Let’s start this post off by saying thank you from all of the writers here at Redleg Nation. That you decide to spend some of your time reading our words means a lot to us – even if sometimes you tell us that we are crazy for what we write.

Speaking of what we write, let’s take a look back at the 10 most read articles of the 2018 calendar year:

  1. Trade Assessment: A confident Reds front office team with bigger moves ahead
  2. Recap: Reds sweet 4-game series in LA, win sixth consecutive game!
  3. The Reds Real Culture Problem
  4. The Reds front office must finish the rebuild
  5. The Time of Nick: Reds and service time
  6. Reds-Dodgers in blockbuster trade: Kemp, Puig, Wood, Bailey involved
  7. Reports: Reds have interviewed Girardi, will add Ausmus, Bell, and more
  8. Ownership, wealth and Reds payroll
  9. The Reds have a baseball unicorn, so why aren’t they developing the next Shohei Ohtani?
  10. Reds trade Adam Duvall to the Braves for three players with MLB experience

Some of these articles make sense that they would be among the most read. Trades and rumors, dealing with the seemingly confusion in the front office in the first half of 2018 – but the recap of a sweep of the Dodgers in May? Reds fans must have been feeling great to take four from their former division rivals at the time. As Chad Dotson put it in the article, the Reds continue to be undefeated in the Matt Harvey era (though Luis Castillo pitched that final game).

Keeping the conversation going

There were just over 40,000 comments left at Redleg Nation in 2018. This is how we imagine things went throughout the year:

And maybe a little bit of this during a few of the game threads…..

Writing ALL of the words

There were just over 900 posts/articles written on the pages of Redleg Nation during 2018. That’s a whole lot of words from the crew. Some of the words were better than others. Some made us feel better than others, too. Not sure how many words there were, but it’s definitely a number that I don’t want to count to.

Sending the traffic this way

Maybe you found Redleg Nation through a search engine. Perhaps you found us through twitter. Maybe you were sent here from another site. Whatever it was, we’re just glad you found us. Google sent the most traffic to the site this year, accounting for 6.1% of all traffic. Twitter and Bleacher Report weren’t far behind at 4.3% and 3.7%. Facebook was the only other source over 0.5%, coming in at 1.7% of incoming traffic.

We reached 165 different countries and territories

Redleg Nation got at least one view from 164 different countries or territories during 2018. Just over 99% of all views came from the United States. Canada was the only other country that had more than 7,000 views. But with 164 countries and territories finding the words here at Redleg Nation, it’s safe to say that we are world wide.

4 Responses

  1. Doug Gray

    Thanks Sliotar…. things are still very much a work in progress behind the scenes here, but I can promise I’ll (and the rest of the contributors) will keep working hard.

  2. Spaceman Red

    Spaceman Red here with a few comments. For the record, I currently live in Kyrgyzstan and just moved from Hungary. This is the life of an American diplomat. I watch as many Reds games as I can even living abroad. I donate to this site. I try to provide constructive comments, although I know they are sometimes somewhat controversial regarding players or trends that I dislike. Such is the case when one is a fan, I am afraid. Enough of back story.

    Good luck, Mr. Gray, on leading this site. Mr. Dotson did a commendable job. Neither of you probably know me but I regularly listened to both of you on the Podcast from Europe. I will just say this: I am a Reds Fanatic but you both out-Fanatic my fanatic-ness. I come to this site for stuff I do not know or have not considered and I FIND it. That is the idea, right?

    I should just add here that I saw Mr. Mancuso’s article was the most viewed of the year. That is an accolade well-earned. I honestly have no idea how Mr. Mancuso, who deserves a PhD on the subject of baseball, counts Homer Bailey as his favorite player (or at least his last meme) but I suppose there is an explanation. [Anyone who reads my posts knows how I feel about said player.] I cannot find fault in his articles. They are relentlessly cerebral and thought provoking. May there be many more to come.

    Overall, love this site and will continue contributing. Watching baseball and following the men who wear our chosen laundry is fun, counterintuitive though it may be. Looking forward to 2019.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Agree on Steve Mancuso, in my opinion the best writer on this site, although I don’t want that to be demeaning of any of the others. I appreciate all of the effort that must go into keeping this site fresh. And it’s refreshing to come to a site that doesn’t constantly end up in name calling and vulgarity. I learn things every time I log on. How refreshing.

  3. TR

    I know I’m one of many who regards Redleg Nation as an integral part of each day. My appreciation to those who keep it going and the commentators. Wishing a good new year to all.