We are optimistic again! After a frustrating season, the Reds are making good decision after good decision so far this off-season. This week, the topic of discussion for Jason Linden and me: why Cincinnati’s hiring of Derek Johnson as pitching coach is a great sign for what the Reds have in store for fans this winter.

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13 Responses

  1. Colorado Red

    A couple of comments.
    1. I do not think the Reds are all in.
    2. Bob loves Billy, so Nick stays down in AAA all year.
    3. The Reds sign Matt Harvey to a FA deal.
    That being said, the Reds Record is 70 – 92,

    • Matthew

      I like your lack of optimism. It’s smart. You don’t have far to fall back to reality once the bubble gets burst again.

      With that said, I say Senzel is in the high minors for at least until June. Billy stays. Gennett stays. I’m not so sure about Harvey, but I’m also skeptical about the FO signing any other bonafide FA starter. Don’t be surprised when they bring on Sonny Gray and an aging mid 30s veteran like Jason Hammel to plug into the rotation.

    • jreis

      I actually wouldn’t be that upset about #2 and #3. 2019 will be another “sorting year” anyway for the reds. nobody in the reds organization can field the cf position right now like Billy so we may as well keep him for 1 more year and then let him walk. I want to see what Senzel can do at short and centerfield. 3 solid months in Louisville should give us that answer.

      Harvey was a pretty solid pitcher last year. looks like a durable guy and the fans and teammates seem to like him so I think signing him isn’t such a bad idea.

      the record for next year is not that important but by the end of the season I really hope we have a plan going forward for 2020 with the starting lineup, rotation and coaching staff pretty well set in stone.

  2. Tom Mitsoff

    FYI … Reds lost Brandon Dixon to Detroit on waivers, apparently attempting to outright him off the 40-man roster. Ditto for Austin Brice, claimed by the Angels. Dilson Herrera and Mason Williams cleared waivers and will go to Louisville, but will have the option of becoming free agents and signing elsewhere. Reds also claimed righthanded reliever Matthew Bowman, who has an option remaining, from St. Louis.

    • Bill

      Hopefully they find a way to hold onto Herrera. I think he can be valuable as the backup to both Suarez and Gennett as well as pinch hitter. I’m surprised he wasn’t claimed

      • Colorado Red

        Dilson was not claimed, but can become a minor league free agent.

  3. Wayne nabors

    Says alot about Herrera that he’s cleared 2 yrs in a row,I’m sure he’ll become free agent

    • roger garrett

      He is injury prone but he really hasn’t been given much of a chance at the big league level and when healthy always hit in the minors.Interesting guy to me that probably will go somewhere that gives him an opportunity.I think the Reds have given up on him way way too soon but what do I know.

      • Bill

        Agreed, Herrera has always hit. His issue was the shoulder injury, which seems to have finally healed. He wasn’t given much of a chance at the majors last year. I was never a fan of the Bruce trade, but Herrera has too much talent to just give up on. The DFA earlier made sense, because he still wasn’t able to throw the ball and hadn’t been able to play the field for over a year. After finally making it back to AAA he was showing some of the skills that at one point made him a top prospect. As the backup 2B/3B making minimum wage he provides some value. Probably more than signing a “veteran utility guy” for a couple of million.

  4. Satchmo

    Yes, the whole “Lisalverto Bonilla” thing is played out. Annoying, actually. I generally turn off the podcast when they even start talking about it.

  5. Matt Hendley

    The only upsetting thing of yesterday was the loss of dixon. Brice was to wild and HR prone. Told you they would DFA williams although the DFA of Herrera was suprising, even more so the lack of claim. Maybe he takes the hint and stays and gets polished in AAA. Scooter extension probebly being talked about. Kutchel and corbin both got QO so they are prob out.

    • Bill

      I think the Scooter extension is probably a sure thing. If there was any desire to trade him in the off season to make room for Senzel you wouldn’t put both your potential backups in Dixon and Herrera on waivers. At a minimum they will hold onto Scooter until the trade deadline if a deal can’t be worked out

  6. Bill

    Three minor league players were involved in a car accident in DR. Jairo Capellan was killed, Raul Hernandez in critical condition, and Emilio Garcia in stable condition