On Friday evening the Cincinnati Reds announced their spring training television schedule. I can’t speak for everyone, but I bet that if you’re reading this, you are probably looking forward to watching the Reds play some baseball. I am. In the last few years the Reds have upped their number of spring training games they’ll have on television. It’s still not anywhere near what some teams have – the Angels, for example, had over 30 broadcast last spring – but the Reds used to only broadcast two or three in the last five years.

This year the Reds will have 10 games on Fox Sports Ohio from spring training. Here’s the list of the games that will be available, so mark your calendars:

  • February 24th vs the Angels
  • March 7th vs the Mariners
  • March 9th vs the Padres
  • March 10th vs the Diamondbacks
  • March 17th vs Indians
  • March 19th vs White Sox
  • March 22nd vs the Brewers
  • March 23rd vs the Indians
  • March 25th vs the Braves
  • March 26th vs the Braves

The Reds on Radio

Listening to the Cincinnati Reds on the radio is something that takes most of us back. It’s something we grew up doing, and it’s something that many of us still do. While all of the regular season games can be found on the radio via 700 WLW, that’s not the case for the spring training games. There are 33 games that will be played this spring. 27 of those games will be on the radio, either on 700 WLW or on Fox Sports 1360 in the Cincinnati area. Three additional games will also be broadcast only on Reds.com. That leaves just three games that won’t be available.

The Reds Broadcasters for 2019

The Reds have to have one of the largest groups of broadcasters in all of baseball. That group is mostly the same in 2019, but not entirely. Here’s the list of guys that will be broadcasting games this year, either on radio or on television:

  • Jeff Brantley
  • Thom Brennaman
  • Marty Brennaman
  • Jim Day
  • Doug Flynn
  • Brian Giesenschlag
  • George Grande
  • Danny Graves
  • Sam LeCure
  • Jeff Piecoro
  • Tommy Thrall
  • Chris Welsh

For the most part, you probably recognize those names. The one that may be unfamiliar is Tommy Thrall. For those who don’t know who he is, he broadcasted three games last spring with the Reds, and three regular season games for the team, too. His past work has come with the now former Double-A affiliate of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, where he had been the teams radio and television broadcaster since the franchise came to be in 2012.

13 Responses

  1. Spaceman Red

    Cool post. I shall be watching from parts far outside American media time zones.

    This post begs the question so I will ask: Any chance there is ever a vote here or a review here on the Reds broadcasting talent? Agree that the radio broadcasts are classic and generally very entertaining. Rest assured I am buckling my safety belt before asking what is holding me back. I wish they would give winners of the trivia question something better than a haircut. How about a ticket to a future game?

    I will also stay positive by saying I hope there are many broadcasts with Jim Day, Jeff Brantley, Doug Flynn and Chris Welsh involved. The Reds should continue the overall upgrade of the organization by encouraging broadcasters with interest in the nuts, bolts and saber metrics of the games. Humor, self-deprecation and a complete lack of self-righteousness are also prerequisites.

    Rant completed. We are less than two months away.

  2. Tim

    Does anyone know how this relates to the timeline for selling the Fox Regional Sports Networks? Will we have Fox Sports Ohio for the rest of the 2019 season?

  3. Tampa Red

    I guess I missed it, but when did the Braves move out to Arizona?

    • RedinIND

      Those two games are to be at SunTrust Park in Atlanta, per the Reds MLB site.

  4. Gonzo Reds

    I’ll be more excited about Reds spring training when they move back to Florida where they belong. How long is our contract with the stadium in Arizona?

      • Chuck

        Spring training was born in the south, that’s why.

      • Doug Gray

        Goodyear is pretty far south. It’s literally in the Southwest.

    • wkuchad

      I could care less where the Reds spend their preseason. Postseason is a different story!

  5. NorMich Red

    I see the good and the not-so-good on that list of Reds’ media broadcasters. Grumpy and crotchety at times or not, I still enjoy the radio calls of Marty Brennaman. Unfortunately, his son appears to have inherited Marty’s bad traits and none of his good ones. (I enjoy it when Chris Welsh and Jim Day rope in Young Thommy when he goes too overboard in pontificating, going off topic to gush about football in the city 100 miles north of Cincinnati, etc.) Jim Day gets better with more time calling the game, but is still superior as the fun features guy. George Grande is the Will Rogers of baseball media, just a little too saccharine at times. But I suspect he and Welsh may be the most likable of the bunch in person. Giesenschlag looks bored and detached when not covering the big community college in the state capital. (I enjoyed the handful of games where Dan Hoard joined Piecoro in the pre-game festivities.) Newcomers Graves and LeCure started to grow on me over the course of last season.

    And obviously, all of these guys would seem much, much more stellar if the Reds returned to relevance in 2019. Spring seems like it’s closer out there somewhere as I watch the ice and sleet fall today here in the Far North…

    • Doug Gray

      The Reds did not renew his contract after the 2017 season.


    was there reason given for not renewing his contract. I enjoyed his call of the game