The acquisition of Sonny Gray and the ensuing comments of Dick Williams let us know that the Reds are almost… but maybe not quite done. As things stand, the Roster is already pretty crowded, and now is a good time to pause, take a look, and get some perspective. Let’s start with the position players.


  1. Tucker Barnhart
  2. Curt Casali


  1. Joey Votto
  2. Eugenio Suarez
  3. Scooter Gennett
  4. Jose Peraza
  5. Alex Blandino
  6. Nick Senzel


  1. Jesse Winker
  2. Yasiel Puig
  3. Scott Schebler
  4. Matt Kemp
  5. Phillip Ervin

That’s 13 players and only three of them are even slightly in question. Senzel may not start the year with the Reds, but he has nothing left to prove in the minors and will be up to stay sooner rather than later. Where he plays is another matter. Blandino was hurt last year, and whether or not he’ll be ready to start the season is somewhat in question, but he’s the perfect backup, and Blake Trahan and Connor Joe can fill gap for a few weeks if that’s needed.

The outfield is very interesting, both because it’s deep and because it’s an area the Reds could still stand to improve. There is no centerfielder and only two players (Winker and Puig) who profile as true everyday players. A.J. Pollack is still out there and – on a team with this much OF depth, his injury risk is somewhat mitigated. If the Reds do sign a true CF, Schebler becomes the fourth OF who gets a lot of playing time (probably the best role for him) and Ervin plays in Louisville. Also the outfield goes from being solid enough to legitimately good.

Now let’s take a gander at the pitching staff, which is no less crowded:


  1. Alex Wood
  2. Luis Castillo
  3. Sonny Gray
  4. Tanner Roark
  5. Anthony DeSclafani


  1. Raisel Iglesias
  2. Amir Garrett
  3. Jared Hughes
  4. David Hernandez
  5. Michael Lorenzen

Those are just the absolute locks. Robert Stephenson is out of options. Cody Reed, you have to figure, has the inside track in the bullpen. There’s also Wandy Peralta, Matt Wisler, Matt Bowman, Brandon Finnegan, and I’m probably forgetting several pitchers. There’s also Tyler Mahle and Sal Romano for rotational depth in the minors. These are not bad choices for rotation depth and long men/emergency relievers.


Depending on how you feel about Cody Reed, the Reds currently have a team with 24 out of 25 roster spots spoken for.

Now yes, it is true that injuries will happen, but we can all take comfort in the fact that the Reds have already assembled a very solid major league roster. In fact, if we look at it, in how many positions do the Reds figure to not be average or better? Only catchers and one OF spot (Schebler) have a history that suggests less than 2.0 WAR. The pitching rotation looks almost perfectly average overall with, essentially, a bunch of number three starters, some of whom have high ceilings.

What I really want, more than anything, is for the Reds to play the best 25 players right from the start (yes, yes, Senzel noises, let’s agree to disagree on that). It seems like the Reds are mostly committed to that. And this commitment makes them a truly competitive team for the first time in much too long.

And, just like that, I’ve talked myself into the Reds as contenders. If they acquire one more player who genuinely improves the team, we may be in a place where the only thing that can hold them back is the strength of their division.

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  1. Mark Moore

    NL Central is NASTY tough! Let’s hope we don’t all cannibalize each other and only send one team to the post-season this year. But if we do, may it be our Redlegs!!

  2. matthew hendley

    I notice how Mason Williams is not on the roster, good. matt Bowman, short of a disastrous spring should also end up on the bullpen. Robert Stephenson should be traded, but I am willing to let him stay for one more year. I think Puig will pleasantly surprise in CF. He has seemed super enthusiastic about being a Red, we all wish more free agents would take that kind of attitude.

    • Scott C

      Stephenson is going to be hard to trade, he is out of options. The only way I see him being traded is if a team is desperate for pitching.

      • Dewey Roberts

        They would have to be desperate for a thrower who cannot locate the strike zone. Lol!

      • Scott C

        My point. If he can’t figure it out by the end of ST, then put him on waivers, if he passes through send him back to Louisville or cut bait.

      • sixpack2

        I think his talent is high enough to give the new Pitching coach a chance to work with him. The long man out of the pen.

  3. Bill J

    Notice in your roster Connor Joe is not listed, doesn’t he have to be on the 25 man roster or sold back to the Dodgers?

  4. CFD3000

    I like the assessment Jason, and the resulting optimism. And I can’t fault the thinking on the offensive side except maybe at the margins. I’d rather see Senzel every day than Gennett, but the Reds won’t suffer if Senzel has to force his way into that role. And I don’t see Matt Kemp being a big contributor but as a spot starter and big bat off the bench I have no complaints. Lastly, I’m excited by what a healthy Alex Blandino brings to the Reds bench. He could be a really nice cog in a new Reds machine for the next few years.

    As for the pitching side I think your locks are solid, but there are a couple of secondary elements that I’m hoping will not see the major league rubber often or at all. Stephenson is to my eye just an exercise in wishful thinking and could be a Bailey / Arroyo level disappointment. Time to move on. And unless Finnegan can destroy AAA hitters for at least half a season in Louisville I hope he’s done in Cincinnati. There are more better options to focus on for development for 2020 when Roark and probably Wood move on – starting with Cody Reed and Tyler Mahle, and including Tony Santillan and perhaps Sal Romano. And given the inevitable injuries to starters, I vote loudly for Reed and Mahle to make all starts not handled by your main 5. In fact it wouldn’t shock me if either of those two surpass DeSclafani at some point in 2019. Finally, no more Wandy Peralta please. I agree with Steve Mancuso’s data driven conclusion that he had one good month that blinded the Reds to a remainder of smoke and of mirrors in 2018.

    But the overall point is sound and encouraging – the Reds have a good team, with little dropoff at the margins of the roster. They almost certainly won’t run away with the NL Central, but if you think about that description of a playoff contender, it sounds an awful lot like the way the Cardinals have maintained relevance and made so many playoff appearances this century. And I’m just fine with that.

    • G-Man

      All great points CFD3000, but I don’t understand why most people on this site don’t think that Matt Kemp will contribute much in 2019. I get that he is “older” and we want to play the young guys (Winker and Schebler), but Kemp is actually one year younger than Joey Votto…and he just came off a year where he played 146 games with the following slash line: .290/.338/.481/.819. And half of those stats were while playing in the spacious Dodger Stadium. Just think what he might do with half his games played at GABP. Again, I’m not saying that he should start 162 games this year, but I just don’t think that we can write him off as a non-contributor.

      • matthew hendley

        True, Matt Kemp should start many of the Home games in some capacity. Especially early in the year. Still even in his not prime days he is still one of the better players on the reds.

      • Steelerfan

        I agree with you. He was 1.9 WAR player last year, and his defense, while not good, was not as awful as it had been prior years. He is not a piece to build around going forward, but I think he is more than a bench bat. The salary issue makes him tough to move, but I believe he still has some value as a player.

      • CFD3000

        G-Man, you’re not wrong. Puig has to play of course, but I really think Winker does too. He has too much upside with a long window for being a major contributor, to relegate to the bench now. But I’m fine if the usual outfield ends up being Winker, Puig and Kemp, or a Kemp / Schebler platoon. But I do know Kemp’s almost certainly one and done with the Reds while Winker is likely to be important for many years – I just hope he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

      • BK

        I expect Kemp to platoon with Winker early in the season; it will give Winker some days off as he works to maintain strength following shoulder surgery.

      • Thomas Jefferson

        While Kemp may contribute, we have to remember that his hot first half (really, just under two months) was the outlier in his recent numbers. Over the last four years he has averaged 0.7 WAR (Fangraphs), which is well below average for a major league starter. And amid his better looking year in 2018, he still was below average as a hitter (wRC+ of 97) and below even replacement level as a fielder and base runner in the second half of the season. In other words, except for a hot streak in the beginning of the year, Phillip Ervin was a better contributor. Add in another year of age, and there is more reason to expect below average from Kemp in 2018 than for him to have another resurgence.

      • Sabr Chris

        Kemp collapsed in the second half last year. He should be a platoon option through the deadline and then flipped (we probably have to retain $) for either a lottery ticket or bullpen depth.

  5. scottya

    The latest rumor is that the Reds are one of several team’s pursuing Shawn Kelly (RP). Reds likely will sign one more bullpen pitcher on a MLB contract. Shawn Kelly seems like an odd fit as he has a higher fly ball % and homerun per nine average.

    I continue to play with the projection numbers for our pitching staff. B-ref (marcels) & fangraphs combined averages project an era just below 4.10. I plan to run the numbers with last season’s performance and a combination of the projection average and last season performance for the pitching staff. IF the reds pitching staff era end’s up right around 4.10, even with all the noise of all the trades, this team is going to surprise a lot of people.

    • scottya

      25% of our plate appearances and 23% of our innings pitched from last season are from players no longer on the Reds roster. The innings pitched is more likely to be more than 40% innings pitched by different pitchers, with the changes in roles of Romano, Mahle, Peralta, etc.

      Also, the performance results from those 25-30% of plate appearances and 40%+ of innings pitched is really, really bad.

      • ToBeDetermined

        Great point scott.
        A team that has lost 90+ games 4 years in a row, needs a roster overhaul in order to get significantly better.
        Let’s play ball !

  6. Tom

    [Adam Sandler]: Conner Joe, Conner Conner Joe!

  7. Hotto4Votto

    It’s going to be interesting to see how the OD roster is constructed. I honestly forgot about Connor Joe until you mentioned him above. I’m going to guess he’ll end up going back to the Dodgers because there isn’t really a viable way to keep him around on the roster all year unless we have a couple injuries.

    I think Blandino is likely to start the season rehabbing, and Trahan will take his place, in order to have a true backup SS option. I think Senzel starts in AAA to get more experience in the OF. It’s also very likely the Reds start with an 8 man bullpen as starters build up stamina.

    Starters: Barnhart, Votto, Gennett, Peraza, Suarez, Winker, Schebler, Puig.

    Bench: Ervin, Kemp, Casali, Trahan

    Rotation: Wood, Castillo, Gray, Roark, Disco

    Bullpen: Iglesias, Hughes, Garrett, Hernandez, Lorenzen, Reed, Romano, Stephenson.

    When Blandino is ready he replaces Trahan. When Senzel is ready the bullpen goes to 7.

    • David

      I foresee real problems with Matt Kemp if he is NOT starting. He is the second highest paid player on the team, and has had some big seasons (and also some stinko ones). If he is “coming off the bench” to start the season, he will be unhappy, and let everyone know it, too.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Then I guess we prepare to have a sour puss on the bench if your take is accurate. I don’t see him starting over Winker or Puig. Maybe he plays RF if Puig plays CF, but goodness that’s an awful defensive outfield.

        Winker was better last season than Kemp already and is part of the young core. It would be silly to start Kemp over him. Plus Kemp faded down the stretch. Salary shouldn’t come into the equation.

        But I seem to recall the Braves really liking his clubhouse presence, so I’m not convinced he’ll be an issue.


        I agree. I would lean toward letting him start in LF to give him his shot. He could start off hot. If hee would it could be a huge boost! If he chokes then he should work hard to get back in there. I would prefer to have Winker in lineup daily along with Senzel and Puig. I have been around the Reds long enough to know that they will be stupid and leave him down at AAA to open the season. Of which I think is terrible terrible. If they do that I would give Kemp the shot. As I said though, I would love to see Winker, Senzel, and Puig in the outfield on opening day. But I doubt it?

      • Scott C

        Winker has to start. As Jason pointed out Winker and Puig are the only two OF’s that profile as starters. It would be very poor judgment on the part of the Reds to start Kemp over Winker just because he makes more money. In all reports I have seen Kemp has always been a good teammate where he is starting or not. He is not Homer Bailey.

      • Kyle Farmer

        From the minute the trade was announced, my fear has been that Kemp takes ABs away from Winker. BC is not going to want that much $$ sitting on the bench and I think Bell will want to try to make him moderately happy to keep him from being a disruption. I sincerely hope I am 100% wrong.

        It won’t happen, but I’d love to see them DFA him and just eat the money.

      • Hotto4Votto

        I’ve kind of expected the Reds to trade Kemp because he is an awkward fit on the roster. Maybe an AL team where he can DH some.

      • JB WV

        I feel the Reds are going to unload Kemp and/or Scooter. They’re unnecessary pieces salary wise and blocking Senzel.

      • Matthew hendley

        you misspelled July at the earliest. We have no backup OF any good after Kemp. Senzel is going to CF and Scooter is a 4 WAR player. Not the people you get rid of when you are actually trying to win more games then you lose in a season. In addition we will actually need a DH for some of these games. Trading Kemp before the All star break would be irresponsible.

      • BK

        Kemp has been traded 4 times in 4 years; he understands his value to the team. He’ll be fine in the clubhouse and productive when used.

      • Tom

        I think Kemp and Winker need to both play 3-4 days a week. Puig probably needs to play more with Schebler backing up at RF and CF. I think the season starts with Schebler in CF but when Senzel comes up, he gets most of the playing time along with platooning with Gennett.

      • Buddy

        Kemp’s not gonna be a problem. Everybody grows up. He was a great team-mate on the Dodgers last year and platooned for most of it. He knows his big pay days are behind him and is settling in to the Elder statesman role just fine.

      • jon

        Hopefully they can trade Kemp and his 14.5 m.

  8. Alex

    I don’t know what to expect. I think they will win more than 68 games. The rest is up in the air.

    • David

      I have a subtle fear that this may not all work. The Padres tried this a few years ago; a massive roster shake up, adding players and payroll (which also included…Matt Kemp!), and the whole thing went into the dumper.

      The one mistake the Padres made that the Reds didn’t, was that they did trade some of their better prospects to “win now!”.

  9. Klugo

    Where is Dilson Herrera? Did he get moved?

    • matthew hendley

      Where have you been, was DFA’ed last season and took a MiLB deal with the Mets.

      • Klugo

        I knew he got DFA but I thought he cleared waivers and was sent down.
        Sucks, because I liked him.

    • LWBlogger2

      Yes, he cleared waivers but he chose free-agency versus playing in the minors.

  10. matthew hendley

    I think Conner Joe will be on his way back to the Dodgers shortly after the beginning of Spring training. Rule 5’s as a rule (pun intended) do not stick with there teams a majority of the time. In fact, with the exception of Stuart Turner, I don’t think the reds have kept one since Jared Burton, who if I am not mistaken is no longer in Baseball. I think the Reds have to look to move on from Finnegan. I Like the Bullpen as constructed, if quality does not maintain as much as last year, it may be a fix at the deadline issue.

    • Scott C

      Finnegan has options no reason to move on from him, send him to Louisville and see if our new pitching program will help straighten him out.

  11. WVRedlegs

    It will take at least 90 wins to take the NL Central division in 2019. I am squinting very, very hard and 81 wins is hard to focus on. Too many things have to go just right for them to win more than 81 games. And only a few things have to go wrong for them to be a sub-.500 team again. Having several players in their contract year could be a plus if it motivates them.
    >I am excited to see how well Puig and Wood play this year. Both are keys to a successful season. I am hopeful Wood pitches well and has signed an extension by the all star break. Puig probably tests the free agent market but could very well re-sign with the Reds. I am hoping for a line of at least .280/.350/.500 from Puig. I don’t know where Puig will hit, either #2 or #4 most likely.
    >I am interested to see what results from the Sonny Gray-Derek Johnson connection. Gray has to be better than a .500 and 4.50 ERA starter.
    >Castillo needs to be poised for a breakout year. That is crucial for his development. And for the Reds team development.
    >Roark, needs to be better than his 2018 season. Much better. But I think that his 2018 season is what he will bring the Reds in 2019.
    >DeSclafani has to be better than Roark. He has to regain his form. Half of his outings in 2018 did not look good.
    A couple of key injuries or cold first halves hitting by a couple of key position players and this house of cards comes tumbling down quickly.
    If they stay healthy, then they have to turn around the two worst months from last season, April and August. The second half of May and June they played good baseball. July and September were so-so.
    The schedule will be tough again this year. But the Reds get the AL West in Interleague play. At least it is a weaker ALW. Four teams in the ALW have taken steps backwards this off-season. Texas entered re-build mode, Seattle entered re-tool mode, Oakland has done nothing after losing 80% of their starting rotation. Houston lost 40% of their rotation and their super-utility player, and has only signed an OF. The Angels are a little better. That helps the Reds a little.
    In the NL Central, St. Louis got fortified. Chicago, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh have done little this off-season. That helps the Reds a little too.
    Many, many things have to go right for the Reds in 2019. Only a few things have to go badly for another losing season to emerge.

  12. DocProc

    I think Romano and his two-pitch arsenal end up in the bullpen where they belong.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Then were does that put Mahle and his 1 pitch arsenal ?

  13. Jeff C.

    Honestly I’ll take competitve baseball into the summer. Being out of it by tax day is getting pretty disheartening year after year. I think we’ll be better, but unbridled enthusiasm is probably a few years of winning baseball away for me.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Great point !
      That start last year was just jaw-dropping.
      It was like they started the race and the Reds didn’t come out of the starting gate.
      It was basically over from a Team standpoint faster than I’ve ever can recall in my life.

  14. scottya

    Using the last two season’s performance (era) for all pitchers on the 25 man roster and other’s expected to get innings in 2019. The Reds team ERA comes out to be 4.06

    Starter ERA 4.38 at 59% of all pitched innings
    1. Wood ((3.18)) ERA 17% of starter innings
    2. Castillo ((3.89)) ERA 17% of starter innings
    3. Gray ((4.25)) ERA 15% of starter innings
    4. Roark ((4.50)) ERA 15% of starter innings
    5. Desclafani ((4.93)) ERA 15% of starter innings

    6. – 9. 21% of starter innings equally at a ((5.36)) ERA : Reed ((6.89)) career as a starter, Lorenzen ((5.13)) career as starter, R Stephenson ((4.77)) career as a starter, T. Mahle((4.64)) career as a starter. (last season 23% of our starts came from pitcher 6-10, I used 21%)

    Reliever’s 2 year era = 3.61 at 41% of all innings pitched.
    1. Iglesias ((2.43)) at 13% of reliever innings
    2. J Hughes ((2.41)) at 13% of reliever innings
    3. D Hernandez ((2.80)) at 13% of reliever innings
    4. M Lorenzen ((career as a reliever 3.68)) at 13% of reliever innings
    5. A Garrett ((career as a reliever 4.34)) at 10% of reliever innings
    6. M Bowman ((career as a reliever 4.10)) at 10% of reliever innings
    7 – 8. ERA equally weighted among relievers 7-13 is 4.65 at 28% of reliever innings: Romano ((career as a reliever 3.77)), Reed ((career as a reliever 1.98)) Wisler ((career as a reliever 6.58)), Peralta ((career as a reliever 4.68)), Stephens((career as a reliever 4.23)), Reyes((career as a reliever 3.18)), Stephenson ((career as a reliever 8.13)) . (no finnegan, lopez, sims, mella or herget innings)

    If we combine fangraphs era projected + past 2 years performance that yields a staff ERA of 4.13. If we combine fangraphs+bref(marcels) + past 2 years performance the staff ERA is 4.08.

  15. Colorado Red

    AJ is not longer out there.
    Signed a 4 year 50 Mil contract with Dodgers.

  16. Oldtimer

    That roster looks MLB quality and experienced. Reds should (could) get above .500 if all stay healthy.

  17. wizeman

    Louisville rotation of
    Sims, Mahle, Romano, Finnegan, Santillian should help sort things out while we rent Roark and Wood

    • Sabr Chris

      The Bats could have a very good rotation for the IL this year.

  18. matthew hendley

    Someone must know something we don’t, 4 FA signed within the Span of Hours. More pieces falling into place. Dallas, Bryce and Manny, are starting to run out of time.

    • Mark Moore

      The smell of Spring Training is strong in the air …

  19. Mark Moore

    I’m glad the AJ Pollock temptation is over … I think it would have ended up as a mediocre to bad contract.

    Dallas K still available is interesting, but the latest rumor I saw had the Astros looking at him.

    Who gets left without a big, fat seat when the music stops for Manny and Bryce? I think one of the two will have to settle for a lot less than their desired record-setting numbers.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Agreed on Pollock. I personally don’t know if he’d be good or bad for the team but, as the article above mentions they currently have plenty of OFers.
      I did see someone, maybe it was Ken Rosenthal mention that may the Reds pick up an inexpensive Glove CF that can come in late in games as a defensive substitution.
      Seemed to make a lot of sense to me.

    • Ohioindiaspora

      Here’s an off the wall suggestion…
      Sign Dallas K.
      Move Wood/Disco to the bullpen
      Aaand… Start Lorenzen in CF
      Am I totally nuts?

      • ToBeDetermined

        I’m not a psychiatrist but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express recently.

  20. Joey

    Pumped for this year. Winker and Shebler both got hurt last year, Kemp slowed down the second half last year and Senzel has had injuries and hasn’t played a game in the big leagues yet. I for one am happy with the outfield depth we have. I’m sure it will sort itself out in time. With all those guys you almost forget about Ervin who is a pretty decent player. He actually reminds me of Puig, strong build, athletic, can hit the ball hard (but needs some work hitting the cutoff man). It’s a good problem for the Reds to have.

    • WVRedlegs

      Phillip Ervin was on the Caravan stop here last weekend. He got a question on what he was working on this winter. The first thing he said was “working on hitting the cut-off man”, and he laughed a little and said it again, “working on hitting that cut-off man”. It was a humorous moment. At least he is working on it, and he has a little sense of humor about it. One thing I didn’t know about Ervin, he said he was on 2 State football championship teams in high school. He said he played football and basketball, in addition to baseball, in high school.

      • LWBlogger2

        I think he’s the only true CF on the roster.

  21. Bill J

    See the Reds just signed Tim Adleman to add depth.

  22. Shchi Cossack

    The LAD can (and do) afford to throw money around for high risk, high potential players…4 yrs/$55MM or 6 yrs/$60MM (player option) for Pollack. For that contract, the decision for the Reds was easy.

    Senzel/Schebler/Puig for CF…just go with it for one season.

    I don’t understand the angst about Kemp. Other than being injured after signing a huge contract, I don’t see any reason for the angst. Kemp and Schebler form a dynamic RH/LH duo off the bench and provide nice matchup options for DB. They also provide a no-brainer for DH options against those AL teams on the schedule. This is all good.

    • I-71_Exile

      Agree. I also think people are being too optimistic with Winker. Shoulder surgery is nothing to scoff at and he may need some time at AAA to get back to 100%.

    • Scott C

      Good point Cossack. For the first time in a long time we actually have a bench that can hit.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Maybe I’m missing something but I’m not seeing angst. Kind of a strong word to use when the main topic is whether he’s best used off the bench or starting. The only thing I’d consider bordering on angst is the one guy suggesting he may be a clubhouse problem if he doesn’t start.

    • ToBeDetermined

      I would like to have seen the look on Dick Williams face when he was checking in with AJ Pollock’s agent. And the agent says, “well you need to do better than $60,000,000”.

  23. daytonian

    It’s true. Adelman and Iribarren are both back with the Reds organization on minor-league deals, as WKRC TV and @andersenreports both report. And I’m okay with that. Adelman can play a useful fill-in role, a spot start to cover a double header or to fill a date in case of injuries

    January 24th 2019
    ‘CINCINNATI (WKRC) – .. Tim Adleman returns to Cincinnati from a stint in the Korea Baseball Organization. He made 33 starts and 10 relief appearances for the Reds covering the 2016 and 2017 seasons, going 9-15 with a 4.97 ERA in 192 career innings. Adleman, 31, led the Reds in innings pitched (122.1) and strikeouts (108) in 2017.

    Andersen Pickard
    Source says the Cincinnati #Reds are re-uniting with RHP Tim Adleman on a minor-league deal. Adleman spent 2014 to 2017 with the Reds before joining the KBO’s Samsung Lions in 2018.

    The team also re-signed veteran infielder/outfielder Hernan Iribarren…’

    • Mark Moore

      Assuming he makes the MLB roster. This is a zero-risk signing.

    • ToBeDetermined

      That sounds pretty good to me. I know the Reds, Cubs and some of the other clubs were going around with 23 and 24 man rosters for a few games while they shuffled players back and forth between the minors and majors. Maybe that would stop that short bench stuff.

      Also, I wonder if they are making any progress on those expanded rosters at the end of the year that many were complaining about last year?

    • LWBlogger2

      I was expecting that. With the way teams played the DL game last season, I think this is a good idea.

  24. Old-school

    Jose Siri won MVP of the Dominican championship series. He struggled in AA a bit. That’s good news.

    Friedl and Siri could be ready in a year with Trammell not far behind .

    • greenmtred

      I had the impression–probably baseless, I know–that Trammell was closer than Siri.

      • HottoVotto

        Trammell played all last season in Adv. A and Siri played most of the season in AA. Siri and Trammell have spent some time together at Low A and Adv A but Siri has been a little further ahead of him, and has been in the system longer.

  25. BigRedMike

    Improved roster as noted. Nice not seeing Hamilton in the list of outfielders.

    Starting rotation is improved and there is decent depth for the 5th spot. Going to need 4 or 5 starters in addition to the starting 5. Wood and DeSclafani cannot be counted on for a lot of innings.

    1 or 2 additions to the bullpen might be needed. The Reds really need to ensure the bullpen is good, going to be needed. Baseball is a bullpen game now.

    One downside to the off season is that there is no market for Gennett and he is still on the roster. At least he is a free agent and the Reds will have roster flexibility going into 2020.

  26. Drrobo

    Arroyo a disappointment? Mentioned in the same breath with Bailey? Kyle Farmer not mentioned?

    • Matt Hendley

      Yes i thought that was odd…arroyo part 1 wasn’t a disappointment at all….and part 2….there were the injuries, and one cant blame him for one last go….at least he knew when to throw in the towel.

  27. Sabr Chris

    I wonder about the organization plan for Reed is. At the end of the year they still viewed him as a starter. Yet, if they don’t bring in another lefty for the bullpen I have to think they keep him on the 25 man instead of Peralta. I feel that Finnigan’s shoulder is toast.