Reds Spring Game(s) Thread – 3/21

Days Until Opening Day: 7

A handful of single tickets remain available through the Reds ticket site

3/20: Reds 6 – Rangers 1 | Box Score

Tanner Roark had 5 Ks and 2 BBs in 5.1 innings on 88 pitches. He’s had a strong spring. Scott Schebler walked and doubled. He’s hitting .400/.579/.720 (ISO .320) this spring, with 4 stolen bases. He’s walked 11 times and struck out just 5. Jose Iglesias was 3-4 and catcher Kyle Farmer (fourth piece of the Puig-Kemp-Wood trade with the Dodgers) had a couple hits. Farmer is batting .385 with slugging percentage of .744 (ISO .359). Sherman Johnson, a minor league free agent signing had a pinch-hit 2-run homer.

3/21: Hal McCoy on Crowded Reds Outfield

Veteran Reds beat writer at the Dayton Daily News wrote this a couple hours ago: “The Reds won’t ask me, but here is how I see it. Starters: RF Yasiel Puig, CF Scott Schebler, LF Matt Kemp. I wouldn’t poo-poo platooning Kemp and Jesse Winker in left, but Winker needs to pick it up this spring. I’d keep Phillip Ervin as the extra outfielder and give him as much playing time as possible. The odd man out is Nick Senzel, who should be returned to Triple-A to play second base to take Scooter Gennett’s place next year. It seems obvious the Reds are not going to sign The Scooter to a multi-year extension and he’ll leave via free agency after this season if he is not traded.”

3/21: New Post on Top Reds Prospects

Joe Bloss at has a new post up about the top tier of Reds prospects. It includes quotes from Reds senior director of player development Eric Lee on Nick Senzel, Taylor Trammell, Hunter Greene, Jonathan India and Keury Mella.

3/21: Roster Decisions Soon, Nightmare Scenario?

The Reds final game in Arizona is Sunday against the Rockies. Then they leave for a two-game exhibition series in Atlanta on Monday and Tuesday. You’d think they would make final roster decisions before leaving for Atlanta. If so, we’re down to the last 72 hours.

Here’s a nightmare Senzel scenario: Suppose the Reds give the CF job to Scott Schebler for now and send Nick Senzel back to AAA. What if Schebler then proceeds to play a good CF and continues to hit well? What would that mean for Nick Senzel, blocked at yet another position at the major league level? Is avoiding that situation enough of a reason to just give the CF job to Senzel now, even though Schebler has outplayed him this spring and is an established major league player? I’m glad I’m not making these decisions.

6/29: Suarez Bubblehead in Louisville

Note this only goes to the first 2,000 fans. Prediction: The secondary market opens shortly after game time with a price similar to Michigan-Ohio State football tickets. Doubt it’ll ever pop.

3/21: Game One – Royals at Reds (4:05 PM)

The Reds are playing two today. In the afternoon, they tangle with the Kansas City Royals at Goodyear Ballpark. There’s no local radio or television. You can hear the game at

Anthony DeSclafani will start. It’s his sixth appearance this spring. Other rostered pitchers available include Raisel Iglesias, Zach Duke and Jared Hughes, who pitched yesterday. The Reds face Royals SP Heath Filmeyer. Billy Hamilton will leadoff for the Royals. Nick Senzel has 35 spring plate appearances without a walk.

Cincinnati Reds Starting Lineup

  1. Scooter Gennett – 2B
  2. Joey Votto – 1B
  3. Matt Kemp – LF
  4. Eugenio Suarez – 3B
  5. Yasiel Puig – RF
  6. Nick Senzel – CF
  7. Jose Peraza – SS
  8. Tucker Barnhart – C
  9. Anthony DeSclafani – P

Also scheduled to pitch for the Reds: Jared Hughes, Raisel Iglesias, and Zach Duke.

Here’s the bench for the day:





3/21: Game Two – Reds at Mariners (9:40 PM)

Tonight, the Reds square off with the part of the Seattle Mariners roster that hasn’t been in Japan playing regular season games. No radio or television broadcast.

It’s a reliever game for the Reds, with Matt Bowman opening for the Reds. Other pitchers of note available include David Hernandez, Sal Romano and Matt Wisler. Bowman has pitched in the Cardinals bullpen the past three seasons, although split time at AAA last year.

Cincinnati Reds Starting Lineup

  1. Jesse Winker – LF
  2. Scott Schebler – CF
  3. Jose Iglesias – SS
  4. Derek Dietrich – 2B
  5. Phillip Ervin – RF
  6. Kyle  Farmer – 3B
  7. Connor Joe – 1B
  8. Curt Casali – C
  9. Matt Bowman – P

Also scheduled to pitch for the Reds: Anthony Bass, David Hernandez, Sal Romano, Matt Wisler, and Ian Krol.

Here’s the bench for this game:





Mariners Note: 45-year-old Ichiro Suzuki announced his retirement from major league baseball today after playing in the Mariners’ final game in Japan.

19 Responses

  1. matthew hendley

    “Here’s a nightmare Senzel scenario: Suppose the Reds give the CF job to Scott Schebler for now and send Nick Senzel back to AAA. What if Schebler then proceeds to play a good CF and continues to hit well? What would that mean for Nick Senzel, blocked at yet another position at the major league level? Is avoiding that situation enough of a reason to just give the CF job to Senzel now, even though Schebler has outplayed him this spring and is an established major league player? I’m glad I’m not making these decisions.” No, you leave Senzel in the minors, this is not a difficult decision at all. If a player is playing well and another one is not, then you go with the one that is playing well. There is no reason why Senzel is not shipped to the minors with the last set to go as ST ends. They can always bring him up when someone in the OF falters. If Peraza shows to be lacking, bring him up, someone gets hurt bring him up.
    Anyway, lineups look like a team is playing a real game, and a team is facing individuals who missed iconic and historic games in japan.

    • Reaganspad

      I believe that a ML has to have their position taken from them. Schebler is hitting well, and understanding the strike zone better than ever (12ish walks and 2 SO).

      I was unaware that Senzel had not had a walk yet this spring. That and the work needed in the outfield is justification for now.

      Promoting Senzel on Day 1 would be rushing a player on the worst order. AAA for a few months will not do anything but improve him.

      “these things tend to work themselves out…” I think they are working.

      I am ok if Winker also needs a few weeks in AAA. Why not take 4 hot outfielders north with Connor Joe for a few weeks. Our team is almost half dodgers now…what would the dodgers do?

      this is a competition after all and we no longer need to keep guys who might be dinged up on the big club when they can’t really play for 8 games. That is what the 10 day DL is for. Dusty Price just did not know how to use that option

  2. wkuchad

    Is it really a Nightmare Scenario? For this to happen, that means Schebler is playing continuous good baseball. And Senzel is ready to play fulltime as soon as there’s an injury at 2B, 3B, RF, LF, CF, and maybe even 1B. That’s not a bad insurance policy, and it’s only a matter of time before one of those starters go on the DL.

    • ToBeDetermined

      The title of the article is Nightmare Scenario

      But, in the body of the article it is referred to as a Nightmare Scenario for Senzel.

      I was also fooled when I initially looked at it.

  3. Sliotar

    “continues to hit well.”

    The old monster of taking Spring Training at-bats and projecting rears its ugly head yet again at RLN.

    Schebler is age 28 and has put up a “mighty” (/sarc) 1.1 WAR in each of the last 2 seasons. Senzel is literally a projected cornerstone for the Reds having a window in the early 2020s….he is age 24 now and needs MLB at-bats to start to fulfill the potential.

    IMO, the only “nightmare scenario” is if the Reds kneejerk, and take a small sample in March/April, or especially from Spring Training, and use it to block any part of the future for a very marginal “established major league player.”

    • matthew hendley

      Senzel has provided exactly 0 MLB time. He has produced exactly 0 WAR. He would have produced ) war last season as well, should AAA have an equivalent stat. He missed nearly all of last year in AAA as well, those facts added with the fact that Schebs is destroying baseball this spring indicate it is schebs job to lose. His WAR is low due to time injured and playing injured. This time around should he get injured then Senzel will be there for that spot. Senzel also could Super UT but no one wants to take that idea seriously either. Don’t Punish success.

    • Old-school

      So that Billy Hamilton spring training OPS of .850 may not hold up over 162 games?

      • Warren Leeman

        Billy has had a good spring and he’s played against AAA+ quality pitching. I hope he has tremendous success in the Royal’s offense, hitting in a large stadium. If he does, I hope the teams that decided they didn’t need or want him to play in their large, spacious stadiums take note and suffer the repercussions of their decisions.

    • Steve Mancuso

      When you quoted the phrase “continues to hit well” you left out that it came after the words “What if Schebler…”

      Not as convenient for your contrarian thing, I guess. Providing the full context though would have plainly shown this wasn’t a “projection” you were so eager to take a (misplaced) shot at, but a hypothetical.

      If you’re going to quote me directly, please show the complete, accurate context. And, BTW, the “nightmare scenario” you drew up is the same as the one offered in the original post.

      • Sliotar

        Pedantic is an understatement in your method of replying. You suggested a narrative that feels unsubstantiated, at best, IMO.

        Or worse, bad long-term management for a roster that has a lot of questions to still answer past 2019.

        Bell said on Thursday morning. “I wish I had a better way to explain why Spring Training results — I don’t look too much into them.”

        Are you going to get caught up in the fact that Bell was replying in a question about Winker’s spring, or that I did not post the whole paragraph?

  4. Warren Leeman

    Well Disco got his work in and stretched out to 5.2 innings today.

    Votto looks like he’s settled into DB’s #2 hole in the lineup.

    • Warren Leeman

      Barnhart also looks like he’s settling in to DB’s #8 hole in the lineup with Peraza in DB’s #7 hole.

  5. Warren Leeman

    Looks like the Reds are emptying the bench the last couple of games. We should probably see another group of reassignments after the split squad games today.

  6. Old-school

    The Reds have a position roster crunch. I’d like to see a move in the final week that strengthens the bullpen. The Cubs have significant bullpen injury issues heading into the season and now the Brewers bullpen is in deep trouble with Corey Kneven today with signicant elbow issues and Jeremy Jeffers already with shoulder problems. Josh hader is suddenly very restricted. The Reds might consider a shorter high AAV Kimbrall money so that the Cubs and Brewers cant fix their suddenly depleted bullpens.

    Suddenly, the NL central has some weaknesses.

    • Warren Leeman

      Do you suppose that Keuchel and Kimbrel will wait to sign until June to avoid the compensation pick penalties and possibly up their contract offers?

      • Matt Hendley

        Stephen drew tried that and it did not work for him. One roster spot is now open

  7. Warren Leeman

    Winker-Schebler-Iglesias-Dietrich-Ervin 1-5 in the lineup for the 2nd game. I doubt that is just a haphazard lineup card tonight with final spring training decisions pending.

  8. WVRedlegs

    Connor Joe traded to the SF Giants for a AA/AAA starting pitcher, Jordan Johnson.
    That is one issue Don’t have to deal with now.
    One or two more trades might be forthcoming.