With the Sonny Gray trade, the Reds salary payroll is around $119-120 million. The club’s highest Opening Day payroll to date was $115.3 million in 2015.

The range is due to Alex Wood’s unresolved arbitration case. Wood will earn either $8.7 million or $9.65 million depending on the outcome of his hearing. All the other arbitration-eligible players settled with the club on 2019 salary prior to a hearing.

This projection assumes 9 players making league minimum will fill out the roster. That’s unlikely. If the Reds sign a free agent reliever, outfielder and infielder for bench depth, payroll could end up near or above $130 million. Context. Average team payroll in 2018 was $139 million.

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  1. Rut

    I am a bit torn on the next step for the Reds.

    No doubt they need to at least spend an “average” salary compared to the league. That stated, I hope they do not act like this is old school Wheel of Fortune where you had to spend all your money on crappy items like a brass mirror for $900, etc.

    Just not sure the big ticket guys are worth it for this team (Pollock, Kuechel, others).

    Keeping that payflex for midseason pick ups from uncompetitive teams looking to dump salary might well be the best possible option here.

    But at the same time, I am really tired of the Reds playing cheapskates and telling us this is the plan. I have more faith in this current regime than previous ones, so will just have to keep giving the benefit of the doubt to them.

    Fwiw I certainly think the Reds should be at 140 to 150 in total salary commitments, but might be wise to get there later than start of 2019 season.

    • VaRedsFan

      Agreed. Could do something cheaper and 1 year only like Adam Jones (he can play CF in CIncy) and Xavier Cedeno (good lefty).

    • Steve Mancuso

      Wondering what commenter will be first to point out, from available free agent pool:

      CF: Harper
      SS/IF: Machado

      • Ghettotrout1

        I doubt either of those free agents would want to come here, just like JA Happ didn’t want to come here. Plus Harper is probably worse defensively at CF than Puig or Schebler. Harper had -3.2 dWar per BRef in 2018 and only 63 games in CF. Puig defensive war .1 all his games were in RF. Also I personally don’t think Harper gives this team the best bang for the buck I would rather go out and sign Keuchel even if it is an over pay by 5 mil a year than Harper. But I also think that wouldn’t be that smart either. I would prefer them to sign Pollack or quality relievers.

  2. scottya

    Pollock for 1 year at 19 million and trade Kemp for whatever we could get in payroll savings? I would not be surprised that Pollock has to settle for way less than he originally thought, I’ve been convinced by others that we don’t need him beyond two years though and he has been injury prone+.

    I love where we are and there are still numerous ways we should go that improve us in 19 and many ways we could go to improve in 20 and beyond, like the Sonny deal!

    There looks to be room for one more reliever. The catching situation could be improved or changed without giving up any war. We have a glut of corner outfielders and could trade for a CF from that group.

    Spring training is about 3 weeks away, so the other moves are going to be happening soon.

  3. Nathan

    Another interesting thing to consider, are the reds paying all of kemp’s 21m? I thought one of his former teams are paying a little of that salary. The Braves/ Padres?

    • Steve Mancuso

      Dodgers paying $7 million. See “Dodger” line in payroll.

      • Jbrat22

        I recently saw a payroll breakdown (can’t remember where) that had Kemp costing the Reds only $11 million this year because of pay from previous teams (Dodgers – $3.5 million) and $7 million via recent trade. Not sure if it’s right or not, though

      • Colorado Red

        Total being paid for kemp is 7MIl
        It is odd how it goes down, but still on 7 to the reds.

      • LWBlogger2

        Not really directed to you Steve as I think your figures are correct and you understand this already. Still, this seems like the best place to post this since there is obviously some confusion on how much the Reds will be paying for Kemp.

        When a team is “paying part of” a player’s salary, it usually means that the team sent money along as part of a deal for that player. In other words, the team isn’t sending checks to the player but instead sent money to the acquiring team to help offset salary.

        In this case, the Padres sent money to the Dodgers to help offset Kemp’s salary in that trade. That money is already with the Dodgers. What they do/did with it is of no concern. In the trade to the Reds the Dodgers sent along $7-million to help offset Kemp’s salary. The Reds are still paying Kemp over $21-million but they got $7-million in cash as part of the deal. This means, they are, in affect, paying Kemp $14.75-million this year.

  4. Tom Mitsoff

    Equally interesting: Assuming that Kemp, Puig, Gennett, Roark, Wood (at $9.65 M), Hernandez and Hughes all play out their contracts this year and are not extended, $65.9 million comes off the payroll for 2020 use.

    Hopefully the front office will identify at least a handful of the players above who they think are keepers for the next few years and offer extensions. Puig and Wood, in particular, are players who I believe they want to see day in and day out for a few weeks or months before offering an extension.

    • WVRedlegs

      I was thinking along a similar line as you on the expiring contracts, down below. I believe the Reds have a $3MM option with Hughes for 2020. You would have to think the Reds will exercise that if he pitches close to how he did last season.
      Next years free agent class is a nice time to have plenty of money to spend. They’ll need it to entice any free agents to Cincinnati after what has been learned this off-season and free agent pitchers.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        You are correct on Hughes. If he has a year in 2019 like last year, that $3 million will be an easy decision to pick up.

    • Colorado Red

      I think if Puig, and Wood are not resigned, a QO, can be presented.
      That would be 2 1st round draft choices.
      Scooter, would be a hard choice to make.
      The 2nd base market is not the best in the world, but if he gets another 4 WAR, it would be worth it.

      • Jack Recard

        With all the FA coming off the books next year it makes you wonder about the potential qualifying offers and all the comp picks the Reds could receive. First, I don’t know if there is a limit to the amount of comp picks a team can get in one draft but lets say pipe dream scenario Wood, Puig, Scooter and Roark have all star seasons and show they have no interest in signing a long term deal in Cincy. How much future payroll would a team risk to extend QO’s to four players? That would be somewhere between 75-80 million committed to 4 players who could potentially sign the tender.

        I think the Reds will be more hesitant to make QO’s to the impending FA than is being assumed at the moment. Probably only one, maybe two max.

      • Colorado Red

        Yes, I agree.
        Puig and Woods are the two most likely.
        If Scooter is a 4 War again, then maybe.
        Roark would have to light it up, to get one.
        Do not know if there is a limit, but 5 first round choices, should get 1 or 2 gems in there.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I am thinking that might be where the Reds are thinking, also. Though, I wish it was this season. I mean, the Reds 150 anniversary, Marty’s last season, 4 years of toil, etc. I was hoping to at least get a degree of “contendership”.

      But, from what I hear about the FA class next year, we will have the available funds.

    • Roger Garrett

      Great observation.So the Reds could just do what they did this off season next year as well.I agree some may be keepers and Puig/Wood are at the top of my list barring injury of course.

  5. matthew hendley

    Arent the Padres and Braves also on the hook for a little of Kemps Salary, I keep remembering that each time he got traded it took a little more off of the owed money. I could be wrong.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Padres are for 2.5m, never seen anything about the Braves. The Dodgers were for 3.5m but I believe that was included in the $7m from what I read. The above total should be 2.5m less.

  6. David

    Matt Kemp’s salary and the “crowded outfield” jump out at me.

    Who will play, and why would your highest paid outfielder sit on the bench? I think Kemp has to play, or he will probably be a problem player. He should play, and he knows it.

    Who would take him, and would we “forward” the $7 MM to them to offset Kemp’s salary and make him more attractive? I actually think the Indians, among others, might be interested, if “the price is right, Bob”.

    I want to keep Puig, and possibly extend him if it is affordable and aggreeable with Puig. I foresee him having a career year (no injuries) in Cincy this year, as it is a better hitter’s park than Dodger Stadium.

    0.280 (or better), 30 HR (or more), 70-100 RBI (Depending on where he bats)

    I am “meh” on Schebler, as it seems he has potential (hit 30 dingers in 2017) but does seem injury prone. Not a strong arm or a strong outfiielder, defensively. he may have trade value with the right trading partner.

    Winker, at present, would have “low” trade value at this time, because of his off-season shoulder surgery, and he is still young (ML young).

    • Tom Mitsoff

      My guess is that initially David Bell will platoon to maximize matchups against certain pitchers and also to ensure the person playing center field has at least some experience there. After a few weeks, at least a couple of the current outfielders on the roster will have earned regular positions based on their performance. My guess is that will be Puig and Winker.

    • BK

      I think with Winker coming off should surgery, it makes tremendous sense to platoon him with Kemp–at least early in the season. I also think Kemp is at his best if not overused. Salary going to Kemp will not factor into his playing time. Of course, if someone offered something value for him, I’m sure the Reds would listen. Meanwhile, I’m OK with a depth player on our bench that can still rake!

      • LWBlogger2

        I’m hoping Winker gets the majority of the playing time too. That said, I agree that no matter who is on the bench, that player is going to be a good hitter. The Reds haven’t had that luxury in a long time.

        Also, I don’t think Kemp will be a problem player if he doesn’t play a ton. He’s already made his money first of all. Second of all, he’s never really been a problem player that I’ve heard of. Now, if he’s sitting in favor of Winker and Winker is struggling, he might get more antsy and more vocal about being out there. I don’t see a problem going in though unless he vastly outperforms Winker and ends up sitting.

  7. WVRedlegs

    By my estimations, with Kemp, Puig, Gennett, Roark, Wood, and Hernandez as the ones coming off the books after 2019, that would clear around $56MM off of the books. Not sure if calculating Kemp right, $21.75MM – $7.0MM = $14.75MM, but it is close enough. I can see Hughes’s option for $3MM being picked up for 2020. That will be quite a bit of money, but there will also be several holes in the roster to fill. That would be Phillies-type of stupid money to spend.
    And the Reds could be pro-active here, and pare a little bit of payroll. They have Gennett, Iglesias, and Barnhart as possible movable pieces before Opening Day. And maybe Kemp also. Not sure where Gennett could go, but Iglesias to Atlanta and Barnhart to Miami are still possibilities. Kemp would have to be AL bound, and at least half of the remaining $14.75MM would have to be paid by the Reds. The $7MM from LA plus another $7MM – $8MM kicked in by the Reds might get a suitor. With a little paring, there is more room to also add before Opening Day.
    Realmuto is still in play. That would be a net add to the budget sum.
    Iglesias to Atlanta will gain some steam in the next week or so. Especially if Harper returns to DC and Machado goes to Philly, Atlanta will need to respond. Iglesias and Schebler fit the bill for Atlanta. Kyle Wright, Bryse Wilson and/or Cristian Pache fit the bill for the Reds.
    The Reds still might have a significant move or two left in them before Spring Training, certainly before Opening Day.

    • matthew hendley

      Gennett more then anyone else, should be held until the July Trading deadline, and then dealt if the Reds are out of it. Unles we are about to sign Craig Kimbrel, and that would be way out of the blue, we do need a closer, and we don’t have anyone besides him. We did not make all these moves and pick up all these individuals to trade away the good players on the team. We are in a win this year mode. Keeping Scooter and Iggy helps that. Machado is going to CWS and Harper is going to Philly.
      I think with the new in the field acquisitions we can still play Barnhart, seeing as he would be defensively better then JTR. The Marlins have begun to realize they have overestimated their positions on the trade and will be stuck with him to start the season. Revisit the possibility in July. The only time the Reds should be trying to pick up prospects is in late July if the season goes sour.

  8. Klugo

    What was our payroll last year? The only promise made was that this year they would spend more.

  9. Tom

    Man, this is one heck of a team for $120m ($19m under league average).

    I cannot say how impressed I am with Dick Williams and his team. There’s a clear strategy and its being executed very well.

    As a small market team with legit revenue constraints, this kind of strategic execution and maximizing every dollar spent is critical.

  10. Jbrat22

    I have an off-the-wall suggestion:

    The Padres were interested in one of the Reds’ 3B. What if the Reds offered Machado a 7-year contract worth $28 million/year, then immediately traded him to SD and paid $8 million/year for Machado. SD could send prospects to CLE, then Kluber goes to the Reds.

    Reds would likely have to shed some payroll, so trade Kemp and Disco for lotto tickets, saving you ~$17ish million this year. It would eat into some of the financial flexibility they have next year, but still leave cash to acquire a couple impact players. Shrewd move to essentially pay money to acquire Kluber.

    • matthew hendley

      There are rules that explicitly prohibit that kind of action. You cannot trade an individual within a time frame of signing them.

      • Jbrat22

        Okay so SD signs him, Reds send cash to them for prospects (which go to CLE), and Kluber comes to reds. Same concept.

        The money might be more than I originally proposed, but they’d still effectively just be paying yearly installments for the next 7 years to acquire Kluber for the next 3 and don’t lose any top prospects. Throw in Schebler or someone the Indians are interested in…

      • Matthew Hendley

        Just to I have this right

        CIN to SD: cash considerations (considerable) SD to CLE: prospects CLE to CIN: Kluber?

      • Amarillo

        In the rules you are not allowed to trade players for a cash amount exceeding 1M. Any deal where money exchanges hands in excess of 1M (like the trade with the Dodgers) must be approved by Major League baseball.

      • ToBeDetermined

        Vida Blue to the Reds for first baseman Dave Revering and $1.75 million. The trade was voided by Bowie Kuhn, commissioner of baseball. They then came out with new rules on how much value of players had to change in the deal.

        That can kind of get confusing when the Dodgers just sent $7m in the trade back to the Reds .

        Here’s some info from the New York Times

  11. Bill J

    WV how about this, if they would, Iggy and Kemp for Gohara and Pache.

    • Bob Purkey

      ATL isn’t taking Kemp back again. If traded, he will go to the AL as DH.

    • Hanawi

      Everytime I hear about Gohara, I think about the botched Cozart trade for him. What a cluster.

      • Doug Gray

        The Mariners claimed at the time that the trade was there. The Reds claimed that it wasn’t close. Whole lot of frustration over something that probably wasn’t actually happening, but made for a nice scapegoat to a bunch of losing.

    • WVRedlegs

      Gohara tumbled about 40 spots in the MLB top-100 prospects list. Don’t know if he is on the verge of pulling a Robert Stephenson or not. Fall out of the top-100 and then disappear.

  12. David

    I am loving the moves to date. It gives the Reds a chance to be competitive and if it it doesn’t work out, all the one year guys can be dealt or some could be offered the QO. No cornerstone prospects were dealt and there is cap space in 2020 to either extend young Reds players, take on salary like the Dodgers trade, or look into FA. What is the current 2020 payroll commitment?

    • Jbrat22

      I think it’s just under $100 million with arb. raises and current commitments

    • Big Ed

      If you assume Wood, Puig, Roark, Kemp and Scooter are gone, plus maybe Hernandez, then that is about $55 million off the existing $120 million. Add in some raises, options, and arbitration awards, and it may get up to $90 million.

      That will be an excellent position to be in, especially with Trammell, Santillan, Siri, India, Greene and others being another year closer.

  13. Steve Schoenbaechler

    This is why I believe the Reds are done. Any changes from here on, without something major, is just going to be minor changes.

    Now, I wouldn’t put out a major change. For example, I would love to bring in Dallas myself. If we try to get Kluber or someone else, what do we have to trade with? Well, Senzel can possibly fill in 2nd/SS/3rd, so we could let any of them go, though many fans wouldn’t like it. It would also clear up some salary. We also have several major league ready OF’s and young gun pitchers. Maybe some kind of package of those for Kluber, or someone else?

  14. RedsfaninNY

    I wouldn’t mind them trying to extend Wood before the season. He has pitched well for the Dodgers

  15. Big Ed

    Nick Senzel took about $1 million below slot in 2016, money which the Reds were able to use to persuade Taylor Trammell to sign at a number well above slot. Now they have two elite prospects.

    I sure hope the Reds remember this, when they decide whether to play service-time games with Senzel.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Agreed. The only reason why I don’t believe Senzel shouldn’t be starting this season is because of injury.

  16. WVRedlegs

    Seattle got involved in the Sonny Gray Deal. Seattle GM Jerry DiPoto is always tinkering with his roster.
    There are not many AL teams left in the market for a DH. A couple, but most are set at DH.
    I wonder if the Reds could trade Matt Kemp to Seattle for Jay Bruce. Jay Bruce is listed as Seatlle’s DH for 2019. Reds keep the $7MM from LA. Kemp and his $21.75MM to Seattle. Jay Bruce and his $14MM in 2019 and $14MM in 2020 to Cincinnati. Seattle saving $6.25MM over the 2 years and opening up $14MM for 2020 would be the enticement. Cincinnati saves $7.75MM in 2019 and with the $7MM from LA pays all of Bruce 2020 salary is one way to look at it. Or it shaves $7.75MM from the 2019 payroll that can be used for something else, maybe a bullpen upgrade.
    Kemp is RH hitter and Bruce LH. Bruce is 2 1/2 years younger. Kemp had a much better 2018, but Bruce a much better 2017. Did Kemp returning to LA and playing meaningful baseball again after 3 years in SD and Atlanta account for his bump up in 2018? Bruce was playing meaningful baseball in 2017 in NY and Clev., but not last year in NY. Bruce would again be playing meaningful baseball in Cincinnati again. I know Bruce had a nagging injury in 2018, but I don’t know if this accounted for his miserable year.
    It would make sense for both teams if Seattle was getting the 2018 Kemp and the Reds would get the 2017 Bruce. I don’t know if Bruce will hang up his cleats after 2020, but it would give him a chance to finish as a Red if he does.
    Seattle isn’t looking to hold onto Bruce at all for 2019 and they also are shopping Edwin Encarnacion. So they might be able to use Kemp in a better way than the Reds, and the Reds might be able to use Bruce in a better way than they could Kemp. He would be a better back up at 1B also, better than that Rule V pick.
    Having Bruce as a Red in 2020 might afford a small bit of insurance if Puig doesn’t return after 2019. As a 4th OF I think Bruce can get 400 AB’s in 2019. Just spitballing some, but it is an option to think about.

    • Bob Purkey

      A. I believe the money given to the Reds for Kemp, includes money from Padres & Braves and the money goes with the contract.
      B. We don’t need another left handed bat.

      • LWBlogger2

        The money does not go with the contract in my understanding.

    • VaRedsFan

      Bruce was dumped at just the right time, no need to bring him back 3 years later. He didn’t have many skills left then other than striking out…surely don’t want him back now

  17. scotly50

    Manny Machado would be the coup-de-gras for this off season. He would be that middle of the line-up bat the Reds need. Sign him and the Reds still have a stacked minor league roster. He would put up some good numbers at GABP.

    • Colorado Red

      Hamstring the teams for the next decade.
      Just say no.

    • CFD3000

      Thanks for that reference Tom. I’m optimistic. The wild cards in my mind are Votto’s bounce back, Senzel’s contribution, and which Sonny Gray shows up. If all three of those break well AND there aren’t any brutal injury setbacks, I absolutely expect the Reds to compete for a division title. Yes, the Reds have to play four good NL Central teams a lot, but those teams will also be beating up on each other all year as well. I’m very pleased with where the Reds stand going into 2019, partly because I do expect them to be competitive, and partly because they’ve made those gains without mortgaging 2020 and beyond. Opening day can’t come soon enough!

      • Scottya

        Optimistic and excited as well. If Scooter’s performance is near the last two season’s 123 & 125 WRC+ this offense will be an absolute juggernaut. The Fangraphs depth charts projection, as it did last season, has him regressing even quite a bit below his career numbers to WRC+ 96

        Senzel’s performance is also quite a big swing, Fangraphs now projects a 109 WRC+. This one is really hard to project in his rookie season. And I agree on Sonny & Joey

  18. Old-school

    Nice job by DW and his team improving 2019 while preserving 2020-22 and the elite prospects.

    I’d like a good lefty bullpen addition.

    The SP is vastly improved and now credible.

    But, this offense could be a Juggernaut. The role of Senzel is still TBD. But, Yasiel Puig could be a right handed hammer with 35 HR potential at GABP, ala Greg Vaughn in 1999. Vaughn was a larger than life presence in that order and gave the Reds some pop and some swag.

    Winker/Suarez/Votto/Puig/ Schebler/Senzel/ Gennett could make for some offensive firepower come June at GABP not seen for some time. All the angst trying to get pitchers to GABP, Well……the other teams have to pitch against this offense.

    • Sliotar

      Yeah, Old-School… keeping it real, as usual.

      Reds out-HR’d 135-98 at GABP, outhomered 93-74 on the road in 2018.

      Hit more HRs and limit the SPs to 2 times through the order and a lot of the angst would go away, whoever is in the rotation.

      Maybe the Reds are not destined to land a true “ace”, for any number of reasons. Castillo, or someone else home-grown can maybe become one, with the new coaching staff.

      These moves also show what a waste the last 4 seasons have been. Ownership/baseball ops/manager/pitching coach really did not add much value at all. Guys like Suarez are too talented, would have broken through most anywhere.

  19. Robert

    Why not go disco Trammell and schebler for kluber. Play senzel in cf and Kemp is 4th offer and possibly fill in for votto and dh in interleague games. Or include scooter in kluber trade play senzel at 2b and go after Pollock. You look like a serious contender with kluber gray Castillo for next three years.

    • old-school

      What you are really asking is a good question. Are the Reds now a mega-trade away now from winning 90 games and the NL Central and competing for a World Series? Kluber and a low minors high ceiling type Cleveland prospect( George Valera or Ethan Hankins)for Disco/Trammel/Santillan/ and Schebler would be that mega-trade but also radically reconfigure the Reds major league assets v minor league assets. Kluber/Gray/Wood/Castillo/and Roarck could win the NL with this offense behind them.

      I would not make such a deal. It decimates the farm system. The Reds have some elite young hitters in Winker Senzel and probably Trammel who could be here 7-10 years. They will also need young outfielders very soon. Jose Siri is the wild card who could be Mike Cameron on the high side or a Cameron Maybin on the low side. Let 2019 play out a few months and see where things shake out at the All Star break.

    • scottya

      I would be happy with a trade of Trammell, Disco and Schebler for Kluber. If the Indians would take that trade? We would become immediate Central division contenders and beyond and have at least a 5 year window to compete for a championship. The farm system would still be very strong, giving up only Trammell. We’d still have Senzel, India, Greene, Santillian, T Stephenson, Siri, M Bautista, M Siani and the 19′ #7 & 48 draft pick to come.

      • matthew hendley

        If we must continue with this fantasy, then this is what I would offer. Sheb, Disco, and 3 lower level (A+ prospects or below) prospects for him. Tramell is off the table, as is Senzel, and winker. we give them an Outfielder and a Pitcher, for right now, and three prospects that may compete, if developed correctly. With Scheb going we will need to hold onto winker, trammel and siri as the future OF. We can survive the movement of Disco, with an internal replacement. The lower level prospects would impact the system less as they could be more easily replaced. To clarify by lower level prospects, I do not mean lower level quality, I mean literally a lower level in the minors. Gennett is saved for producing for the Reds, and then being a person other teams trade for, not as a part as an overpay.

  20. Robert

    They may not but Trammell is big prospect schebler would start for them day one disco could take open spot in the rotation and if scooter is in they get an all-star bat in their lineup too. Can’t see them getting a much better package for kluber. Kluber gray wood Castillo roark. I like the sound of that. Get Pollack in cf of go cheaper and get Adam Jones or denard span and platoon him with Kemp for a year and hopefully get something else in the market or Jose Siri takes a big step. Or move senzel time cf in a year and play India at 2b

  21. Brian D

    Comment 64. Good to hear from Steve M. I like his smart posts.

  22. Mike Adams

    Appreciate the really good update, Steve.
    A couple months ago I expressed fear after a couple moves that Front Office statements could be interpreted as “we’ll go with what we got” and you disagreed. Happy you were right and not me.
    Is there a past post or would someone consider a post on who might be in the total pool that the 9 league minimum would be chosen from (excluding free agent signings)?
    I just got out of the hospital after 19 days and have not been able to keep up with all the posts.
    I don’t know how the new look Reds will play but that will interesting to see this season. I hope I am well enough to get to a game in person.

    • Thomas Jefferson

      I sure hope you get to the ballpark, as well. Good luck!

  23. Just for Fun

    Reds are in great position for the off-season and to build a competitive team for the 2020 campaign (plus a few years). With roughly 60 million coming off the books at the end of the season, that would open open some money for two TOR starters say 15-20 each and fill a position of need ganglion with some bench help. For Example just for fun:

    Madison Bumgarner: 3 years 60 million
    Michael Wacha: 4 Year 60 Million
    Starline Marte (CF): 3 Years 45 million
    Trade for Relamuto: Arb 3 year 7 million in 202. Get an Extension as part of trade for 4 @ 48 million (lose tucker salary)
    Relief Pitching: 5 million

    2019 Payroll 120
    2020 Payroll 120 (20 MadBum, 15 wacha, 15 Marte, 7 Relamuto, 5 RP Help, subtract 3 for tucker trade.

    Relamuto would cost us some prospect capital and in this scenerio, we don’t have stud right fielder for 2020. Woud like to plug in Tramell but he would prob be packaged in trade.

    • matthew hendley

      If the reds were to trade for Realmuto next season, Trammel would not be involved in the trade. The return would be significantly less. regardless of his ability, he would only have one year guaranteed left. They (the Marlins) would be lucky to get a top 10 prospect at that point. MBum is regressing, injured portions of the last 2 seasons, and even worse one of the injuries was non baseball related, which shows a lack of common sense. I’ll pass there are other options. I also want to see how tucker does this year before I think about trading him.

      • Michael P

        Understand. It was just a scenario where the Reds could load up with top notch FA signings and not give much away.

  24. Robert

    Agreed. I would even include scooter and add a cf’er.

  25. scottya

    I think the Reds should trade for KLUBER OR REALMUTO this off-season and they will be immediately into the hunt for the Central Division. This would open our window to win a championship for the next 5 years+. 19-23′. Trading for either will not destroy our farm system; If either move can be done with ONE of our 2-4 ranked Reds prospects (Trammell, Greene or India). If you read Joe Frisario, he clearly states ONE top prospect is what the marlins are seeking and one mlb catcher, (likely another prospect but not a TOP PROSPECT).

    Trammell, Desclafani, Schebler for Kluber?
    Trammell, Desclafani, Winker for Kluber?

    India, Barnhart, 10-15th ranked prospect for Realmuto?

    Most of our TOP prospects are likely 1.5 years ish (late 2020 season+) away from being real contributors on a championship caliber club: Trammell, Greene, India, Santillan, T Stephenson, V Guitierrez. Odd’s say a few of those will be bust’s.

    The Reds are close now. Combining b-ref(marcels) projections and fangraphs depth charts our team era is 4.10 and our team WRC+ is about 101 (last years and projections). Those figures are without Kluber or Realmuto.


    • Bill J

      How about Scooter, Disco & Winker for Realmuto.

      • matthew hendley

        No, Both Scooter and Winker make that a no, infact, with starlin castro at 2B in Miami, all trade sugestions that start with scooter should be a no go. Furthermore, Winker is going to help us and support winning reds baseball much longer then JT would.

      • scottya

        I don’t believe the Marlins would go for that. They wouldn’t be in the market for short term players (scooter, disco). If what has been rumored is correct building a trade around Tucker + one top prospect +.

    • LWBlogger2

      The Indians basically hold all the cards now as they don’t have a NEED to move Kluber for payroll reasons anymore. I don’t think Trammell, Disco, Schebler do it. I do think Trammel, Disco, Winker would have a chance to do it but that isn’t a trade I would make.