Once again, the Cincinnati Reds have three finalists for the National League Gold Glove Award at their position…kinda.

For the fifth consecutive season, Billy Hamilton is a finalist for the Gold Glove Award in center field. Amazingly, Hamilton has never won the award. If he doesn’t win this year, I will take it as a personal affront.

For the third time in his career — and second year in a row — Joey Votto has been named one of the three finalists among first basemen. Votto, of course, won the award back in 2011.

A notable snub among Gold Glove finalists was Reds catcher Tucker Barnhart, who actually won the award last season. But another Red did make the cut:

Our old friend Adam Duvall, who spent four months with the Reds before being traded to the Atlanta bench, is a finalist in left field for the third time.

Here’s hoping Hamilton, Votto, and Duvall all hear their names called when the awards are announced on November 4.

4 Responses

  1. Scotly50

    Holy Cow. Votto a candidate for a gold glove, belittled the legitimacy of this award.

    • David

      Joey does some things well, others not so well. He is good at picking up bad throws from the rest of the infield. And he suffers from playing next to one of the worst fielding 2nd basemen in Baseball.

      Scooter hustles, but he also has had a sore throwing shoulder, which makes him an adventure on a lot of plays.

      Inciarte will win in CF. Billy played for a last place team, and Inciarte hits a lot better than Billy.

  2. Scotly50

    I watched both Inciarte and Hamilton play extensively last year. Inciarte makes playing centerfield look easy. He seems to never misjudge a flyball or throw wildly. But Inciarte does not make the spectacular rundowns Hamilton is known for.

  3. cfd3000

    Congratulations, again to Billy Hamilton and Joey Votto. Disappointed that Tucker Barnhart was not a finalist at catcher. I know some think Votto is not among the best first basemen in the league. I disagree, but I won’t argue that specific issue. But I will commend him for one aspect of his defense that I hope will influence his teammates. Votto subscribes to the theory that to improve as a baseball player (as in any endeavor) you should identify your greatest weaknesses and start by working on those areas. He has explicitly identified fielding and base running as his two weakest areas, and he has improved in both through good old fashioned hard work. Is he the best ever now? Of course not. But he is better than he was with the glove and on the bases. Given that defense was not a great strength of the 2018 Reds, I hope that many Reds will be working on their defense in the offseason, spring training and throughout the next season. Clearly Peraza, Gennett, Winker, Suarez, and the slightly improved Votto still have room for improvement. I’m hoping they take the Votto approach.