In time to talk with the players at Redsfest. 

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  1. jazzmanbbfan

    It says Hatcher will be a minor league outfield/base running coordinator so he won’t be in the dugout or on the field in Cincinnati.

  2. Chad Dotson

    I guess I’m as satisfied with this coaching staff as I could have been. At least the Reds were serious about putting together a quality group. It’s been a while since I believed they were actual serious about it, if that makes sense.

  3. joshtrum

    This appears to be quite the interesting cobbling of a good staff. Here’s to hoping this leads to some sort of semi-kinda maybe sustained prosperity……. That’s as much optimism I can muster anymore

  4. JERRY

    So Iggy is going to be coaching 1st base and pitching out the pen…….Nice!

  5. scotly50

    I guess the Braves did not get that memo. They brought in two free agents this week.

  6. cfd3000

    I think we’re all checking daily for roster updates. This is not big news, but I like that Derek Johnson brought his bullpen coach from Milwaukee, and I’m intrigued by Pickler’s job description – game planning coach. To me that signals a more explicit commitment to analytics and a recognition that in game strategy can sometimes translate into wins and losses. If that’s what the Reds are thinking too then I’m encouraged. Now about those new pitchers…

  7. gusnwally

    I think keeping freddy is a solid move. A Latino coach is probably a huge asset.A comfort bridge for all of our latin players. And Freddy sure should have a ton of baseball knowledge after all these many years.

  8. Jeff Reed

    Benavides could be a good chose as bench coach for a first year manager. He’s an experienced baseball guy with, what seems to be, a low-key, serious type personality.

  9. Scott C

    DeShields is my one concern on this staff as well, but not for the reasons you stated. I don’t think anyone ruined Billy but Billy himself, and I don’t think it is a bad idea or good idea to bring someone in from your organization. The question is is he better than other options. My issue with DeShields is that I have always seen him as a old school guy. Of course as first base coach and bunting coach that may not be a factor, perhaps the idea that he has known a lot of these players going though the system will be a benefit to Bell.

  10. Bill

    If you need reminding of that, you probably shouldn’t be playing.

    Does he remind them after every pitch or just when they first get there?

    • Tommy

      The first base coach also needs to remind the players to not try and advance on fly balls with less than 2 outs. Agree, far more important than people here are letting on.