The Short Version: Reds win next-to-last game of the season behind a strong start from Michael Lorenzen.

Final R H E
Pittsburgh Pirates (81-79) 0 6 0
Cincinnati Reds (67-94) 3 7 0
W: Lorenzen (4-2) L: Taillon (14-10) S: Iglesias (30)
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The Good
–Very nice outing for Michael Lorenzen in his third start of the season: 5.2 shutout innings, allowing just five hits. Once again, interim manager Jim Riggleman had the quick hook, but it certainly worked out for the Reds. I wanted to see Lorenzen either pitch a complete game, or finish the contest in left field.

As with so many things related to the Cincinnati Reds, I was to be disappointed.

–Mason Williams had three hits, all singles. No one else had more than one hit, but the Reds did hit for the cycle: Dilson Herrera had a double, Billy Hamilton had a triple, and Eugenio Suarez hit his 34th homer of the season.

–David Hernandez, Jared Hughes, and Raisel Iglesias pitched 3.1 innings of one-hit, shutout relief.

–Jose Peraza has looked very shaky defensively all season long, but he made a couple of nice plays today. (And remember, he has fewer errors this year than Barry Larkin had as a 24-year-old shortstop. Which I mention only to say…he’s likely to improve with experience. But no, he’s not going to be Larkin.)

The Bad
–Nothing bad, for one day at least.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Only one game remaining in the 2018 season. If the Reds can manage a win tomorrow, they’ll finish with a 68-94 record for the third consecutive season.

–The game was scoreless until the bottom of the third, when Hamilton tripled into the right field corner with one out. Jose Peraza followed with a sacrifice fly, and the Reds had the only run they’d need.

They got two more in the following inning, however. Suarez led off with a solo homer to center. Then, with two outs, Herrera doubled to left. Michael Lorenzen singled him home, Lorenzen’s 10th RBI of the season. That gave the Reds a 3-0 lead that would hold up for the rest of the day.

–The Reds will wrap up the season tomorrow afternoon, with Big Sal Romano taking the mound. Winter is coming.

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18 Responses

  1. Aaron Bradley

    I like Lorenzen as a starter, gives us an extra bat in the lineup.. allows him to PH on off days.

  2. Aaron Bradley

    Well the one thing they got right in the off season was picking up two good relievers.. so maybe they can add one more to the mix.

  3. DHud

    True. But those are much more readily available than quality starters

  4. Aaron Bradley

    I want to go on record and say we need Homer Bailey as a starter next year. Starting pitching is so dicey, he may rebound.. we are paying him a ton… he is a bit of a headcase and everytime I watched bad luck occurred behind him defensively which would seem to set him off, dude has a terrible temper is way too emotional… but he has everything to gain and is in his prime he must be given another opportunity… Make him the #4 pitcher and hope for the best. Then you got Lorenzen, Disco, and Castillo… and so many young arms.. I think they are crazy if they spend big money on a free agent or add an “innings eater” to take innings away from the young arms. Spend that many by upgrading CF in a big meaningful way. Hell, throw so much money at Harper he can’t say no and stick him in CF. Stick with the short leash approach and upgrade the bullpen. Don’t gamble on starting pitching it is too dicey and volatile. Homer could be just as good as a free agent pick up with better luck and temperment.

    • Aaron Bradley

      I am into this idea… then we make Senzel a super sub, basically an everyday player, subbing all over the place OF/IF … Harper puts a jolt into this offense, they might make the playoffs if Homer can be serviceable or one or more youngsters emerges… enough with half measures go for it, take some risk.

    • Scott C

      Hoping that Bailey comes back is not a strategy

  5. Larry holland

    Don’t “give” homer anything. He has to go to spring training and earn it.
    Sadly, it looks like he will be playing in front of the same infield next year, so he better get tougher mentally. The worst defensive infield since I started stated listening to Waite Hoyt with my dad. The reds didn’t keep Lopez around for shortstop and he was an excellent hitter. Senzel is a defensive upgrade at 2nd, 3rd, and probably ss.
    A fundamentally poor baseball team. It seems an organizational issue. How can players be in your organization for multiple years and show up in Cincinnati and not know how to hit a cut off man. And the cut off men can be in the wrong spot.
    Enough, I still hope for magical turn around next year. But I won’t go to Vegas to make a preseason bet on the reds.

  6. roger garrett

    Just checked in to see we won which is always better then losing.Lots of hope for the off season and lets see what happens.One thing I really hope happens is that decisions are made on all these young pitchers and I am good with who starts or who relieves or who goes back to the minors.We have discussed all year about this guy and that guy and anointed some and some we have thrown under the bus only to drag them back out again.I have understood it all except the dragging them back out again.Make a decision on Bob,Reed,Romano,Tyler,Lorenzen,Garrett,Wisler,Castillo and I am sure I missed some and move on.If 20 starts is good enough to make a decision on one guy then do it.If its 50 starts is the mark for this guy then do it and move on.I know they live in fear of one of these maybe getting it somewhere else and guess what they may but make the call and lets go forward.The organization is not moving forward at all with this rebuild because of this insane practice of recycling players.Fishing awhile then cutting bait awhile never ever accomplishes anything.Use them,trade them,cut em or send them down.

  7. Jeff Reed

    A turnaround series win tomorrow and the contract for Riggleman will be ready for signing on Monday.

    • Scott Gennett

      I hope common sense will prevail this time and a younger, more aggressive Manager is hired this time. It’s been really boring all these years of Mr. Toothpick, Mr. Futility and Mr. Fundamentals.

  8. Scott Gennett

    Certainly, if Castillo, Disco and Lorenzen can manage to provide a minimum level of consistency it’d make things a lot easier for FO. However, I think that expecting a rebound from Bailey it’s just too much. I believe that at least one more starter can be slotted from all young arms, letting one more to be obtained via FA or trade.

  9. cfd3000

    Interim Jim has to go, but Michael Lorenzen can stay and play for the Reds. I don’t know if they’ll give him a Silver Slugger award for this year but he deserves it and any recognition for the Reds is welcome in the wake of this disappointing season. SS for Lorenzen and another OBP title for Votto. Now tomorrow is a must win, just for the sake of that three-peat record. Go Reds!

  10. gusnwally

    People still thinking Homer Bailey can pitch and should be brought back. I agree, and on a similar note I just bet 20.00 on Custer to win at the Little BigHorn.

    • Indy Red Man


      Homer’s done. Trade for atleast 1 starter with #2 potential (Wheeler?) and cut Billy loose. Otherwise there’s no reason to watch another 6 month long dumpster fire.

      Lorenzen is one of the best arms on the Reds. Granted thats like being one of the friendliest members of the Manson family, but you have to start somewhere. He needs to start. Castillo has to turn into a monster #1-#2 guy or the Reds have no shot. Disco? Blah? #4 maybe? If he was the 5th starter then they wouldn’t look that bad? They need a big time arm from somewhere and we have the farm system.

      I never watched the Griffey/Dunn Reds on a daily basis, so don’t know why I got hooked with this bunch, but I’m cutting the cord next year if they don’t do something different?

  11. bouwills

    Reds enter the last day of the season with a team ERA of 3.70 for the month of September. That’s good for 8th place in the ML. 7th place currently belongs to the Pirates with a Sept. team ERA of 3.67. It’s possible the Reds could surpass them with a great performance by Romano today. As bad as the Reds pitching has been this year, currently they are pitching competitive baseball. I’m not for making sweeping changes, spending hundreds of millions of $$ on pitching, or trading our best prospects this offseason. Beginning 2019 with a rotation of Castillo, DeSclafani, 1 new guy, Lorenzen, and either Bailey, Reed, or Stephenson works for me. Adding a reasonably priced lefty “swingman” who could both start & provide long relief would also be a big help. Much more than that would be a little premature. I’m not saying the Reds will have a top ten pitching staff in 2019, but with 1 or 2 additions, plus properly utilized, I don’t see them as a 24th or 25th place staff either .

  12. Eddiek957

    Homer has to earn his way on next years team. If he can’t start and won’t pitch out of the bullpen cut him loose. I’m hoping that some of the young guys on the pitching staff starts kicking the door down although that’s what was my hope for this year. Love to see Tyler Cody Robert and Luis have a healthy off season a strong spring and anchor the rotation for 2019 I like to see the manager come from outside the organization give a fresh eye to the talent assembled over the last four seasons

  13. Jeff Reed

    Like everyone else, I have other interests than just being a lifelong Reds fan. And if the following are de rigueur in 2019 such as Hamilton as the starting centerfielder and Riggleman and Harvey extended, then my interest in the Reds in passing will increase.