The Cincinnati Reds were everywhere at baseball’s Winter Meetings, and we (me plus Jason Linden) discussed all of it: every trade, every signing, every rumor…and there were a ton of them. It’s the longest-ever episode of RNR, but it’s packed with positivity. This was a fun one. Enjoy!

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11 Responses

  1. Fish

    I think you guys are too quick to give up Taylor trammel. The reds would need to add about 20 WAR to compete for the playoffs in 2019. I just don’t see it. Maybe 2020 but if you’d acquired realmuto and/or stroman you’d only have them for that year and be stuck with an expensive likely declining Keuchel. Inciarte you’re overpaying for defense you dont need.

  2. msanmoore

    Good chat an incite. I’m with you on Tanner Roark. Heck, even Keith Law (who usually seems very down on our Reds) says it was a good pick up for our Queen City Redlegs.

    Waiting for the next shoe to drop …

    • msanmoore

      “Insight” … must be in a rabble rousing mood.

  3. doofus

    The below quote seems to indict Turner Ward. the whole article praises Ted Williams’ approach to hitting.

    “Then consider that with two outs and runners in scoring position in 2018, the only team worse than the Dodgers’ .199/.327/.312 were the Marlins.

    Enter Van Scoyoc, Brant Brown and Aaron Bates as the Dodgers’ new hitting coaching and preparatory staff. “Our approach was not very good,” says one Dodger official. “The players were taught through the system to try to launch on every pitch. It just doesn’t work against good pitching. Justin Turner (another Van Scoyoc guy) is fine. But look at our postseason.”

    The Dodgers only struck out three more times than the Red Sox (56-53) in the five-game World Series, but over the entire postseason, Cody Bellinger, Joc Pederson, Chris Taylor, Enrique Hernández and Brian Barnes walked 21 times and struck out 68. During the season the Dodgers scored three runs or less 71 times, 17th highest in the league and one less than the Rays. They’re better than that.”

    ~gammons, the athletic

  4. Bob Purkey

    I’m with you on Ward. Nor sure I understand the fascination. The Dodgers struck out and incredible amount of times trying for that HR launch angle.

    The Reds need players who can make some contact. While they scored runs, they seemed to be in bunches and they left a lot of guys on base, and I think that their AVG with runners in scoring position was poor(I don’t have those stats, but that was just my observation from watching LA a lot!).

    They will already hit a tom of homers in GASP and need to move runners by putting the ball in play.

    • Bob Purkey

      I didn’t mean LA was poor with runners in scoring position, I meant the Reds.

      Does anyone have those stats to buttress or refute that claim?

      • Bob Purkey

        It appears that the Reds hit 8 pts higher than LA last year, .254 to .246, and the Reds were 4th worst in # of runners left in scoring position and LA was 5th worse.

  5. Andy

    Re: Trammel + Barnhart for J.T. Realmuto discussion: Hard pass. The fact that Realmuto is the best catcher in baseball to me is evidence of a severe lack of talent available at the position. If the Reds are willing to trade Trammel, I think they need to improve the team by more than ~2-3 WAR, and need more than 2 seasons of control. Of the names we’ve seen, I think Syndergaard and Kluber are guys I’d trade Trammel for. Adding a 5WAR pitcher (for 3 years) to replace a negative WAR pitcher makes a huge difference, but converting a ~1.5WAR catcher for a ~4WAR catcher (for 2 years) is not enough improvement to push the Reds into contention.

    I actually think Reds should trade Trammel, specifically because the names on the trade market excite me more than the ones on free agent market (in terms of both on-field performance and contract.) Senzel is needed in near term. If they can pull off a Kluber deal headlined by Trammel, and another deal with Dodgers for Alex Wood, and keep Senzel in the fold, the Reds have a division contender. 2020 would provide a challenge again with 2 starters headed to free agency, but with the $20M falling off from Roark/Wood and the Bailey contract gone, they would have the funds needed for another free agent or trade target.

    If the Reds had a true #1 for the next 3 years, could they start pulling off Roark deals every year? Find a 3rd year ARB eligible pitcher that another team is willing to flip for a 5-10 range prospect to save money? This sounds like a market inefficiency they have exploited and should continue to exploit to fill out the 3rd/4th SP slots every year.

    • greenmtred

      Trammel might easily be a factor in 2020, and outfield is not a strong suit for the Reds. I don’t envy DW: He’s (probably) charged with building a contender out of a team with no outstanding strengths but a fairly good farm system. Getting one top-of-the-rotation starter would probably mean losing much of the near-ready talent, and, while the Reds clearly need pitching, they need better hitting and defense, too. I agree about Realmuto: The catching is currently competent, and improving it offensively for two years would come at great cost without changing the Reds’ outlook enough to justify it.

  6. RedDawg2012

    This is good stuff. Jason’s impression of Thom introducing Josh Harrison had me cracking up!

  7. Mike V

    Sorry Chad/Jason …Not giving up Trammel for 4 years of anybody short of Mike Trout right now ..Pollock does not cost us anything but money .. Use the money we suddenly have and hang on to our prospects .