The Short Version: Reds lose their final game of the 2018 season, closing out yet another miserable campaign.

Final — 10 innings R H E
Pittsburgh Pirates (82-79) 6 10 2
Cincinnati Reds (67-95) 5 5 1
W: Feliz (1-2) L: Stephens (2-3) S: Vazquez (37)
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The Good
–Sal Romano was effective in five innings of work, allowing just two runs on three hits and throwing only 59 pitches.

–Billy Hamilton doubled, stole a base, and scored a run. Dilson Herrera and someone named Tim Federowicz hit homers.

The Bad
–Matt Wisler and Jackson Stephens and Amir Garrett weren’t particularly good. Of course, Stephens wasn’t helped when a ball that should have been a single was misplayed by Gabby Guerrero into a three-base error. The game winning run scored soon thereafter on a Stephens wild pitch.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–The Reds finished the 2018 season with a 67-95 record, one game worse than the last two years.

2018: 67-95
2017: 68-94
2016: 68-94
2015: 64-98

My patience has reached its limit.

–And it’s not just me. Cincinnati’s final attendance mark for the 2018 season was 1,629,356. That’s the lowest number since 1984

–The Reds did a nice thing by removing Joey Votto, Billy Hamilton, and Eugenio Suarez so they each got a nice ovation. Votto and Hamilton removed their jerseys and gave them to fans, while Suarez tossed his cap into the crowd.

–I watch the Reds more closely than almost anyone, but I can guarantee you that I’ll be looking at the 2018 Reds page on Baseball-Reference five years from now and I’ll have no memory whatsoever of Tim Federowicz.

–As we close out our 14th season covering the Reds, permit me to express my gratitude to each of you who keep coming back to Redleg Nation to talk about this team, even during one of the worst stretches in the history of the franchise. Sure we all get frustrated, but it’s fun having a place to talk about the team with other (usually) like-minded, obsessive fans.

Thank you for hanging in there with us. Presuming the Reds ever make it back to the playoffs, you all are going to get the best seats on the bandwagon. And it’ll be even sweeter because you were there during the bad times.

–Winter is coming.

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19 Responses

  1. Lamora

    The on-field product left plenty to be desired as well.

  2. gusnwally

    Chad, thanks for all you do for us. I know it’s a lot of work and at times seems fruitless. But, you provide a great place for a whole lot of fans to share thoughts and just plain have fun. It helps to vent a little during these miserable seasons.It is greatly appreciated.

    • Mike V

      I will second that .Thanks to Chad and all of the correspondents who make this site a must for me every single day !

  3. Jeff Reed

    Thank you, Chad and Steve and all the other writers, for hanging in there with us. We know it takes a lot of work to keep this great blog going. Hang in there, Reds fans, better days will come.

  4. Scott C

    This terrible season was made bearable by all the great writers here at Redleg Nation. And all the commenters in this section, it was great having somebody to share the pain. Here’s to 2019 and the hope that springs eternal that the Reds Front Office will actually do something this offseason to improve this team.

  5. Earl Nash

    This was not a very good Reds team, but I will say they played in a couple of the zaniest baseball slug fests I have ever seen. The season results were a drag, but those few games were really fun and memorable, especially the come back against the Tribe. That one they lost to the Brewers too was just totally insane too.

  6. Ryan Singer

    I truly love RLN and its writers for helping to keep a west coast Reds fan in touch with the team. Love coming here and seeing all the comments from others obsessed, too. Thanks again for an engaging season and let’s keep our fingers crossed that we even though it means nothing, maybe just maybe we can win the off-season!

  7. TurboBuckeye

    Thanks to the entire RLN team for everything you do. These are dark days for Reds fans–probably the darkest in my 30 years of fandom. Not sure why we all keep coming back, but boy this is a great place.

  8. Hanawi

    Woohoo. Moved up one in the draft order! Would like to echo everyone else and thank the writers here for all that they do (and put up with) and the other commenters for helping to share in Reds fandom. For good or bad. Helps keep someone out in the Pacific like myself connected to what’s going on with the team I’ll forever be stuck rooting for.

  9. Mason Red

    Didn’t do it earlier but I too want to thank all the writers of RLN and also all those who come here and post. It was the only bright spot of a long miserable season.

  10. DavidTurner49

    Thanks to Chad, Steve, the authors, and most of the posters for another great year of RLN. I’ve not posted much this year but have read the site nearly every day. Misery loves company.
    My dad was a Reds fan so one of my earliest memories is hearing Waite Hoyt broadcast the games. I was more or less born a Reds fan.
    The team is in a hopeless situation until ownership changes or at least changes its approach. With the present approach, GM, and field manager, we’ll see bright spots here and there but the 90+ loss streak will continue.
    Say it ain’t so, Bob.

  11. cfd3000

    This is always a sad day in a non-playoff year, which lately means every year. No more Reds baseball for six months. Thank you Chad to you and all the staff at RLN, to all the contributors and all my fellow fanatics. You all make being a Reds fan more interesting, more gratifying, and more challenging (in a really good way). Thank you!

  12. David

    Woohoo! Up to 7th draft spot!

    The Cincinnati Red Bengals are winning, again!

    And anyways, the people that all write here deserve a big hand for all that they do, despite how actually bad the Cincinnati Red Bengals have been. Let’s see what the Red Bengals can do with that one step up in draft choice.

    Maybe a real high school phenom that is 5 or more years away from helping the Reds, or some top rated college guy, Or something. Yay Reds Bengals!!

  13. sad larry

    I don’t post often, but I wanted to thank the writers and those who comment on this site. It’s been four years of bad baseball. If they can trade for one young, number two or three type starter, and some of the young crop of recently drafted kids come through, maybe the reds can win 75 to 80 games next year. I can dream, can’t I?

  14. Alex

    Thanks to redleg and red reporter. You deserve an award of some kind having to watch this crap. all this season did for me was confirm they are closer to starting over then to being competitive. The idea that disco would be good if health proved erroneous. So they now need basically three maybe even four just league average HEALTHY pitchers to even start being .500. not sure they would expand payroll knowing it’s just another 90 losses. And not sure a good pitcher would sign here. Also not sure a good manager would want the job so riggelman or Farrell it is. Giving up alot of prospects just for one starter doesn’t seem prudent given the amount of holes the roster has. Wow. I think I just talked myself into starting over. .

  15. Cary Mcmillan

    Wow. Chad this was my 50 th year as a die hard Reds fan. Thank you and your team for keeping me engaged. Love the post game summaries. And I listen to every podcast.

    Thank you. Better days ahead. Have a great post season.