Happy Thanksgiving all, from your friends at the Nation.

It has become a tradition here at Redleg Nation to enjoy this classic Thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinnati together. The Big Guy was right. It was a great promotion idea. It should have worked.

Feel free to discuss WKRP or whatever you want — on-topic or off-topic — in the comments below. A suggestion for this yearly Thanksgiving open thread: What Reds players – one past and one present – are you most thankful for being able to watch play?

For me, it’s Adam Dunn and Joey Votto.

Let me also add that I’m incredibly thankful for our incredibly talented writers here at RN and for each and every one of you, the devoted readers of Redleg Nation. You’ve made this a wonderful place to hang out for the last decade and a half, and I could not be more grateful that you take time out of your busy lives to spend with us.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. Scott C

    I am thankful for RNL and all the writers you guys are the best around. As far as players the past is difficult but probably Davy Conception, even though not the most popular he was an outstanding defensive shortstop and continued to grow offensively as he matured. Presently it has to be Joey but soon may be Jesse or Nick.

  2. davemoorewvu

    Thanks Fox for blocking this tradition! Happy Thanksgiving to you all..

    • Chad Dotson

      Just swapped the video for one that works. I’ll try to find a better version somewhere.

    • Scott C

      I do not live in Cincinnati but you can watch it tonight at 9:30 on Me TV

  3. cfd3000

    I am so thankful for Redleg Nation. As a Reds fan who has never lived in Reds country it is my home for a lifelong Reds obsession. Thank you to Chadwick, Steve and Jason and all the writers, and so many commenters and contributors who make it the best place for intelligent, civil, spirited discussion of all things Reds.

    I’m also grateful to have been able to watch and root for so many great Reds – starting with Barry Larkin and Joey Votto, but followed by Johnny Bench, the entire BRM, Adam Dunn, Eric Davis, and dozens more. Here’s hoping that Nick Senzel, Hunter Greene, and a few offseason acquisitions will soon join that list.

    Finally, a tip for all of you who may not be in on the secret. I’ve recently started listening to the weekly podcast and it’s of the same high quality as the rest of RLN. Yes, Chad’s accent is in need of an Eliza Doolittle makeover. And yes, his insistence that it’s “Viewer Mail” without the Letterman card waving proof is pretty silly. But it’s a smart, insightful, relevant discussion of all things Reds, with great guests (Freekbass was fabulous and I chose my copy of Anna Karenina based on Jason Linden’s translator recommendation). Give it a view!

    As God is my witness – Happy Thanksgiving Redleg Nation!

    • Chad Dotson

      Thanks for the kind words about the podcast. We have fun with it…and yes, perhaps I get a little silly at times. But we’re trying to provide something that you really can’t get elsewhere: an hour a week of in-depth discussion about the Reds.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Bill J

    I like RLN, when there’s nothing new for a couple of days it’s boring. Favorite players are Wally Post & Tucker Barnhart.

  5. Rich Thompson

    I have been a Reds Fan since 1972 and a fan of Redleg Nation since the site went live. Living in Williamsburg, VA there are not many Reds fans here – so having such a platform available to me to follow is something that I am thankful for. I would like to say thank you to all that make this site a must read for me daily. You all do tremendous work that I truly appreciate! Happy Thanksgiving

    • Rich Thompson

      Ok, I now know maybe 5 Reds fans in the area. Even though our numbers are small Virginia is a great place to live

  6. davemoorewvu

    Thank you Chad and everyone else involved with RedlegNation. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Mike Kelsch

    Present: Votto
    Past: Rose (1973-1988 intermittent years, I know) I seem to remember Rose before I can remember the Reds. I was a kid, from Cincinnati, give me a break. I wouldn’t say this now.
    Future: Votto
    Extreme Future: Hunter Taylor Senzel

  8. Jeff Reed

    Win or lose, what a great blog this is. Thank you to all who keep it going. Since I was young in those days, my favorite Reds moment would be my brothers and I meeting and saying a few words to Ted Kluszewski, Gus Bell and Wally Post as they were walking near Forbes Field in the 50’s.

  9. Eric

    At 16 seconds in, while the newsreader says, “But the Senator, while insisting he was not intoxicated, could not explain his nudity…” there is a white Pontiac Grand LeMans changing lanes from left to right on your screen.

    That’s my Dad. 🙂

    • davemoorewvu

      Is that true? If it is, that’s awesome!

      • Eric

        Totally true. Dad was coming home from work (we lived in Erlanger) and saw the camera crew up on the bridge. He just thought it must have been one of the local TV stations filming some stock footage for the news or something, so he figured he’d change lanes to make himself more visible in the traffic.

        And then…there he was.

  10. lost11found

    Morgan for me was only a vague memory and Foster hit a HR in my first game at Riverfront so there’s that, but I’d have to say Larkin.