Doug Gray and I discussed the new Raisel Iglesias contract, then dove head-first into a countdown of Doug’s just-released list of the top 25 prospects in the Reds organization.

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8 Responses

  1. Seat101

    Great podcast! My two favorite blogs are just baseball blog together again.

    There are two queries for the next time

    Who is our back up shortstop? Who should we be looking for to help our thin catching depth?

    • Seat101

      First paragraph should read something along the lines of my two favorite baseball blog together again

      • Doug Gray

        I can promise that you will not see me and Chad on a commercial for JTM singing a song about being together again.

  2. Jeff Reed

    Things are happening at the Cradle of Coaches as Miami doubled up Ball State 42-21. it’s taken awhile for football to come back to Oxford since Big Ben departed.

  3. jeffversion1

    It seems like every time I hear about Josiah Gray I hear about how he went to Le Moyne College, like someone from Le Moyne College being in professional baseball is an insane idea that’s almost too crazy to contemplate.

    But does no one realize that Tom Browning also went to Le Monye?

  4. Jeff Reed

    A bit of baseball news. Jim Riggleman named bench coach of the Mets. From one struggling team to another.

    • Mason Red

      Unfortunately the Mets are probably in a better position to win than the Reds.