The Cincinnati Reds announced this morning that starting pitcher Sonny Gray has right elbow stiffness and has been scratched from his start in the spring training opener on Saturday against the Cleveland Indians.

On the bright side, it doesn’t sound serious. It has to be at least slightly concerning for the Reds, though, who signed Sonny Gray to a 3-year extension after trading for him earlier this winter. Things like this happen every spring. And they happen in every clubhouse in Major League Baseball. Usually it’s nothing. But sometimes it does turn out to be something. For the Reds, they have to be hoping that this is the former, rather than the latter.

Tanner Roark will take the place of Sonny Gray on Saturday and get the start in the spring training opener. You can watch the game on MLB Network tomorrow at 4pm – though it will be on delay. The game will be on the radio, live, locally in the Cincinnati area.

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  1. Ethan L

    A Reds’ pitcher with arm/shoulder issues? I am shocked.

    • greenmtred

      A pitcher for any team with arm/shoulder issues. I’ll stay away from bridges for a few days.

  2. SaveTheFarm

    I’m not going to be that guy who says we in Cincinnati can never have nice things. lol

  3. WVRedlegs

    Ruh-roh, Raggy.
    With all the snow in the Phoenix area, no sense pushing something like that when they have 6 to 8 inches of global warming falling in the desert.
    Now if DeSclafani had turned up lame for the 4th spring in a row, that would have been of concern.

    • Stock

      That “global warming” is falling in Flagstaff and not the desert. Flagstaff gets on average 103 inches of global “global warming” a year. Thus far this year they are at less than half of where they normally are at this time of year in terms of inches of “global warming”.

      • Ethan L

        I happen to live in Flagstaff. Cool that it got brought up here. We just broke the record for amount of snow in a single day with over 3 feet yesterday, but yes, we’re lagging still. I can’t wait to head down to the valley to watch some baseball. NAU doesn’t even have club baseball here.

    • James H.

      Global Warming and Weather are two different subjects.

  4. WVRedlegs

    This is interesting. Ken Rosenthal just tweeted this out a few moments ago:
    “#Reds have been in discussions with free-agent SS Jose Iglesias on a minor-league contract, sources tell me and @ctrent. Would be reserve IFer, giving team a true backup SS and bench of Schebler/Kemp/Dietrich/Iglesias/Casali (assuming Senzel is in center and Winker in left).”
    Getting Iglesias on a minor league deal would be of note. That sure would be a great bench that he notes. Stay tuned.

    • WVRedlegs

      Jose Iglesias (RHH) vs. LHP in 2018 = .318/.365/.500.
      Jose Peraza (RHH) vs. LHP in 2018 = .313/.337/.438.
      Scooter (LHH) vs. LHP in 2018 = .294/.335/.439.
      Iglesias’s defense at SS was given a +1 (in DRS) in 2018 and a +4 in 2017. Peraza had a -2 at SS in 2018 and a +1 at 2B in 2017. Scooter had a -1 at 2B in 2018 and a -8 in 2017. Iglesias can help the INF defense and help the offense vs. LHP.
      This could be a big steal for the Reds.

  5. lost11found

    I’d be calling Kuechel’s agent if I were in DW’s shoes. He hasn’t signed yet unless I missed something in all of the Machado news.

    • Kyle Farmer

      My first thought as well. Something shorter term with a higher AAV. What a gut punch.

  6. The Duke

    Well, all that optimism was fun while it lasted. Almost all the way until 1 spring training game!

  7. ben

    With the Reds’ pitchers, it always turns out to be something.

  8. Mason Red

    Hopefully it’s nothing serious but the Reds always seem to have an abundance of sore armed pitchers.

  9. ToBeDetermined

    As a former HS pitcher I always had aches and pains in the legs and throwing arm & shoulder in the early spring before all the mechanics started working all together. Muscles have to get stretched out, microfiber tears(only slightly) and then built up.
    It’s just the way the human body works

    I bet every pitcher and player goes through this to some extent

    • Streamer88

      Yep. Someone may adjust this story a bit, but I recall Leo Mazzone ‘s strategy with these early aches was to just have the guys keep throwing.

      Oh have times changed.

      • ToBeDetermined

        That’s right Mazzone worked the pitchers quite a bit. And I don’t remember too many starts that that group of Maddox, Glavine, Avery and Smoltz missed.

        Now Smoltz did have TJ later if I recall and came back from it as a very effective reliever. Yes, Homer Bailey are you listening. (I say listening because RedLegNation is backwards world, because Chad on his podcasts calls those that write in “ViewerMail”)

  10. Seadog

    I guess we now know why New York was soo eager to trade Gray. He is a stiff. And they won’t sign Keuchel—They did not like his medical reviews/old news

      • Seadog

        That was tongue-in-cheek. I absolutely hope he is fine