The San Diego Padres are on the search for a third baseman for the 2019 season. Last year they played Wil Myers there, but he’s been shifted to the outfield. One option that the Padres have looked into is acquiring Cincinnati Reds top prospect Nick Senzel, according to Kevin Agee of the San Diego Union Tribune.

The Padres’ preference would be a top young player to grow with the young players they already have. Among the options they have explored are deals for the Cubs’ David Bote, the Yankees’ Miguel Andujar and Reds prospect Nick Senzel.

From the Padres standpoint, of course it makes sense to explore trading for Nick Senzel. He’s one of the best prospects in all of baseball. And almost everyone agrees that third base is his best position where he’s an above-average to plus defender. His bat projects quite well, too. He should hit for average and show some power to go along with some speed on the bases. All of that, of course, is why he’s rated among the top five or ten prospects in all of baseball.

Of course, that’s exactly why the Cincinnati Reds would be very hesitant to trade him. Nick Senzel has everything you want to see out of someone who will be a very good baseball player. And he looks like he’s got it all today, and is ready to put it on display at the Major League level.

But the Reds just find themselves in a situation where they currently aren’t sure where he will play. Third base is locked up by Eugenio Suarez, who doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for a long time. While second base, likely the second best position for Senzel is currently played by All-Star Scooter Gennett. That’s led the Reds over the last two offseasons to test out Nick Senzel at shortstop and center field. The shortstop idea didn’t quite work out.

This offseason he’s been working in center out in Goodyear at the spring training complex to try and make the outfield work. Nick Senzel and the Reds seem to be trying to do what they can to get him into the 2019 lineup. There’s even been chatter that he could be used all around the field at multiple spots. With Scooter Gennett becoming a free agent after 2019, it would seem that the plan would be to slide Senzel to second for 2020.

Could the Reds trade Nick Senzel?

All of this, though, does beg the question: What if the Reds did trade Nick Senzel? San Diego has an absolutely loaded farm system. It’s rare that you see prospect for prospect trades happen. And in a one-for-one deal, the Padres don’t stack up because their top prospect isn’t going anywhere. Fernando Tatis Jr. may be the top prospect in baseball, and like Senzel, could be ready to contribute in 2019. And he fills a long-term need for the Padres, too.

When you look at their starting pitching, it’s tough to find a fit there, too. At the Major League level there’s no one that seems close to valuable enough to trade for a Nick Senzel type of prospect. In the minor leagues they do have several quality pitching prospects. But none of them are rated as highly as Senzel is, and most of them aren’t ready to pitch in the Majors this season.

Earlier this offseason the Padres were also interested in Eugenio Suarez. And like Senzel, it makes sense. Suarez is one of the better third basemen in baseball. And he’s got one of the most valuable contracts in baseball, too. The problem is that the Padres and Reds just aren’t a good match up for trades of this caliber. The Reds have what the Padres need. But if the Padres aren’t going to move Fernando Tatis Jr., they don’t have much of what Cincinnati needs, or could use.

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  1. Doug Gray

    I wouldn’t trade Suarez straight up for Tatis, much less add in Jose Peraza.

    • KSoze

      I don’t disagree, but SS is our worst position. I would find out how to get a Tatis and Senzel deal done. It would obviously need to include other pieces to make sense, but I’d see if it was something that could be done.

  2. SteveLV

    If the Padres offered Gore or Paddack plus Mejia and Urias for Senzel, that’s not worth considering?

    • Scott C

      I would probably consider a trade with Gore and either Mejia or Urias but there are a lot of variables there. 1. Gore is their top prospect after Tatis but is still a long ways off. 2. Are we sure Urias can play SS, we have no need for another 2Baseman. 3. And while you can probably never have enough catching prospects is Mejia ready now? You make it 3 for one then it would make it easier but I doubt the Padres are going to make that deal.

  3. Troy

    I think they have some trade pieces that could make it work other than Tatis. Margot/Urias, Luchessi/Paddack/Gore. I’d consider it for 2 of those players

  4. Alex

    There’s reason to be concerned about Senzel’s durability. He’s missed significant time for a number of issues. If a team made a competitive offer the Reds should at least listen.

  5. Ben

    Need to find a third team to make something happen with the Padres. Someone who has what we want and is willing to take something from the Padres farm system.

    • John

      The Braves are a possibility as a third team.

  6. Ron

    Plain and simple, the Reds would be stupid to trade Senzel!

  7. TR

    At this point I doubt the Reds are going to trade Senzel. Put him in centerfield and along with Winker and Pujols the Reds will have a good starting outfield for 2019. Then when second base opens up Senzel can to there if that’s the best option.

  8. scotly50

    I like Senzel to the Indians for Kluber or Bauer, not the Padres.

  9. Big Ed


    The Reds don’t have the time or opportunity to evaluate the Padres’ system in the depth sufficient to make an intelligent decision on this type of trade. Better the guy you know, rather than those you don’t.

    They’ve waited this long for Senzel, waiting a month longer is not a sacrifice.

    Plus, I think the position stuff is overrated. Senzel is a athlete who can passably play many positions. If he can, which he apparently can, then they should and will find a position for him. See Bryant, Kris. It isn’t like they are asking Joey Votto to play CF or Jesse Winker to catch.

    • Adam

      Are you kidding me every competent front offfice knows every top 20 prospect in every organization its the lotto and tickets that require that scouting…….

    • Big Ed

      Yes. The Reds generally know the Padres’ prospects, but they have little knowledge of the “makeup” of any other team’s prospects. They are still learning about the makeup of their own prospects, and I will use Robert Stephenson as an example.

      Making a trade on thin information is not good business.

  10. Bill J

    I not saying trade just to trade, but it seems like the Reds and Bengals hold on to players, managers and coaches to long.

    • Mason Red

      I agree. How could it be that two pro franchises who do things the same way are also in the same city?

      • Jonathan Linn

        How many top prospects get traded? I would imagine it’s not very many. The Reds are operating just like most of the other MLB Teams by holding on to talent

  11. Adam

    I would send them Senzel Trammel and Greene for Tatis Gore and Margot

    • Not Corky Miller

      No way I’d trade Hunter Greene. Power pitching is tough to come by for this club, plus Greene has the personality and talent to be a superstar – if he stays healthy and the Reds finally develop a pitcher.

  12. Not Corky Miller

    Let’s get real here. The Padres are NOT trading Tatis. He is their SS of the future, and a higher rated prospect than Senzel. Trading him for Senzel opens up a hole at SS for them.

    Gore is one of the top LHP in the minors. You’re looking at Senzel for Gore as the centerpieces. I’d like to see them get Lauer as well.

    Gore, Lauer, and Cordero for Mahle and Senzel might be close. Guessing the Padres would want more.

  13. Tom

    If Senzel is versatile enough to play CF and hits north of .800 OPS, he’s immensely valuable to the Reds.

    Plus, we saw how Cozart and Suarez benefited from learning from Votto. Imagine what affect Votto can have in Senzel.

    It would have to be an amazing haul for me to trade Senzel. I’m very excited about a future Reds team with Senzel, Trammell, Siri, and India.

  14. Bill Hedges

    You had me at “there are three ways . . .”

  15. Bill

    My guess is the Reds play Senzel in multiple positions 2019 and then when 2B opens up either via trade or free agency, he moves permanently to 2B. I would still listen to what the Padres, or anyone else, would offer up. The Reds have IF depth and the ability to sign Gennett if they were to get a good offer on Senzel that fixes other areas. I just don’t know if a prospect for prospect swap makes sense for either side

  16. Nate

    I agree with people that a 3rd team would need to be involved. The Braves and Reds have been linked for CF Inciarte but I think the Reds would have to move an outfielder not named Winker. Do the Braves or Padres need a corner guy as well?

    Could something crazy with the Indians happen where the Reds end up with Kluber, Padres with Senzel and Indians with prospect or two and a major league ready OF?

    Possibilities are there, but they my not be a good match for everyone

  17. Chris

    Depth. Good teams, winning teams, have depth. Senzel provides that this year. How many years in a row now have the Reds had an injury to an infielder or outfielder. How many times has the replacement player been a glove first no bat type replacement? Too many. Suarez, Votto, Schebler, Duvall, Winker, Blandino, all missed some amount of time during the 2018 season. Having a young athletic super sub to play at almost any position with a plus bat is not something you trade away. If everybody stays healthy, Senzel plays 4 or 5 games a week getting starts all over the infield and outfield giving the other guys a day off. If anybody gets hurt, you have an everyday player ready to go. Didn’t some guy named Rose move around defensively, especially early in his career? If memory serves, I think he did ok.

  18. Shamrock

    Senzel + Greene for Tatis Jr. + Gore!?
    (if memory serves me right, Greene actually wanted to play for San Diego back before we drafted him. Gore later went to the Padres in that same draft)
    Tatis Jr. > Senzel (Tatis is a very slightly better prospect)
    Greene > Gore (Greene is a slightly better prospect who would probably still prefer to play out on the West Coast)
    We give Tatis Jr. a year in AAA until either:
    Peraza regresses
    Gennett leaves in free agency (peraza moves back to his more comfortable 2B)


    • guest

      I think Tatis is going to be a much better MLB player than Senzel and it won’t even be close. JMO

  19. scottya

    I didn’t want to read this until tonight; with the Trade rumors of the Reds/Indians/Padres. Many of you had it pegged.

    I would want Kluber and Manual Margot. We might have to send maybe more(D. Hernandez+) to the Indians, but I’d be seriously tempted to make that trade.

    Senzel looks like he very likely could be a 300/400/500 hitter, gold glove 3b/2b and a great base-runner. If so even Kluber and Margot could be regretted.

    Kluber makes our staff complete for 19′ we could be close to a 4.00 total pitching staff era with him at his previous levels. Margot could maybe WRC+ 100 at gabp, Fangraphs projects 95 and he’s a solid CF’r at the age of 24. Reds should then spend and pay the price to get Realmuto and his 5.9 million salary.

    I’d prefer the Reds not do Senzel for Kluber straight up.

  20. Phil Gasson

    Trade Suarez? I’m down with that. KEEP SENZEL.