincinnati Reds today: Raisel Iglesias, Matt Wisler, and Wandy Peralta.

Colorado Rockies (13-5-2) Starting Lineup:

  1. Raimel Tapia – Center Field
  2. Daniel Murphy – First Base
  3. Mark Reynolds – Designated Hitter
  4. Willie Abreu – Right Field
  5. Ryan Metzler – Third Base
  6. Bret Boswell – Second Base
  7. Casey Golden – Left Field
  8. Elliot Soto – Shortstop
  9. Chris Rabago – Catcher
  10. German Marquez – Starting Pitcher

Where to Watch/Listen/Follow the games

The game will be live on for audio. The game will not be available on the radio.

13 Responses

  1. Tom Mitsoff

    If anyone hears any explanation from David Bell, etc., as to why Winker started in center, please share it. It seems a rather odd move to make if Bell isn’t going to use the option in game situations. It also makes you wonder why Puig didn’t get the start in center with Winker in right. Puig has not played an inning in center during the spring that I am aware of. If true, that would lead me to believe he isn’t going to do it during the season.

    I wonder if Schebler’s inability to catch fly balls in the high Arizona sky yesterday had any impact on this move.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Very interesting. So their centerfielders appear to be Schebler and Winker. We may be seeing A LOT of Lorenzen as a late-game defensive replacement — maybe daily?

  2. Tom Mitsoff

    No walks and 11 strikeouts in 10 “A” game innings for the spring.

  3. HoF13

    Iglesias has not looked good this spring at all … yes I know it’s spring but I am starting to get a little concerned at this point.

  4. Indy Red Man

    They’re not hitting and the pen looks shaky. I can’t say I have extreme faith in any of those guys?

    Can we fast forward to Thursday and end this mess? This spring training is killing my buzz.

  5. CFD3000

    I’ll take that bait. I’m not endorsing, just predicting but I suspect it will be Peralta and Stephenson. Reed has already been assigned to AAA, and Peralta has not allowed a run in AZ. I’m hoping that’s because they’ve made some adjustments to his mechanics and/or approach so the results are “real”. In any case another lefty who didn’t give up a spring run may be irresistible. As for BobSteve, with no options he either goes to Cincy, to the IL or leaves the Reds organization altogether. In spite of his delayed spring development I predict Cincinnati for Stephenson.

  6. vegastypo

    FWIW, Brantley said a few innings ago that he didn’t think the idea of using Rasiel Iglesias earlier in the game than the ninth inning would last for long. He said with Iglesias’ history of struggling in multiple-inning appearances, he predicted that Iglesias would end up back in the traditional ninth-inning role.

  7. Roger Garrett

    Reds should just DFA Bob Steve and move on.He has had at least 30 starts or so in the last 3 years and has shown nothing.

    • Roger Garrett

      I agree because I have always been a big supporter and was just messing with those who always take the opposite point of view when I say he has never been given a chance along with Reed and Garrett and Lorenzen to start.I am on record as saying it takes at least 50 starts or so to even form an opinion on most guys.Bob.Reed and Garrett don’t even have 50 starts combined.Bob will get one of the two spots left in the pen because the Reds are afraid somebody will actually give him a chance.We will need em all because Roark and Wood are just here for 1 year regardless of how well they pitch.

  8. CFD3000

    TBD if I’m not mistaken Wisler is also out of options, so the same three possibilities that apply to BobSteve also apply to Wisler. I’m with the Cossack – I think it’s likely that Wisler will be traded and soon. But it’s certainly possible that they’ll ship Peralta to Louisville and promote Stephenson and Wisler, perhaps with the idea of building trade value for at least one of them. But again my prediction is Peralta and Stephenson to the Reds bullpen, Wisler traded or possibly released.

  9. Roger Garrett

    The Reds,at least now won’t give up on their young arms and shouldn’t.They just went through 2017 and 2018 and really found out only about Castillo and Romano while the other were given a cup of coffee.Reed and Romano,who had options,have been sent down and hopefully will start at Louisville.Using them as relievers is a mistake because major league relievers can be found anywhere and everywhere and are year after year.Romano and Reed and Mahle just need another pitch they can throw for a strike to become solid starters.Rarely do young guys come up and take off but the Reds have Gray and Wood who did just that their first year.Since then both have digressed some but the arm and the talent is still there as it is with the guys I mentioned.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Both Reed and Romano were told they are now being viewed as relievers, so it seems likely they will pitch in relief rather than start at Louisville.