The Cincinnati Reds are taking care of business today. In their latest set of moves the team has avoided arbitration with newly acquired outfielder Yasiel Puig and starting pitcher Tanner Roark. Those two join Michael Lorenzen, Jose Peraza, Scooter Gennett, and Anthony DeSclafani as players who agreed to 1-year contracts for the 2019 season today. That leaves just Alex Wood remaining among players that were eligible for arbitration this year for Cincinnati.

Yasiel Puig made $9.214M last year with the Dodgers. He went out and hit .267/.327/.494 in 125 games for the National League champions with 21 doubles, a triple, and 23 home runs in 444 plate appearances last season. That was good for a 120 OPS+, which would put him in the same range as Jesse Winker, Scooter Gennett, and Joey Votto in terms of OPS+ among Reds players. His deal was worth $9.7M. That is significantly lower than his projected number of $11.3M from MLB Trade Rumors.

Starting pitcher Tanner Roark’s 1-year deal is worth $10M. That’s just above the $9.8M estimate that MLB Trade Rumors believed he would get in arbitration. Last season with the Nationals he made 31 starts and one relief appearance. He posted a 4.34 ERA in 180.1 innings – good for an ERA+ of 98. That would have tied him with Luis Castillo for the best ERA+ on the season.

All of these deals today give the Reds a firm grasp on what their current payroll will be. With only Alex Wood remaining, the current payroll is set at $103,575,000. The Reds saved a little bit of money versus what was projected thus far. Steve Mancuso’s post from December showed what the projections had, and the Reds are under that right now. With only Alex Wood remaining, the Reds have saved $3.425M. That may or may not make a big difference, but it could be the difference in being able to bring someone in via trade, or filling out a spot in the bullpen, too.

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  1. Matthew

    I’m sure it was easier to convince Puig and Roark because of the tax differences between Cali, D.C. and Ohio.

    • Matthew

      Highest income tax rates

      Cali – 12.3%
      D.C. – 8.95%
      OH – $227.30 flat rate + 3.247% over $15,000

      Are big leaguers taxed the same way as any other profession?

      • Matthew

        I was wrong about Ohio!
        Their rate will be $8,333.44 flat rate + 4.997% above $217,400.

      • ToBeDetermined

        You are taxed where you work 1st. Then you are taxed where you live. And your resident state gives you credit for the taxes you pay to those work states.

        So ultimately it depends where you reside.

      • Michael Smith

        They do pay taxes based on state game is played in i.e. Texas roadtrip to no state tax, west coast swing is far more expensive.

  2. Matthew

    JT Realmuto is now off the table. The fish settled with him in arbitration for $5.9MM

    • wkuchad

      That doesn’t mean he’s off the table.

      • Matthew

        Yes that’s true. My brain jumped the gun with this comment.

  3. Tom Mitsoff

    I’m growing more skeptical that any other major moves are going to be made. I think the door has closed on the Kluber possibility from Cleveland. The Indians cleared some payroll, and now don’t need to trade him unless someone makes them an offer they can’t refuse.

    Keuchel, I believe, will land somewhere after Bryce Harper and Manny Machado sign. Philly has stated that they are prepared to spend some “stupid” money, and if they can’t give it to one of those two, they’ll probably turn to Keuchel. Philly may have made him a conditional offer based on whether or not they sign one of those other two players first, so he may be waiting to see how that plays out. I can’t blame the Reds for not wanting to spend “stupid” money on a pitcher over age 30.

    Any other rumored trades have the other team apparently asking for the top-tier talent in the Reds farm system, which I would not even consider trading for anything less than an established major leaguer with three or more years of team control left.

    • vegastypo

      FWIW (maybe nothing!), Marty Brennaman was on one of the MLB Network’s shows the other day, Chris Russo’s show, and he said he thinks the Reds have one or two bigger moves left. … Maybe he’s serious, or maybe he’s just trying to fan some flames of optimism.

      Then again, he could consider signing a lesser-tier starting pitcher as a “big move,” unlike what I’d consider a big deal. This ought to be interesting what happens when Machado/Harper finally sign, then teams can go after what’s next.

      I did read a few days ago where one of the “insiders,” maybe it was Morosi, said the two teams most interested in Keuchel were the Phillies and Reds. The years Keuchel wants is scaring me.

  4. Mark

    I really do not believe we add to the bullpen all we really need is long guys 4-6 inning guys. We have some in house whoever doesn’t make rotation. I think they are done on trades unless they keuchel and then trade some young pitching Barnhart and Winker for realmuto

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I would not trade five years of Winker for two years of Realmuto.

  5. CFD3000

    I’m hoping that the reason Wood hasn’t settled with the Reds yet is indeed that they’re discussing a 2 or 3 year deal. They’ve made some significant roster upgrades for 2019, but a lot of talent is eligible for free agency in 2020 – Puig, Roark, Kemp, Gennett and of course Alex Wood. Of those the only ones I’d really like to see in Cincinnati beyond this year are Puig and Wood. Maybe the Reds will get an extension done with Wood before the hearing.

  6. SrRedsFan

    I am impressed by the proactiveness of this Front Office. It reminds me of Wayne Krivskys’ style. He was always churning out trades, waiver pick-ups, and deals to lncrementally improve the core. What a contrast to Jockettys’ final years- either too slow or nothing at all!

    • Minnie Me

      The Reds are getting those one year deals done.

  7. wkuchad

    Alex Wood requested $9.65 million; offered $8.7 million by the Reds.

  8. JoshG

    If they are not in contention any of the players in their last year will be traded for prospects at the deadline

  9. Tom Mitsoff

    That would be nice, but I don’t see the Reds going down that road until they see him for at least a few weeks without him getting injured. I also don’t know why Wood would give away his first opportunity at free agency.