The Reds could have opted for a 4-man starting rotation for a while, putting off a roster cut to mid-April. Instead they named Tyler Mahle as the fifth starter and announced he would start the fifth game of the season. Mahle is holding down the spot that otherwise would have gone to Alex Wood, who will start the season on the DL with a sore back.

4 Responses

  1. SultanofSwaff

    I don’t get the rush to name Mahle as he could be optioned. BobSteve is out of options and could easily be stretched enough to give you 90 pitches in 2 weeks. They’ll be fools to waive him or make him a 1 inning guy. I see a different player this year……..he’s going to establish himself finally.

    • Stock

      He has time for only one more start before the end of ST but agree that Stephenson could be the man this year. I would not mind seeing him go 4 innings next Wednesday and then follow Mahle on his day to start.

  2. CFD3000

    No shock there, but the Reds don’t need Mahle much if they skip him on off days. Still a reasonable choice and this gives the Reds a chance to see how he’s evolved under the (brief) tutelage of Johnson, Cotham and Bell. It’s possible but not obvious that Reed would be better right now, and he hasn’t been stretched out to start yet. He’s the only other clearly good option – Romano, Stephenson and Wisler haven’t yet shown that they deserve any starts in Cincinnati.

  3. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    Mahle was great in 2017.
    And in 2018 from April 18 thru July 6 Mahle was very good.
    As a 23 year old he only allowed a 3.28 ERA with more K’s than IP’s.
    Although he had a rough stretch of 4 starts after that which skewed his #’s.
    But he’s been good at each minor league level and there’s no reason Mahle shouldn’t be starting in the majors.