The Cincinnati Reds have kicked off their winter meetings on Monday afternoon by making a waiver claim. They picked up left-handed reliever Robby Scott from the Boston Red Sox. This move was first reported by Ken Rosenthal.

Robby Scott is a 29-year-old reliever with limited big league action. Most of his time in the Major Leagues came with the Red Sox in the 2017 season when he threw 35.2 of his 48.1 career innings in the big leagues. That season he posted a 3.79 ERA in 57 appearances with 13 walks and 31 strikeouts to go along with seven home runs allowed.

In 2018, though, he barely pitched for the Red Sox. He made nine appearances and threw just 6.2 innings for Boston and posted an ERA of 8.10. He struggled with his control in a big way, walking five batters and hitting five more, while striking out eight. He was much better in Triple-A in 2018, though. In 48.1 innings over 45 games he posted a 1.86 ERA with 63 strikeouts and 21 walks. He also allowed just one home run.

His splits throughout his career, both in the minors and majors, suggest that he’s a candidate as a loogy. He’s flat out dominated left-handed hitters throughout his career – but had some struggles at times with right handers.

Robby Scott was first brought to the Major Leagues in September of 2016. He was not optioned until the 2017 season. That would mean he should have one option remaining – as he used the first one in 2017 and then a second one in 2018.

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  1. Scott C

    I do not get all the angst about the Reds not making a move at the winter meetings, they just started and run through Thursday. Then you have time after that to cement a deal. The pick up of Robby Scott looks like a decent move. He had a good 2017 with the big league club but only made 9 appearances in 2018. But was very good at the AAA level. Left handed relievers are not plentiful. So a waiver deal is a good move. Maybe it doesn’t work out but still not a bad move. If it does work out then it will be a Scooter-esque move.

    • Scott C

      Good is not the same as great, but it is serviceable a 3:79 ERA in 35 2/3 innings a 7.8/K per 9 and a 3.3 BB per 9 rates. Obviously if he was better than that the Red Sox would not have put him on waivers.

  2. scotly50

    Well the Reds now have the pitcher they were after. Maybe some team will cut a centerfielder and the Reds will be ready for spring training !!!

  3. Jay King

    Ok OK,, Everyone settle down its only day 1 of the meetings most teams are just starting to talk to other teams seriously now that the meetings are here. Trades take time and Free Agent signings do too. Sometimes is the player holding things up as well. If nothing else happens by the end of December then I am going to begin to have my doubts about this aggressive stance they are trying to dish out to fans.

    This really is a no risk pick up honestly and maybe they just needed some depth at AAA.

  4. luciusruber

    Like most of the fans here, I’m frustrated,wondering why the FO doesn’t make a quick,flashy move to show that they are serious about competing for the division/league/series. I stop and remind myself that that season doesn’t start for 4-5 months and a lot can happen in that time. I don’t think DW wants a losing team. I really believe we’re going in the right direction-I don’t expect a WS appearance next year-hang in there gang

  5. cfd3000

    Significant upside, very little downside. This cost nothing and can be undone with ease. Posts imply that either a) this is all the Reds intend to do or worse b) this somehow prevents the Reds from making other acquisitions by trade or by signing free agents. Both are silly. So no harm no foul but wake me up when the important deals begin.

  6. Hanawi

    Put me in the camp that is fine with a cautious approach to this offseason. I don’t see the Reds contending in the Central next year, much less against Washington, Atlanta, LA, and maybe Philly next year. I don’t want to see the Reds dump all of this prospect capital.

    I’m happy with the Hamilton non-tender, and I’m excited to see them try to move on from Scooter. To me, these incremental moves this year are vital. I’d like to see them get a solid pitcher to help bridge some gaps, but I don’t know if throwing a bunch of money at Keuchel is the way to go. They still have a bunch of guys to try to find spots for or to decide to move on from.

    Next offseason, they should finally be in the position to push their chips in and try to compete. They started the rebuild two years too late, so it took longer. But, now they we’ve all suffered through those years, I’d hate to see that go to waste. Because they you may extend your losing for years longer.

  7. DHud

    But I thought all this inactivity after so much talk was the Reds fault? Would you rather have them have accepted this deal just so you could feel happy that they made a trade?

    • Scott C

      I agree totally. Those three are untouchable unless we get an elite player in return that is controllable for several years.

    • DHud

      Oh ok

      So the Reds are supposed to pull off blockbuster trades immediately on the first day of Winter Meetings without due diligence

      Got it

  8. DHud

    You’re right, the Reds absolutely should not look for potentially valuable assets for virtually no cost. Long shot waiver claims are obviously never capable of benefitting the team

    Never should’ve claimed Gennett, Strailey, or Simon. Here we go. Again

  9. sanantonefan

    I think that we are all hoping for major action, but we have to be smart. Hopefully the Reds can make moves without saddling us with Homer-type payroll or sacrificing our minor league prospect depth. The Reds have to make smart signings/trades because we will never have the payroll of the Dodgers.

  10. Bill j

    What worries me is DW says they want to improve in 2019, but that’s what the said after 2017 and looked what happened. I would love to see the Reds be winners again, but at my age I might not have that much time.