The Reds selected Connor Joe from the Dodgers in the Rule 5 draft. Conner (26) is a 1B/3B/UT player. He was a first-round pick (39th) by the Pirates in 2014 out of the University of San Diego. 

Joe split time between AA and AAA in the Dodgers system in 2018. He had never really done much at the plate before last year, but Joe hit a combined .299/.408/.527 in 2018. So he’s demonstrated a hit tool, knows how to take a walk and has hit for power. He’s also reportedly worked out at catcher recently.

Here’s a scouting report on Joe from May:

“It’s little to go on, but Connor Joe has valuable prospect history. He was a first-round pick and has already overcome an injury as well as two trades. The Dodgers may have bought great low value here and added another piece to their National League pennant winning organization.”


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  1. big5ed

    It looks like Joe was drafted in the supplemental round (39th overall) in 2014 about 2 months before his 22nd birthday, but had a back injury of some sort and didn’t make his pro debut until 2015. So, he had a late start, but always had good on-base ability.

    Reading between the lines, he was in the Dodgers’ system in 2018 and Turner Ward must have liked what he saw and/or heard from the AA/AAA coaches.

    Looks like a low-risk pickup, with some upside. Hits right-handed, and plays every corner position.

  2. cfd3000

    This is another underwhelming move. I realize there’s a lot of offseason left, but so far the Reds big moves are addition by subtraction (Hamilton), trading for another franchise’s fifth best starter to be the Reds ace – at least so far – (Roark) and now filling the last bench spot with a guy who is versatile, but probably not very good (Joe). For a team that desperately needs better starting pitching I sincerely hope there’s a Dallas Keuchel, a Sonny Gray, a Lance Lynn or a Trevor Bauer or two coming to help the staff. Otherwise it’s going to be another long year of watching different guys lose the same 90+ games and in last place behind more accomplished franchises in the NL Central. I get that this isn’t the Reds big move, and that hopefully we will have plenty to get excited about before April, but in the meantime this shuffling of the deck chairs is disheartening to follow.

    • cfd3000

      On an unrelated note, for some reason I can’t connect to the main RLN site on my iPad today (using Safari). I get an “unable to make a secure connection to the server” error. Has RLN made a recent change that might be causing a problem? Doug / Steve? Please advise – I need my RLN!

    • big5ed

      Rule 5 draft picks are by definition underwhelming. A 21-year-old Frank Robinson was not available.

    • Bill

      Where you outraged when Josh Hamilton was selected in the rule 5 draft?

  3. Sliotar

    With Rule 5 draftees staying on 25-man roster for whole next season….

    -Barnhart gets moved, Joe replaces him? (Saves 2M in difference of salary)

    -Realmuto not coming to Reds? (no need for 3 catchers with Realmuto’s durability).

    If the Reds are seriously trying to contend in 2019, this feels like an odd move. Committing a bench spot in 2019 to an age 27 guy, never been in MLB and only has 188 PAs in AAA.

    • Tom

      That assumes thet this isn’t simply a big “try-out). If he is on the team at the end of spring training or midway through the season and isn’t performing, I’d be shocked.

      • Sliotar

        He’s the 2017 Kivlehan for 2019, but can catch as well.

    • Brady

      I’m assuming if it doesn’t work out, he won’t take up a spot on the 25-man. Pretty low risk move for a guy who hit well last year.

  4. Optimist

    I don’t discount the trust factor involved with taking a Dodger farmhand. Given the recent history of deals between the clubs, Joe could easily be a PTBNL in a larger upcoming transaction. It would be cute if he’s an added “prospect” traded back to the Dodgers as part of a deal.

  5. tobedetermined

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    • Doug Gray

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      • tobedetermined

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    • Seat101

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  6. David

    This is cold comfort for losing Dixon, who had more potential, through minor league waivers, to the Tigers.

    IF they had non-tendered Billy that week, they could have kept Dixon on the 40 man.

    Good thinking, brain trust.