About three weeks ago Redleg Nation saw a bit of a change, moving hosting companies from WordPress dot com to another company. The site still runs and uses WordPress, but it’s not hosted with them. One of the changes that we made while doing the switch was set it up so users wouldn’t have their own accounts. There simply was no need for non-authors to have an account to comment on the site, and many users didn’t. But a lot of users did, apparently. And in the last few weeks I’ve gotten about an email a day asking about how someone can log in because they are no longer able to.

In order to comment you do not need to log in (and won’t be able to unless you are an author here at Redleg Nation). Simply fill out the form in the comments section with the required information (name, email address) and type your comment, then hit submit. It’s that simple. Hopefully that clears up things for a few of you who were having troubles.

35 Responses

  1. Colorado Red

    Nice to be able to comment without an account (like on Redsminorleagues.com).
    Keep up the good guys, it is nice to get good Reds info outside the area.

  2. Mark Moore

    Simple and straight forward … just like we like it.

  3. Scooter Rolen

    That is a little easier. Thanks!

  4. ToBeDetermined

    Since I’m real new here, thanks for the information.

    I have a question, Is there a way that my computer will recognize me and will save my name and email address ? It seems like sometimes it does recognize me and sometimes I need to retype everything.

    thank you

    • Doug Gray

      That’s usually a web browser thing, not a website thing.

      • MARK MOORE

        It is a browser feature. Chrome uses the auto fill feature.

      • ToBeDetermined

        Doug & Mark
        I am using 2 computers, one at work and the one at home I use Chrome and yep it worked with Chrome.
        Mystery Solved !

      • Matt WI

        Well dang it, I use Chrome exclusively and it’s stopped the “auto-fill” part of remembering who I am for each time I comment. I’ve not changed any of my Chrome settings. I’ll poke around a little I guess.

        I never had an account under the old design and appreciate not having to have one. It’s most annoying on my phone to retype the user name and email each time. But, like I said, I’ll poke around Chrome a bit.

  5. Eric

    Something about the site does, however, recognize me, because when I give it my name and email, it pops up ol’ Warden Norton (there – see?) when I submit the comment. Not sure how that works without me having to log in, but…that said, I don’t really care. I like the site, the info, and all y’all to boot.

    Go Reds!

    • Mark Moore

      Same here, Eric. I was told it has to do with a previous image association. That’s why I will forever get Otto Orange as my avatar.

      • Eric

        As a Louisville grad who watched his team play ‘Cuse back in the Rony Seikaly days, I must say that’s not all bad. 🙂

      • 315erRedsfan

        Otto Orange! Not a lot of Syracuse Orange fans who are also Reds fans in Central NY. I have been since 1975 when I was 8! Go Orange and Go Reds!

  6. James Zimmerman

    Hi Doug. Congrats on taking over Redleg Nation. The site could definitely use some expert governance given the ineptitude of the last regime. But, pray tell, despite the embarrassments of your predecessor, I heard through a certain podcast that you are wrong in your assessments the majority of the time. You won’t dispense fake news will you?

    Milt Pappas – please come back!!

      • Spaceman Red

        You did a good job, Chad. No one here from the last regime I would not buy a beer and watch a game with them from the Scout Box.

    • Colorado Red

      The last regime was not inept at all.
      Big supports, and always looked on the bright side.
      The only problem, was the asking the Reds to trade for trout.

  7. James Zimmerman

    Lest I be taken seriously…and no one who knows me ever does, my last comment was
    farcical. I don’t want Milt Pappas to come back.

    • whatacomment

      Well, given that most people here probably do not know you, that comment was rather mean and unnecessary.

    • ToBeDetermined

      I don’t think Milt Pappas was the problem.

      Milt Pappas being acquired for Frank Robinson was the problem.
      That’s one of those what if – Frank Robinson wasn’t traded.

    • Ci3J

      Ok, this comment made me laugh.

      Well played, sir.

  8. Scott Benhase

    How do I log on to “viewer mail” from the website?

    • ToBeDetermined

      You have to go where the video it at, then login from there

      • Scott Anson Benhase

        Thanks. Chad was vague on that. So, I followed the link and it took me to the page for UVA athletics! Wahoo!

  9. matt g from cincy

    Any way to get the time stamps back? That was a nice feature when looking through comments because if you came back later you had a better idea where you left off?

    • Doug Gray

      I will look into it, but I don’t think that’s something that is likely to come back with the new layout.

  10. steve

    I don’t know if it was the server switch or what, but the site runs much better now than it did. I had basically quit coming here because of all the issues I had with blogs moving around on the screen, clicking on one article and getting a different one, etc. So glad to see things are back to “normal”

    • Doug Gray

      That wasn’t the server switch, but it was a part of the design change.

      • ToBeDetermined

        Doug, Thanks for keeping it simple. It drove me slightly crazy with articles moving and twirling around before.

  11. Stephen Hebbe

    Time stamp IS important as previous commentator mentioned.

      • Seat101

        It is certainly missed

        By those of us who relied on it

  12. Mark Elliott

    I would have left a comment here, but I couldn’t remember my password to log ing.