Interesting names because both are players with one year of control.  

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  1. Corky Miller

    Gennett, Iglesias for Wood, Verdugo, Puig and Urias?
    Then sign a Familia to close.

    • Colorado Red

      Dodgers are not giving up Verdugo.

  2. doofus

    Why would the Reds want to take on Puig and Woods combined $21MM for 2019, after which they become FA’s? What would the LAD want in return, Iglesias plus?

    I think the Reds and Dodgers match up, but I’m curious, who else is involved, Urias, Bellinger?

    I like this, the Reds Fo seems to be showing that they have a heartbeat for the first time in many, many years.

    • Bob Purkey

      YES! 1 year deals make no sense if you are giving up prospects.

      While Bellinger has tremendous upside and a contract that is good for a few years, adding another left-handed bat added to Votto, Scooter, Schebler and Winker makes for additional issues in lineup balance. Adding Bellinger would make for a homer happy year, they would also outpace the world in strikeouts.

  3. Sliotar

    “Puig made it a habit of planting a smooch on Ward every time he hit a home run. It became a most endearing tradition…”

    I can understand this, putting Puig in RF, get the team HR total up.

    Wood? Arm trouble in past, never has pitched 200 innings in a season. Bailing the Dodgers out on a guy who is surplus to them, projected at less than 1 WAR and likely to have a future breakdown.

    Neither guy is worth any of the Reds top prospects, IMO…not for a year of control on each.

    (Thanks for the update on this, Steve. All of these posts coming fast and furious are great.)

  4. Private Gripweed

    With the one year of team control aside, I like Alex Wood.

  5. NP

    I could see a situation where the reds add a guy like Rich hill or Alex Wood, and Puig. Sign Dallas K or Happ, and win next season. Get scooters contract off the books, Put Senzel at 2b in 2020. One year closer to trammel and Siri being ready, and a solid team next year. The next offseason make more moves. Like sweet Lou said, turn the roster over each season.

  6. Nate

    I really like Puig but I would want more than just 1 year.

    The market has spoken for Corbin: Corbin’s deal includes a $2.5MM signing bonus, per Heyman, and the following yearly salaries: $12.5MM in 2019, $19MM in 2020, $24MM in 2021, $23MM in 2022, $24MM in 2023 and $35MM in 2024.

    I’m not sure the Reds could/should/would do something similar for Kuechel. Could be why they are looking at Wade, Happ & trades from the reports

    • scotly50

      I agree. They do not need to lock a starter down with those type of numbers. It could be a crippler, for this organization, if it did not work out. But I do like the two Indians arms. Buaer would be my choice, albeit with less control. But it would be nice to see Klubers’ every start, followed by Miley, Castillo, and Happ.

  7. Matt Hendley

    Please tell me this is not just Atlantic clickbait. Not seeing this on TR. Lot of money for supposedly shedding money. Trade better be legit.

  8. Bill

    The only way taking on these one year contracts makes sense is if someone with team control also comes over with them and the Reds decide not to sign a starter with the payroll increase.

    • Bill

      Now Rosenthal is reporting one variation of the trade is Bailey going to the Dodgers. That wouldn’t do much for cutting payroll on the Dodgers end

  9. msanmoore

    Never been impressed with Pukg and hus ego/attitude. However, moving Homer might make me change my mind. Balls would fly out of GABP that’s for sure.

    • Michael Hutton

      I sure hope the Reds aren’t stupid enough to give up on the best clubhouse guy(bye Billy) and bring in one of the worst in Puig. No amount of offense can offset poor defense and clubhouse cancer….

    • Matthew

      Reports say that Happ is signing with the Yankees.

  10. sabr-arbitrage_for_value_from_information_assymetries

    Reds should seek Dodgers’ RHP Ross Stripling. Youngish, very good, multiple years of playoff experience, but vastly under utilized (and thus possibly under valued/deemed expendable) by the Dodgers.

    • Dave Bell

      Guy was an all-star last year so I’m not sure how undervalued he’d be. But I like your thinking.

      • Matt Hendley

        Wasnt he the guy that was pulled while pitching a no no

      • big5ed

        Yes. I watched that game on TV with a Dodgers fan, so I remember it well. Stripling was making his first MLB start back after surgery (maybe TJ), so they just couldn’t let him go past his pitch limit.

  11. WVRedlegs

    JA Happ and Lance Lynn 2 good additions to the rotation. Reds supposedly in contact with both. Both free agents and neither goes for more than 3 years. No prospect capital would be required.
    Then the front office is freed up to make a trade. I’m sure Turner Ward is giving some valuable insights for any Dodger hitter. It would be extra sweet to get Cody Bellinger for the OF. Unless Ward thinks there is some untapped potential still to unlock on Puig, it doesn’t make much sense. He would improve the OF defense.
    Inciarte would be a coup. A very nice piece to the puzzle.
    They just have to get past all this talk and put it into action.

    • Matt Hendley

      No more then 1 year for Lynn and 3 years for happ only if the last year is a Team Option. Happ is Old as S&$(, and Lynn needs to prove himself more then a couple starts. I agree Inciarte would be a coup. I don’t see it happening though. Not, they wont trade him to the reds, more of a they wont trade him at all. Seems the Dodgers rumors were just stirring the water, nothing there. Literally, this Winter meetings is worse then last years.

      • WVRedlegs

        I could see 2 years with Lynn. I do uunderstand your caution.
        In regards to the Braves, now that they have Donaldson at 3B, Carmargo is supposed to play some OF. It is possible that Inciarte could become their 4th OF. Iglesias would most likely have to be involved. Braves need a closer and the free agent market for closers might not be where the Braves want to go. I could see Iglesias + 1 for Inciarte and a young pitcher. It could play out like that but not too likely.

    • Gonzo Reds

      No to Lynn. When was the last time that a former Card actually was good after being cast off by them? Gotta stop talking up every former Card. Just say NO!

      Really hoping for a Bellinger/Wood for Gennett/Iggy (other pieces included I’m sure). Bellinger could be a star and Wood has the stuff to be a #1 or #2. Plus frees up 2B for Senzel and we can certainly find or develop another closer. I’m also not against keeping home town hero Gennett and trying Senzel in CF.

      • msanmoore

        Elvis … “a little less conversation, a little more action please”

        Memorable from the time it was played on the show Everybody Loves Raymond – first wedding dance for Robby and Amy

      • dougschloemer

        “A little less talk if you please …a lot more action is uh what I need…” (country song). Lets get on down to the main attraction… with a little…”

    • Bob Purkey

      Once again. . .no, no, no on Lynn. Too many walks and HR’s. He would be a disaster in GASP! If you’re talking about Lynn 3+ years ago, OK.

  12. Old-school

    Dick Willians confirms a ” variety of permutations” in conversations with Dodgers. This FO has been patient and thorough. Great drama.

  13. Tomato ToVotto

    Scooter and Homer and a (non-impact) prospect to LAD for anything under $8-10million in payroll they want to lose (or nothing at all!). Scooter is expendable (with Senzel stepping in), and the $25+ million off the books would allow them to replace Bailey with one or more pieces they need.

    • Westfester

      Sending Homer to the Dodgers will require an “impact” prospect. That’s the whole reason they’re offering to take him off our hands.

  14. sezwhom

    Well, we did steal their hitting coach.

  15. James H.

    Puig would be a NICE answer to the Cardinals acquiring Goldschmidt, that is, if the goal of the team, like the Cardinals, is to sign him to an extension. If he’s unwilling to sign an extension, I feel the Reds shouldn’t waste the effort unless it’s to get rid of Homer Bailey. Then again, Bailey will probably have an outstanding year for the Dodgers…

    • Bill

      The Reds don’t need an answer to the Cardinals and Goldschmidt. They need an answer to the Pirates, Cardinals, Cubs, and Brewers. Trying to compete with the third place team in the division in 2019 doesn’t appeal to me. I want to win the NL Central in 2020 and beyond

  16. Bill j

    Does anyone remember the song ” to much talk, not enough action”?

    • Colorado Red

      Do not recall that song, but it does seem to fit.

    • Scott C

      I believe it is “a little less and a little more action.”

  17. Michael Hutton

    I sure hope the Reds aren’t stupid enough to give up on the best clubhouse guy(bye Billy) and bring in one of the worst in Puig. No amount of offense can offset poor defense and clubhouse cancer….

    • msanmoore

      Cannot say whether or not Billy was the “best”, but all appearances indicate he was a great guy to have in the dugout. It came down to the value for what we got and I’m fine with that decision.

      Puig, to me, still comes off as an entitled guy with far less talent than his press release would have you believe.

  18. big5ed

    I don’t really get the fit here, especially if the Dodgers are offering up one-year rentals. Maybe there is some financial engineering that works for both teams, but other than perhaps the Dodgers wanting Gennett, I don’t get it from a baseball perspective. If Puig explodes for a big year in Cincinnati, then it would be a stretch to believe he would re-sign with the Reds.

    As to Bailey, he has 10-and-5 rights, and would have to agree to the trade. With the elimination of the deduction for state and local income tax, and with a semi-educated guess on the details, Bailey would be out at least $600,000 after tax (and probably $1,000,000) with the move from Ohio to California. (The top tax rate in California is 13%, and a Dodger would play at least 99 games in California.) Why would Homer agree to give up $1,000,000 after tax, not even considering the extra cost of housing, etc. and hassle of moving to LA for 6 months?

    And if the Dodgers think that the Reds prospects are so good that they are willing to take on some or all of Homer’s $28 million, then those prospects should hold equal or more value to the Reds. Where is the urgency to give up valuable prospects? Suffering through four straight 94+ losing seasons is a big price to pay just to ditch Homer’s contract and to give up the prospect haul earned from the fallow years.

  19. BigRedMike

    The Reds are going to have to figure out what to do with Homer. This is at least an option. I guess it depends on what prospects the Reds part with.
    If Puig is a one year player, at least the Reds could to the Qualifying Offer and get a draft pick if he refuses.
    Bellinger would be a great addition. The Reds would not be that left hand dominate once Gennett is gone, which needs to happen.

    Lynn would be a good signing for the Reds, his second half last year was very solid.

    • big5ed

      I see no downside to waiting until the end of spring training to decide what to do with Homer. Maybe he’s changed his training regimen over the winter; maybe Derek Johnson can help him; maybe he can get back some command. Stranger things have happened, although not very often.

      If Homer isn’t any better by late March, then the Reds can just release him. I can’t see why another team would make a legitimate offer for him in the off-season, especially with his right to veto any trade. So, the Reds may as well wait until the back half of spring training to make the decision.

      • BigRedMike

        That is not a bad approach and the likely scenario. Best case Homer can be the 5 and give the Reds a mid 4 ERA.

        I agree, I cannot believe a team would offer anything for Homer. The Dodgers would do it to buy prospects and eat Homers salary.

      • Thomas Jefferson

        The 2018 outfield version of Miles Mikolas coming from Asia (OK, obviously not that good, but maybe something)? Would be interesting to see what it would take to sign him, especially if it could be done without offering a 40 man spot.

  20. WVRedlegs

    Glad to see this morning that the Reds didn’t help out the Dodgers in getting Cory Kluber from the Indians.
    I don’t think that will go over well with Reds fans if the Reds are not getting some long term value, not the short term value taking on players with only 1 year left.
    Why help the Dodgers “get the pitching” when the Reds need to “get the pitching” in a more urgent manner??

  21. BigRedMike

    Happ going back to the Yankees
    Not much left for the Reds to acquire pitching wise. Not sure the Reds will be able to get Keuchel.

    • Matt Hendley

      Happ going back to the yankees, meaning kutchel will not. Might come here. A lynn signing would give us 2 homer baileys instead of one. Think there is nothing comming out of these dodgers rumors. Although i would see Bobby steve sent over to the dodgers as part of a trade too. I would look north. Leake still avalible.

      • BigRedMike

        Keuchel was not in the Yankees plans, but, it does take one team out of the running.

        In his last 11 appearances in 2018, Lynn produced 2.1 WAR, 10K/9, a 47% GB rate, and a 3.03 xFIP.

        Lynn was actually better than Keuchel in the 2nd half.

        Lynn is not a top of the line starter, but, would be a good addition for a modest salary.

        A trade with the Indians seems the best option at this point. Get rid of Gennett and some of the higher prospects and get Bauer or Kluber

      • DHud

        Or maybe the front office is doing their job and thoroughly analyzing the market? Maybe the reds FO determined what Happ was worth and passed when he demanded more?

        But no, obviously your consistent nay-saying of the Reds in competency is the only reasonable explanation

  22. WVRedlegs

    Take JA Happ off of the board and no longer available. The Yankees stepped up and offered that 3rd year on the deal. Yankees put talk into action while Reds front office talks and talks and talks.
    Maybe the Reds front office is at least catching a few shows out in Vegas, they certainly are not catching any pitching so far.

    • Matt Hendley

      Oh my goodness….the reds didnt sign a geriatric, NYY can afford to make mistakes the reds cannot. If happ flounders in new york they can sneeze his salary out. Now if the reds miss on kutchel, then we can truly get mad.

    • greenmtred

      You’ve got something against geriatrics? I agree that the Reds shouldn’t be throwing money and years at older starters just for the sake of doing something, but standing pat isn’t going to work at all.

      • Matt Hendley

        In baseball yes…real life no…meant no offense. Your correct in standing pat being bad. Kutchel, leake thats what I would define as doing something. We will see.

  23. WVRedlegs

    Rosenthal is walking back his report on Happ and the Yankees, just says they are close to an agreement. Not that one has been reached. But then I saw this Rosenthal tweet from late last night. Interesting.

    “Outfielder Mel Rojas Jr., the son of the former pitcher, is looking for a major-league job after hitting 43 homers with a .980 OPS last season in Korea. Rojas, 28, is a switch-hitter who plays all three outfield positions. Eric Thames’ final season in Korea: 40 homers, 1.106 OPS.”

    Rojas was called the best CF in the Korean League last year. So, unlike Thames, he can play some defense. Maybe something the Reds are looking into? Only 28. Does he K a lot? IDK.

  24. TyGuy85

    I am going to be mightily dissapointed if the Reds don’t get atleast one bonafide starting pitcher.

  25. Tom Mitsoff

    On Wednesday afternoon, tweets from the national writers indicated that these talks are still ongoing. It is referred to as a deal of high contracts: Bailey on the Reds side, and Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig and Alex Wood all mentioned from the LA side.

    For the record, here are the contracts of these players:

    Bailey: $23 million in 2019, $5 million buyout in 2020
    Kemp: $21.5 million in 2019
    Puig: 2019 is third arbitration year (expected salary is around $11 million)
    Wood: 2019 also third arbitration year (expected salary around $9 million)

    All four will be free agents after 2019 season, presuming Bailey is bought out for $5 million.

    John Fay points out in tweet this afternoon that Braves took an injured Bronson Arroyo and his $8 million contract from Arizona in 2015 to get a prospect. In an article, he points out that Puig and Wood for Bailey (and a prospect) would reduce the Reds’ payroll, allowing them to possibly make other moves. Meanwhile, in an accounting exercise, Bailey would count $17.5 million against the Dodgers in computations for their competitive balance tax payment, which they are seeking to reduce. Removing Puig and Wood and plugging in Bailey’s $17.5 million would meet the Dodgers’ need for accounting maneuvering.

    Bailey has the right to reject any trade since he is a 10-and-5 player. The Dodgers presumably are asking for a specific prospect or prospects from the Reds to complete the deal. Fay says he would take Senzel, Trammell and Greene off the board and offer LA anyone else in the system.