With a big loss to the Angels on Saturday afternoon the Cincinnati Reds return to the field today against the Milwaukee Brewers this afternoon at 3:05pm EST in a road contest.

Cincinnati Reds (2-5-1) Starting Lineup

  1. Jesse Winker – Left Field
  2. Nick Senzel – Center Field
  3. Derek Dietrich – Third Base
  4. Phillip Ervin – Right Field
  5. Jose Peraza – Shortstop
  6. Jose Iglesias – Second Base
  7. Kyle Farmer – Designated Hitter
  8. Connor Joe – First Base
  9. Juan Graterol – Catcher
  10. Lucas Sims – Starting Pitcher

Also scheduled to pitch today for the Cincinnati Reds: Sal Romano, Brandon Finnegan, Vladimir Gutierrez, Wandy Peralta, and Ian Krol.

Reserve players on todays roster:





Milwaukee Brewers (3-6) Starting Lineup

  1. Cory Spangenberg – Left Field
  2. Christian Yelich – Designated Hitter
  3. Manny Pina – Catcher
  4. Eric Thames – First Base
  5. Hernan Perez – Third Base
  6. Keston Hiura – Second Base
  7. Ben Gamel – Right Field
  8. Tyler Saladino – Shortstop
  9. Corey Ray – Center Field
  10. Josh Tomlin – Starting Pitcher

Where to Watch/Listen/Follow the game

The game will be live on the Reds on Radio network. In Cincinnati it will be available on 700 WLW. You can watch the game on MLB.tv, but it won’t be televised in the Cincinnati market. If you are in the Milwaukee area it will be available on Fox Sports Wisconsin.

The Final | Reds 11- Brewers 5

The Cincinnati Reds got back to their winning ways in spring training, beating up on the Brewers 11-5 on Sunday afternoon. The Reds dropped a 6-spot in the top of the 1st inning as the ball was flying, and being crushed. Jesse Winker (2-3) and Nick Senzel (2-3 2 doubles) both doubled and both scored on a Derek Dietrich homer. Phillip Ervin and Kyle Farmer would add home runs in the game, too. TJ Friedl came in for Senzel and racked up two hits.

The Brewers got to the Reds pitching early. They scored three runs on Lucas Sims in the first, and two more on Sal Romano over the next two innings. The bullpen shut them down to follow. Vladimir Gutierrez threw two perfect innings with 2 strikeouts. Wandy Peralta, Ian Krol, Brandon Finnegan, and Juan Martinez all tossed a shutout inning of relief. You can see the entire box score for the game right here.

36 Responses

    • Doug Gray

      No. He’s getting closer to pitching, but has been dealing with a slight shoulder issue.

  1. VaRedsFan

    Why are they giving Lucas Sims starts, while Castillo has come out of the pen twice? Shouldn’t LC be getting his pre game routine as a starter going?

  2. WVRedlegs

    When it is time for minor league position players to report, will we see a slew of transfers from major league camp to minor league camp? Like most of those on today’s reserve list. When is that date, March 6th?

    • Old-school

      Listening to game and interview with Bell. Every pitcher has personal plan. Marty said a “slew” of players sent down this time next week.

      Winker/Senzel/ dietrich with early fireworks.

  3. Sliotar

    9 runs in an inning.

    Feels like a regular-season Reds-Brewers game. Only missing the appearance of (Reds killer) Ryan Braun.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Reds killer Ryan Braun?
      You could pick a name of Brewers players out of hat and say “so & so Reds killer” the past few years.

  4. BigRedMike

    Winker just has solid AB’s
    Looking forward to watching him play everyday this year

  5. BigRedMike

    Bomb by Ervin
    Going to be an interesting decision in regards to the OF
    Reds should be looking to unload Kemp
    Maybe Schebler does not have a spot.

    • Indy Red Man

      I agree with you on Kemp. He’d be a good DH for someone and the Reds always need a good arm somewhere. I’m not exactly confident with Hughes, Hernandez, and Duke. They’re old-timers. Ervin is pretty good vs lefties and could spot our lefty hitting OFs

      • Jim t

        Don’t think we need to be in a huge rush to move any outfielders at this time. Irvin still has options and with Scooter,Kemp and Puig not signed beyond this year I like having a good group of options going forward. Actually the market may be better at the deadline if we want to move someone.

      • Jim t

        Peraza just looks so much more confident this year. Really think he will improve in the field and plate. Just looks smoother in the field.

  6. Shchi Cossack

    Oh Boy. I really like that lineup headed by Winker and Senzel

    • Shchi Cossack

      After today’s game:

      Winker 4-11 w/ 2-HR & 1-2B for .364/.364/1.000 and a 1.364 OPS
      Senzel 6-13 w/ 3-2B for .462/.462/.692 and a 1.154 OPS

      Note that Winker scored from 1B today on Senzel’s double with Senzel going to 3B on the throw to the plate.

      • Old-school

        I’ve been a big Votto #2 hole fan… But I could see flip-flopping Senzel/ Winker in 1/2 hole based on matchups. Those 2 kids can hit a baseball.

  7. VaRedsFan

    Too bad Kemp can’t (or hasn’t ever) play 1B.
    He’d be the perfect platoon guy for Votto.

      • VaRedsFan

        .260/.382/.376 last year

        Votto needs at least a day off every 2 weeks.
        Who gets the call??? Barnhart/Casali???

        Could Senzel slide into that other corner IF position if JV goes to DL like last year?

        What is the Reds contingency plan for 1B if Votto goes down?

      • ToBeDetermined

        Platoon typically doesn’t mean a once every 2 – 3 weeks stint.
        Platoon rather means 40/60 split as such.

  8. MK

    Marty giving the PA announcer the devil for mispronouncing Trahan. Told the guy there was no excuse for messing up a name. Reds next batter was Christian Colon and Marty called him Christofer Colon. Oops.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Apparently, no Excuse for mispronouncing Blake Trahan. But Christian Colon.
      I mean come on. Whose ever heard of a “Christian” ? It’s just not a word you come across all the time. 🙂 🙂

    • RedinIND

      Gotta side with Marty on this one (at least his thoughts). I was irritated at one of the Angels tv guy’s earlier pronunciation of “TRUE-han”.

    • KG

      I noticed that too. I’ve been a huge Marty fan since childhood, but it was incredibly irritating to listen to him yesterday. I cringed when he told the story of shaming the P.A. announcer. I was hoping Marty would lighten up a bit during his final season and be more positive, but not so far. His negativity for players and the game itself seems to outweigh any compliments and praise he gives.

  9. James

    Still no Iglesias either. Or Hernandez. Anybody know the skinny?

  10. Old-school

    It may be worth pointing out Jesse Winker and Nick Senzel are crushing the baseball and answering every critic. Just do it David bell.

    Outfield of Winker/Senzel/ Puig.

    • ToBeDetermined

      The headline of the offseason might have been #getthepitching.

      But, the Reds offensive production in the OF in 2018 was anemic.
      This new group has the potential have at least above average offensive production for 2019.


    • Sliotar

      What “critics?”

      For years, this blog has had posts and comments of the rebuild being built on a Winker-Senzel foundation. Many Game Threads, that was much better to discuss than the horrible on-field product.

      Besides, I thought there was a consensus here to not read too much into Spring Training performances…as until the last week, there isn’t often “A” personnel matching up against “A” personnel throughout a game.

      • ToBeDetermined


        You definitely right about we have discussed not reading too much into the spring training performances especially these 1st 10 – 15 games. If I recall one was like if Senzel didn’t get a hit in his 1st 15 ABs or something like that.

        But, now that Senzel and Winker are hitting it is really hard to keep the emotions in check and realize these guys aren’t getting pitches from the elite pitchers in regular season games at this point.

        We can’t really tell anything yet. Obviously Winker can hit because he did it last year and it appears he’s healthy. And with Senzel we’ll just have to see.

  11. Scott Gennett

    Are there any roster moves yet? Some position players have no business in camp, like C. Joe, J. Patterson and M. Williams.