Doug Gray joined me for another scintillating edition of The World’s Most Dangerous Podcast (TM). We recap Cincinnati’s blockbuster trade with the Dodgers, then ask the most important question: What’s next? We also answered plenty of Viewer Mail questions, including this one: Are the Cincinnati Reds a .500 team right now?

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6 Responses

  1. Seat101

    Homer Bailey never tied my shoelaces together when I was not looking.

  2. Mark Moore

    Entertaining and insightful as always, gents.

    I hope somebody takes a flyer on Homer and he finds some level of mojo. He deserves that much.

    I’d bet 6-7 that we still pull in a higher end SP. I’m thinking that ends up being a FA since we don’t want to part with our advanced prospects.

    Joey would have an OBP of at least .250 from the right side. He’s just that good.

    I’m ready to turn the calendar to 2019 and see what Goodyear brings us.

  3. Seat101

    I thought we were supposed to say something nice about Homer Bailey

  4. Colorado Red

    Sorry, but the Roid’rs do NOT belong in the hall.
    If they have a hall of shame, yes.
    Reds fan, south of Denver (Monument)

  5. LWBlogger2

    Diamond Mind Baseball is the best baseball game. Excellent simulator and not nearly as complex as Chad’s favorite.

    Homer Bailey was a very good pitcher for 2.5 seasons. Maybe not an “Ace” but a #1 on a lot of staffs and a #2 on a championship caliber staff. As you said, he was better than Keuchel is right now and people are clamoring for him. As for the Reds HoF, I think he falls short. He’s better than Oester but you need to compare him to other pitchers who are in. Also, for whatever reason, Reds fans LOVE Oester and they can’t stand, CAN’T STAND, Homer Bailey. He’s like the anti-Christ to some of them. Even if he was good for 2-3 more years, he’d still struggle because so many Reds fans deplore him.

  6. LWBlogger2

    Bonds, Clemons definitely belong in the HoF. Yes, they used steroids but there literally was no rule in baseball against their use and they weren’t illegal under all circumstances like a lot of recreational drugs. The use of performance enhancers was so widespread that one has to wonder just how much of a competitive advantage was actually gained. Sure, it tainted the career stats of the users but the question should always be “How good was player ‘A’ in comparison to the rest of his peers?” Bonds and Clemons were no-doubt HoF members were it not for the controversy.

    Reds are about a .500 team assuming they find someone who can play CF regularly.