The Cincinnati Reds have acquired right-handed pitcher Sonny Gray from the New York Yankees. Jeff Passan was the first to report that the deal was done. He also reported that Shed Long would be going to the Yankees in the deal. There is no word, yet, if the rumored draft pick is going with him.

Ken Rosenthal just came out with the details for the contract.

Updated at 4:28pm

There is more to the trade than what was initially reported. The Reds will be sending along their competitive balance 1st round draft pick. That will fall in the #36-38 spot in the draft. The Reds will also be receiving left-handed pitcher Reiver Sanmartin from the New York Yankees.

The Yankees immediately sent Long to the Mariners for outfield prospect Josh Stowers, the 54 overall draft pick in 2018.

From, Gray’s career statistics in the American League with Oakland and the Yankees are a 59-52 win-loss record with a 3.66 earned run average. His best season was 2015, 14-7 with a 2.73 ERA for Oakland, and third-place finisher for the AL Cy Young Award.

The right-hander who finished third in the American League Cy Young Award voting in 2015 while pitching for Oakland was on the market primarily because of this Home-Away pitching split. In Yankee Stadium, he allowed an opposing .318 batting average, .406 on-base percentage, .527 slugging percentage and .932 OPS. On the road, the numbers were .226/.295/.320/.614. Two different pitchers, really.

A Sonny Gray deal has been rumored for weeks. The Yankees went into let’s-make-a-deal mode late this week when they announced that right-handed reliever Adam Ottavino had agreed to a contract. To get Ottavino onto the 40-man roster, someone else had to go. Clearly, Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman decided that player would be Gray, and set out to try to get some return instead of just releasing him to the market.

For the past two days, one of the primary names mentioned that the Yankees sought was minor league second baseman Shed Long. He’s the number eight-ranked prospect in the Reds minor league system, according to His career minor-league numbers: .272 batting average, .353 OBP, .435 slugging and .788 OPS.

Sonny Gray will join Wood, Roark, Luis Castillo and Anthony DeSclafani in the rotation. This is an improvement over the 2018 starting five. If those five open the season in the rotation, that means Tyler Mahle, Cody Reed, Michael Lorenzen, Amir Garrett, Sal Romano and Robert Stephenson won’t be. Lorenzen and Garrett will likely remain in the bullpen. The rest will likely open the season in Louisville or elsewhere.

Keep in mind that for the last two years, multiple Reds pitchers have opened the season on the disabled list. This depth of talent will certainly help the team avoid a horrific start to the season if the injury bug sweeps through the team for the third consecutive spring.

What does this mean moving forward for the Reds?

Does all of this mean that the Reds actually did “#getthepitching”? We’ll see. It would have been nice to see an “ace” added like Dallas Keuchel or Corey Kluber. Both are still technically possibilities, and the addition of Gray might make it easier to land Kluber.

With the addition of Gray’s contract, the Reds are now at $120M in payroll. Is this what the team leadership meant when saying the payroll would be the highest ever in 2019? Or is there more left to sign a centerfielder like A.J. Pollack or a pitcher like Keuchel?

What do you think? Was surrendering Long too much? Or is Gray going to revert to previous form and provide the Reds with a standout starter over the next few years.

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  1. Rut

    Reported that extension was signed as well, so not a 1 yr rental.

    I would think the next steps for Dick-Krall is to find a cf and bolster the pen.

    Fwiw, I think this fits the bill of “get the pitching”. And did so in a way that did not mortgage the future — either in prospects (for Kluber) or cash (for Kuechel).

    Have to say I like it for 2019 and like that we have maximum flexibility for the years after.

    • JayTheRed

      With all the people that are no longer in the rotation I highly doubt we go after a relief pitcher. CF is the top place to improve yet. Plus if the Reds are serious about Realmotu.

      Other than that I think we are probably done starting pitching Unless Kuechel suddenly wants to come here. I’ve been seriously doubting he does.

  2. SFRedsFan

    Fundamentally depends on whether draft pick was included. The contract for Gray seems reasonable given how hard it is to sign a FA pitcher to Cincy.
    Really hoping they go get another high end person like Pollack or Marwin G. Signing Dallas would now mean pushing Disco out of the rotation….not loving that thought.

    • Joe Shmoe

      You don’t like have Dallas Keuchel instead of Disco? Is that what you’re saying? I just want to be sure…

      • SFRedsFan

        Things are simple in a vacuum. In reality, adding Dallas likely requires overpaying on dollars and years. He would be an upgrade over Disco (at least in the early years), but you are likely paying $19M more for maybe a 1-2 WAR increase. You also stunt the development of one of our “stronger” internal pitchers.
        Comparing that to upgrading CF from a potpourri of our of place players to a gold glove level player (with an injury history) can hopefully be achieved without overpaying (“AJ, come play in our bandbox and crush 25 HRs and NOT have to patrol a huge outfield”).
        So outside the vacuum, I take the plyer that likely upgrades the team the best, which IMO is Pollack.

      • Joe Shmoe

        I like Disco but I have zero faith in him. He’s been a pretty good pitcher when he’s healthy but there’s zero upside anymore. If he’s healthy then maybe he’ll be as good as he was a few years ago. I’d rather put Mahle in rotation and move Disco along

  3. John Wan

    I love this deal! High upside. While the contract is long, it isn’t that much money so that if it doesn’t work out, we aren’t handicapped like we were with Bailey’s contract. Shed Long was blocked by Senzel and Gennett, and we have Jonathan India if Senzel doesn’t work out.

    We got three quality pitchers this offseason, kept our major prospects, and kept flexibility for the next offseason.

    I only worry that we’re only targetting players that our coaching staff is familiar with instead of players that will help the team out the most going forward.

    • Rut

      I will take former Vandy players in their prime over former Cardinal players looking to retire…

      Certainly an improvement over the past regime!

  4. donm10

    Has there been any hypothesis as to why his numbers were so bad at Yankee stadium? Wishfully thinking it was just nerves and a change of scenery will have him right where he left off…

    • SFRedsFan

      I read an analysis that his road ERA was so low because he played Baltimore twice and the Royals once and those pulled it way down….hoping this wasn’t the actual reason…does not bode well for the “just get him out of NY storyline”

  5. BigRedMike

    The Reds must really see something they like in Gray. Now 4 years with a club option.
    The draft pick is the only potential downfall as Long is not really that big of a loss. Only plays 2B, and that is a position that is plentiful in MLB.

    Castillo and Gray are now locked in. Maybe one of the younger pitchers can take a step forward. Otherwise, I do not really have an issue with the Reds utilizing the Free Agent market to complete the starting rotation each year. Build up the position players and bullpen.

  6. AMWills

    The Reds have definitely improved this offseason. It has been a long time since I’ve actually been somewhat excited for a 25 man roster. What are the odds this is what we see (barring any major changes)?
    SP (5)
    Sonny Gray
    Alex Wood
    Luis Castillo
    Tanner Roark
    Anthony Descalafani

    Lineup- (8)
    LF: Jesse Winker
    RF: Yasiel Puig
    1B: Joey Votto
    3B: Eugenio Suarez
    2B: Scooter Gennett
    CF: Scott Schebler
    C: Tucker Barnhart
    SS: Jose Peraza

    Bullpen (7)
    Raisel Iglesias
    Michael Lorenzen
    David Hernandez
    Jared Hughes
    Amir Garrett
    Cody Reed
    Sal Romano

    Bench (5)
    C: Curt Casali
    IF: Alex Blandino
    3B/C: Connor Joe (Or Senzel, but I’m not a big fan of him riding the pine when he could be getting last minute tuneups at AAA)
    OF: Matt Kemp
    OF: Phillip Ervin

    • BigRedMike

      Good summary

      Bullpen could be improved, but, a much better roster.

      Gennett should still be moved, but, at least there are rumors that he is not going to be extended.

      As they noted on the Podcast, it will be interesting to see what the new coaching staff does with Winker and his spot in the lineup.

      At least the starting rotation is not built on hope for 2019.

    • David

      I think your lineup is good, but I am going to guess that unless Kemp is traded, he will start and NOT ride the bench. Maybe Puig in CF and Schebler coming off the bench, playing some days in CF or RF against Righties, etc.

      Conner Joe is an interesting case. Not sure if he sticks (Rule 5) but could be a sleeper, as he was once a highly regarded prospect.

      I especially like Cody Reed and Sal Romano in the BP, as they could stretch out to start if needed.

    • Steve

      Also remember that Farmer, a catcher can play 3b and the outfield.

    • DrBagel

      To add to this I’ll say for the first time in years there is actual depth for the rotation. There are at least 2-4 pitchers on the 40 man roster outside of the 5 you listed in the starting rotation that I would feel comfortable taking the mound for a MLB club. Improvement is exciting.

    • Scottya

      I’m thinking and hoping we are going to see nick senzel in the lineup from day one. A trade for a center fielder seems probable with the statements of DW and previous rumors, enciarte, Bradley jr, etc.

      I’m anticipating a trade of a corner outfielder for a center fielder. So we’ll see senzel all around including some or a lot of left field if a corner outfielder is moved. We shall see.

      • doctor

        Like Cossack and Matt mention, Senzel should start in AAA, just to prove he is healthy(vertigo, elbow chips) as well as give him more reps for OF/CF.

  7. JayTheRed

    Anyone have any info on the extra relief pitcher we picked up?
    Also I like the deal. We are very heavily stacked at 2nd base and depending on where you like the rankings for prospects we didn’t give up a top 5. That makes me happy.

    Also how much longer do we have Disco??

    • Gonzo Reds

      He’s a lefty starter yanks got late in 2017 from rangers. Finished in AA so prob start in Pensacola. Decent stats and almost a K an inning. Sure he’s on Doug’s radar for more. Looks like a good throw in. Now let’s go get Pollack!

      • Matthew

        Agreed except Pensacola is no longer the Reds’ AA affiliate. I believe it is Chattanooga now.

  8. Drew

    I think we’ll miss the CB draft pick more than Long. Farm has enough potential 2B prospects.

  9. David

    This is kind of my dark horse opinion, but it would not surprise me if Anthony Desclafani was traded for “something else”.

    I would honestly like to have a slot open for Reed/Mahle/best candidate out of ST.

    We will likely NOT have one of Tanner Roark/Alex Wood in 2020, and we don’t want everything to fall apart in the year after next.

    Desclafani has been injury prone, too.

  10. SFRedsFan

    I’m hoping that part of the strategy for trading the draft pick is that they are going to go get a QO FA (Pollack?!) and they wanted to minimize the impact of that by trading the competitive balance pick ahead of time. Now the QO cost is a 3rd rounder instead of 2nd. Hoping

  11. LThedaug

    If I’m reading this right, and I’d like to think I am, Reiver issued FOUR walks in 67 minor league innings last year. 28 walks in 288 minor league innings. Perhaps not sustainable, but refreshing.

  12. Choo Choo Coleman

    Great trade. Long is yet another defensive liability, and a 5-foot-8 hitter does not project well in a corner OF slot. No loss there. Pick up a top starter and a prospect. Now, sign a FA pitcher, like Gio Gonzalez, and a quality CF. Find a spot in the infield for Sensel. This team projects much better. Good off-season so far. If the FO can close it out? Could be a great one.

    • DrBagel

      Who would Gio bump from the rotation? Desclafani?

      • Choo Choo Coleman

        I would think that would be the most likely spot, but create some competition in the ranks among solid pitchers. Desclafani has had so many injuries that I don’t think anyone should consider him to be healthy enough to contend, win, and hold a spot. IMO.

      • Choo Choo Coleman

        Another potential FA sign for me would be Derek Dietrich, formerly with Miami. Has a nice stick and LH bat. I think a more consistent bat that Schebler. Frees that one up for a trade. Prob can get Dietrich on a good, team-friendly deal. Don’t think Erwin or Williams should make any MLB team. Not good enough.

      • JoshG

        I’ll take Disco over Gonzalez every day of the week
        Gonzalez would be a downgrade at this point

    • PhP

      Who in the rotation would you rather have Gio for? You’d essentially be kicking one of Disco or Roark out for Gio. I’d rather have those two than him and the additional money he would cost.

    • Scottya

      I agree with your thoughts on Dietrich and the need to maximize the bench production (Ervin and williams). Except i believe dietrich is best suited as a 2b and 1b backup and that isn’t needed as much since scooter and senzel should take all 2b at bats. He’s a big defensive liability in the outfield.


    Long needs a little bit of work before he is a ML player. He is a converted C and not particularly good in the field. Time may change that, we will see.

  14. BearcatNation

    I like this move.

    I get that’s slightly gambling on improvement from Gray, but I just saw a 32 year old Lance Lynn get 3/30. Personally, I’d much rather have the 29 y/o Gray for a similar price when I get the potential for significant upside.

    The reds need to take smart gambles with their money. This seems like one of those. I think you try and sign Pollock now and head to ST. This is a team I can absolutely watch. This team can compete.

  15. Tom Mitsoff

    My two cents worth: This is it for starting pitching. Gray was once an ace, and the Reds are hoping he returns to that status while working with Derek Johnson. If that happens, they got a bargain in the contract extension.

    I doubt Pollack will be joining the Reds. I read a report earlier this week that Pollack is looking for a contract with higher annual average value (AAV) than the contract signed by Andrew McCutcheon with the Phillies. That contract was reported at three years, $50 million. I don’t see the Reds going that high for a guy with injury issues.

    • doctor

      Agree that Pollack does not seem destined for Cincy given his reported contract demands (Lorenzo Cain $$$) plus adding him would crowd the OF even more given current speculation of Senzel playing more OF, along with Winker/Puig/Kemp/Schebler.
      Plus still got Ervin around. It would seem if Reds add to OF, its a bench guy who has a good glove for CF(for example Austin Jackson/Cameron Maybin) if Reds think Ervin or Mason Williams are good enough defensively.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      It’s my guess that the front office will take a look at Wood for a few weeks and then decide if they want to offer an extension. I would not expect Roark to receive an extension offer unless he is unhittable over an extended stretch.

  16. HoF13

    I think there is a good chance Gray will out pitch his contract. It would not be unprecedented for the Yankees to give up on a starting pitcher who under-performed in the Bronx, only for that pitcher to do well in the uniform of a NL Central team. Think A.J. Burnett. One difference, Gray is actually in his prime. In my opinion, this contract is a risk worth taking.

  17. Mason Red

    Good but not great move. Overall the pitching is better on paper than the past few years but it’s possible Gray continues his downward trend. But they didn’t give up a lot for him. And at least they are doing SOMETHING.

    • doctor

      Exactly. I was about to post the same. Reds would seem to have improved the rotation for next year, which was the biggest problem area. While it was not Kluber and JA Happ type of moves I was looking/hoping for, its an upgrade and puts competition for the Reds youngster starters to do better to earn a spot. Or get more time at AAA to refine thier pitches and get coached up.

  18. Mondo Duke

    Well with all the average maneuvering the Reds have done, they have improved their roster. But it begs the question, in 2019 are the Reds better than:
    1. Pittsburgh? Maybe, with a big quint.
    2. St. Louis? No.
    3. Chicago? No.
    4. Milwaukee? No.
    Instead of the Reds being 35 games behind in 2019, they will be 22 games behind and still in the NL Central cellar. Hard to be too excited about that.
    Yes, we can celebrate that the Reds will be better in 2019. But they are still going to be a last place team.

    • DrBagel

      So, trading the #7 ranked prospect and a pick was supposed to move us into first place? Every move should take us closer to a wild card spot.

    • JoshG

      just looking at rosters…Reds on paper are better than Pittsburgh and Milwaukee
      St louis looks good with the addition of Goldschmidt. I hate the Cubs lol

    • Roger Garrett

      Could be and I am on the record saying we still have along way to go in the Central but with all of these new guys on one year deals the Reds can simply just redo it all over again if they chose not try to sign them to stay.Thats not a bad thing especially with help on the way from the minors.I like the glass half full vs empty because I am just tired of empty.

  19. bellhead

    Long will be a MLB player unless he just falls flat going forward. Good player, let’s look at the return? We have a good MOR pitcher under control for the next 4 years.

  20. Brady

    I really don’t see the overpay here. I like Long, but I don’t think he’s as much of a sure thing as others in the system. The pick hurts a little, but we still have #7 and #48 overall so it isn’t like the cupboard is bare come June. I’m also high on Gray and think he will rebound in our circumstances. Sanmartin is a wildcard but his numbers look pretty solid.

    Make no mistake though, the system took a hit this offseason. Downs, Long, and Gray were all on Doug’s top 25 list and all three at various points have looked like future major leaguers. We have drafted well recently which makes that an easier pill to swallow, and we didn’t give up any top 7 guys which is awesome, but everyone sent out are legit prospects and we may feel that at some point.

    That being said, I’m particularly surprised we didn’t see an outfield prospect moved. Maybe I’m overthinking, but I think the 2B movement is a telling sign they think Scooter might re-sign next year or they aren’t overly concerned about Senzel’s vertigo. India could probably also play the middle infield in a pinch and 2B is generally easy to fill so this could be worse.

    What a great offseason. I can see the rationale in every deal made, and I don’t really have complaints about any of them. I also surprisingly do not think they’re done (though it may just be a bullpen signing) and 2019 is going to be interesting.

    FWIW, I still think Keuchel (and shhhh – Machado) could be in play if the price is right.

      • Brady

        If he puts up a 4.2 WAR or better again why wouldn’t you?

      • Reaganspad

        Because he is horrible defensively, we do not have DH in the NL and he won’t beat out Senzel.

        10.0 mil for a bench player is a Dodgers move, not Reds

  21. Roger Garrett

    Works for me but I wished we had actually done a better job in finding out more about our young starters.My thoughts on pitchers coming over from the other league is that they will do better because the pitcher bats and usually there is another weak hitter in the lineup.The DH ruined baseball.Gray,barring inury will do just fine in our league because his stats say he is better then an average major league starter and I would much rather have him then Lynn at 10 mil for 3 years.I thought Long was too much for a pitcher on a one year deal but with the extension it works.Gray may arrive with a BIG APPLE chip on his shoulder as well.

  22. Scottya

    Another well thought out move by DW and the Reds FO. Very happy with this off-season. I’m hoping there’s more to come. Frisario said reds are still in on realmuto.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I agree that the front office approach here was unique — make the trade contingent upon negotiating an extension. Dick Williams was quoted as saying he didn’t want the team to have three starting pitchers going into free agency after the season.

      I’ve been super-impressed with the front office’s performance this off-season, uncovering off-beat ways to add name players with a track record of major league success.

      • DrBagel

        I agree 100%. There seems like a long term plan that hasn’t existed for years. Hope is earned.

  23. Tom

    Love this trade. Shed Long for Gray in a vacuum wasn’t my favorite move. But adding in the relieving prospect with a ridiculous K/BB ratio sweetens it for me.

    I’ve thought the Reds can play great with quality or near quality starts. We’d need an ACE for the playoffs but the regular season needs quality starts. We now have quality starters (assuming Yankee Stadium Gray is an anomly). We also have SP depth.

    I’d shore up the bullpen and maybe trade Kemp for a top-notch reliever – and call it a hot stove season.

  24. TR

    I like this trade. Big improvement in the front office. It took awhile but the Reds are moving forward.

  25. PhP

    I think you are being a little nit picky if you call this offseason “not too bad”. I think you’re leaving out one important detail, they accomplished all these moves without giving up any top 6 prospects and only 1 of the top 10.

    Yeah they could have mortgaged the farm for a Kluber or Realmuto but I feel those deals would be shortsighted. I think any analysis of the offseason has to be seen through the lens of what they didn’t give up as well as what they acquired.

  26. RedsinROC

    It would be lovely to get Kluber, Machado, and Harper, but looking at the totality of the offseason… If I would have thought on October 1, the Redlegs would add Gray, Wood, Puig, Roark, Kemp and a couple parts and give up Bailey, Rainey, Long, a couple lottery tickets, and Hamilton, with a pretty friendly contract on Gray I would have taken that in a heartbeat. (Not one for ones, of course.)

    Quibble about this guy’s a rental and that guy is a year too long, but that’s a way better team. When the competition is adding Goldschmidt, and you don’t have a snowball’s chance of getting a big name without losing your top guy, you have to do something.

    Even if they’re done for now, it’s a tip of the cap to the front office from me.

  27. DrBagel

    I wonder what the plan is for the Reds to use their rotation and their bullpen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Reds be aggressive in their use of the bullpen. I’m excited to see if there is a change in philosophy in how the Reds approach pitching and if they’re willing to use their bullpen in higher leverage situations.

  28. The Original CP

    Love the deal and I give the front office a lot of credit for what they’ve done this offseason, regardless of how it works out.


    Hey WV, you sure seem to have a man crush on Laureano! ?
    Seriously, from what I have read, the A’s would want more than your proposal. Do you have a scouting report on him? I have only seen highlight clips and read the stats. He seems like an exciting possibility.

  30. Joey

    Wonder if the Reds are ready to stand pat evaluate what they have and if in contention near the deadline trade for Thor or or another ace. That would be an interesting situation. What would you give up for Kluber or Thor at the trade deadline, what would it take?

  31. Scottya

    I’m for the FO to move strongly to improve and solidify the bullpen 8 deep; At this point with all they’ve added and all the one year rentals. I’m for trading from the bullpen depth,wisler, Stephenson, Romano, etc and signing more experienced pieces to upgrade the bullpen further. Brad brach, Aaron loup, etc. there are numerous.

    Hopefully we pull off a reasonable trade for realmuto and a center fielder. We will then be best poised for a run in 19′ and better positioned for 20 – 23.

    • PhP

      How much would it take in terms of prospects though? You think it would be worth a combo of 2-3 top prospects/major league players to land Realmuto. He’s only under control for 3 years correct?

    • scottya

      Realmuto is under control for 2 years + potential 3rd year with the QO. I’m guessing that the price has dropped. Due to most teams (dodgers, astros, rays, etc) having already made moves to shore up their catching, so I doubt there will be an overpay. I continue to think that Barnhart + India + a third maybe top ten prospect (gutierrez maybe) would get Realmuto, but that is a guess based on the rumor’s I’ve read.

      IF that’s the case, we still would have 6 of our top 7 prospects still with the Reds, Senzel, Trammell, Greene, Santillan, Stephenson, Siri??

      • Scott C

        I’m not sure that the Marlins are under any compulsion to trade Reamulto. They may wait into the season and see who finds a greater need for a catcher due to injury or under performance.

      • Doug

        What is this fascination with Realmuto? I don’t get it.

    • scottya

      Jim t you make a reasonable argument.

      There are some scouts that doubt that Trammel can handle center field and he’s been playing most of his time in LF in the minors. I’m also not sure we should count on either to be fully ready for the Reds 2020 playoff team ;), Siri is a possibility, but only a possibility.

      This is likely why the Reds FO is looking at trading for a CF’r. I think trading for centerfielder controlled for two years at a reasonable cost is optimal(I’d like to see Kike in Cincy Red). Maybe the Reds optimal plan is to have siri or trammell in CF for the 2021 season, but I’m not sure of that. Either will likely be ready mid 2020 if they continue to develop.

  32. Big Ed

    Sanmartin last year struck out 58 guys and walked only 4, which is almost impossible. He gave up 2 homers but hit 9 guys. He ended at AA last year. This will be his age 23 season.

    Those are some odd but interesting stats. The Yankees don’t really promote guys like him, so he was always trade fodder for them. Hey, Jose Rijo came up as a Yankee.

    • old-school

      DW said on the radio last night that they didn’t have a ton of scouting information on him, but the analytics guys really liked his numbers.

  33. doctor


    “…would like to keep the #5 pitcher rotation open for one of the young guns…”
    you may get that anyway given Desclafani injury history. In theory, he should be fine but that remains to be proven whether he can make 30 starts.

  34. Phil

    Projections per Fangraphs for our assumed starting rotation:
    Sonny Gray – 26 starts, 2.3 fWAR
    Alex Wood – 24 starts, 1.9 fWAR
    Luis Castillo – 29 starts, 2.6 fWAR
    Anthony DeSclafani – 26 starts, 1.8 fWAR
    Tanner Roark, 24 starts, 1.4 fWAR

    That’s 129 starts worth 10 fWAR. That would leave 33 starts to some combination of Mahle, Reed, Stephenson, Romano, Lorenzen, etc. If they provide just replacement level production, 0.0 fWAR, in those starts that is now an average MLB rotation. Hopefully one of the young pitchers makes some strides though to push the 2019 rotation even further and is able to claim a spot in the 2020 rotation and beyond.

    • BigRedMike

      That would double the WAR from starters from 2018.
      In addition, it would be around 15th in MLB in 2018.

      That is a decent improvement without giving up much.

      The Reds bullpen was pretty bad last year, that is an area that can be addressed a little easier than starters. Looking at the current group of relievers, it might be a problem spot for the team going into 2019

      • PhP

        The improvement in starters should translate into fewer innings pitched from the bullpen, which should hopefully limit some of their shortcomings.

      • Phil

        Exactly. The 29th best starting rotation, in terms of fWAR, from 2016-2018 was the Chicago White Sox with 16.1 fWAR. The Reds were 30th with only 10.3 fWAR over those 3 seasons.
        The 2019 Reds rotation could be worth as many wins as the last 3 seasons combined.

  35. PhP

    100% agree. From coach hiring to player acquisition to keeping the farm fully stocked this has been great in every facet.

  36. Roger Garrett

    I agree 100%.The good old boy network appears to have incorporated,to be very blunt,some sound logic and careful thought into what had become simply put a circus type of environment masquerading as a MLB franchise.Hats off to them for righting the ship and getting it headed in the right direction.Its all good in Cincy right now.

  37. CFD3000

    “The current organizational prospects will have an entire year of development and improvement within a vastly superior baseball ops organization.” The Cossack buries this crucial point in another astute post. But for me this point and the extension to Gray, combined with the fact that the Reds kept all 5 of their top prospects, makes this not just a good offseason for the Reds but possibly a great one.

    I have been very concerned that so many of the new acquisitions, though talented, will be gone after 2019. But now Gray will stay, and Mahle and Reed, perhaps Romano and Garrett, and eventually Santillan and Greene, will fill the holes left by Roark and Wood. I think Reed and Mahle in particular are nearly ready to make a major contribution to the Reds rotation. It’s critical that they get to pitch. If that’s in Louisville with a system that now could nurture their skills instead of leaving them adrift, I’m good with that. And those two (and/or Romano, Garrett, Lorenzen) will be needed in Cincinnati as injuries take their inevitable toll.

    The bottom line for me is that these offseason moves make the Reds a LOT more competitive in 2019, while still preserving all the potential for 2020 and beyond. I’m excited. Pitchers and catchers in just a few weeks.

  38. Your4thGradeEnglishTeacher

    “dominant”, not “dominate”

  39. Indy Red Man

    Bobsteve is a major league pitcher? I guess I missed it?

  40. TR

    The current development of the front office reminds me a lot of the 1950’s when G.M Gabe Paul strengthened the Reds farm system and built a team of sluggers that resulted in the 1961 pennant and the exciting pennant race of 1964. I think a similar trend is happening now with the Williams/Krall team.