According to the sources below, the Reds are still actively involved for Marlins catcher J.T. Realmuto. And it sounds like the price on Realmuto has fallen a bit. Jonathan India, the Reds #1 draft pick in 2018 (5th overall) out of the University of Florida, is now being mentioned as a possible headliner in the return.

If the Reds make this deal, expect them to be shopping Tucker Barnhart and his nice new contract, possibly to replenish the prospects roster.

J.T. Realmuto was the best catcher in baseball last year and second place (Yasmani Grandal) wasn’t particularly close. He has two years of team control left, having signed a $5.9 million deal with the Marlins for 2019 in his second arbitration year. Realmuto is excellent behind the plate and batting.

If the Reds can somehow trade for Realmuto without giving up Nick Senzel, Taylor Trammell and Hunter Greene, it would be a wonderful thing, especially offset by the return for Barnhart.

Update 3: The Reds aren’t the only team still trying to acquire the Marlins catcher.

UPDATE 2: Realmuto would benefit on offense by being out of Miami’s cavernous ballpark. (h/t scottya in comments) Think of how NL MVP Christian Yelich’s numbers exploded in Milwaukee.

UPDATE 1: In terms of money, here’s one way to think of it. The difference between Realmuto and Barnhart’s 2019 contracts is small. $3 million. Yes, the gap will be larger in 2020, but Realmuto would still be constrained by being in the arbitration system. In 2021 and 2022, the Reds pay Tyler Stephenson league minimum instead of $11+ million for the last two years of Barnhart.


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  1. scottya

    Realmuto home/road splits the last 3 years. Career WRC+ 131 on the Road. This would be a significant upgrade. I hope, expect that the Reds at least were allowed to ask if Realmuto is open to extension talks after the potential trade. 4 years 50-60 million, like Grandal may have been offered might do it?

    Home – .250/.284/.359
    Away – .352/.399/.494

    Home – .227/.292/.341
    Away – .317/.362/.535

    Home – .269/.329/.444
    Away – .283/.350/.520

    • Steve Mancuso

      Thanks for digging into the split stats.

      • scottya

        Your welcome. I’d love to see what he could do at GABP for half of his games.

      • WVRedlegs

        Scotty, allow me to sweeten that thought of 81 games in GABP. Add in 10 games at Milwaukee’s hitter friendly Miller Park. The other 3 NL Central venues are not really considered pitcher friendly parks either, and the Reds have 10 games at each park.
        Then consider most of Realmuto’s away games were in the NL East, the Reds will have about 12 to 16 games in those venues too. If my math is correct, Realmuto will have about 135 games in hitter friendly venues, 81 + 40 + 12 to 16 = 133 to 136. Realmuto will experience a different type of season in the NL Central as opposed to Miami and the NL East. That stay line could go up even more. That is a big reason I’m all in on this Realmuto possibility. This could be very exciting news.

  2. Old-school

    Realmuto is the reigning NL silver slugger and comes off a 4.5 WAR season.

    The Reds would then have an infield with 4/5 players who made the All Star team last year. Stephenson would seemingly be the catching succession plan in 2021 and that timetable seems about right.

  3. wkuchad

    “If the Reds make this deal, expect them to be shopping Tucker Barnhart and his nice new contract, possibly to replenish the prospects roster.”

    If Tucker not part of the trade, I’d rather keep him as the backup. Tucker is an average starter (at best) or an elite backup. He’s signed for several years for reasonable cost.

    • Brady

      Realmuto / Casali is more cost effective, and Tucker’s contract allows for the prospect return in a trade that is more valuable to us post-Realmuto deal than keeping him on the roster. I like Barnhart as much as anyone but it isn’t a good use of an asset given the Casali-Gray connection.

      I also like the Stephenson transition plan when Realmuto’s contract is up.

      • Amarillo

        If we trade for Realmuto that means we are really pushing for the playoffs this year. Cost effective shouldn’t matter in that case, and Barnhart only makes 2M more than Casali makes. Realmuto only caught 100 games last year so having 2 starting Catchers on the roster sounds great.

      • wkuchad

        We have ML-ready backups at every position besides catcher. 5 starting infielders (if you include Senzel). 4 starting outfielders (5 if you include Senzel). Mahle, etc. as backup starters. Catcher depth may be our only weak point as far surviving a longterm injury. If we’re trying to contend, I keep Tucker 100% (unless he’s part of the trade).

  4. Sonny D

    Maybe trade Barnhart to Cleveland for CF Greg Allen. Tribe needs an upgrade at catcher after dealing Yan Gomes. They have two centerfielders in Allen and Leonys Martin (assuming Martin is healthy).

    • Matt Esberger

      Allen isn’t going anywhere because of Bradley Zimmer probably not returning from labrum surgery until late July/early August

  5. Brady

    They’re in this spot because of the shrewd moves they made earlier in the offseason. They didn’t overpay in those deals, so they have the pieces to make a deal work while still not leaving the cupboard completely empty moving forward. That doesn’t mean a potential Realmuto deal won’t be an overpay, but I have some confidence in the front office that I haven’t had in a while.

    I am a bit curious as to why they would push for a catcher as opposed to a TOR starting pitcher, but that seems like an analytical decision based on the ballpark. Or maybe they feel like Keuchel will sign if Realmuto is brought on board.

    They do have the pieces Miami is looking for – ML ish starting pitching, outfielders, and a Florida guy in India. I think if Trammel or Siri go, it’s an indicator that they think Senzel can play CF.

    Are the Reds actually being this active? Somebody pinch me. The fact they’ve been so tactical and haven’t overpaid is icing on the cake.

    • scottya

      Shrewd is exactly the word for how DW and crew has handled this off-season and that would include the last deal with the Marlins for Castillo.

      If they can pull this off AND extend him one or hopefully more years. This will be fit right into what the Reds have been doing for about the past year.

  6. Jonathan Linn

    How much better is Realmuto than Barnhart?? I honestly don’t understand the fascination with Realmuto when the Reds already have a good catcher.

    • Charlie Waffles

      Barnhart is a good catcher. Realmuto is a great catcher. The best in the game.
      Enough said. What is there to ponder?

    • Steve Mancuso

      In 2018 WAR, Realmuto was as much better than Tucker Barnhart as Joey Votto was better than Phil Gosselin. Seriously.

      • TR

        There’s nothing wrong with asking a question. Not based on statistics, but I’ve always felt Tucker Barnhart is an adequate defensive catcher and offensively he often comes through in the clutch. If the important position can be upgraded with Realmuto, that’s positive.

      • greenmtred

        It seems to me that the value of a trade for Realmuto is predicated on–besides what the Reds give up–either signing him to an extention or realistically being all-in for 2019 and 2020. Having the best catcher in the game on a team that isn’t even certain of winning a wild-card slot, and has traded top prospects to get him, seems like a questionable strategy. Since the Reds have seemingly been doing everything right this off-season, I wonder if this means that they have confidence that they can extend Realmuto and/or that they can still add a good staarting pitcher and centerfielder.

    • JT

      Realmuto is the best catcher in the game by quite a bit. I love Tucker, but he’s not even close to being on Realmuto’s level.

      Also, you can never go wrong with a JT 😉

    • VaRedsFan

      .JTR is a 4 WAR player while Tucker is a 1 WAR player…nuff said.

      I copied this over from the other JT article…

      While people are still remembering Tucker winning a gold glove 2 years ago, his defense took a huge step backwards last year.

      I consider pitch framing a very valuable hidden stat. It gets pitchers into favorable counts which is a huge advantage over hitters. In a time with all of these stupid pitch counts, it does save pitches for your throwers.

      Of the 117 catchers rated, he ranked 114 with -11.5 runs saved
      For comparisons sake Realmuto ranked 71st with -0.4 runs saved

      Tucker ranked 107th in throwing, Realmuto was 15th.
      Tucker excels in blocking. 1st. Realmutto was 17th.

      Blocking and throwing stats are more of counting stats and based on opportunity to achieve the ranking.

      I’m not railing on Tucker, he’s a nice solid player. But are we trying to build a nice, OK team? or a winning championship team.
      I think if you can get JTR to sign an extension, then Senzel or Trammell (not both) should be moved to get this all star catcher. (EDIT…now India is the prospect involved)

    • VaRedsFan

      .JTR is a 4 WAR player while Tucker is a 1 WAR player…nuff said.

      I copied this over from the other JT article…

      While people are still remembering Tucker winning a gold glove 2 years ago, his defense took a huge step backwards last year.

      I consider pitch framing a very valuable hidden stat. It gets pitchers into favorable counts which is a huge advantage over hitters. In a time with all of these stupid pitch counts, it does save pitches for your throwers.

      Of the 117 catchers rated, he ranked 114 with -11.5 runs saved
      For comparisons sake Realmuto ranked 71st with -0.4 runs saved

      Tucker ranked 107th in throwing, Realmuto was 15th.
      Tucker excels in blocking. 1st. Realmutto was 17th.

      Blocking and throwing stats are more of counting stats and based on opportunity to achieve the ranking.

      I’m not railing on Tucker, he’s a nice solid player. But are we trying to build a nice, OK team? or a winning championship team.
      I think if you can get JTR to sign an extension, then Senzel or Trammell (not both) should be moved to get this all star catcher. (EDIT…now India is the prospect involved)

  7. gaffer

    DO IT . . . . if they will take India and Tucker, maybe a TJ freidel or similar type too.

    • LWBlogger2

      I think if that deal would have done it, it would be done.

  8. Sliotar


    At the moment, all would be free agents after 2019 or 2020.

    Then, in 2021, Suarez is 30, Votto is 38, Iglesias is 31 and a free agent at year’s end.
    All of the names mentioned above, if re-signed, would be 30 or over in 2021.

    There is a reason why the Reds are getting takers in these deals. Most MLB teams value youth and control like never before. For better or worse, Reds going other way.

    Land Realmuto and there is certainly a 2-year window starting, maybe 3. Hopefully, ownership opens the pocketbook to see it all through, filling cracks as needed.

    • Hotto4Votto

      The flip side, assuming India headlines the deal, the Reds should/could have Castillo, Mahle, Santillan, Greene, Gutierrez, Winker, Siri, Trammell, Friedl, Peraza, Senzel, T.Stephenson, Garrett, Herget, Romano, etc that will all be around and controllable for a couple more seasons past 2020 at the least. Maybe some are traded. And not all those prospects will make it, but they’re all close enough (except Greene at the moment) that we can start to see how they’ll contribute in the near future. Add those guys to Suarez, Votto, and Gray (plus Schebler for two more seasons) and there’s the making of a strong squad with room to add.

    • David

      Almost without all us fans noticing it, MLB has sort of become like the NBA, where now teams are very concerned about payroll, and unloading big contracts to clear salary space.

      The Dodgers did a big salary dump with the Reds, even though the Reds got more talent, it allowed the high payroll Dodgers to get something for some guys that are about to either become a lot more expensive or just over paid.

      In return, the Reds took on more payroll, and, at least, on paper look to be a better team. Time will tell.
      Teams dumping payroll because
      1) they want to rebuild with young players for the next couple of seasons
      2) Teams that are competitive with big payrolls want to shed payroll to avoid Luxury Tax and make salary room for key signings or pay raises for players that they have chosen to keep.

      I still think that Brian Harper (and possibly Dallas Keuchel) end up with the Dodgers. If I were Brian Harper, I would much rather play in LA than in Philly. He would make a LOT more money doing endorsements, commercials, etc. in LA.

      And think, Dallas Keuchel is much better (IMHO) than Alex Wood.

      • Colorado Red

        Dallas can decide where he wants to go.
        Reds offered Happ, a better contract, and he said noway

    • Tampa Red

      The Reds aren’t in any way “going the other way.” Puig, Kemp and Wood were traded to unload the useless Homer Bailey contract. I mean, would you rather have the Reds pay $28 million to Homer Bailey and keep Downs and Grey, or pay roughly $28 million for Puig, Kemp and Wood for one season? Because that’s the choice, and for me it’s an easy one. Make the trade, every day of the week.

      Gennett was a waiver wire pickup who played his way into being a very, very good baseball player and valuable member of the Reds who will be a free agent at the end of this, his 29 YO season. He has and will cost virtually nothing. And really, why include Realmuto on your list? The teams haven’t done anything more than talk, and if you ask me, the FO has earned a little bit of trust in these matters.

      I think it’s important to remember that the Reds have made themselves into a legitimate big league baseball team with a REAL chance to compete for the playoffs this year, without taking on any long-term commitments AND at the same time have managed to hold onto their most valuable prospects in the short and long term. IMO, Williams is the leader in the clubhouse for GM of the year.

  9. Matt Hendley

    Well lets see….its not like heyman hasnt driven around in a 3 day supposition of tweets that were and then wernt and then were accurate again.
    Interested to see how the FO pulls this off

  10. Klugo

    Hitters must love the idea of playing at GABP just as much, and for the same reasons pitchers hate pitching here. Gotta take advantage of that. Realmuto would undoubtedly be the crown jewel of the offseason. Really hope we can make this happen.

    • Dan

      Realmuto has no say in where he is traded to though.

      • Klugo

        Yes, true; but he can come in with a good attitude or a bad one, as well as decide whether he’s interested in negotiating an extension.

  11. Jon

    If the Reds can make this trade without giving up Senzel or Trammell, then by all means go for it. It appears the Reds are trying to follow the Brewers’ path from last winter that nearly got them to the World Series- average pitching with superior offense. If the Reds can get Realmuto to sign a Grandal-like extension, all the better.

    • Charlie Waffles

      Just asking, but what is a Grandal-like extension???
      He signed a free agent contract for 1 year and $18.25MM.

      • scottya

        I believe Jon is referring to the rumored offer the Mets made to Grandal of 4 years around 55-60 million

      • Charlie Waffles

        You might be right. I had forgotten about that since it wasn’t an actual extension. Four years that take up 2019 through the 2022 seasons might be a little cheaper. In 2019 it is $5.9MM, and you could approximate the other seasons to $10MM in 2020, $13MM in 2021, and $16MM in 2022. That would be $44.9MM. So you are about right. Maybe in that $45MM to $55MM range. Affordable for the Reds? Probably so.

  12. Buddy

    Interesting that Realmuto is also a shortstop.

    • Colorado Red

      Jose batting last year, was better the Tucker’s.
      I think Tucker would be involved in any JTR trade.

  13. Mark Moore

    I’m thinking he moves this week. The clock is ticking on camp openings and, while you can trade after that, you really want something like this settled before pitchers and catchers report. If we get him and give up India, then so be it. For all the positive reasons mentioned here, he would be a great addition to our squad and, at least from my perspective, would be an indication that we are really trying to go for it this year and next.

    And who knows … maybe he’s the drawing card that causes Keuchel to decide to take our offer.

  14. Sliotar

    Very timely update from Bleed Cubbie Blue on Cubs 2019 payroll

    “It’s been widely assumed that the payroll budget this year is designed to stay under Luxury Tax Level 3, where the penalties get much more severe.”

    Luxury Tax Level 3 – $246M
    Cubs currently at – $228M

    Reds at $120M, according to Steve’s update last week (which is a team record payroll).

    Reds ownership better be prepared to add further to payroll in-season, if need be, as the Cubs have room and Brewers surely will, if they are both in contention.

  15. Old-school

    It’s January 28. Pitchers and catchers report in 2 weeks and 2 days and Bryce Harper and Manny Machado and Dallas Kuechel are still free agents.
    The Marlins are trying to tank- again. The Ray’s have traded anyone and everyone who might cost money from David Price and Evan Longoria and Will Myers and Chris Archer and Nathan Eovaldi. They DFA’d an All star in Chris Dickerson. The Pirates traded Gerrit Cole for not much.

    There won’t be baseball in 2022. Go all in for 2020-21 and see what you can do in 2019. Maybe the Reds FO realizes big trouble in 2022 and are being aggressive to fast forward a winning window 2019-21.

    • Sliotar


      Not sure what the Rays did to you, but I hope you get over it someday.

      Last 11 years, TB has won 90 or more games 6 times, 2 division titles and a World Series appearance. In a division with Yankees and Red Sox …and BAL and TOR, both of whom went for it during that stretch.

      Would Castellini and Jocketty have done as good, were the Reds in the AL East?

      Gerrit Cole forced his way out. Pirates nickled-and-dimed him during arbitration and he made it clear he was never staying.

      When were the Marlins not tanking? They have debt to still pay off.

      • Old-school

        Last 11 years??? Cherry picking years . That was all 2008-13. Yeah..they we’re good in 2008. It’s 2019 though .They’ve done nothing since they traded David Price in 2014. In 2018- what did they do? Traded Chris Archer and Nathan Eovaldi 2nd half of the season. DFA’ All star players
        Those 2 pitchers might have helped in August and September. The Rays are the farm system for playoff teams.

        I’ve been to Rays game and watched Mike Trout and Albert Pujols and Jake Odorizzi pitch and Evan Longoria play 3b…. A long time ago. I sat in the upper deck when it used to be open. The Rays are an afterthought in Tampa. No one cares. But go bang your Rays drum and Evan Longoria 2009 bobblehead. I’ve got a Will Myers bike horn if you need it .

      • Old-school

        The Rays won 90 games …yet finished 18 games behind the Red Sox who won 108. The Yankees won 100 games.

        The Orioles went 47-115. The Blue Jays were bad. The Royals lost 104 . The White Sox lost 100. The Tigers lost 98. The Rangers lost 95.

        The Rays went 43-23 against those 6 awful teams. They are below .500 against the other 24 MLB teams

      • Matt WI

        How much cherry picking is it when 11 years is 50% of the entire franchise existence? Basically, since getting themselves up and going in their first decade, they’ve been remarkably competitive, given their circumstances.

    • Tampa Red

      Old School, your disdain for the Rays is odd to me. They have done more with less than any MLB team in my lifetime, and I’m old enough to remember the BRM. The Chris Archer trade was brilliant. Archer has talent but is a 5-inning, high pitch count pitcher who was getting expensive. In return, they got Glasnow and Meadows. Just a brilliant move. DFA’ing Dickerson was a rare bad move by the Rays. I mean, what has Longoria done since the Rays moved him? IMO, the Rays moved him at exactly the right time. They’ve got a great farm system and they’re going to be really, really good at the MLB level this year. What’s the problem?

      • Old-school

        The Rays were great from 2008-13. The disdain though is for the characterization they are a good smart franchise. They have had (11) 90 loss seasons in 21 years… Half of those were 98-105 loss seasons. They’ve had 7 winning seasons… their history. Their fan support is awful. Their stadium is terrible. And when they decide to lose and sell players, they do it better than anyone.

        The Rays are a microcosm for why a strike is coming in 2022. They DFA’D Chris Dickerson…an All star…. Then acquired CJ Cron for a year and DFA’d him too. All they do is trade away guys on the cusp of big contracts for more young talent… To then trade away again. The goal is a moral victory against the Red Sox or Yankees once in awhile. More with less is the problem. If you can’t compete, you don’t deserve a franchise. If you can’t draw fans or finance a stadium….exit stage left.

        Just trade the Reds your #1 starter in July.

      • Tampa Red

        I guess you don’t remember that they were a franchise team. That they’ve only been in existence since ‘98. That they played in the WS in their very first decade. That they were great in 2018.

        You obviously don’t live in Tampa Bay. I do, and have since ‘95. I’ve attended a few hundred Rays games since they started in ‘98. Your observations are mostly shallow and uninformed, and you clearly have no idea about the local politics at play. If you did, you’d understand that that’s the Rays biggest obstacle, not the Yankees and Red Sox and playing in the AL East.

        But ya know, this is a Reds board and the Reds are my first love, so this will be final comments on the Rays. Go Reds.

      • old-school

        The Reds have done a great job assembling a vastly improved team heading into spring training, while preserving their top prospect capital. So much so, its worth asking if they could be a player away in 2019 at the right price from moving into the playoff conversation- whether that be JT Realmuto or Corey Kluber or someone else. I had suggested in another post if the Reds were significantly above .500 by the All Star break and the Rays were in another lost season behind the Red Sox and Yankees, that Blake Snell could be a target. Then the…… great franchise, great organization, great FO, great team, 90 win…..Rays rebuttal ensued.

        Were the Rays great in 2018? Did they win 90 games? Was it another lost season miles behind the Yankees and Sox?
        Why would the Rays trade Chris Archer and Nathan Eovaldi in July if their season was so great and they were making a playoff push?

        It wasn’t so great. It was a lost season. By the start of summer in June, the Rays were 34-40 and 16 games out. By the trading deadline July31- The Rays were 54-53 and 20 games behind the Red Sox and 15 behind the Yankees. In August and September, the Rays went 36-17 winning meaningless baseball games against bad teams. The epic 4 game sweep of the then 38-90 Royals in late August was attended by 8,686 die-hards at the Trop. The Rays went 20-6 the last 2 months against the AL ne’erdwells- Royals, Rangers, Orioles, and Blue Jays.

        The Rays 2018 season is a prime example of why baseball is headed towards a shut-down. They won 90 games, yet weren’t good, weren’t relevant, and traded away or cut high performing players to avoid paying them in 2019. They exploited the competitive imbalance of the AL in August and September. The union saw what the Rays did to
        CJ Cron, All-Star Corey Dickerson, and Logan Morrison the last few years. Ex Ray Evan Longoria is a major influence in the union.

        Nathan Eovaldi had a dominant post-season. Would the Reds trade a pitcher at the deadline to the Cards to help them win a WS? Never.
        The Reds are receiving great accolades for their efforts to win and spend money and get better. Go Reds.

  16. JB WV

    Gotta give Tuck some love before, or if, he goes. Yes, his defensive metrics went down last year, but it had to be frustrating trying to block breaking balls 3 feet short of the plate and guys missing the target constantly. He’s been a good soldier through these crappy times. That said, this is exciting. Unless you want to include Peraza there are no weak bats in the lineup outside of the pitcher.

    • Mike V

      I hate this trade period .. Why give up so much for two years .. Tucker is fine ..

    • Frogem

      JB, excellent point regarding what Tucker had to work with. Even top notch employees can have an off year when dealing with organizational turmoil. No other way to describe what the Reds have been the last five years. So, with a vastly improved rotation, there’s no telling how Tucker may proceed to follow up on a 3.1 WAR in 2017. From that perspective, he provides a lot of value and significant continued potential. As for Peraza, no longer see him as a weak bat. The young man is a mere 24, and getting stronger each year. His pop and confidence at the plate continues to increase. He’s above league average in OBP, makes fantastic contact, and all told we could easily watch him exceed 0.800 OPS this year.

      • JB WV

        I’m with you on Peraza. Seems to have turned the corner offensively. Let’s hope he can do the same defensively this year.

  17. TurboBuckeye

    This lineup was already going to mash. Add JTR….wow. I’m ok with giving up India. We’d be dealing from a position of organizational depth.
    Adding JTR probably makes the Central a toss up between us, the cubs, and cards. And I like our upside a LOT more than theirs.

  18. Davy13

    Reds FO, may Alec Baldwin’s words be ringing in your ears until you get JT:
    “A Always
    B Be
    C Closing
    Always Be Closing! ALWAYS be closing!”

    Win the Cadillac, don’t settle for the steak knives.

  19. Matt Hendley

    And imagine that….all the rumors suddenly died out. I guess this is a tuesday report of a friday trade.

    • scotly50

      The rumors are never ending. It is truly tiring,

      But I guess it keeps the writers and tweeters busy. Apart from the Reds-Dodgers swap, it has been a frustratingly boring offseason.

      • ToBeDetermined


        Are you being serious about a “frustratingly boring offseason”?
        If so what would you have had them do that they haven’t done ?

        I do agree, the rumors have been never ending and has kept the writers and tweeters busy, but isn’t that their job?

        To an extent it has been truly tiring but that’s because of all the waiting. It’s kind of like war. There is a lot of sitting around waiting while your on edge, but then suddenly all heck breaks loose.

      • scotly50

        I see you have a different opinion, Ok. But I commented about the MLB as a whole, not solely the Reds.

        “If so what would you have had them do that they haven’t done ?”

        Traded for Kluber, Signed Sanchez and kept Rainey, made a play for Machado, just off the top of my head.

        “I do agree, the rumors have been never ending and has kept the writers and tweeters busy, but isn’t that their job?”

        No. Circulating rumors is just click-bait for their sites.(Not necessarily this site, as they just react to the tweets.)

      • ToBeDetermined


        Thanks for your reply. I did think you were talking about the Reds in that there was no action to speak of. Thanks for the clarification there.

        I know in politics and in other areas. Rumors get tossed around all the time.
        However, just because Kluber hasn’t been traded to the Reds doesn’t mean that they haven’t talked about it. Both sides just haven’t pulled the trigger. Also, maybe someone that the Reds would have traded as part of a Kluber deal has now already been traded or now that we have 3 new starting pitchers the Kluber deal isn’t as important to the Reds.

        Also, the Indians have lowered their payroll in other ways and maybe don’t want to trade Kluber unless they are blown away by the return.

        It’s not like Kluber was traded somewhere else.

  20. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I can understand why going after Realmuto. I just wouldn’t do it. It’s not that Tucker is pitiful defensively. Didn’t he just win a GG back there recently, in the last year or two? I believe his offense is serviceable; all teams have players like this offensively.

    As well as, we are going to give up 4 year control for 2 year control? And, Realmuto is going to cost more.

    Whatever package we make for him, I would rather make that package for Kluber or equivalent.

    Pitching needs to be our priority. Then, if any other position, CF I believe. Re-doing the C position, that is low priority for me.

    • TurboBuckeye

      I think Kluber is probably off the table at this point. CLE has cleared enough payroll so that they don’t feel they need to move him. They’ll only do it on an overpay.
      Besides, I like the strategic direction DW and NK are going. SP is so expensive in this market–I can where for us it makes sense to build an average to above average rotation with upside (which we now have) and pair it with a monster offense.

    • BigRedMike

      This is what the Reds need to be doing every season, looking to improve their position players. If the Reds are going to compete in the NL Central, let alone with the Dodgers, Astros, Yankees, Red Sox, etc., all of the positions need to be addressed.
      Barnhardt is nothing special, Realmuto is a difference maker.
      I am glad to see the Reds attempting to improve the roster as opposed to just acting like many of the Reds fans, which has consisted of being a fan favorite and the player being fine. That type of thinking has led to 4 straight 90+ loss seasons

      The Reds have done a good job on the pitching, it is solid. Continue to improve the position players and improve the bullpen. That might be the road to success.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I never said Realmuto wasn’t a difference maker. I will even say, he is the best out there. I specified that Tucker isn’t a poor catcher at all. Also, we would only have Realmuto for 2 seasons. After that, then what?

      I will say this, and this could very well be true. The Reds may be very high on Tyler Stephenson.

      • WVRedlegs

        They are. They are going to give him every opportunity to be the catcher. If something negative happens at C, he might be able to cover 1B quite adequately. He is listed at 6’4″ and 225. He is pretty athletic. Maybe someday a successor to Joey Votto at 1B. And he could become a real face of the franchise with Senzel et al.
        Have you seen a picture of Tyler?? He has great, great movie star looks. He is a true stud. He looks like a cross between actors Chris Hensworth and Ryan Reynolds, or Chris Hensworth and Channing Tatum.

      • Charlie Waffles

        He is eye candy for the female fans. I like his pictures with Taylor Trammell, especially the one with both at a piano wishing everyone a merry Christmas. That is a great picture.

  21. Hotto4Votto

    What the Marlins want for JTR is exactly what I suggested the Reds ask for in return for Senzel. Mejia, Margot, and Morejon. You’d think they would rather have 6+ for Senzel but maybe the Reds are decidedly against trading him. I would for that package and then try to extend Gennett three years.

  22. Roger Garrett

    What I like more then anything and I have said it several times is that they have improved their team for 2019 by signing or trading for guys on one year deals without hurting their farm system to much.At the trade deadline or even after the season they can just do it over again if need be.They made a decision on Gray that they wanted him beyond this year and they could do the same with others.For the first time in I don’t know when they have a plan and they are showing all of us what it is.It maybe just baby steps but we have been the joke of baseball so long with no direction at all as to what we are doing.I am good if they go and get more or even if they don’t.Clearly better days are ahead.

  23. WVRedlegs

    Those that think Realmuto would only be in Cincinnati for 2 years only are looking at things through a straw. Only looking at part of the picture.
    Pitchers are still fairing well in free agency. But hitters are not getting what the pitchers are the last 2-3 years. Look at the 2 top C’s in free agency this year. Grandal gets a 1 year / $18.25MM deal. Wilson Ramos got a 2 year / $19MM. Realmuto will be going into his age 30 season when he hits free agency. It will be the last year of the Collective Bargaining Agreement the players are currently under. It will be the same free agent system as we have seen the last 2 off-seasons. There is a very good chance that Realmuto would like to wait until the next CBA to hit free agency. With that, an extension of 1-2 years is not out of the question. Realmuto and the Reds could agree to a contract that already pays him what he has agreed to play in 2019 for $5.9MM. Or the Reds could increase that some for an enticement. The contract would settle his 2020 salary instead of being an arbitration year. And the Reds could sign him for 1 or 2 free agent years, which would then take Realmuto into the next CBA. He could become a free agent in his age 31 or 32 season. So, this could turn into having Realmuto for 3 or 4 years as opposed to just 2.
    And just look at the last 2 off-seasons. Taking Harper and Machado aside, what have the contracts looked like for offensive players. AJ Pollack’s deal is the biggest so far this year at $55mm or $60MM. Andrew McCutcheon next at 3/$50MM. Michael Brantley next at 2/$32MM. Last year there were 5 offensive players with a new contract worth more than what Pollack got this year.
    I think Realmuto would take a long, hard look at an extension that took him into the next CBA.

    • DocProc

      Good points, WVR. Not to mention the fact that Realmuto might REALLY like hitting in GABP for half his games. He may not want to leave that quickly.

    • LWBlogger2

      Actually, that’s a great way to pitch a player and his agent. It makes a lot of sense. Not sure if it works or not but that’s the angle to play for sure. Good one WV.

  24. RedsFan11

    Unrelated I know but wondering.

    -What is Dallas Keuchel looking for in $/years
    -Would the Reds be willing to pay
    -Does he even want to come here

    • Bill

      Supposedly he is looking for a five year deal, which seems to be a concern for teams. I would assume if the Reds offered a five year deal with the AAV he wants he would sign, but that may be more risk than the Reds are willing to accept. Obviously no one has met his asking price yet

      • Shchi Cossack

        Apparently that’s more than any other team in any market wants to pay, at least with 2 weeks until ST camps open. The LAD were the only team willing to open their coffers for a 31-year-old, injury-prone CF and that contract was just finalized.

        Harper, Machado, Keuchel & Kimbrel could be playing a game of chicken, possibly through ST, to see who blinks first.

    • TurboBuckeye

      I would not pay DK’s price. Honestly he’s had one “great” season which was a bit of an outlier. He’s not the true #1 many fans make him out to be. More like a solid #2. Not worth $20mm a year to a small market team like the Reds. I’ll take 2 of Gray and Wood over that all day long.

      • Shchi Cossack

        The term ‘ace’ is very subjective and poorly defined. Every team has a staff ‘ace’, but some are obviously better, much better, than others. There are 30 teams in MLB and if every team had one of the 30 best starters, each of those starters would obviously be the ‘ace’ of their respective staff. With 30 teams in MLB, the top 30 starters might seem to be ‘aces’, irrespective of their teams, leaving some teams with multiple ‘aces’ and other teams without an ‘ace’ on the staff. Some define an ‘ace’ as the elite of the MLB starters, perhaps the top ten of the starters. Some even define an ‘ace’ as the elite of the elite, perhaps the top 5 or even top 3 of the starters in MLB.

        I guess the Old Cossack feels that every team should have at least have a chance for a competitive ‘ace’ on their staff, so the top 30 starters in MLB represent the ‘aces’. By that definition, Keuchel was certainly an ‘ace’ last season and will probably be an ‘ace’ next season.

        DALLAS KEUCHEL (2018):
        WAR => 3.6 (19th among qualified MLB starters)
        ERA => 3.74 (28th among qualified MLB starters)
        FIP => 3.69 (21st among qualified MLB starters)
        xFIP => 3.84 (24th among qualified MLB starters)
        HR/9 => 0.79 (9th among qualified MLB starters)
        GB% => 53.7 (1st among qualified MLB starters)
        BB/9 => 2.55 (22nd among qualified MLB starters)
        IP => 204.2 (7th among qualified MLB starters)

        That certainly looks like an ‘ace’ to the Old Cossack. In fact, the only category where Keuchel failed to look like an ‘ace’ was K/9 (6.73 – 50th among qualified MLB starters). In fact, Keuchel has been remarkably, consistently good during his 7-year, MLB career. The issue is his age (31) and length of contract. Teams are simply recognizing the inefficacy of paying for past performance, especially small market teams.

        I’m all in favor of signing Keuchel to a 3-year contract with a team option for a 4th year, but very few, if any, teams will sign him to a 5-year contract, otherwise he would already be signed.

  25. Thomas Jefferson

    Question: would there be any damage to the Reds’ credibility with their own players (and perhaps their willingness to sign extensions early in their career) if they trade Tucker just a year after signing him to an extension? He is from Indiana and seems to value staying with the Reds. Extensions like his and Eugenio’s can be important to having a good team that is affordable, but trading players early in their duration could make them harder to agree to. That’s the main downside I see in the JTR acquisition (assuming the Reds do not overpay). Thoughts?

    • matthew hendley

      A very good question indeed. Yes, it would impact the ability of the Reds to sign players to extensions, without caveats. However, The trade of Barnhart would suffer vastly less then the trade of suarez, due to this situation. 1. Barnhart did suffer a regression last year, this could be viewed, (perhaps incorrectly, fairly enough) as the player, slumming it after making a payday. 2. Barnhart, only signed away 1 of his free agent years if I am not mistaken. 3. Suarez has signed away multiple free agent years and would be under contract during his “peak years”.
      The result is while players would still sign long term with the reds you would probably see an uptick in the use of No trade clauses, and bonuses for being traded, this would negatively impact the Reds ability to conduct trades.
      not the end of the world, by any means, but certainly not a trend you want to start.

      • Bill

        and the last year for Barnhart’s deal, 2022, is a team option with a $500k buyout. If he doesn’t perform it is likely none of his free agent years would actually be covered. The Reds could also not include him in any deal, which makes him a well payed backup.

        I am really more concerned by what is given up in this trade than alienating players from signing extensions. Realmuto upgrades the team offensively, and potentially offers an improvement to pitching via pitch framing. I am just hesitant to give up anything of value for a guy who won’t be around long. Of course if the Reds won a WS I wouldn’t be too upset about trading away India or Greene

    • DocProc

      Yes, I see that as a problem, especially when Suarez’s name came up in trade talks. If we let go of a high-performing star who’s on a team-friendly contract, it would send ripples through the system.

      But Barnhart’s case is different. He was not a “high-performing star” last year. In fact, it could be argued that he got a nice long-term deal, then rested on his laurels. So the message it might send through the system is, “If we give you a long-term deal in good faith, don’t tank and expect us to keep you.”

      I like Tucker, but he was the last guy I wanted to see coming to the plate in key moments last year (other than Billy). Barnhart’s OPS with RISP last season? .557. Realmuto’s? .830.

      • LWBlogger2

        Keep in mind that just because a guy’s name is brought up, doesn’t mean that a team is looking to move him or is even willing to part with him. It just means that his name was brought up. Maybe the Reds offered him as part of a package or maybe Miami asked for him as part of a package. It also could be that the reporter is just speculating based on “a top prospect, another prospect, and an MLB-ready catcher”.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      That’s what I see a bit, also. I mean, Realmuto didn’t just become the best overnight. He’s been good for a while. And, Tucker’s extension showed the Reds had faith in him.

      The only thing I can see to justify going after Realmuto is the Reds must really be high on Tyler Stephenson.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Or, maybe the Reds aren’t sure of Senzel’s vertigo or his rehab from his injury.

      • LWBlogger2

        I really think that if the Reds weren’t pretty darn sure about Senzel’s vertigo, he would have been traded and Kluber would be in a Reds uniform. If they are that worried about him then they’d move him for a premium piece for sure. Now there were apparently some “questions about his medicals” that may have factored into a trade but no details came out.

    • Klugo

      If you’re on a team thats winning 60 games a year for the past 5yrs, or whatever, you have to look yourself in the mirror, admit you’ve been part of the problem, and understand that you’ve made yourself replaceable while you strive to improve and prove yourself. Especially with a new management regime in town. It’s a big boy game.

    • doofus

      I believe each player will react differently. Could their reaction depend upon what team a recently extended player is traded to? If say a Suarez or Barnhart is traded to Houston, Cleveland or Boston, how upset would they be?

      How about if they are traded to Miami or Kansas City?

      Would a player be adverse to a nice weather town like San Diego?

  26. Oldtimer

    In 1965 (second round of MLB draft, pick #35) Orioles picked Dick Horton C from Dartmouth College.

    Reds (with pick #36) picked Johnny Bench C from Binger (OK) HS.

    Just sayin’

    • Bill

      So what you are saying is TB is going to draft a Hall of Fame catcher this year and the Marlins are going to draft a catcher who never makes it out of A ball

    • Oldtimer

      Nope. You never know (is what I’m just sayin’)

  27. Shchi Cossack

    So let me get this straight…

    #Marlins see Cincy as having pieces to get it done
    Cincy prospect Nick Senzel may be of interest to the Marlins
    Cincy prospect Taylor Trammell may be of interest to the Marlins
    Cincy prospect Hunter Greene may be of interest to the Marlins
    Cincy prospect Jonathan India may be of interest to the Marlins
    In Realmuto talks, but there’s word of caution: not at finish line yet.

    Not a single comment regarding the Reds perspective regarding the availability or willingness of the Reds to trade any of the prospects mentioned, just references from the Miami perspective that they may be interested in Reds players. That’s some serious rumor mongering.

    How about the latest rumor…

    #Reds see LAA as having piece to get it done
    LAA CF Mike Trout may be of interest to the Reds
    In Robert Stephenson, Matt Wisler & Lucas Sims talks, but there’s word of caution: not at finish line yet.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Cool with Trout, do you think we might be a 500 club ?
      And will the national talking heads keep saying, “just what are the Reds doing? I don’t understand. Don’t the Reds know that know that everyone else in the division is good?”

      So we’re getting Mike Trout. Nah, now your just being silly. 🙂
      The only Trout we’re getting is grilled lightly seasoned, with lemon, a side of mashed potatoes and some mixed vegetables.

    • I-71_Exile

      I’m a big NO on Trout unless he’s willing to sign an extension. Sure, the Reds have no center fielders, but they can play with eight. My softball team did that once or twice.

  28. Old-school

    Ken Rosenthal has an article up at The Athletic that makes it sound like there won’t be baseball in 2022. The luxury tax has worked. Analytics have worked. Smart front offices realize the folly of paying huge contracts to old players past their prime. 80% of the top WAR players were under 30. Tanking works, getting more cheap controlled talent with no penalty.
    The competitive imbalance in the AL was cited as a big issue in suppressing player salaries.

    Perhaps the Reds are planning for a lost season in 2022 by aggressively targeting players 1-2 years away from FA while protecting their major prospect capital who can help win in this 3 year window before Armageddon in 2022.

    • Bill

      I don’t think another strike would surprise anyone. I think the owners will have to address the salaries for pre arb guys and the service time issues. If the players union actually cared it would do something about minor league pay as well. I understand they don’t represent minor league players, but they should have some interest in those guys.

      Address these things and veterans not getting massive contracts won’t be as much of an issue

    • Colorado Red

      That is not what I read.
      He did say there could be a work stoppage.
      Neither sides will want to lose a whole season.

      • Old-school

        The players agreed to allow the union to withhold 100% of MLB royalties to set aside for a strike. That is unprecedented.

      • greenmtred

        An MLB strike might–probably would, I think–end when both sides realize that nobody cares. Baseball is already in long-term trouble, since the fan base is, kindly stated, mature. What are these guys going to do if they kill the goose that laid the golden egg? I’ve been a fan for over 60 years and have a spiffy new tv on which to enjoy games, but I might be too disgusted to bother.

  29. Dan

    …so let’s assume that this deal happens without giving up Senzel. Is this the lineup we will dream about?

    1. Senzel (CF) (RH)
    2. Votto (1B) (LH)
    3. Suarez (3B) (RH)
    4. Gennette (2B) (LH)
    5. Realmuto (C) (RH)
    6. Winker (LF) (LH)
    7. Puig (RF) (RH)
    8. Peraza (SS) (RH)

  30. Seat101

    I believe that no one particular lineup will be submitted for more than 25% of the games. And that is if you don’t count batting order changes.

    • Oldtimer

      The best Reds lineup ever (Great 8 in 1975 and 1976) barely played 25% of games together at once.

      • ToBeDetermined

        I don’t know about ’75. But, your right 1976, due to injuries they didn’t roll out that lineup hardly ever.
        That is until the playoffs and WS.
        It was 3-0 against the Phillies in the NLCS
        Then it was 4-0 against the Yankees in WS

        Even though the 75 Reds won 108
        and the 76 Reds only won 102
        Personally, Because they “knew” they were better than everyone else I always thought that 76 Reds team was the best of the of that era.

      • Oldtimer

        Not due to injuries at all. Sparky rested them regularly.

      • Oldtimer

        The 1976 Reds are arguably the best NL team ever.

      • Oldtimer

        The 1976 Reds had a star-studded starting lineup called the “Great Eight” that was the best of all time when offense, defense, baserunning and intangibles like hustle, versatility, clutch play and intimidation are considered. Members of the Great Eight collected six MVP awards, four home run titles, six RBI titles, seven hits titles, six runs titles, three batting titles, 26 Gold Gloves and a staggering 65 All-Star selections. That’s an average of eight All-Star appearances per starter! Incredibly, seven of the Great Eight made the 1976 NL all-star team. The only Reds starter who didn’t make the All-Star team that year, center fielder Cesar Gerónimo, hit .307, won a Gold Glove, and finished 25th in the MVP voting despite batting eighth! Furthermore, the 1976 Reds were one of the best defensive and base-stealing teams of all time. Up the middle, at the four most important defensive positions, they had 24 Gold Gloves. As a team they stole bases at a higher percentage than some of the all-time great base thieves. One cannot make such claims about teams like the 1927, 1939 and 1961 Yankees!

        But here’s the most incredible stat of all: the Great Eight played only 87 games together as a starting lineup and went 69-18 for an otherworldly .793 winning percentage.

      • ToBeDetermined

        Oldtimer. Great info regarding 76 Reds.

        However, I do think it was due to injuries.

        For Example, apparently Bench was recovering from Major Lung Cancer Surgery so was weak through most of the year. If you mean Sparky was resting him because of that. I’d say it was physical, so I’d put it in the injury column. Rather than just a day off per se.

      • Oldtimer

        Bench surgery was in 1972. Not a major factor in 1976.

        In 1976 Reds had MLB veterans like Bob Bailey, Mike Lum, and Bill Plummer combined with young players like Dan Driessen and Doug Flynn who allowed The Great 8 to stay rested during the season.

  31. Matt Hendley

    New update. Reds not willing to overpay. Does not See JTR as a neccessary. Smart and strong move by REDS FO

    • Shchi Cossack

      C. Trent Rosecrans:
      “Like I said on @MLBNetwork, the feeling is that the #Reds are interested in Realmuto and are open, but don’t see it as a necessity & wouldn’t overpay”

      Now some legitimate, actual reporting rather than rumor mongering as a mouthpiece for organizations trying to play off teams against each other, hoping to drive up offers.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Well, you could make the case he’s (unwittingly) being a mouthpiece for the Reds hoping to drive the Marlins down.

  32. Seat101

    They are too cheap to subscribe to The Athletic. They won’t know he said it

    • ToBeDetermined

      you were too sly for me. I read what you said about being “too cheap to subscribe” a few times. Now I get it. THE MARLINS FO ! 🙂 good one.

  33. WVRedlegs

    According to Bobby Nightengale the Reds have a new LH reliever in Ian Krol. Signed to a minor league contract with a ST invite. This looks much like last year’s Kyle Crockett signing. He is 27 and pitched with LA Angels last year. He only has 2 IP at Anaheim last year, but had about 45 IP at AAA. He has been with Anaheim, Mets, Braves, Tigers, and Nats. He might have a chance to make the bullpen. Good option to have at AAA if needed. He seems to be up one year and down the next. Good luck to him as the Reds need one more good lefty reliever.

    • matthew hendley

      agreed, even the backups are beginning to look worthwhile. Krol is a good option to have in depth.

  34. Lee Stone

    An India-topped offer doesn’t approach the LAD centerpiece of Ruiz – or even Mejia-topped offer from San Diego. It would have to be Trammell and India to work out. I expect the Dodgers to take the prize with something like Ruiz, Downs and Gonsolin.

    • Sliotar

      As an add-on to @LeeStone’s point…

      I have heard all week on MLB Radio that the Marlins holdup with in trading Realmuto (caveat – according to “sources”)… is that Miami from last season to now has required a near-MLB ready top prospect back in the package.

      For the Reds, that would seem like throwing in Trammell more than India.

      If Miami requires Trammell, I could see the Rosecrans narrative of the Reds interested but not overpaying playing out in real time.

      “Keep shopping, Jeets, but call if you decide that India plus X is good enough.”

    • WVRedlegs

      Think of the WHOLE package, like the Marlins will be doing. Not just one headliner.
      Think Jonathan India and Jose Siri. Siri, if he hadn’t got hurt early in spring training last year, would be a top-100 prospect this year. He was just on the outside of the top-100 last year when he got hurt. That is 2 of the Reds top 7 prospects. SD and LA won’t match that.
      Also, think of Siri’s defensive attributes and that expansive OF Miami has. I also doubt the Dodgers trade Jeter Downs as they need 2B in the minors. They were hot after him in the trade with the Reds. Possible, but doubtful. I’ve also heard the Dodgers are not trading Ruiz, that it would be their other top C prospect. SD is backing off some and focusing more on Machado. SD and LA both won’t offer 4 players either.
      Now Barnhart, India, Siri, and + 1 looks a little better.

    • Old-school

      The MLB beat writer for the Marlins was interviewed this morning on MLB Network. He indicated that the Marlins aren’t convinced Mejia is a true catcher and they have no one in their system who is near ready. He felt the Reds with India and Barnhart could be a fit and a decision soon.

  35. WVRedlegs

    Two excerpts from the Miami Herald from a 01/28/2019 article on Realmuto.

    ” The Marlins have just one player in’s top 100 prospect list — outfielder Victor Victor Mesa, who’s 99th.
    “After tying for the lead with six preseason Top 100 prospects in 2013, Miami has had a total of 10 in six years since,” wrote.”
    ” The Marlins are now open to signing a left-handed-hitting outfielder before Realmuto is traded. They offered a contract to veteran Nick Markakis, but Markakis opted to re-sign with the Braves for $4 million this season.”

    Could Schebler, not Winker, be a part of the Reds package?? Barnhart, Schebler, India, and Siri would certainly be a formidable package. Two good ML players and 2 quality prospects. Can LA or SD match that?

    • matthew hendley

      All 4 are an overpay for 2 years of JTR. Would send any combination of the 3 to MIA for JTR though. FO is taking the right approach as not to overpay for this guy.

      • VaRedsFan

        None of those 4 (other than India) are impact players. Removing the so-so guys and replace him with JTR. That gives Winker, Puig, Senzel and Kemp the outfield spots. It’s a no brainer.

      • Matt Hendley

        Obviously not a no brainer, i dont care who its for, unless it is similar to the chapman to Yankees package, there is no way trading 4 players for 2 years of 1 is not an overpay. Since the brewers have ruined that for us already. I would say 3 and furthermore i would say Barnhart and India with a lotto ticket, say aquino would be a fair trade. The FO is wise to use caution in this case.

  36. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I have no problem stating this.

    After listening to Lance last night on 700WLW, I am a little more favorable towards the possibility of getting Realmuto. The biggest thing to me being the most recent “predictor” for our record he referenced was winning 81 games, and the Cubs, the favorite in our division, winning 87 games. Any improvement at any position would make that difference even smaller.

    Also, Lance talked of how the Reds are pressing for this trade, he believes. He believes the Reds have an offer out there and, if the Marlins take it, find. If not, the Reds are happy going into the season with what they have.

    Don’t get me wrong. I still feel we should be going after a top-tier starting pitcher primarily. But, I’m not so against going after Realmuto. As well as, if the Reds have high hopes for Tyler Stephenson, that may make Tucker a decent tradebait, I believe.

  37. WVRedlegs

    Just wondering, not advocating for, but…..
    Could the Reds sign Bryce Harper if they signed this LH reliever to a minor league deal with a ST invite? He had a decent rebound season in 2018 after missing all of 2017. He has pitched fairly well as a LH reliever in the Nats system. He could become an imposing LH reliever at 6’6″ tall.
    They could take a page out of the White Sox / Machado playbook.

    • Old-school

      Gotcha WV ..Bryan Harper is Bryce older brother. I don’t think so.

      The FA market has not been player friendly the last 2 off-seasons. Scott Boras represents a legion of players and it’s important for baseball that Bryce breaks the bank. He’s going to the highest bidder.

  38. Jon

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Reds acquired Realmuto and he became the 2019 NL MVP? Then the Marlins could have the distinction of trading away three consecutive MVPs…

  39. WVRedlegs

    The Marlins DFA’d a RH reliever, Nick Wittgren, to make room for the signing of Neal Walker. He has pitched pretty decently in parts of the last 3 seasons for them. The Marlins have 10 days to trade him or send him through waivers.
    Maybe the Reds could have them include him in a Realmuto deal if they think the Marlins are asking for a little too much.

  40. Matt Hendley

    Puig was in Cincinnati yesterday, said all the roght things about CF. Indicated he just wanted to be in the line up every day. Think the reds should be able to oblige on that one.

  41. Tom

    Realmuto would be a great addition for the right price. I trust that Dick Williams and crew are going to be just as strategic in this potential transaction as they been recently. And, if a great pitching coach and get four #3 pitchers to pitch like #2, this team is en fuego y caliente! This would give the Reds an elite lineup, elite coaching, above average pitching, and mediocre defense – that’s not a bad recipe for success in the NL Central.

    If Realmuto is open to an extension, I’d suggest the Reds go for it. He looks athletic enough play different positions as he ages.

  42. [email protected]

    JTR Talks are at the advanced stages. Again? I thought they were at the advanced stages 3 days ago. Still no movement, cannot say I am shocked.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Next week it will be ‘IMMINENT’, with the obligatory caveat of ‘not at the finish line yet’…

  43. Tom Mitsoff

    Ken Rosenthal reports in an article in The Atlantic today that the Reds “have been quietly shopping” India all off-season. Rosenthal quotes an unnamed rival executive as saying that India was a disappointment in his professional debut. The rival executive says the Reds have been telling other clubs they are willing to move prospects, except for Senzel and Trammell. “For him to be available all winter is telling,” Rosenthal quoted the rival executive as saying.

    • matthew hendley

      his numbers were a little low. I was surprised when he was promoted before the end of the season. This is telling. Obviously the top of the list of expendable top end prospects.

      • greenmtred

        I thought that the Reds were considering trying him at shortstop. Anybody know anything about that? I haven’t given up on Peraza at all, but this year could be telling: If he’s still the worst fielding shortstop in the league after working on it this off-season, he’s probably not the answer going forward and the Reds are thin at that position in the minors.

      • matthew hendley

        I believe the official word was defensive versatility, including SS. India is too fresh to pro baseball to draw a line somewhere with him and say he is done yet. You are correct though, improved batting means nothing when you are responsible for allowing runs in defensively to offset them.

    • VaRedsFan

      I really like India, and think he could be just as good as Senzel…without the injury nightmares associated with Nick. Obviously, Nick is MLB-ready, thus not as valuable in trades. People tend to put too many eggs in the prospect basket. I would have no problem with them using Senzel to get Kluber (ship sailed) or Realmuto. But alas, we all know they will wait and hope with the prospects, while uber-talents like Yelich and Realmuto go to the bolder teams (ie…not scared to get burnt by a prospect trade)

      • VaRedsFan

        edit—-Senzel is more valuable in trades right now.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        It would be nice to get Realmuto, but if the Reds don’t, I won’t lose any sleep over it. It’s crazy to judge India on a brief portion of a debut professional season after he had played several months of college baseball. If the Marlins don’t want him, there’s nothing wrong at all with holding on to him and hopefully watching him develop into a top-tier prospect.

  44. Tom Mitsoff

    This just in … Saturday, Feb. 2 … Joe Frisaro, Marlins reporter for, reports Reds, Marlins “deep in talks” about Realmuto. This is all until the next tweet that says basically the same thing. … 🙂

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I nominate Dick Williams and Nick Krall as executives of the year if this trade gets done without surrendering Senzel, Trammell, Greene or Santillan.

      • WVRedlegs

        I hate to see Barnhart and India go if it comes through. But it is well worth it. If they slot Realmuto into the #4 hole, he could end up an MVP candidate with that offense.

  45. Matt Hendley

    The Rays are now in the mix for JTR i wonder how these teams are getting back into the convo that was supposed to be advanced. Undoubtedly tommorow there will be a new update, but no trade.

  46. ToBeDetermined

    OK. This potential trade is like a pot of water on the stove. If I keep looking at it the water it’s never going to boil.

  47. Gonzo Reds

    Phillies just landed him for a catching prospect, a pitching prospect, and an international draft something or other. Guess one top prospect and our catcher wasn’t nearly enough. And saw we are out on Keuchel so guess we are done for the off-season after all?

  48. Old-school

    With the Realmuto saga finally over, question for Doug , what is Tyler Stephenson’s ceiling, ETA, and is there a player comp? He’s a former #1 pick, seemingly healthy , and in the upper minors this year

    • Doug Gray

      Ceiling: All-Star catcher who is more hit/power over defense. ETA: 2020/2021. Not sure on a comp – I don’t make them, myself, because I think they just mean different things to different people, so throwing one out there could be saying two very different things depending on who is reading it.

      • Old-school

        Casali was a quiet but solid acquisition. Would think he catches Sonny Gray.

        Tyler Stephenson has a big year coming up- interesting to see how he handles AA.